Secondary School News

Secondary School News

The Secondary School is in full pace now which is such a delight to be a part of. We have successfully managed to execute 5 of our school camps this term with our Year 8s set to go out early in Term 2. The opportunities and activities that all year levels have had on their respective camps has been excellent and the learning moments they experienced will help guide them throughout this year and beyond.

We are very grateful for the way our students, families and staff have helped manage the COVID situation for the school. Like all of society, we have our share of people who either contract the virus or become household close contacts through others, and the support and care that has been displayed by everyone is a testament to our wonderful community.

The Middle School is a busy place, both in and out of class, and the first half of Term One has been no exception. Year 7 students have been meeting new friends and teachers, learning how to pack their lockers (a challenging task!) and generally becoming familiar with the routines of Secondary school life. The Big Brother/Big Sister (BB/BS) program started with our Year 7 and Year 11 students this week, which is one highlight of our Pastoral Program. BB/BS helps promote positive student mental health, by developing strong relationships with mentees. It is of great benefit to both the older and younger students, with great excitement shown by our Year 7s in anticipation of meeting their ‘Big Brother/Sister’.


Year 8 students are in the advantageous position of being familiar with school routines and peers, and therefore are well placed to become involved with the many co-curricular offerings at Tintern Grammar. Being involved in the extra activities Tintern offers improves connections with the school, which can have the flow-on effect of significantly improving student academic achievement, attitudes about self and others, and conduct in home and the community. School is not only a place where we learn reading, writing and mathematics; it is also a place where students learn to get along together, and develop social skills and becoming involved in the co-curricular program is a great place to grow.  Aside from the numerous music ensembles students can become involved in, other events including debating, Pegasus magazine editing, Maths Assist, Young Farmers, Green-Team and the Social Justice Group to name a few, are events we encourage students to become involved with throughout the year and which are advertised on our Portal currently.

The Year 9 students have settled back after a week of hiking along the Great Ocean Road where they made memories that will last a lifetime. The Challenge Program is in full-swing, beginning early in the year with preparing for their Year 9 Camp. The program is now focusing on character strengths and study skills, in this important year of setting the groundwork for Senior College and beyond. Elevate Education will be presenting to the students providing invaluable tips and suggestions for improving study techniques, which is particularly relevant this year as Year 9s have their first formal examinations later in the year.


Our Year 10s in particular have demonstrated a wonderful approach to their learning this year having now made the transition up into our Senior College. We recently had a representative from the Maroondah City Council speak to our students about a leadership program open to Year 10s. There is an opportunity for a small group of Tintern students to work as a Student Wellbeing Action Team and interact with other school representatives in the region. The program includes a one-day seminar, overnight camp, and meetings with a Youth Worker to identify an area of need and implement change at the school. Applications are currently open and students apply directly on the website. Further information can be viewed in this video at

and the application link is

Work Experience preparation has been another focus over recent weeks as a follow up from the introduction to students when they were in Year 9. They are currently completing the Safe@Work General Module test and also submitting their Work Experience Arrangement Form so the official documents can be prepared by our Work Experience Co-ordinator Ms Julie Ennor. She can be contacted at if you have any questions.

Our Year 10 Co-ordinator, Mrs Heather Ruckert, will be taking medical leave from Wednesday 16 March until early in Term 2, and we wish her all the very best for this time. In her absence, Mr Rowan Kidd, will be filling the role of Year 10 Level Co-ordinator. Rowan is a long-standing staff member who has worked in our pastoral program for many years as a pastoral mentor from Year 7 to Year 12. He is very well-liked by all students and staff and we have great confidence in Rowan taking on this role.

Our Year 11 and 12 students have set a fine example of the commitment and dedication required in the Senior College. Despite the challenges presented to them over recent years, it has been great to see them working both collaboratively and independently on their classwork, whilst also providing a great sense of enjoyment and participation in school life. It is through these opportunities, even at Year 12, that our students continue to develop that sense of fun and enjoyment, as well as a sense of pride for belonging to Tintern Grammar. Many of our Year 11s are involved in Big Brother/Big Sister program where they are providing a wonderful sense of mentoring and connection with our Year 7s. The experience of leadership and the challenge of connecting with 12-year-old students is helping to develop wonderful attributes in our Year 11s, as well a providing them with a real sense of fun and fulfilment.

Our Year 12 students have been officially making their mark on the Senior College with work beginning on their Year 12 banner. Lead by a talented group of Year 12 students their piece of artwork will hang proudly in the upstairs social space for the remainder of 2022.

Careers and Tertiary education has also been a focus for our Year 12 students in the past few weeks. Mrs Ruckert has spoken to all the Year 12 students at assembly and now many students are making appointments to discuss their pathways with Mrs Heather Ruckert. Those who have not made an appointment yet are encouraged to do as soon as possible Or Students and families are also encouraged to visit the Careers tab on the Portal for more information relating to open days, VTAC applications, vocational testing and lots more.

This week was an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day and our student leadership team helped to provide a fantastic experience for the Secondary School. They also helped to facilitate our Utility activities that focused on this year’s theme; discussing ways that we can #BREAKTHEBIAS when it comes to gender inequity. This will be continued in our full school assembly next Friday.

Our school’s athletics carnival is Friday 11 March, and it promises to be another fantastic day. For many students this is a highlight for them, much the same as the stage is for some or STEAM lab is for others. It provides them with the opportunity to shine and to contribute to their House points for 2022, whilst for others the athletics day can be quite challenging. What is important is that it is a day of fun and an opportunity to show spirit by being involved. It could be by running the 100m or doing the triple jump, or it could be by being involved in one of the many novelty events that are also part of the fun throughout the day. A reminder that our athletics training program, open to all Secondary students, will be beginning shortly on Monday and Friday mornings as well as Wednesday afternoons. This is run by four-time Olympian Craig Mottram and his team and provides great coaching and fitness tips for all levels of ability.

Our Student Progress Meetings begin next week and provide an opportunity for all families to connect with their child/children’s classroom teachers. There will be three sessions in total, all run via Microsoft Teams, with bookings opening up on Friday 11 March. Students are expected at these meetings as well as it is an opportunity for a three-way discussion around how they are going and goals they could be setting as they move further into Semester 2.

Finally, I would like to wish all our students involved in the School Musical, Little Shop of Horrors, all the very best for their approaching performances. Tickets are available from the Karralyka Theatre and I encourage all families to get along to support the show and to also see some amazing performances by some very talented students.



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