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Shrove Tuesday and Lent

A 40-day journey toward Easter.

Today marks Shrove Tuesday, also known more recently as Pancake Tuesday and several parts of our School will be marking it by eating pancakes. In addition to this, the students in the Junior School through their RAVE lessons and Assemblies have been learning about what Pancake Day and Lent are.

Pancake Day marks the day before Lent begins, with what originally was the using up of all the ‘rich’ and ‘festive food’ in the house prior to 40 days of simple eating and reflection on Easter. So eggs, milk, cream were all put together to make pancakes the day before Lent.

Lent goes for 40 days in recognition of the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert being with God. Christian practices often include trying to ‘give up’ something for Lent, while others choose to consciously do something, for example, my church has suggested ‘40 days of generosity’ and has given a list of examples of acts I can choose to do. The space created by eating more simply, or consciously giving up something is so that Christians can spend some time focussing on their relationship with God.

Yes Lent is 40 days, but you’re saying it’s not 40 days until Easter? Well yes it is, if you don’t include Sundays which remain a ‘feast’ day celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus (even through Lent).

May your journey towards Easter be the best it can be.

Grace and Peace

Rev Alison




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