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Remote Learning and End-of-Semester Reporting

Parents are reminded that Junior and Secondary School Semester Reports will be published to families online via our Tintern Grammar Portal after the end of term. The lead up to end-of-semester reporting this year has been like no other in living memory. Term 2 usually sees our staff going through the process of gathering data through a variety of formative and summative evaluation processes. Whilst this process has not changed, staff have had to rethink the structures and modalities through which they have administered these assessments and gathered the data.

As we have navigated our way through the end of Term 1 and the first half of Term 2, many staff have undertaken more professional development in a two-month period than they would have in 2 years. We are fortunate to have dedicated and committed staff at Tintern who have overcome many challenges to ensure that they could continue to teach in their usual highly professional manner in remote learning mode to the very best of their ability to ensure that your children could continue to grow and make progress in their learning. Our community is eternally grateful for the untiring support of our amazing IT Team, who have worked around the clock to ensure that the systems at the school have withstood all of the extra loads placed upon them and the staff and students have had outstanding tech support ‘on call’ for weeks on end.

We are very aware that our students and families have had to deal with their own challenges along the way also. Yes, our ‘classrooms’ have looked very different and there have been difficulties and anxieties to overcome (on both sides of the screen) and possibly periods of despondency and disconnectedness, but we take heart in knowing that this is not forever. I hope your children have still felt a sense of belonging to our community during this term and have known that we believed in them and their ability to overcome these challenges and continue their learning journey at Tintern. In the coming days, we will all return to school. Being apart has brought home in a significant manner the added value the interpersonal connections a school brings to the lives of our students and staff. Schools do provide an important service in imparting knowledge and guiding the acquisition of skills, but this period has highlighted the social and collaborative elements of learning which so importantly develop confidence and resilience and prepare out students for life beyond Tintern.

Reports, necessarily, will reflect the circumstances which have come about this term and will provide a snapshot of where your children currently are placed in their learning journey as assessed by our teachers under changed assessment conditions. Instructions for accessing end-of-semester reports via the school portal will be emailed to families in the last week of term. The school will be undertaking a review of our semester reporting format and content in the near future, with the changed curriculum and assessment landscape this term at the forefront of our review process.




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