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Book Week Celebrations in the ELC

Books are an important part of any child’s life. Through books we get to go on adventures, explore concepts, learn about literacy and live in a world of imagination. Reading to children is a special time and favourite stories will be read over and over and hopefully as young people grow up, they then will be shared with their own children. I hope you take the opportunity to share your favourite childhood books with your own children to continue to develop that love of literacy.

This year Book Week 2020 was centred around the theme of “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds” and the ELC celebrated in style. Due to COVID we had to do things differently and unfortunately our families were unable to be part of our celebrations. We did put up all the photos and videos of our book week parades on the portal and we hope everyone has had lots of fun looking at them all.

The children and staff from all our classes were encouraged to dress up as a character from a favourite story book.  Each classroom was a buzz of excitement as the children arrived in their costumes! The children were very excited to see their friends dressed up and couldn’t wait to proudly show off their own costume.  This was a wonderful opportunity to share in conversations with others, take turns listening to others and talking in front of a group to share what book character they were.

Each class had their own Book Week parade and the children had fun parading around the room and in the foyer. Superheroes and Princesses were popular costumes!  But we also saw skeletons, Wallies from Where’s Wally books, witches and wizards, Paw Patrol characters, Pirates and even Anthony the Blue Wiggle. It certainly was great to see everyone dressed up.

During our sessions we made some fun Book Week craft. Keeping with the theme of curious creatures we set about making a monster bookmark and a plasticine monster. As the children rolled and manipulated the plasticine, they were developing their fine motor skills as well as using their creativity skills to make their own unique one. Some monsters had 1 big eye, whilst others had 2 or more, some had spiky hair, some were multi coloured and some had lots of arms and legs.

Many children brought in their favourite story from home and this was a great opportunity for them to share something from home. Reading to the children helps develop a love for reading. As we read the books we ask the children questions whilst looking at the pictures, we can ask them to predict what will happen next and to encourage the children to repeat words or rhymes and phrases that have been memorized.

The children had so much fun during our Book Week celebrations and are looking forward to another day where they get to dress up again.

Genevieve Brown

Early Learners Teacher



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