Girls’ Junior School News

Year 3 Girls 

We’ve had a terrific time in the Year 3A Learning Community. Here is some of what we have been up to.

We started off our Term with an excursion to Dream City. At Dream City the Girls had the opportunity to explore different activities as part of gaining knowledge and experience with what it might be like to work in certain occupations. We did Sports, Surgery, Nursery, TV and Virtual Reality. It was wonderful to see the varying levels of curiosity and interest as we began to explore our passions for our Integrated Studies focus for this Term.

In our Maths sessions we have explored worded-problems. The Girls have been given a collection of questions to determine what is the important information they need to complete the problem. We recognise that there is often more than one strategy that could be used to solve the problem. We also know that sometimes we might do a lot of working out but not get the right answer, so we try another strategy. We have also focused on fractions. We first established what a fraction is and came up with a whole class meaning – a fraction is an equal part of a whole. We have also recognised that a fraction does not always have to be established by cutting into a whole. We took photographs of various items/furniture around the Colebrook building and using the editing tool, showed the fraction. We have also talked about how it is very easy for us to be quite relaxed with our language especially when we ask for the ‘bigger half’ of the cake/pizza/pie!

In our Integrated Studies focus on Passion Projects, we came up with our definition between what is a like and what is a passion. We have listed all of our likes and then from our list we have identified what our passion is. It’s been a great chance to learn a little more about ourselves and each other. We selected our passion and created a storyboard where we showed various headings such as why it was our passion, when or where we did/performed/trained for our passion, and what our passion is all about. Once we completed our storyboard outline, we then went on to BookCreator, an app on the ipad to put it together as part of our presentation to the class.

During our Writing sessions we continue to work on the different narratives or persuasive pieces, working towards having a collection of published pieces. We use our Grammar sessions to help us with our writing as we understand sentence structure and understanding stories or texts that we read.

We have also enjoyed weekly Swimming sessions, learning our Dance ‘Splish/Splash’ for our forthcoming Speech Night and a visit from Murrundindi, where we learned an Aboriginal Dance, heard him play the didgeridoo and tell us some stories.

Miranda Price | Year 3 Girls’ Teacher

Year 6 Girls Fly High

The Year 6 students study elements of Flight and Aviation as a part of their Integrated Studies unit this term with a highlight being the opportunity to visit Tyabb Airfield to consolidate their knowledge of the basic principles of flight.  As a component of this girls were invited to co-pilot a flight over Tyabb, with a view of the bay, in a single engine Cessna. This is an incredible experience for our girls, and as you can see from their faces, they absolutely loved it!

Allison Prandolini | Head of Girls’ Junior School

Year 4 Explore Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Earlier this month our Year 4 girls explored making bio plastics. They explored different packaging materials and how they have evolved over time to be more environmentally friendly. They made a plastic alternative that was made from plants, rather than the traditional method of burning fossil fuels. Completing their science practical lesson onsite, at the fully equipped Senior Science Centre at Tintern, further igniting their love of science.

Our Year 4 boys will also enjoy this science practical later this week.


William Fogarty | Year 4 Girls’ Teacher 

Preps Discover the Underwater World

Last week our Preps had an amazing time learning about and exploring the creatures of the underwater world at the Melbourne Aquarium.



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