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The wonderful prep girls have settled into their routines and learning beautifully in Term 2.  Re-connecting with one another through play situations was essential in the reformation of friendships and the development of communication, emotional strength, imagination and creativity. As we all know, children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying themselves. Setting up investigation stations and play environments for the girls to engage with one another in an imaginative setting, was essential to help reform bonds and initiate language.

Here is what the girls think of their play based learning community…….

Isla – I like playing schools with my friends. We write on the whiteboards.

Doris – I love drawing with my friends.

Millie – I like laughing with Mrs Thomas

Zoe – I love spending time with my friends because we get to play in the kitchen together.

Hannah – I like playing with the squishy, fiddle toys. We twist them.

Lili – I like reading stories to Mrs Thomas and my friends.

Abigail – I like pretending I am a cat with my friends.

Rianna – I love building towers to see how high I can build it.

Sarah – I love playing in the classroom shop because I get to cook.

Sana – I love reading books with my friends.

Daisy – I like playing with my friends. We play with the fiddle toys.

Aleayah – I like playing with the fiddle toys with my friends.

Stasia – I like laughing with my friends when I play.

Beatrice – I like playing with my friends and pretending I’m a puppy.

Lena – I like playing with the fiddle toys. It makes me feel calm.

Jessie – I like playing games with my friends because we get to make up games and talk funny.

Mila – I like playing with the fiddle toys because they make me feel happy.

Luna – I like playing with my friends. They make me feel happy

Anchor – I like imagining that I’m a viking.

Blaire – I like playing in the shop. I make cupcakes.

Olivia – I like listening to my friends and laughing with them.

Helen – I like making Mrs Thomas a cup of tea and a cup cake in the café.


Alongside learning through play, the girls have experienced many maths investigations during our maths rotation time each Thursday.



The girls have been very excited to start reading groups during Term Two.

They have learnt how to run a reading group independently –

  1. Talk about what they can see on the front cover.
  2. One at a time, the first student reads the title, cover page and first page.
  3. The next student reads the next page…etc.
  4. If someone has trouble with a word, help support your friend to sound out the word.
  5. Each student then has the chance to say one thing about the book….

“There was a cat in the book”, “The cat was friends with the tortoise”, “The cat felt sad at the beginning of the book”…. etc.











Nicky Thomas 

Prep Girls’ Junior School Teacher


Year 4 Girls

Last term, our Year 4 girls explored the unit, ‘Plant Your Feet’ where the girls developed a growing a sense of wonder and appreciation of plants as they investigated the processes of pollination and germination, the parts of a plant, a seeds life cycle, environmental conditions that plants need for growth, the food we eat and much more.


We had a number of hands on activities the students really enjoyed. We spent some time walking around the campus foraging for interesting plant parts and flowers – collecting and bringing them to the STEAM centre. After that, we examined them closely under the 3D microscopes. The girls identified the different parts of a plant or flower and took photos using the microscopes. These pictures turned out beautifully and will be printed onto reusable canvas bags in an effort to be more sustainable, this week.




We also had a particular focus on the food we eat and what part of a plant food items come from. We identified there was six parts of a plant we eat (stem, root, leaf, fruit, flower and seed) and made our own vegetable salad wraps with an item from each section. It was great fun guessing how certain vegetables grow and what they look like when they’re attached to a plant. We did some further research to broaden our knowledge of the perfect conditions each plant we grow for food needs.



We visited the Royal Botanical Gardens and completed a ‘Bush Foods’ program. It was a journey through the Australian Garden, filled with native plants. We discovered a variety of indigenous bush foods. Students learnt about Aboriginal knowledge of agricultural systems and food-related tools. We became familiar with native Australian flora and the purpose each plant has in Aboriginal culture.

It has been so much fun exploring plants and examining how they reproduce in a very similar way to humans and the girls’ have shown fabulous depth with their understanding throughout the unit. For Term 2 our topic explores The First Fleet and we are excited to learn more!


Will Fogarty

Year 4 Girls’ Junior School Teacher


Lexin in Year 5 wins the State Swimming Championships 

Congratulations to Lexin from Year 5 who competed today in the State Swimming Championships in the 10 Year old girls 50 metre freestyle.

Girls and staff, including our Principal, Mr Fry, gathered to cheer Lexin on through the live stream, and all were incredibly proud to see Lexin finishing first in a hard fought out competition.

Well done to Tintern’s own State Champion!




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