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Cooking in the ELC

Down in the ELC there is a marvellous kitchen space where the young ELC children are familiar with the cooking procedures. As children are empowered to voice their suggestions for the planning of their curriculum, cooking is always a popular suggestion. After learning about Letterland’s Clever Cat character, the children suggested making cupcakes and after reading The Gingerbread Man, gingerbread biscuits were included in the program.

“When we cook, we always need to wash our hands,” Isla.

“I can count there are ten cookies on the tray,” August.

“We can cook gingerbread cookies,” suggested Ariel.

Cooking with young children has many benefits and is always an engaging experience. Through reading the recipe, literacy is promoted, children’s vocabulary is extended and they are learning new and different words from their everyday language. While the children are adding ingredients, they are counting, reading numerals and using mathematical language. Following steps in the recipe supports auditory processing skills, high order thinking and communication. Through the process of cooking together as a group we learn how to take turns and share the experience. Overall, cooking provides the opportunity to gain a sense of accomplishment.

Spending time with the children in the kitchen is a lovely way to support learning across multidisciplinary learning areas, the senses are ignited and waft of delicious baking is always appreciated by the families at pickup. We are looking at ways we can further develop this passion amongst the children and educators, while embedding it in our curriculum. 



Claire Trappitt

Pre-Prep A Teacher



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