From the Principal

This week we have a special guest introduction from Ashley Viney, Head of Sport. 

During the COVID-19 stage three restrictions there were only four reasons that people were allowed to leave their homes. One of those reasons was physical activity and exercise. The state and federal governments recognised the importance of physical activity and exercise for people’s physical and mental wellbeing during the time spent during isolation. The benefits of physical activity and exercise are well known on physical health, but it has become even more apparent that the benefits on mental wellbeing are vital. Exercise is an extremely effective anti-depressant when completed at moderate intensity for 45 minutes three times per week.

It was fantastic to see so many people being active during the isolation period. Families riding bikes together, people walking their dogs, walking and running were popular activities during this time. People were friendly when passing, quite often saying hello or other pleasantries. The isolation period shut down so many of our everyday activities that people now felt that they had the time to be physically active and exercise. A positive out of this situation is that I hope more people will prioritise their physical activity and exercise and remain physically active. As we begin to come out of restrictions as they will have felt the physical and mental benefits it has given them during this time. Physical activity and maintaining fitness were crucial during isolation as all community sport competitions and training had been shut down, so people had to be motivated to get active themselves. People who remained active will benefit when their competitions re commence as they will be fitter than their competitors.

Students are encouraged to remain physically active throughout their teens and into adulthood as there is a proven link between higher cardiovascular fitness levels and better academic results in the classroom, as well as the obvious health benefits. The discipline of committing to complete physical activity sessions each week helps students with their discipline when studying. There are many other qualities that physical activity promotes that can be used in a variety of situations in everyday life.   

It was tremendous to see the students and staff take part in the Strava challenge of running to Perth and back. The fact that we as a community were able to get there and back so quickly demonstrated that the community valued their physical activity and exercise during this time. Thank you to Stella Burke and Margaret Pywell for organising this activity and to Mr Kenny for the promotion of it.

We have House Cross Country scheduled for Friday July 31st and House Athletics is scheduled for Wednesday 16th September – health guidelines permitting. These events will allow the students to be physically active and join together with their houses to compete in a fun and friendly way.

I am looking forward to the sport program returning to EISM competition when appropriate so that the students can continue to compete, improve their skills and fitness and receive the benefits of regular physical activity.  




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