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Celebrating Fathers, Uncles, Grand Dads and Significant Male Guardians

Adapting to the ever-changing lockdown restrictions has certainly kept us on our very flexible toes. We connected with the families of the ELC through Father’s Night, delivered online thanks to Zoom, Kahoot! Microsoft Powerpoint and YouTube.

Leading up to this day, the children worked extremely hard on the various aspects of their Father’s Day gifts from cards to presents. The children thought about what they loved most about their Dads and shared their very best Dad jokes with the class. On the day, the families participated in a Kahoot! trivia with questions geared at both children and adults. We danced to YouTube videos, played games like “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and “Heads or Tails”. The families were treated to a video of the children creating their gifts for Dad and watched a montage of Dad jokes as told by 3 & 4-year olds.

It was amazing to come together virtually and see faces light up with smiles and laughter across the screen as we connected with each other.

Anita Mathews

Pre-Prep B Teacher



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