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Munch with the Musos a mammoth musical feast!

The CM Wood Centre was filled to capacity on Sunday morning as the Friends of Music ran their most successful “Munch with the Musos” yet! This is the 12th year that the committee has mounted this wonderful event which brings together our Junior School and Middle School performers (and a smattering of senior students), with a Christmas theme being the order of the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of 380 people, including students and their family members and staff enjoyed the musical items performed by choirs, orchestras and bands.

As well as festive music, the event provided time for socialising, munching on tasty morsels, reflecting on the past year, and a familial atmosphere that wouldn’t be possible without the incredible organisational efforts of our Friends of Music committee. Thank you to the hard-working parents, who set up the hall on Friday afternoon (in the dull afternoon light, as we pondered the possibility of no power on Sunday!) and then arrived at 7.30am on Sunday to make sandwiches, cut fruit and get the sprinkles onto the fairy bread! Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Music Department and the wider school community.

Music lessons for 2020

 A reminder to all families with students who currently learn Instrumental Music to return your enrolment forms for lessons in 2020 if you wish to continue lessons in the new year. Emails were sent today to parents of all existing instrumental/voice students at Tintern.

New Music Lesson enrolments for 2020 also are welcome at this stage. Please call Elizabeth Feenane in the Music Office on 9845 7837 if you have any questions regarding these matters or if you would like to receive an enrolment form for Music lessons in 2020.



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