Boys’ Junior School News

The annual Junior School House Athletics was a most spirited and enjoyable day, held in lovely sunshine last Wednesday.

There was so much goodwill, energy and friendly competitiveness. All of our House events provide opportunity for some of our children to shine, for others, to push themselves and show ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ and for all, to have a strong sense of our Compass point of Fulfilment. Every child who participated did so with such a positive attitude and a sense of personal best, and we as staff were most grateful for this. Events ranged from traditional 100m sprints through to the wet and fun Waiters’ Relay.

Apart from providing fun and House Spirit, our Competition also teaches the reality that sometimes, we can’t win! There is nothing wrong with not coming first, second or third! Sometimes, it is just not your time or area of talent and that is ok. We loved the fact that our children competed, felt exhausted at the end of events, and moved on smiling to their next event. This is life!

Congratulations to Somner Stewart for being the 2022 Boys’ Junior School House Athletics Champions and Gordon Grant and Somner Stewart who tied for first place in the Girls’ Junior School




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