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Year 8 Concert 

Students in 8A and 8D recently participated in a wonderful end-of-semester Music concert. With remote learning robbing these classes of much of their practical time in the classroom this semester, the performance component of the Year 8 Music course was presented quite differently this semester. There were performances of small ensemble items created by the students, and solos performed by the students who learn an instrument either at school or with teachers in the local community. It was a fantastic showcase of the musical talent that exists in this year level. Such a wide variety of instruments were represented on the day, including piano, clarinet, cello, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, guitar and flute, and a gorgeous sounding Chinese instrument, the Ruan. It takes courage to perform to your peers in such an intimate concert setting, and all of these students presented strong performances, showcasing their commitment to music making, to an audience that was engaged and respectful. This was a delightful conclusion to this semester of classroom Music.

Mrs Lisa Clarke

Head of Music – Instrumental

Music lessons for 2022

A reminder to all families with students who currently learn Instrumental Music to return your enrolment forms for lessons in 2022 if you wish to continue lessons in the new year. Emails were sent recently to parents of all existing instrumental/voice students at Tintern. New Music Lesson enrolments for 2022 also are welcome at this stage. Please call Elizabeth Feenane in the Music Office (Ph: 9845 7837) if you have any questions regarding these matters or if you would like to receive an enrolment form for Music lessons in 2022.


A Merry Christmas to all Tintern families from the magical musos at Tintern.

We look forward to seeing you return to our concerts and musical events in 2022!





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