Girls’ Junior School

Speech Night

Last Thursday evening we held our annual Years 3-6 Speech Night which was a time of great celebration! The girls were amazing, and it was heartening to see the confident manner in which they took to the stage to share their talents with us. Our girls approached the evening with confidence and an attitude of fun and enjoyment…demonstrating that Tintern girls definitely can!

During this evening we acknowledged particularly our Year 6 girls and celebrated their journey as Tinternites. There were some special awards given out for deserving students; I have included the citations for these awards in the link below for the greater community to share in the celebration of these students. Next week this will continue as we celebrate the Year 6 Dinner and our whole Girls’ Junior School send off at our final Assembly at 2:30pm in Colebrook Hall on Thursday afternoon. Families are most welcome to join us for this event.

Year 6 awards outline


Student Leaders 2022

This week it gave me great pleasure to announce our Student Leadership Team to the Year 5 girls. The girls chosen below have presented themselves with confidence and commitment and I know they will make a fantastic leadership team.

Congratulations to these girls, we look forward to celebrating their leadership at our Leadership Induction Assembly on Tuesday 14 February 2023.









Dann Watt

Somner Stewart

Mansfield Mckie

Gordon Grant

Butterss Cross



Sarah W










Sarah I









Kaily Y


Allison Prandolini | Head of Girls’ Junior School

The Year 2 girls have had a lovely term exploring, investigating, learning, and preparing for their journey into Year 3 next year.

The girls journeyed inwards as they reflected on their learning over this past year, their first full year on campus whilst in Junior School. We focused on the things that were challenging at the start of the year, the things that seemed ‘just too hard’. Sometimes it was difficult to remember to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end, and we barely knew how to count by 3’s, do multiplication or division.

As a class the girls realised how far they’ve come; self-editing their work, adding interesting adjectives to their sentences, learning the 3 times tables, attempting vertical addition and subtraction, and understanding how multiplication and division works. They even researched and prepared their own PowerPoint on a topic of their choice to share with the class, something they were not confident to attempt at the beginning of the year.

The girls have begun to pack their suitcase to take from Year 2 into Year 3 and through their reflections, they were able to discern the things most important to take with them. As a class they realised that they had indeed travelled a journey this year, with both highs and lows, and much of their success was due to their ‘This Girl Can’ attitude, their resilience and persistence. Without a doubt, the girls realised that these qualities and attitudes needed to be the first things packed into their suitcases.


Michelle Gluskie |Year 2 Girl’s Classroom Teacher


Spotlight – Prep to Year 2 Library 

This term Prep to Year 2 classes have been learning about seasonal celebrations and religious festivals at this time of year. Focus learning has included events such as: Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas, Halloween, All Saints Day, Spring and Remembrance Day. Activities were developed to explore key concepts and ideas.

Here are some photos highlighting these events and promotion of reading.

At the end of the term Year 2 students wrote about their learning in Library. Here are some of the girls’ reflections.

‘I really enjoyed when you read to us’ – Holly

‘Thank you for teaching me in Library this year…. thank you for everything you do to make me read better’ -Olivia K

‘I really enjoyed the activities. At the start I could not read chapter books, but I read and read and read until I could read chapter books. Thank you!’  – Olive

‘I really enjoyed borrowing. In the beginning it was difficult for me to find the books I wanted but the more I practised, the easier it became’ – Kara

‘I enjoyed reading different books’ – Amani










































Emily Mars | Library Teacher ELC to Year 6







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