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Geelong Grammar IB Music Conference

Throughout the year, I had heard the Year 12s in our combined IB Music class make many references to a “day at Geelong”, and I had always been curious about the nature of this day that was clearly so memorable, helpful and relevant to our music course. Hence, when it was announced that the Geelong Grammar Conference was running again this year, I was very excited to uncover the mystery of what happened at Geelong…

On Monday 7 October, Ms Bortolussi drove a group of students on an interminable journey to Geelong Grammar. We were greeted by the jovial Jodie Townsend, who was in charge of the event, and ushered into a hall for the first instalment of the conference: a performance of traditional Japanese music by Toshinori Sakamoto and Anne Norman.

As part of the IB music exam, we are played a piece of world music and required to determine which country it is from and write an essay about the characteristics of this musical culture. There are 195 countries in the world, so preparing for this aspect of the exam is somewhat overwhelming. But a live concert speaks a thousand words when it comes to understanding a particular musical culture. Toshi and Anne’s concert was even more beneficial than most, as it was very interactive. They answered all of our questions and even gave us an opportunity to play the instruments ourselves!

Toshi is a Taiko drummer. Taiko drumming is a very strenuous activity and a whole-body affair. Anne Norman plays the shakuhachi – a traditional Japanese flute that has been around for about 1400 years. She took up the instrument while living and teaching in Japan, and her music is frequently featured on ABC radio. We were all dazzled by her ability to produce a wide range of tone colours and effects from the one instrument.

After an impressive feast for lunch, the Year 11s and 12s split into two groups for the remainder of the day. While the Year 12s were given some exam advice, the Year 11s were introduced to the major assignment of the IB music course. We were lucky enough to have the head examiner present, and she shared with us her pet peeves as an examiner marking the assignment, while we all scribbled them down furiously. To finish off the day, the Year 11s attended an advice panel – comprised of the year 12 music students who had some regrets about how they had managed the two-year course thus far and wanted to prevent us from making the same mistakes.

The Geelong Grammar IB Music Conference was a very beneficial day, and served to revitalise my enthusiasm for the remainder of the course. I’d like to thank Ms Bortolussi for giving us the opportunity to attend the conference, by driving us many hours in a minivan while navigating roadworks. I think we would all love to go again next year – but until then, we’ll be making references to the knowledge we gained from such a valuable day.

by Ashleigh Dowling, Year 11 IB Music student

Final Twilight Concert for 2019

Last Wednesday 23 October brought the Tintern Twilight Concert series to an end with a delightful concert in the Kelson Room. Students ranged from Year 7 to some of our more seasoned VCE level musicians and we heard a mixture of string, vocal, woodwind and piano pieces. Many thanks to our accompanist, Ms McKenzie for all her work with these students and also with the many students who recently have sat AMEB examinations. Congratulations to all performers on their stage presence and fine musical performances.

Duo entertain Class of 2004

On Saturday 26 October, Madison Edwards-Turner and Ashleigh Dowling entertained past students from YG 2004 at a reunion function held at Tintern Grammar’s CM Wood Centre. They performed a wide variety of repertoire and created a great atmosphere for the past students to enjoy an afternoon of sharing wonderful school memories. Thank you to Maddie and Ashleigh for their contribution to this event.

Time to join the Friends of Music and Munch with the Musos

We’re 26 days away from… (wait for it… no, not Christmas!)… from the Mammoth Musically Momentous occasion aptly named “Munch with the Musos”!

Start to dust off your Christmas finery (reindeer ears, Santa hats and tinselly halos welcome) and come along to the CM Wood Centre at 10am on Sunday 24 November. Bookings can be made through TryBooking:

Performers enter free (but must book their seats). Tea, coffee, juice, buns, sandwiches and fruit supplied but you may also bring your own gourmet delights to share with friends and family too.
Please remember to BYO reusable cups and plates this year.

Junior School students perform at AMEB Live Stream Online Orchestra 2019 Launch event

The Junior School Choir enjoyed a fabulous learning experience last Tuesday performing at the AMEB Live Stream Online Orchestra 2019 Launch event. Watch the video and read more.



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