Community Matters

Tintern Parent Group – Gift to Year 12

Recently our Year 12 students received a surprise Uber Eats voucher from the Tintern Parent Group (TPG). We hope this lifts their spirits and provides them with a little extra motivation as they head into their last term break and prepare for exams. A big thank you to the TPG for their generosity.

Picture Plates

Thank you to everyone who ordered a Picture Plate. It has been wonderful to see all the artwork as it is uploaded.

If you have ordered a Picture Plate, but not yet submitted your artwork, please do so as soon as possible.

For any enquiries please contact the TPG by email or Community Relations by phone on 9845 7877.

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or events. We are still seeking Parent Reps for the following classes / year levels:

  • Year 3 Girls
  • Year 7 Girls
  • Year 8 Boys
  • Year 9 Boys
  • Year 9 Girls
  • Year 10

If you are interested, please get in touch with Di Lacey in Community Relations, 9845 7893 or

Community Committee Dates 

Community Group Meetings have returned to Zoom due to the current snap lockdown. Please check the information below carefully for details:

Upcoming Reunions 2021

  • YG 2015, 5+1 Year Reunion – Postponed to 2022.
  • YG 2016, 5 Year Reunion – Friday 8 October at 7.30pm (new date) at Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn – Book Here
  • YG 2005 – 15+1 Year Reunion – Saturday 16 October 2021 – Book Here
  • YG 2006 – 15 Year Reunions – Saturday 16 October 2021 – Book Here
  • 20, 25 & 30 Year Reunion YGs 2000 & 2001, 1995 & 1996, 1990 & 1991 –  Saturday 20 November at 11am to 2pm – Book Here

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books

The Entertainment Book is now 100% digital! Excitingly this means that your Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!



Term Dates