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Learning about ANZAC Day

The children in the ELC watched a special episode of Play School about ANZAC Day. This episode sparked a variety of questions by the children and this led to a meaningful discussion about the significance of ANZAC day and what it means to Australians and New Zealanders. We built on the children’s understanding about the traditions and facts of this important event and the children participated in a multitude of learning experiences across the week.

We used art-based techniques and media to extend on our knowledge about ANZAC Day. Each class created their own wreath and the students in Pre-Prep B discussed the symbolism of the red poppy and created a collage featuring our hands holding a painted poppy. We incorporated the tradition of baking ANZAC biscuits as a hands-on way to mark the day and all the children enjoyed eating an ANZAC biscuit. Across the week, we read a myriad of picture story books from “Lest We Forget” by Kerry Brown to “My Grandpa Marches on ANZAC Day” by Catriona Hoy and Benjamin Johnson. These were an excellent introduction to this poignant day.

Anita Mathews (PPB Teacher)

Lest We Forget



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