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This week as I welcomed the children into the centre for another day of fun and excitement a parent stopped me and thanked me for the wonderful year, the growth and development and the learning that her son had experienced in our ELC. She said that from his first experience at Tintern (his readiness interview) through to these, his final days with us, he has experienced nothing but love, care, and dedication.

It is my pleasure to work alongside and lead this wonderful group of Educators. I am eternally grateful for all the work they do to support and guide the ELC students.

I am also amazed at the growth and development that happens with these wonderful little people in our care. From arriving in tears and being uncertain about leaving Mum or Dad at the start of the year to walking in with such confidence and comfort at the end.

This year has been filled with farm trips, family events, new sandpit, two ambulance visits (one planned and one not), cooking, Letterland, footy days, art show, music lessons, reading, library, PE sessions, learning and fun, just to name a few. Each activity, experience and event has been thought out, considered, and planned with best practice in mind and aimed at total enjoyment for those participating.

Now as we put the finishing touches on our End of Year Concert we sit back and reflect on the year, on the children and on the program. We hope that your children will take with them the love of learning and life that we have tried to promote in the ELC.

For those who are returning to us in 2023 we are looking forward to watching your continual growth. To those of us leaving at the end of the year we wish you all the success in the world and we hope that wherever you go, you will remember us fondly as we will remember you.

I thought it was best to leave the final words for 2022 to our students.

‘I love the painting, home corner and everything. I love it all!’ – Charlotte

‘I love playing and making Letterland Jelly’ Noa

‘I will always remember Steven the dinosaur and playing with him outside’ – Charlie

‘Playing with my friends cos they make me laugh’ – Aubrey

‘I like building with the blocks. I make buildings with them, Oh and playing with my big buddy and super hard puzzles and outside and drawing and all my friends and every day and I think that’s all!’ – Ned


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Kristin De Vos | Director of Early Learning Centre



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