12 Oct 2021

Tinternwood Farm welcomes its first lambs of the season.

News from the Farm

Spring is definitely in the air, as our very own Tinternwood Farm welcomes its first lambs of the season. Twin lambs were born on Sunday to first time mum, Hermione. While the lambs were a little reluctant to initially take milk, with careful oversight and some persistence from Ella Watt (2019), one of our current farm hands, the lambs have gotten the gist of what they need to do. In keeping with the movie theme, the twin lambs, a male and female, have been named Woody and Jessie – can you guess which movie these character names are from? Hermione is doing a great job with them and is doing everything a sheep mum should do.


Claire Stanner

Science and Biology Teacher

Year 11 Pastoral Mentor


SPECIAL REPORT: Transitioning Back

SPECIAL REPORT: Transitioning Back

As lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted to varying degrees, we are entering a time of transition and adjustment. The circumstances of this situation have significantly impacted us all. For some it has been an opportunity to reflect on what is important, whilst others have embraced the opportunity to learn new things.

Many young people may be excited at the prospect of restrictions being lifted, whilst others may be feeling mixed emotions. Reactions will differ depending on how well they cope with stress and change. Keeping a check on your child’s mental health and wellbeing as they adjust to new routines, will be vitally important.

There is still a lot of uncertainty ahead of us, so focusing on the things you can control or enjoy doing, can help establish predictability and familiarity for the whole family. Adult carers need to provide young people with reassurance by acknowledging any concerns and fears they may have at this time. Consider this to be a normal reaction, however it may be best to focus more on their feelings and emotions, rather than the practicalities at this stage.

In this Special Report, we share a few ideas about how to help ease this time of transition. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report: https://tintern.vic.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/special-report-coronavirus-transition-back


Oriana Constable

Acting Vice Principal


Community Matters

Welcome to Term 4, 2021

Welcome to Term 4, 2021. This year has not been what most of us expected, as our 7th Melbourne lockdown continues. We were excited to have our Year 12 students back on campus, and look forward to the staged return of our students.

The Tintern Parents Group are pleased to be offering two social distanced fundraisers this term; our annual Mango Drive and the Second-hand book sale in partnership with I Love Books. Further information on both is included below.

We are also seeking volunteers for the Friends of Equestrian and the Presentation Ball committee.  Read more below, or contact us in Community Relations, 9845 7777 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Di Lacey and Tegan Martin
Community Relations

TPG Mango Drive 2021

We have Fresh North Queensland Mangoes delivered direct from the farm to Tintern Grammar, ready for collection. Mangoes should arrive at school late November. Once we have a confirmed date, we will be in touch to arrange a drive through collection time.

Cost is only $20 per tray, filled by weight of approximately 4.5kgs, which will contain a mix of the equivalent of either 8 large mangoes or 14 small ones.

Please note that due to the unprecedented crop failure of Kensington Pride Mangoes this year, the trays are smaller than previous years and have been reduced in price accordingly.

Place your order today, as quantities are strictly limited!

Orders are open until the 29 October 2021, unless sold out prior.

Please place your order here: https://events.humanitix.com/tpg-mango-drive-2021

FOR ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT: parentgroup@tintern.vic.edu.au

Friends of Equestrian

Due to a significant number of parents finishing up this year, the Friends Of Equestrian Committee is looking for new volunteers to continue the 21 year legacy and join the committee.

If you are interested in joining the FOE committee please contact Ash Viney  or Di Lacey in Community Relations.

This is an excellent opportunity to be involved and make a significant contribution to Equestrian activities at Tintern Grammar.

Presentation Ball Committee

Are you interested in being involved in the Presentation Ball Committee? An opportunity has opened up to join the Committee and take this traditional pastime into a new era.

 Offered each year to our Year 11 students, it is a wonderful opportunity for them to receive modern dance instruction whilst having fun and experiencing a formal presentation to family and friends.

If you are interested in being a part of this Committee, please contact Di Lacey in Community Relations on 9845 7777 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

TPG Second-hand Book Sale 2021

Picture Plates

Thank you to everyone who ordered a Picture Plate. It has been wonderful to see all the artwork as it is uploaded. We will be in touch once we have an arrival date.

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Wanting to continue as Parent Rep for your 2021 Class or Year Level?

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or events.

