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ELC Christmas Concert

On Friday night for the first time in a long time the ELC families came together to celebrate and while the children could not present their Christmas Concert live, the screenings and community gathering provided a sense of togetherness felt by all.

It was so nice to see the children and families enjoying the screening together especially when the children began to sing the songs along with the film. They have been practising these songs for several weeks at music, in the ELC, and even could be heard as the children played. I wonder if they were singing them at home as well?

The atmosphere at the concert and in the ELC playground as families gathered to share some food and chat was lovely. For some families this was the first time that they had been inside the ELC and have the chance to meet each other. The children had the opportunity to show their classrooms to their families and play in our lovely outside area.

However, I have to say that the biggest hit was the ice-cream van. The children happily lined up to select their treat and the pleasure on their faces was delightful. This was part of the evening that the children had been asking about all week and topped off a very successful event.

The cornerstone of our philosophy is community and care and Friday night demonstrated that no matter what a year may throw at us community is indeed the glue that holds the ELC together.

A special thanks to Mrs Shari Bhatt our wonderful music teacher for all that she did to prepare the children, their costumes and the filming of the event.

Thanks to our ELC staff, families and children who have made this event and the last 12 months memorable and rewarding.

To all our families leaving, thank you for your support and contributions. We wish you and your children all the best for their next educational adventure.

For those returning, I am looking forward to welcoming you back in 2022.

To all our families, on behalf of the ELC staff, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




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