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These are unprecedented times in education (in recent memory, anyway) and, whilst they present many challenges to our students, staff and families, they also open up some new and exciting possibilities for us all.

Our schools are safe and nurturing environments in which students are guided through the process of learning knowledge and skills as prescribed in our national curriculum, along with a range of additional dispositions and competencies and a very decent menu of extra-curricular and co-curricular opportunities at Tintern. Whilst this learning may possibly continue at home for a short while in the foreseeable future, this also will create scenarios which can only support the possible development of maturity, independence, problem solving and self-guided exploration skills in your children.

Our staff have been working hard these past few weeks to gain professional development in a range of software applications which will support their teaching of your children. Our students are digital natives. One thing which has struck me, as I also have learned how to conduct video-streamed lessons (and had occasional epic fails along the way), has been the adventurous, fearless spirit of students as they have supported teachers in their learning of these new skills. As we sang on stage at the Karralyka Theatre last year, “We’re all in this together”. The camaraderie among staff, as we have shared our discoveries, been open and honest (and sometimes quite amused) by our errors and shortcomings, and willing to learn new technology skills, and the joy of shared learning with our students will leave us with a legacy of quite a few memorable moments and many positive outcomes from this experience. Rest assured, the teaching and non-teaching staff at Tintern will do their utmost to ensure that your children will continue to be provided with the very best of teaching and learning – it might look a little different, and the mode of delivery may well be quite different, but please know and trust that we care greatly for your children and about their education, and will serve them faithfully through these challenging times. 

Online learning is off to a great start at Tintern, see some of our photos below! ‘

Senior School


Middle School 

Junior School 

Today is our ‘hat day’ where staff and students are encouraged to wear a hat to online school. Each day we will have a different way of ensuring our girls are still experiencing the usual fun, as well as learning, that they would typically at school. Online learning is off to a great start in the Girls’ Junior School!

Cayden Wood and Kai Wood playing the game Tinternopoly





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