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Girls Junior School Art – Term 3

The making of the Father’s Day gift was the focus at the start of Term 3 for all year levels. These beautiful presents were made with love and unfortunately are still in the art room awaiting our return to school. During remote learning the girls were given a range of Father’s Day gift ideas to make. They were very conscious of with the limited materials that they might have at home. Many of the girls sent me photos of their handmade and heartfelt gifts.

Naomi Greco

Girls Junior School Art Teacher


Junior School Performing Arts –  Puppets and Production!

The integration of Puppetry in the Junior School Performing Arts programme encourages verbal expression and language skills, creates playfulness and pleasure, encourages creativity and improves social awareness. The Year 2 girls chose their puppets and then set out to create a puppet show with the story guidelines of who, what, where, when and why. We discussed puppet manipulation  and movement and it was so encouraging to see how the girls also developed their self-confidence through puppet handling.  Some students, who are generally a little shy, really benefit from the opportunity to let the puppet be their voice. Year 2 certainly had a lot of fun entertaining their classmates and recording their shows. We were also so excited to use our newly constructed Puppet theatre and we thank the Maintenance Team  for constructing this fabulous theatre for us.

The constantly evolving  COVID-19 landscape has changed how we live and how we teach.  In the past 18 months there have been many obstacles to overcome – especially in Performing Arts. So, it has been a time to “think outside the box”! The engagement and passion for our full Junior School girls’ Production has been truly uplifting.  During an online session, I asked the girls,  “How are you going with your lines?” Thumbs up with huge smiles was the response straight to the camera! So, we just keep rolling on with it!  Some of the comments from students about Performing Arts during remote learning  have been the following:

This year in Performing Arts, all Junior School girls have been working on a Musical  for the end of the year called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. It is about a little girl, Clara, who receives a Nutcracker from her Godfather Herr Drosselmeyer at Christmas. At night the Nutcracker comes alive and fights the Mouse King to save Clara. They go to the kingdom of sweets and see dances and singers. With Claras’ care and love for the Nutcracker he turns back into himself again. We can’t wait to perform this at the end of the year! –  Charlotte Koutsiafaras. Year 6.

This term in Performing Arts, many girls in Year 6 have been learning lines for our full Junior School  production of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. We have been learning new songs and dances online and we are  having loads of fun! We are all so excited to perform this show – even if we have to record it for you and I can’t wait to get back to school and rehearse in my role as the Sugar Plum Fairy!”  Ruby Collopy – Year 6.

In the Nutcracker and the Mouse King we are learning the actions to many wonderful songs. We rehearse with Mrs Casey online every week and Year 3 are enjoying the song of The Mouse Brigade  and also the Chinese Dance. A prop that we need for the Mouse Brigade song is a sword. In the Mouse Brigade song we have to act bold, bad and scary. For the Chinese dance we need an umbrella and we have to dance gracefully.  Ananya Chekka – Year 3 .


Jacquie Casey

Junior School Choral and Performing Arts Coordinator




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