Girls’ Junior School News

Happy Campers at Lady Northcote.

The Year 3 and 4’s recently returned from a three-day camp at Lady Northcote YMCA, in Glenmore. The girls were bubbling with anticipation and excitement during the lead up to our school getaway. After multiple cancellations of camp across the school in the past two years, the girls were so keen to finally get out of the classroom and tackle some awesome new experiences.

The morning of, there were smiles galore. A real positive buzz was in the classroom as the girls chatted to each other about what they were looking forward to most. After a sweet and swift farewell from parents, the Year 3 and 4 girls marched their way to the bus bay. Any nerves felt by the girls dissipated as we made our first stop at playground for a bite to eat and opportunity to stretch their legs.

Back on the bus, next stop… Camp! We arrived at Lady Northcote – put our bags away and got straight into the program. The activities where incredible. We flew the flying fox, swung on the giant swing, made bullseyes in archery, visited the vegetable garden to make homemade pizzas, played gold with frisbees, built huts out of logs, and whipped up some damper to cook over the flaming coals. The fun did not stop there – the girls also had a pyjama disco, roasted marshmallows, played the iconic Gaga Ball and had a movie night. All this excitement, energy and fun meant for hungry tummies. Luckily for us, the days were punctuated with delicious and warming meals.

At the end of the camp, the girls sat together and ate their final meal– homemade burgers. As we ate lunch, the girls went around sharing their peak and proud. It was so beautiful to hear the girls share how proud they were of their friends for putting themselves out of their comfort zone. The camp was filled with personal achievements that made the girls happy but was also filled with moments of encouragement and support for others – it was awesome to be a part of!

Term 2 is well underway and as always, Year 2 have delved deeply into their learning.

As a class we have been studying the unit “PushMePullYou” and learning about the forces and strengths of push and pull. The girls have visited the STEAM Centre and experimented with magnets; exploring magnetism, repulsion and north and south poles. They created and performed trials with their own mini twist-o-matic amusement rides and they have designed and built toys using different forces. So much fun and learning to be had.

With such beautiful gardens outside our classroom window, we were inspired to create nature weavings. With a full day of persistence, the girls created frames in maths, gaining an understanding of angles and shape, developed their fine motor skills while threading their frames and used their imagination to design their own unique weaving. If you walk past the Colebrook building, be sure to glance your eyes in the direction of our windows. The gorgeous autumn colours in the girls’ weavings are on display.

In addition to the learning within and around the classroom, Year 2 have been joining with some of our Year 3 friends to enjoy lunchtime farm visits each Wednesday. With the help of Mrs Yardley and Mrs G, the girls have caught and held the chickens and rabbits, fed the goats, sheep and alpacas, and even tried their hands at rounding up the sheep. Much rich learning and many thoughtful conversations have contributed to our wonderful Wednesdays.

Sally-Kate Hooi

Assistant to the Heads of Junior School                       





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