Parent Reps also organise class or year level functions to provide parents with the opportunity of meeting and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. It would be a great opportunity for class groups to connect, while supporting our local community cafes and restaurants still recovering from the lockdowns.

We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given by our Parent Reps. This role is suitable for Parents or Guardians who are in the workforce or who undertake home responsibilities. It can be shared between many people, or looked after by one person.

A special thank you to our wonderful team of Parent Representatives from 2021. Though the year was again not what we expected, with the cancellation of many events, we greatly appreciated their efforts in unusual times.

If you would like to volunteer to be your Year Level’s Parent Representative in 2022, would like further information, or happy to continue in your current role, contact us by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone 03 9845 7877.

Thank you to Carole Shen (Year 5 Boys) who organised  a catch up over the school holidays!

Community Committee Dates 

Community Group Meetings have returned to Zoom due to the current lockdown. Please check the information below carefully for details:

Upcoming Reunions 2021

  • YG 2015, 5+1 Year Reunion – Postponed to 2022
  • YG 2016, 5 Year Reunion – Postponed – Date TBC
  • YG 2005 – 15+1 Year Reunion – Postponed to Friday 26 November 2021
  • YG 2006 – 15 Year Reunions – Postponed to Saturday 27 November 2021
  • 20, 25 & 30 Year Reunion YGs 2000 & 2001, 1995 & 1996, 1990 & 1991 –  Saturday 20 November at 11am to 2pm – Book Here

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books

The Entertainment Book is now 100% digital! Excitingly this means that your Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


Music Matters

Term 4 did not start with a bang!

In the Music Department, we always look forward to hearing the Jazz Band rehearsing on the first morning of the week, and the subsequent tunes emanating from rehearsals in the Kelson Room each morning before school. Mrs Feenane in the Music Office and our Music Staff were very much looking forward to seeing some students back on site this term, ready to re-commence music lessons and some ensemble work. As Music Educators, we know that participation in music provides many students with a place of connectedness and an oft-needed outlet for relaxation. The immense benefits of music making on mental health and academic achievement are well documented. Involvement in music groups provides extensive opportunities for developing friendships with like-minded peers, and co-operation and collaboration with them.

Whilst we are disappointed that our music lessons and rehearsals are still being conducted remotely, I thank our wonderful Music Staff for sharing their love of music with their students and the students for their ongoing commitment to their music, albeit in the online forum. It is wonderful to know that the instruments are not rusting out nor the voices atrophying from underuse. This will make your return to school so much smoother and getting back into lessons and rehearsals ever so much easier, when the time comes. Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later!

Concerto Competition in 2022

The Concerto Festival is an event for experienced musicians currently attending Tintern Grammar. The Festival provides a valuable performance experience for all students who enter. All students are eligible to participate whether they learn at Tintern Grammar or outside the school.

The preliminary event will be held in the CM Wood Centre on Wednesday 9 March 2022.  Students are required to perform one movement only from a concerto, or for singers, a recitative and aria, with piano accompaniment. A school accompanist will accompany these performances and should be approached early in 2022 to arrange rehearsals for this event.

An external adjudicator will choose the top three or four performers from the preliminary evening. These students will then be invited to perform their concerto movement, or recitative and aria, accompanied by orchestra (or other appropriate ensemble) at the Final Showcase on Wednesday 15 June. Rehearsals for the showcase will take place during the latter part of Term 1 and into Term 2, 2022.

Students may enter and perform in the preliminary event on (no more than) two different instruments. In the event that both of these performances are deemed to be worthy of a ‘top four’ place, the student will select one work (only) to be performed with the orchestra, and an additional performer will be selected by the adjudicator.

If you are keen to enter the Concerto Festival, please contact Mrs Feenane in the Music Office at music@tintern.vic.edu.au to request an entry form. This should be returned to the Tintern Music Office by Friday 3 December 2021.  Please note that a copy of the music, including piano accompaniment, must be attached to the entry form.



Sport Matters

Congratulations to Jess in Year 5 for recently being awarded with the MVP Award from her club the Mount Hotham Racing Squad. 👏⛷
Jess has had a fantastic season of race training and is looking forward to competing in 2022.

