Tintern Board Update

Movements within the Tintern Board 

It is with sincere thanks that we farewell one of our Board members, Simon Scherer, who is departing to take up further study towards a career change. Simon volunteered to join the Tintern Finance and Risk Sub Committee as an independent nominated member in May 2017 where he has worked hard to support the work of this vital group in managing these important aspects of the workings of our school. He was then invited to become a Tintern Grammar director in March 2018. Since then Simon has brought his expertise and capacity as a business development manager and energetic volunteer to our Board, whilst also participating in the wider school as a parent and local community member. We appreciate and thank Simon for the time, effort and energy he has brought to the role during 3 years of enthusiastic contribution and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Dr Wendy Smith was recently elected to the Tintern Grammar Board following her 12 month term as an independent nominated member of our Governance Sub Committee. You may know Wendy as a parent of twin girls Alex and May who successfully completed secondary education at Tintern in 2018, and a son who is currently attending Tintern senior school. She is a qualified engineer, with extensive experience in technical, analytical and research skills in her work as a Civil Engineer. Her education has included an Honours degree and Doctorate, and Wendy is a strong promoter of quality teaching and learning programs for all. Tintern has already benefitted from Wendy’s sharp risk management, strategic and critical thinking skills as she was employed as consultant to lead our recent Board Review process (January, 2020) towards the next stage of planning and development of the governing body of our school. Wendy has wide experience in the development and delivery of policy, strategy and management programs across both commercial and public sector agencies. She is a vocal supporter of women in leadership, and has accomplished stakeholder engagement skills enabling a strong level of communication and cooperation amongst different groups within an organisation. These and all her skills and talents will be well employed during this time of challenge and growth for our school, and we warmly welcome Dr Smith to the Tintern Grammar Board.


Rosemary Bennett

Chair Governance Sub Committee



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