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Building and Construction.

Children require access to construction activities throughout the year. We supply construction of many types both inside and outside.

Giving children these experiences enables them to make their own choices, engage in collaborative play, develop negotiating skills and develop both fine and gross motor skills. This in turn enables a child to plan, design and construct with 3D materials. Block construction encourages children to engage in symbolization and representation, make comparisons, classify, learn about directionality and sequencing and experience divergent thinking and logical reasoning. It provides opportunities for learning about mathematical concepts of size, shape, space and weight, along with developing imagination and creativity.

During construction we see the children co-operate, take turns and share equipment as part of a group alongside respecting and valuing others ideas.

It is wonderful to see the children develop independence in constructing with different materials. And we often see the children use construction to create props for imaginative play and the blocks or construction will travel to all parts of the room and program.

It is important that they have the opportunity to plan their work, explain the process of construction – (what worked/didn’t work?) and enjoy the moment of building, creating and breaking down constructions.

A well-resourced construction area is a busy zone as it encourages language, social engagement, cooperation and problem-solving, encouraging children to work together towards a common goal.

We hope you enjoy the collection of the children’s work.




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