Girls’ Junior School News

Fact Finding and Number Magic 

This term in Year 1A for Literacy our focus is Informative Texts. We have been gathering information about people, places and animals. Using iPads, the girls researched their chosen subject and wrote out clear and concise facts using a set structure. We have found a wealth of new and surprising information, learning that camels can produce milk to make butter and ice cream! 

 For Numeracy, the girls have been challenging theirs and each other’s maths skills by creating input and output tables. By applying certain addition and subtraction rules, they had fun taking turns in small groups placing a ‘magic spell’ on a number to investigate what the new number becomes. Many girls took up the challenge to use larger numbers for their tables, right up to 100. 


Lucy Saarinen | Year 1 Girls’ Teacher 




Buddy Program

This term, 5A have been visiting 4 year olds in the ELC as part of our Buddy Program. Each week the students have spent time visiting their ELC buddies, getting to know them and developing positive relationships, many of which will continue when the ELC students start their journey in the Junior School.

When the Year 5s visit their buddies, they spend time drawing, doing craft, construct with blocks, explore outside, play in the sandpit and take part in imaginative play. The students in 5A look forward to their buddy time each week and get a great sense of fulfilment from spending time with their new friends and developing positive relationships.

Leadership Program

Looking forward to 2023, 5A have begun their Leadership Program. This includes self-reflections on character strengths, goal setting and using the Tintern Compass to help guide our leadership style. This week 5A students attended Leadership Day where they heard from Middle School leaders about being a role model, Mr Fry about his leadership journey and from our local First Nations elder, Murrundindi about cultural leadership. In the afternoon students participated in leadership workshops. The students got to choose two workshops from the following:

  • Public speaking – Learn the tricks in becoming confident and inspiring in front of an audience.
  • Time management and organisation – Develop skills to ensure your efficiency in your role and ways that you can balance your workload.
  • Leadership to self – Leadership starts from within. What are your strengths and challenges?
  • What to do when things go wrong-Are you a bouncy ball or an egg? – Learn about resilient leadership.
  • Speech writing – What makes a good speech? Learn the tips for writing an inspiring and appropriate speech.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and were challenged, encouraged and inspired to continue on their leadership journey.

Sandy Batty | Year 5 Girls’ Teacher




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