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program from start to finish

Continuing the Duke of Edinburgh award during lockdown has posed challenges for many students, with sporting, service and skill activities temporarily suspended. Many students, however, have sought new ways to continue and indeed complete their award during this difficult period.

The Bronze award marks the beginning of a student’s Duke of Edinburgh journey and Chloe Hong is the first Year 9 student to complete the Bronze award this year. She writes the following about her award journey:

The Duke of Ed award motivated me to realise my potential in new areas and it allowed me to dedicate more time to activities I never knew I would enjoy so much, for example, a First Aid course, in which I was dedicated to learning skills that could one day help others. On the other hand, the award allowed me to continue improving and learning new skills in a current activity, which for me was soccer. Another major benefit, and my highlight of the award, was the activity of jewellery making which allowed me to get creative and discover a new passion. Whilst pursuing this activity, I learned to make rings, necklaces and bracelets. Starting small, the pursuit of jewellery making in the ‘skill’ component of the award developed into something much bigger, inspiring me to create a small, ever-evolving business called ‘Clay Origin’ (www.clayorigin.com.au) where I now sell some of the things I create, to make others happy. I recommend this award to anyone, because it can open new doors whilst challenging you, allowing you to undertake new opportunities, and inspiring you to pursue something new.


Victoria McKenzie is in Year 12 and she is one of a handful of students to achieve the prestigious Gold Award, not only at Tintern but across the state. This award involves of 12 months commitment to service, skill and physical activities, eight days of Adventurous Journey and a week long residential project. Victoria writes the following about her four year association with the Awards program:

My Duke of Edinburgh journey started in Year 9, working toward my Bronze Award with many of my other peers. As the school required all Year 9 student to complete three camps, many of us saw this as the perfect opportunity to begin working toward a Duke of Edinburgh award. Little did I know – this was only the start of my journey with this program.

For my first award, in addition to the Year 9 camps as my Adventurous Journeys, I undertook sewing, tennis and volunteering at Tintern’s after-school care. My Bronze award, and particularly the after-care volunteering, provided me with an opportunity to better understand my love of working with children. I really enjoyed working towards a goal, and achieving my first, Bronze award.

Because of all the Bronze award gave me, I decided to continue onto my Silver award. I was already really involved with the community at the time, so the award was only a little more than just logging the activities I was already doing. I decided to further my French learning, increase my soccer involvement and take up more responsibility in the Green Team at school. My Silver award was once again a challenging, yet extremely satisfying and rewarding goal I set for myself.

I began my Gold Award, with momentum and motivation. I had plans to join the ‘World Challenge’ trip to Mozambique at the end of 2020 – so I thought I should take the opportunity to complete the prestigious Gold Duke of Edinburgh award at the same time. What I didn’t anticipate was the COVID-19 pandemic cancelling this trip and leaving me without a clear plan in sight for my ‘Residential’ or ‘Adventurous Journey’ requirements. However, once I set myself a goal, I struggle to give up. For this reason, I decided to persevere in my Gold award – with calligraphy, home sport training and being a Girl Guide Junior Leader (a role I was able to undertake) online. December 2020, COVID restrictions eased enough to allow me to undergo my residential project – a one week stay at my grandparent’s cattle farm, helping with farm activities I previously had not even known existed. At the start of this year, I was lucky enough to plan and execute both my adventurous journeys – both to different regional towns investigating rural courthouses from the Goldrush Era. I found these journeys incredibly interesting, and extremely rewarding – planning and organising an entire trip including activities, food and accommodation was something I previously had not ever done.

As a whole, my Duke of Edinburgh involvement has been an incredible experience which has challenged me to learn, practise and organise more than ever before. The things I have done working toward all three of my awards I truly believed have shaped me into the person I am today. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, and extending my community activities have been incredibly beneficial for my personal development and growth as a leader.

I strongly encourage every individual to become involved with the Duke of Edinburgh experience.




COVID-19 Vaccine

All Victorians aged 12+ are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Year 12 students can book their appointments now to support the safe conduct of their upcoming examinations.

Visit coronavirus.vic.gov.au/vaccine or covid-vaccine.healthdirect.gov.au/eligibility to book an appointment.


Science Talent Search Success Again!

Science Talent Search Success Again!

This year 14 students entered the Science Talent Search. Many of these were Year 12 IB students who entered their Chemistry or Biology Independent Investigation. In addition, there was significant interest from Yr 7 to 9 students to enter this very popular Victorian schools competition.

