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Protected Attributes

There has been much talk in recent weeks about the proposed federal government legislation to enable discrimination in Religious Schools based on a student’s identification with certain genders and sexualities. Fortunately, this legislation, although passed by the Lower House has now been put on hold following the outcome of an inquiry.

At Tintern our care of the whole child and the celebration of difference is core to who we are as a school. So, although we are a ‘Religious School’, with our foundations in the Anglican denomination of Christianity, we would see no place for any legislation that facilitates exclusion and alienates students. In a response written by the ‘King David School’, they describe gender and sexuality as ‘protected attributes’ which I found to be a beautiful way of describing what we are talking about. These ‘protected attributes’ line up along-side others like race, cultural background and religion and are not up for discussion in questions of inclusion or exclusion. They form the core of who someone is, who they are as a person.

At Tintern I am proud to say we welcome all people who come who then make up an important part of our rich and diverse school culture.




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