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This week we have a special lead introduction from Allison Prandolini, Head of Girls’ Junior School.

Last Sunday as we celebrated the Mums, female mentors, guardians and special role models in our lives I stopped to reflect upon how the role of Mother has changed over the years. The stereotypical mother of the past has now been diversified and our girls now aspire to be mums that can do anything! What a positive image for young people to consider as they look towards their future.
The times have certainly changed for us in a number of different ways, and the parenting that I now experience as a mum is quite different to the way in which my parents, parented me. That is of course, because our world is so different. Problems young people experience today were never even imagined in the past, and the learning is steep for us all. As a mum, I know that I do not get it right all time the time, I am yet to meet a mum who does! But what I do know is the time we spend listening to our children, learning from them and reconsidering our own beliefs is time well spent. Our young people have so much to teach us, and unlike my mum who seemed to believe that she needed to have all the answers, I am keen to keep learning and growing as a result of what they can teach us.

On May 24, we have Madonna King coming to Tintern to explore with us what life is like for girls as they move through adolescence following her research with 500 10-year-old girls, 1 600 mothers, and 100 Year Five school teachers for her new book, TEN-AGER. This book, along with Madonna’s presentation aims to be a guide for parents helping tween daughters into adolescence, assisting us with understanding how our daughters are feeling, what we need to know, what to say, and when to stay silent and listen.

Booking for this session can be made via the following Try Booking link:
DATE: Monday 24 May 2021
TIME: To be seated by 7pm
VENUE: CM Wood Centre,
BOOKINGS: https:/




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