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As schools and music teachers around Victoria have mastered the art of running online music lessons and concerts, the Australian Music Examinations Board also has adapted their processes and have been offering video examinations for many instruments. Online Music Theory examinations also have been available for a few years now.

Whilst we all prefer to enjoy live performances, and examiners perhaps get a better sense of a student musician’s poise and presentation skills in a live assessment, we have all become used to adapting to our new ‘normal’ and the benefits of still being able to work towards a performance goal have included giving some students that much-needed motivation to keep working and practising their technique and repertoire.

Further to the Grade 1 Theory results I announced in August’s newsletter, the following students have achieved great results in more recent exams:

Haochen Zhang (Year 7)

Grade 3 Piano for Leisure: B

Dou Dou Zuo (Year 9)

Grade 4 Flute: B

Danny Gong (Year 7)

Grade 2 Theory: 98 % (Hot on the heels of his outstanding Grade 1 Theory result in August!)

We have a larger batch of examinations occurring over the coming weeks for students of cello, double bass, speech and drama, wind and brass instruments and singing. Our pianists are in the fortunate position to be able to do their examinations ‘live’ at the AMEB studios, notwithstanding any changes to government regulations in the meantime.

We wish all of these students well with their exams and congratulate them for maintaining their practice and application to their learning over these past few months. We are so very much looking forward to hearing our bands, orchestras and choirs filling our corridors with music once more …. one of these fine days!



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