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It’s been a great two weeks across the Secondary school with all year levels actively involved in regular school routines. It has been great to see so many students involved in different activities across the school both within and outside the classroom. There is a constant stream of students arriving early each morning for music or singing practice, for swimming or the gym, or even arriving early to spend time in the Secondary Library before school begins. There has been a real sense of positivity and excitement to be at school and to be involved in the different fun activities available to them.

We had our Year 7s attend Camp Iluka in week 2, engaging themselves in a wonderful week of surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking and camping out along the Balnarring foreshore. The engagement and participation of all students was wonderful and provided a great opportunity for them to get to connect and develop the foundations of some strong friendships that will last a long time. Our students’ reflections:

Overall, I think camp was great, I had a wonderful time hanging out with my friends and doing super cool activities such as surfing, snorkelling, tree climbing and more. I loved going to the beach and playing fun games. Camping out in tents was something I was new to, but I still thoroughly enjoyed. The food me and my partner cooked tasted amazing and a sense of fulfilment overcame me as I tried what we made. I’m really proud of all my classmates for giving everything a go whether they​​​ felt comfortable or not.​​​​ One of the main things I enjoyed were the Year 11 leaders who were always trying to make sure we had a good time. My classes leaders, Katie and Emily, were super nice and supportive and I really look up to them. They have inspired me to be a Year 11 leader when I’m in year 11 and I am super grateful for everything they did for us.



My overall reflection of camp is that it was amazing and it was the best camp I have ever been to. I enjoyed it so much because I made new friends, cooked on a trangia, slept in tents and went tree climbing to the top of the tree. The activities I enjoyed the most at camp were the surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and snorkelling. I enjoyed the activities so much and they were so much fun because I was really good at the activities (especially surfing and stand-up paddle boarding)! There wasn’t really something I didn’t enjoy about camp, but it was just the snorkelling only because it was freezing cold but I still enjoyed it. At camp the challenge I had to overcome was when we had to snorkel over the stingrays because they were huge and scary and it was really nerve-racking because we were right above them. I developed friendships with a lot of people at camp.



At Year 7 camp my experience was amazing. The Year 7 camp featured really fun activities such as a visit to the Coolart Wetlands, surfing, paddle boarding, snorkelling, tree climbing, obstacle courses, hiking and the Indigenous Cultural Centre. At Coolart, we looked at an old sheep shearing shed which had an old start button on the wall which was very intriguing but we decided against pressing it. We then walked through the bush and popped back out on the road and walked back to camp. At snorkelling, we went out to Popes Eye and Chinaman’s Hat on Port Phillip Bay and saw the amazing and curious animals out in the ocean and off the pier. At surfing, almost everyone managed to stand up and we surfed very steady waves. The morning teas were also really nice with all the biscuits. Overall, we all had a really great time and if we could choose to go again, I think most of us would.



To kick-off our year 7 camp we had to arrive on time and take a bus to the Mornington Peninsula. We were all excited and keen to be involved in our first, High School camp. Once we arrived, we participated in many activities, ranging from putting up a tent to snorkelling at Popes Eye in Portsea. The camping experience was enjoyed where we were tasked with making our own food, setting up our tent (MUST be tidy) and doing a variety of fun, encouraging and team building activities, such as going to the Indigenous Cultural Centre. There were so many activities such as, stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling, tree climbing, Coolart Wetlands and finally, surfing. Year 7 Camp was fantastic!


Year 9 Great Ocean Walk Camp

Our Year 9s have spent the last few weeks preparing for their camp down along the Great Ocean Walk. The left on Monday morning for what is a challenging, yet extremely fulfilling experience. They have planned their journey including where they will be camping each night, how far they travel, what food they need to carry with them and how much water they will need. The students will travel somewhere between 35 and 55 kilometres over the 5 days, with some groups travelling upwards of 16 kilometres in a single day. It is always a camp that students reflect on as being one that provided them with the most fulfilment once they have the opportunity to reflect on their accomplishments.


Year 12 Induction and 2022 Duces 

At our most recent Principal’s Assembly we welcomed back to the school our duces of 2022. Olivia Dowling was our overall Dux in 2022 with an ATAR of 99.70, whilst Jessica Chen was our international Dux with an ATAR of 97.50. Both students were presented on stage to our secondary community and were interviewed by our Principal Mr Fry. They spoke about the challenges they faced last year, how they overcame them, as well as tips and recommendations to the current Year 12s and the year ahead of them.

Along with the presentation of our Duces, we also inducted our Year 12 Class of 2023. They were all presented on stage, before reciting the Year 12 Pledge to Mr Fry and the school community. It was wonderful to see them cheered from the assembly by the greater school community.


House Swimming and Pastoral Care Day

On Friday 17 February we held our annual House Swimming competition at school which, like always, was a fantastic day. The temperature was very hot, making participation in the pool a very favourable option! Our girls swam in the morning with Butterss-Cross running out eventual winners on the day, whilst our boys swam in the afternoon and it was Gordon Grant who came out on top. The House spirit and excitement throughout the day was just amazing and highlights the positive vibe that is so evident around the school. Read the report

Whilst not swimming, our students were involved in a number of pastoral sessions that focussed on the topic of consent, the health issues associated with vaping and a deeper understanding of our relationships for learning model. Read the report.

Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary



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