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ELC Art Show

This year the Early Learning Centre will hold their inaugural Art Show. This is a huge undertaking for the children and the staff and will be a biennial event. Planning for the event began in June with Term 3 being set aside for the creation of the art works.

The children studied artists and their work looking at how they represented different concepts in an art form. They explored nature and the naturally found art within it. Exploring shapes, lines, and symmetry. From here we explored creating with different art mediums including printing, sculpture, painting, collage with natural elements, and free drawing. Each of these techniques challenged and excited us especially as some classes were creating pieces that were not 2D.

From here the staff extended the creative process, looking for inspiring ways to display the masterpieces to show off all the work that the children had completed.

This work has been a major focus in the centre for the last five months, and we are so proud of the results that have been achieved by the children. The inquiry project work that ran alongside selected pieces during this work has been invaluable to extend the children’s thinking and develop critical thinking skills.

We are proudly opening our Art Show on Saturday 26 November with a parent only event. This evening event will be a wonderful way to showcase two terms of work and I warmly invite our families to book a ticket.

For the week beginning Monday 28 November and concluding on Friday 2 December the Early Learning Centre Art Show will be open for our Tintern community to experience. Why not go for a wander up to the Visual Art space and see the beautiful work that our youngest community members have so cleverly created.

Kristin De Vos | Director of Early Learning



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