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Pyjama Day for the Prep and Year 1 girls was a hugely fun time for all! The girls thoroughly deserved this special day in recognition of the commitment they have consistently shown to their learning throughout this often, challenging year.

Highlights for the Year 1 girls from the day included; designing a pair of perfectly amazing pyjamas, bedtime Yoga, paper doll fun, making a pyjama question chatterbox, PJ Memory games, crafty food treats, a highly entertaining magician visit, The Little Bear movie with special afternoon tea and the oh so popular ice cream van visit! Snuggling down with their soft toy from home for a bedtime story about a little, lost star was a perfect end to our very special day!

Quotes of the day

“Can we have Pyjama Day every day??!!”

“This is the best day ever!”

“I love Pyjama Day sooooooo much!”

All up, an extremely happy day!!

Mary Whitcher

Year 1A Teacher


Mornington and the Enchanted Adventure Park 

Unfortunately, this year saw two cancellations of Year 3/4 Camp – our original and rescheduled dates both fell within Melbourne lockdowns. So, we decided we needed to get out of the classroom and have some fun outside before 2021 concluded. The excitement was pouring out of them from the minute we began our trek to the bus bay. We travelled down to Mornington and visited Enchanted Adventure Park as a 3/4 group. It was fantastic to see the girls in a setting similar to camp – even just for one day. We also took a detour on the way home to have dinner at Mothers Beach, delicious fish and chips. The seagulls kept a close eye on all of us as we chatted and shared a meal together. Our dinner setting was full of nostalgia for the girls as it was the exact location as their Prep to 2 Beach Day!

We had a marvellous time – but don’t take my word for it, here is what some of the Year 4’s had to say.

“I loved the excursion to the Enchanted Adventure Park and to Mother Beach. At Mothers beach we ate fish, chips and blackcurrant and apple juice for an early dinner. When we go back on the bus all of us were wrecked. It was so fun to run around the beach with my friends” – Jess Van Lierop

“We really enjoyed our trip to Enchanted Adventure park. The best part in my opinion was the tube slides. I loved them so much because they were so exciting but so terrifying at the same time. Even though it was tiring bringing the donut up, it would be a perfect example of entertainment at its finest!” – Linna Yue

“I really enjoyed our excursion to The Enchanted Adventure Garden. I thought it was a good make-up for camp because had lots of awesome things. My favourite was the Sky Scramble playground. It was a giant playground in the sky with lots of things like slides, net bridges, yoga ball pits and noodles pits. I loved the giant slide because when you go in is pitch black. And it was really long!” – Riya Yogesh Kumar

“I really loved the excursion! My favourite part of the Enchanted Adventure Park was the mazes. Although they were a bit confusing, I enjoyed weaving around the pathways with my group. Even if some people went ahead, we still worked as a team to make our way out!” – Eryn Lee



Will Fogarty

Year 4 Girls’ Junior School Teacher


Prep to Year 2 Beach Day

On Friday 3 December the Preps travelled by bus to the Mornington Peninsula for our annual Prep to Year 2 beach day. The bus trip was a highlight for the girls and was a buzz with great anticipation for what lay ahead. We were blessed with pleasant weather after the storm the night before. Once at the beach, it was wonderful to see the girls relaxing and enjoying swimming, building sandcastles, creating mermaids and having lots of fun with their friends. It was lovely having parents join us at the beach and celebrate the year that was. There were many tired girls on the way home and some even managed to have a nap! Thank you to the Year 11 students who joined us to help out with the junior students in the water and on the sand.

Sana- I loved going in the water, because I am a good swimmer. Going on the bus was fun, I sat next to Aleayah.

Sarah- I loved swimming and making sandcastles with my friends.

Lena- I liked feeling the edge of the water and my feet sinking into the sand.

Abi- It was fun building sandcastles, being a mermaid with Isla and Beatrice and swimming in the water.

Millie- I liked building things with the sand and water.

Helen- It was fun splashing in the water. I shared my beach bucket with Isla. I fell asleep on the bus on the way home!

Rianna- I really enjoyed going in the water.

Beatrice- I liked being with my friends at the beach.

Doris- It was fun playing with my brother, Cooper at the beach. My Mum came too!

Blaire- I liked going in the sea, but not too deep!

Olivia- The sea was so much fun. I liked splashing around.

Jessica- I liked going on the bus to the beach, sometimes I fall asleep on the bus.

Mila- I liked going to the beach and going in the water.

Luna- I built some sandcastles and sat in a tent with my family.

Aleayah- It was fun building sandcastles with Luna.

Hannah- I liked swimming in the water and making a tiny pool. I liked having my Mum at the beach. The bus trip was also fun.

Isla- It was so much fun playing with my friends at the beach. The water was cold, but I still liked swimming in it.

Have a safe and happy holiday,

Joelle Lake

Prep Girls Classroom Teacher



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