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Celebrating Christmas in the ELC 

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year for the children in the ELC and there is definitely a Christmas cheer running through the centre. The children have begun discussions around what they want for Christmas, but this year we have noticed a more humbling tone to their Christmas wishes.

“I just wish the border will open so Nan and Pop can visit,” – Harriet

“Hopefully we can have all of my family come to my house,” – Ashton

As the children develop a sense of autonomy over the year, we notice they begin to actively contribute their ideas and suggestions to the curriculum. As a group, they researched the experiences they would like for Christmas and with support from the educators, resourced the materials needed.

“I’m going to use the red and white pipe cleaners and make a candy cane,” – Abigail

“We need to have green play dough so we can make Christmas trees,” – Jessie

When children feel valued and see their ideas come to life within the curriculum, they feel a sense of belonging. They will see themselves as valued citizens of the world and develop a love for learning. When children choose their own pathways of learning we see them engage deeply in the curriculum, constructing knowledge based on their experiences and interactions with others. That is when we see the ‘magic’ of learning in the Early Years curriculum.

Claire Trappitt

Pre-Prep A Teacher



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