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Piano Concert in the comfort of their own home

Whilst there have been a few school music events postponed and cancelled over the past few weeks, we are delighted that our pianists will have the opportunity to shine this evening at the Inaugural (and possibly/hopefully last) Online Tintern Piano Concerts! There will be a Junior Concert and a Senior Concert presented by invitation to staff, students and families of our young musicians through a secure Teams environment. Our Head of Keyboard, Ms Heather McKenzie, has been working alongside our team of piano teachers and our IT/AV support staff to bring this special event to fruition. Piano lessons have continued on a weekly basis (as have all of our instrumental lessons). We look forward to being able to share our ‘live’ music with you all again in the not-too-distant future.

Senior Music Ensembles for the rest of Term 2

Many ensembles have been rehearsing online these past few weeks, and I know both the Music staff and students are keen to see each other again ‘live’ next week. Please note that not all ensembles will resume immediately. The decision has been made not to resume choral rehearsals for the first 2 weeks, with a review of that decision by 5 June. Most instrumental ensembles will resume and Ensemble Directors will be communicating rehearsal plans directly with ensemble members. Bulletin notices also will keep students and parents updated on rehearsal plans.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your young musicians and the endeavours of our Music staff to continue their music education.





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