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Dowling sisters reach out to local community with their music

On Wednesday 20 August, my sister, Ashleigh and I had the pleasure of performing for the residents, including my grandpa, at the Olivet Aged Care Facility. While stage four coronavirus restrictions prevented us from visiting the nursing home, we were still able to give a live performance over Zoom during the afternoon.

We played some old classics on piano, including Daisy Bell, Edelweiss, and a spectacular performance by Ashleigh of Danny Boy (my grandpa’s favourite), as well as a duet with Ashleigh playing drums and myself on piano. We performed for around 40 minutes, and the residents seemed to enjoy it. We would like to thank Mrs Bezaire and Ms Bortolussi, who kindly gave up their time to support us and watch our performance. I would highly encourage anyone who plays an instrument to perform for your own grandparents over Zoom. It is a great way to entertain and connect with them.

Olivia Dowling

Year 10

Olivia and Ashleigh’s Grandpa in the back left corner

Ashleigh hosting


Ashleigh on piano 

Olivia on piano 

Ashleigh and Olivia playing together



About a month ago, the Tintern Clarinet Ensemble was invited to take part in a collaborative project being run by Monash University’s School of Music. This project focusses on the different methods which a musical ensemble can use to rehearse and collaborate in an online space, considering the strange circumstances that we currently face.

Over the past couple of weeks, the members of the ensemble have been working together on this project led by Dr Nicole Canham, the Program Co-ordinator of Winds at Monash University. By the end of the project, we will have created a final performance which will be presented at the Online Woodwind Day being held on Sunday 13 September. All of us have found this new method of rehearsal new and exciting and, hopefully, soon you will be able to see the fruits of our labor. We would like to thank Mrs Clarke for arranging this opportunity for us whilst we are in lockdown.

Lilli Holliday-Ryder

Year 11



On the evening of Monday 24 August, the Woodwind and Brass students gathered their snacks, made themselves comfy on the couch with their parents, and were treated to a wonderful variety of performances by our hard working and talented Tintern Grammar musicians. An entirely new way of producing concerts has been born out of our desire for our students to continue to hone their craft and share their work with the Tintern Community. Although we miss the sense of community that our music concerts provide, I, personally, was struck by the intimate and heartfelt moments this concert provided, as we were invited into people’s homes to experience their music making.  

The performances consisted of solos, duets and ensemble pieces from our youngest of students in Year 7 who have not been learning all that long, through to our most experienced of VCE students and, I can tell you, a lot of effort went into producing these videos. I was told by one student, ‘I recorded it about 100 times Mrs Clarke’, and my response was, ‘Well, you will be 100 times better at it now’. The level of improvement in the students, no doubt, was seen by many of us who have had a chance to view the concert. Although a different experience of concert performance, it was a no less challenging or rewarding experience for all who contributed. If you haven’t had a chance to view the concert, there is still the opportunity by following this link:

Congratulations to all the students who took part, and thank you to all our impromptu videographers who assisted the students with the technology, to our Music Administrator, Liz Feenane who co-ordinated the program, Matt Collens in the AV Team, who crafted the video, to Heather McKenzie for her wonderful accompanying at the piano, and to all our brass and woodwind instrumental staff who assisted students to prepare these performances.

Mrs Lisa Clarke

Head of Music – Instrumental





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