Prep-Year 2 Letterland Dress-up & Activity Day

Letterland Dress-up and Activity Day for our Prep-Year 2 boys and girls proved to be a huge success. The children all (thank you parents!) arrived dressed magnificently as either something beginning with r for Preps or something relating to er, ir, ur for Years 1 and 2. A morning of fun activities ensued, using Red Robot and the Er, Ur, Ir brothers as the foundation of our activities. Balancing and climbing robots (a STEM activity) were created in the Library, some extraordinary robots were designed and drawn as part of the Roll a Robot game in the IJDay space and the Jumping Castles in Colebrook Hall saw many Letterland characters jumping higher, wider, faster or slower than ever before! Well done to the many families who ensured their child had a healthier lunch during our shared eating time. It was great to see many of our children taking the opportunity to engage with a variety of peers, with some old friendships renewed and some new ones created.

by Mary Whitcher, Year 2 Girls’ Classroom Teacher and Prep-Year 2 Cluster Coordinator Junior Schools



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