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Green Team News

Guest Speaker: Chris Van Der Merwe, Visy Board

On Friday 13 November, the Green Team welcomed a guest speaker from Visy Packaging. Chris Van Der Merwe, a Tintern Junior School parent and the State General Manager of Victoria and Tasmania for Visy Board. Chris is responsible for all manufacturing and sales for Visy and is proud of Visy’s history with regard to recycling. Visy is responsible for most company’s cardboard packaging, as well as printing paper and the common ‘Visy’ recycling bins. Visy has made a massive effort to become more sustainable; for example, their use of forest timber is only for 30% of their product and the timber they use is not old growth, but plantation and thus renewable. In Coolaroo, the company has a ‘waste into energy’ facility, which converts the waste from the paper making process into electricity, minimising the waste going into landfill. This reduction in waste and conversion into energy allows the company to reduce its carbon footprint, for which they were awarded the Energy/Carbon Reduction Award.

It was extremely interesting for those who came to see what one business is doing in the renewable closed loop space. Across Australia, most recycling is done by private companies. Councils are responsible for collecting household recyclables but, with very few exceptions, they pay businesses to do this. Visy’s statistics in energy saving and use of renewable timbers for kraft paper are very impressive. As a part of his talk, Chris invited the Green Team to visit the recycling facility. This is amazing opportunity will provide a great learning experience for every member who chooses to take part, when COVID-19 restrictions allow onsite visits again. The Green Team is looking forward to hearing more from Chris and keeping up with Visy and their accomplishments in the sustainable packaging industry, as well as doing whatever we can to implement even more sustainable practices within the school environment.

Article by Alana Lawson and Victoria McKenzie (Year 11)



FareShare Footsteps Challenge: $3,500 raised by staff and students

Due it COVID-19 restrictions, the a2Upstream Challenge fundraising walk was not able to be held in 2020; however, FareShare organised a footsteps challenge from 1-15 November, in which 10 staff and 7 students participated.

This fundraiser was an opportunity to walk in the FareShare chefs’ shoes to raise vital funds. The idea came about when FareShare calculated that their busy chefs were currently on their feet all day walking 15km or more on a single shift. Over the first two weeks in November, our Tintern team walked solo, in pairs, and in small groups (COVID restrictions permitting), in their own time and at their own pace. Each participant set their own footsteps and fundraising goal with the aim of reaching up to 25, 50 or 100 km over two weeks. For those looking for a stretch goal, several of us tried to match chef Polly by covering the 150 kms she walks over the same period in the FareShare kitchen! Annabelle Guscott (Year 10), Anne Bortolussi and Erin Doupe (YG 2019) all reached the 150 kms with Annabelle completing a staggering 172 kms over the two week period.

The Tintern Grammar team is proud to announce that they raised $3,500, funds which will be used to increase the amount of meals that FareShare can prepare in the leadup to Christmas. FareShare is a wonderful charity that grows, rescues and cooks food and distributes nutritious meals to Victorians who are struggling to put food on the table.

Tintern FareShare Footsteps Team:

Students: Laura De la Pierre, Annabelle Guscott, Alana Lawson, Alei Paul, Lydia Tan, Holly Whitfield

Staff: Elizabeth Black, Alison Bezaire, Anne Bortolussi, Oriana Constable, Tisha Eggleston, Kelli Green, Di Lacey, Emma Lowing, Trine Ord, Min Quirillo

Past Student: Erin Doupe

Article by Anne Bortolussi (Co-ordinator, Green Team)



Tintern Grammar Community Litterati Challenge

Following on from the success of the 2020 Digital Earth Week, the Green Team has decided to hold another Litterati Challenge, which will run over the summer holidays until the end of the 2021 school year.

Litterati is an app that encourages people to clean up their neighbourhoods when they are out for a walk. It involves taking a photo of the rubbish you collect on your walk and uploading it to the app. The photo can either be submitted to a challenge or to your individual page but, either way, your contributions are added to the total tally of litter that has been collected through the app.

This challenge aims to get our school community (parents, students and teachers) involved and help clean up various suburbs around Melbourne. As at 7 November 2020, the total world-wide tally of litter collected through the Litterati app is 8,179,529; let’s add to this!

To join, you need to download the Litterati app onto your phone and create an account. When choosing your username, please make it your name (nice and simple).

After you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, go across to the ‘Challenges’ heading.

Next, you need to scroll down and press on the ‘Join a Challenge’ button, enter the code for the challenge, 336981, and then you’re officially signed up.

To upload a photo to the challenge, click on the blue camera icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of either the ‘Profile’, ‘Community’, ‘Challenges’ or ‘Activity’ pages.


  • Upload/Take a photo of the rubbish before you pick it up off street
  • Click on the photo(s) you want to upload
  • Press the blue upload button at the centre of the bottom of the screen

It’s really that simple!

One extra option you’ve got is you can add tags such as ‘plastic’ to specify what kind of rubbish you’ve picked up, but this is completely optional.

Please make sure you dispose of the rubbish you collect properly. 

If you have any questions, email Alei Paul at or Ms Anne Bortolussi at

Thank you for your participation and hopefully we can clean up our streets!

Article by Alei Paul (Year 10)



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