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On Thursday 12 March, our Secondary Interim Reports opened to parents in the Parent Services Centre of myTintern. These reports indicated to parents and students the progress made in each subject to that date, levels of behavioural commitment and serve as useful information and data. Student Progress Conferences unfortunately had to be cancelled for Term 1.

In 2020, any major summative Assessment Tasks which have been completed by students in Year 7 – 11 will continue to receive Progressive Reporting Assessment Task (PRAT) grades, with these grades being refreshed this coming Friday 27 March. Year 12 students (and Year 11s studying a Unit 3/4 subject) also received an indicator for Academic Performance in their Interim Report.

Year 7 to 11 teachers will progressively enter grades for major assessment tasks into Term 2. These will be published at regular intervals on the portal in the same place as our Interim and Semester Reporting and show the letter grade awarded for those tasks.

The publication dates for Year 7 to 11 Progressive Grade Reports for Semester 1, 2020 are:

Friday 27 March at 4pm (this date corresponds with the end of Term 1)

Friday 8 May at 4pm

Friday 22 May at 4pm

Friday 5 June at 4pm

Tuesday 23 June – with the publication of Semester Reports

There have been some assessments in certain subjects impacted by the disruption of the COVID-19 outbreak, so please be aware that some subjects, especially those with fewer periods per cycle, or which have missed some lessons due to House Swimming or camps, may not have completed any major assessment prior to Interim Reports whereas other subjects may have completed one or some. In the former cases, only Behavioural Indicators appeared on the Interim Report and PRATs may not have been completed prior to the end of Term 1, due to the school closure this week.

I hope that, despite the disruptions, our reporting system has proven useful in indicating and understanding your child’s progress to date. Whilst the timing of the cancellation of the Student Progress Conferences was regrettable, it was a necessary precaution which needed to be taken.

NAPLAN testing cancelled for 2020

As you may be aware, Tintern Grammar made the transition in 2019 to online NAPLAN testing, as opposed to the older style pen and paper style testing. This was to continue in 2020 and a trial was to have been conducted this week to allow our current Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students to become familiar with the online NAPLAN interface.

Last Friday afternoon, the Education Ministers from around the country made the decision not to proceed with NAPLAN testing at all in 2020 to assist school leaders, teachers and support staff to focus on the wellbeing of students and continuity of education, including potential online and remote learning.

Further, it was felt that the impact of responses to the COVID-19 virus may affect the delivery of NAPLAN testing, including the operation of centralised marking centres and the implications for nationally comparable data if an insufficient number of students are available to do the test.

I wish all families a safe and happy holiday period. Look after yourselves and your loved ones and we look forward to returning to school some time in Term 2 and seeing all the beautiful smiling faces of your children. They are one of the main reasons we get out of bed each workday morning and we do miss seeing them ‘live’ greatly.




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