We had great success across all year levels this year, with all students gaining a Distinction or better.

Major Bursaries were won by Holly Whitfield in Year 12 with her Experimental Research entry and Skye Sriratana in Year 9 whose invention for loading weights used for weight-lifting has been admired by all who have viewed her video.

Minor Bursaries were won by Alec Chen, Maija Darzins and Victoria McKenzie in Year 12, and Leon Jiao and Chloe Pike in Year 7.

Distinction certificates were awarded to Sarah Chen, Josh Choong, Jaimee Jalocha, Kaitlyn Oldaker and Lydia Tan in Year 12, to Arya Yogesh Kumar in Year 8 and Isabella Di Felice in Year 7.

A full list of the titles of the student’s work and section in which they were entered can be found below.

Congratulations to all of these students for their dedication to the study of Science and for their wonderful results.

Lanna Derry

Head of Science


Science Talent Search Results 2021


Year level




Holly Whitfield


Open experimental research

The effect of different concentrations of tea tree oil as a natural fungicide on the germination of Medicago sativa

Major bursary

Skye Sriratana


Intermediate inventions

Weight Plate Loader

Major Bursary

Alec Chen


Open experimental research

How does the percentage of unsaturation in triglycerides affect the heat of combustion of biodiesel?

Minor bursary

Maija Darzins


Open experimental research

The effect of concentration of oxalic acid on the rate of reaction between oxalic acid and acidified potassium permanganate

Minor bursary

Victoria McKenzie


Open experimental research

Salinity and dissolved oxygen concentration in saline water solutions

Minor Bursary

Leon Jiao


Junior posters

Food design: GM crops?

Minor bursary

Chloe Pike


Junior Games

The race to space

Minor bursary

Sarah Chen


Open experimental research

Effects of pH on the synthesis of Prussian blue


Josh Choong


Open experimental research

The effect of cooking time on vitamin C concentration in yellow capsicum


Jaimee Jalocha


Open experimental research

How does temperature affect the amount of aspirin in a solution containing aspirin tablets?


Kaitlyn Oldaker


Open experimental research

The effect of temperature on the amount of ascorbic acid present in raspberries.


Lydia Tan


Open experimental research

How does heating time affect aspirin concentration in an aspirin solution?


Arya Yogesh Kumar


Junior experimental research

Investigating the relationship between smoke density and smoke detector response


Isabella Di Felice


Junior creative writing

Climate change, diet change




2021 Code Club

62 keen coders in Years 4 to 6, signed up for this year’s Code Club, which commenced earlier in Term 3. Coders have had the opportunity to attend up to 2 sessions per week online during remote learning, where coding problems are workshopped in the group, ideas are shared and lots of coding fun has been had by us all! Code Club has been a rich and engaging way to connect online, whilst learning about block coding (Beginners) and scripting in Python. We have been learning about nested blocks, if and else statements and loops to make our coding even more efficient, whilst making monsters, coding with turtles and writing our own clever scripts!

Here’s what some of the Code Club members are saying about Code Club 2021:

Edward: It’s been fun learning Python. I like learning about new functions I can use.

Jessie: Code Club is great, as it has given me time to think about coding problems to solve.

Eric: Coding is fun. I really like making the angles (doing maths and coding at the same time is fun!)

Senudhi:  I really love writing my own programmes in the Grok Blockly and Python playgrounds.

Weylen: Learning how to code properly, getting help from all the code clubbers and trying to figure out what was wrong with my code!

Cameron: I can’t wait to do Code Club at school too – can we change to Wednesday lunchtimes?

Lexin: I enjoyed learning new skills and building on from what I already know. I think it will be helpful when I am an engineer.

Tim: It is interesting and fun to workshop the GROK problems together.

Alysha: I like exploring new variables in Python. I think coding will be part of my job in the future.

Ines: Coding is so much fun! I am writing Python scripts for my CREST Science project. I am also writing my own programme for RUOK Day. 



Christine Campbell

Digital Technologies Library Teacher





ELC News

The Buddy Program 

The Buddy Program is usually one of the most loved programs for the Pre Prep children, Year 4 Girls and Year 5 Boys.

