Music Matters

Concerto Concert a winner!

Wednesday evening saw 12 talented student musicians playing at our first live concert for 2022. The following students (listed in performance order) presented a concerto movement with piano accompaniment for the large appreciative audience present in the CM Wood Centre:

Shenghao Jin (Year 9 – Clarinet), Lexin Zhao (Year 6 – Violin), Kacee Chen (Year 8 – Cello), Helen Yang (Year 10 – Piano), Sophie Qiu (Year 8 – Violin), Sashenka Fernando (Year 9 – Viola), Amy Zhang (Year 9 – Clarinet), Jayden Lee (Year 10 – Violin), Bohan Liang (Year 8 – Violin), Kevin Wang (Year 8 – Oboe), Nishka Fernando (Year 12 – Violin), Joshua Tan (Year 11 – Violin).

Our guest adjudicator, Ms Debbie Haskell, selected the following students to perform their works with orchestra next term: Sophie Qiu, Amy Zhang, Bohan Liang, Kevin Wang.

After her selection, Sophie Qiu wrote the following reflection on the whole experience:

Preparing my piece (Summer, 1st movement by Vivaldi) for the Concerto Concert was a long journey, from learning the notes to exploring the style, expressions and story-telling of the piece. I would not have been as well prepared for this concert without the support and guidance of my violin teacher, Mr Veldman. Rehearsing with my amazing accompanist, Mr Taylor, was a truly sensational experience and exceedingly improved my confidence and ability to lead. I felt especially nervous while walking on stage, as my opportunities to perform have been few over the past two years due to the pandemic. It was completely different, standing on stage in front of a crowd compared to practising on stage alone. I am looking forward to playing with the orchestra and exploring this piece further in more detail and having that chance to play and perform with a larger group of people. I really enjoyed bringing my music to share with the audience, who I must thank for joining and supporting me and all the other performers on that night. 

Sophie Qiu

Year 8


Japanese Taiko incursion for Year 7s and 8s

On Thursday 10 March Year 7 and 8 students experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity listening to Toshi play the taiko drums and Anne, the shakuhachi. After the performance, 8B and 8E had the privilege of playing on the many drums that Toshi had brought with him in our workshop. The instruments we played were the taiko drums, the chappa and gong. This incursion experience was related to our music topic this term, where we are learning about Japanese music and its culture, and this subject connects well with geography and history in many ways.   

The experience was truly fascinating, learning about cultures other than the one we know about now. We had a wonderful time and I’m sure our classmates did too. Being there and learning about something up close is different from learning through videos on a screen. We got to experience the thrill of listening to professionals play and it is something that we will never forget.  

Our appreciation goes out to the many hardworking teachers who helped put this together and Toshi who took time to help educate the Tintern Grammar middle school students. 

Amy Wang and Emily Hardy 

Class of 2026 

Congratulations to Music Examination candidates

Congratulations to the following students who have recently received their AMEB Music Examination results, having submitted video exam entries to the examination board in late 2021.

Abigail Hsiao (Year 5) Elijah Hanna (Year 9)
Preliminary Piano for Leisure – Credit Grade 3 Saxophone – Credit
Lachlan Hsiao (Year 7) Aryan Chekka (Year 10)
Preliminary Piano for Leisure – Honours Grade 3 Piano for Leisure – Credit
Etienne Meddings (Year 8) Matthew Zhu (Year 11)
Preliminary Piano for Leisure – Honours Grade 3 Saxophone – Credit
Grace Clark (Year 6) Alen Yun (Year 8)
Grade 1 Cello – Credit Grade 3 Saxophone – Honours
Felix Meddings (Year 5) Will Storey (Year 11)
Grade 1 Double Bass – Honours Grade 3 Piano for Leisure – Honours
Ines Llobera (Year 6) Millie Blank (Year 9)
Grade 1 Cello – Honours Grade 3 Piano for Leisure – High Distinction
Avie Lee (Year 7) Anika Mulemane (Year 10)
Grade 1 Clarinet – High Distinction Grade 4 French Horn – Credit
Scarlett Mackie (Year 4) Haochen Zhang (Year 9)
Grade 2 Viola – Credit Grade 4 Piano for Leisure – Honours
Andrew Wang (Year 7) Zachary Ho (Year 11)
Grade 2 Clarinet – Credit Grade 4 Saxophone for Leisure – High Distinction
Hallie Walder (Year 9) Amy Zhang (Year 9)
Grade 2 Cello – Credit Grade 5 Clarinet – Credit
Ethan Hoole (Year 9) Isaac Lin (Year 11)
Grade 2 Clarinet – Credit Grade 5 Clarinet – Credit
Isabella Di Felice (Year 8) Daniel Sun (Year 9)
Grade 3 Cello – Credit Grade 5 Oboe – Honours
Matilda Robson (Year 9) Kacee Chen (Year 8)
Grade 3 Cello – Credit Grade 6 Cello – Pass
  Shenghao Jin (Year 9)
  Grade 6 Clarinet – Credit


Congratulations to Andy Shi

Andy Shi, Year 9, sat his Grade 1 Music Theory examination online last week, and received 91%. Congratulations, Andy, on this excellent result!



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