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Save the Date ~ Concerto Preliminary Concert on 9 March, 7.00pm

Wednesday 9 March will see the culmination of many months’ work for twelve of our most talented secondary school musicians. Commencing at 7.00pm the event will unfold with twelve single movements from a range of concerti for clarinet, violin, viola, ‘cello, oboe and piano, all accompanied by piano. Our adjudicator then will select four works to be performed with orchestra at a showcase event on Wednesday 15 June. If you love to hear musical excellence of the highest calibre from our own student musicians, then this is one concert not to be missed. Tea, coffee and refreshments will be available on the night and the event should conclude soon after 8.30pm. Entry is free.

Join the friendly parents in our Friends of Music committee tomorrow evening

The Friends of Music committee will hold their first meeting in the CM Wood Common Room tomorrow evening (Wednesday 23 February) at 7.00pm. The proceedings will commence with a brief AGM, followed by a regular meeting. Evidence of current vaccination status must be provided upon arrival and parents must remain masked and socially distanced at these meetings. New members most welcome! For further information, click here.

Music Ensembles 2022

At Tintern Grammar, we offer both intermediate and advanced ensembles for most instruments, as well as wonderful choirs for all year levels.  If you would like further information regarding the correct ensemble for your child, please email Mrs Clarke at or visit us in the music department, where our friendly administrator Elizabeth Feenane, or any of our enthusiastic music staff, will help you find the right place for your child to thrive musically here at Tintern Grammar.

Year 7-12 Ensemble Rehearsals


*Senior Jazz Band

Mrs Clarke

7.30am Kelson Room

Year 8-12

Clarinet Ensemble

Mrs Clarke

1.00pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-11

Theory Club

Music Captains

1.00pm, WOO4

Year 7-12


Concert Choir

Mrs Bezaire

7.30am, Theatre

Year 9-12

Intermediate Choir

Mrs Coburn & Mr Kidd

1.00pm, Theatre

Year 7-9


Concert Band

Mrs Clarke

7.30am Kelson Room

Year 7-9

*Senior Girls’ Chamber Choir

Mrs Bezaire

7.30am, Theatre

Year 10-12


Improvisation Class

Mr Bathgate

1.00pm, Kelson Room

Year 8-12

Scrolls String Orchestra

Mrs Mackie

7.30am, Area C

Year 7-10

Symphony Orchestra

Mr Veldman

3.45pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-12


Percussion Ensemble

Ms Scarfe

7.50am, Kelson Room

Year 7-12


Mr McLean Davies

1.00pm, Kelson

Year 11-12

Intermediate Jazz Band

Mrs Clarke

3.35pm, Kelson Room

Year 7-9


Wind Symphony

Mrs Clarke

7.30am, Kelson Room

Year 8-12

*Chamber Orchestra

Mr Veldman

7.30am, Area B Stage

Year 8-12

Saxophone Ensemble

Mr Legge

1.30pm, WO04

Year 8-12

Flute Ensemble

Ms Patton

1.30pm, Kelson

Year 7-12





= Lunchtime




Music Lockers for Hire

Our Friends of Music Parent Committee manage the hiring of music lockers in the music corridor for the safe, lockable storage of personal and hired instruments which students may wish to store securely whilst at school. The fee per term for a locker is $10. The funds raised are returned to the Music Department to support the purchase of music and instruments and to support funding of special musical events.



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