Millie Harvey – Pony Club in Nanjing

Millie Harvey our Year 6 student along with four other riders from around Australia were selected to represent Australia on a trip to Pony Club China in Nanjing. Pony Club is relatively new to China and they are taking every opportunity to learn about good horsemanship, sportsmanship and riding from Pony Club in Australia. The selection of riders was based firstly on their citizenship in pony club, then their riding ability and suitability to take the spirit of pony club as an International Youth Organisation to China. The team has ridden every day for 11 days, finishing with riding displays and competition over the weekend. Along with riding, and teaching riders and instructors about Pony Club, the team has been immersed in Chinese culture including dumpling making!

Millie has found it very interesting that the pony club and ponies are based on the floors above a shopping centre. To leave the building, the ponies are travelled in the shopping centre lift. It has been a trip of a lifetime for Millie and she is incredibly grateful to have been selected.



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