Girls’ Junior School News

Girls’ Junior School News

Year 3 

Would you like the canteen to have a large sit down area for Junior School students with student art adorning the walls? Staggered lunch sittings for High, Junior and ELC students? Opportunities for students to be an ‘apprentice-for-a -day’ in the canteen to learn how it works? A wider range of vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, lactose free options and sweets? UberEats to deliver? A bring your own container or incentive program to return bottles and dishes? Would you like the canteen to be free?

Recently, students in Year 3A were assigned the task to Imagine it!

Imagine if you were in charge of the Canteen – every part of it. How would you make it better? How would you make it more sustainable? The task was designed to prompt students to think creatively for ways to improve or build upon an existing system. The above are some of their fabulous ideas.

Students were able to apply their direct experiences with the canteen in a meaningful and practicable way.

Through written responses and illustrations, students discussed their ideas and provided feedback to peers. This in turn gave the authors an opportunity tweak and rethink their ideas for further improvement. 

Now, as a class, we are in the process of collaborating to narrow down the thinking by assessing the merits of each ideas. This may involve inviting the canteen manager to our classroom for intense research and lobbying and will definitely involve a lot more canteen orders.

Karen Dang

3A Teacher


Year 2 

As well as our classroom learning, the Year 2 Girl’s have enjoyed taking learning to other areas of the school.

One of our favourite places to visit is the Farm.

The girls were thrilled to come across some cheeky goats as we headed back up the hill from the farm last week and were amazed by their agility and balance.

Each time we visit, it becomes easier to walk back up the hill but we’re not sure that we will manage to scramble up the side of the hill as easily as the goats. 

Michelle Gluskie

Year 2 Girls’ Junior School Classroom Teacher




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