Prior to COVID restrictions we participated in activities that fostered relationship building, getting to know each other and learning more about our buddies. The activities we started were ‘All About Me’, ‘Create a Board Game’ and our big buddies coming to Fundamental Motor Skills program.

The buddy program is a great way for the children to get to know others in our Tintern community. From Junior School teachers, to children who are in the years above.

For our older buddies the program offers them developmental skills in leadership, communication, patience and responsibility. Where, for our Pre-Prep children it is a program that offers continuity of learning as they progress through the school and confidence in the transition program into Prep.   

We only hope that Covid restrictions ease soon, so that we can come together with our buddies one last time before the end of the school year.

The program is one that lots of our students love both in the Junior School and ELC. We have really missed the opportunities to see our buddies, but we know these bonds have been made between them all will continue to grow.


Kate Woods

ELC Co-Educator


Girls’ Junior School News


Last term began with Bastille Day celebrations around the world on the 14th of July. In some French classes we made Bonne Fête Nationale cards/flags and in others we shared what we know about Bastille Day and the French Revolution, and we watched humorous and informative clips about these important events in French culture. A Bastille model building group challenge was planned but unfortunately this could not take place due to Covid restrictions.


What Year5/ 6 students knew about the Storming of the Bastille


Year 3 students did some iPad drawing of vocabulary for revision of colours and words for the play we are (hopefully) working towards completing this year.


In remote learning this term, Year 1-2 have focused on revision tasks, such as classroom language, numbers, colours, the alphabet and learning days of the week.

Here is a link to a fun song we have been singing to learn the alphabet sounds:



Father’s Day

All students read a French picture about dads, called “Mon Papa” (My Dad) by Anthony Brown and answered some translation questions. Students were invited to make a Father’s/Special Person’s Day card.



Year 3-6 have been learning and revising days of the week and weather expressions using a range of raps, songs, online games and activities and clips.

We have been practising this rap to assist in memorising weather expressions:


Many students have been attending online sessions and having fun learning, singing and playing games. I am very proud of the effort so many of the students have made to attend sessions and maintain their French language skills. A huge “bravo” and “bon courage”!

This term, Year 1 & 2 have continued learning alphabet sounds with an alphabet song and a ridiculously fun video to practise vowel sounds. We will be learning months of the year for the next few weeks, with the aid of some fun games, songs and the fabulous Linguascope platform. Students should know the user name and pass word- they are also on the Blog on the French portal page.

The 3-6 students have begun a “pizza face” task, where they will bake/make/draw a pizza with a funny face and learn the vocabulary for their favourite toppings. We will be referring to the old classic, “Je suis une pizza!” song (I am a pizza) to help us learn vocabulary. We will also be working on forming sentences regarding our preferences for pizza toppings, and some basic cooking phrases. See the French portal pages for more details. 

Merci, et à bientôt,

Madame Mathers


Jude Mathers

French teacher


Library in Girls Junior School

Library is a warm, comfortable and inspiring place and sanctuary in our Junior School. When students are engaged in regular Library lessons on-site they participate in hands-on learning and S.T.E.A.M focused enquiry; all through literature, non-fiction and multi-media text. Wide-ranging reading and exploration of new ideas is promoted in all opportunities. Photographs below highlight this principle:

  • making electrical circuits when reading The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle,
  • designing gold medals for Book Week 2021,
  • making board games to reflect plot developments in class text, The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

When learning online, students had the opportunity to continue reading and sharing whole class texts and shared focus topics. Ideas were explored and discussed through selected learning activities and tools embodied through Cultures of Thinking pedagogy which has been embraced across the School. The significant focus for library lessons online, using the Cultures of Thinking principles is to build connections between own experiences and those of others, to build caring, empathic responses to others’ stories as well as, think creatively and expansively.

Emily Mars

ELC to Year 6 Library teacher


Boys’ Junior School News

Developing stories in English 

Our Year 6 boys continue to produce some terrific writing as a part of their extension English classes.

This week’s topic was to develop a ‘story’ based on the following stimulus picture.



Nathan Walder – Year 6 

The elderly man is trudging through the bright green park, tired and hurting due to past injuries from the war. the man sits down on a bench, he stretches out his back and sets his cane down beside him. He takes a sigh of relief. The plane trees great leaves dancing in the gentle breeze. For the first time in his entire, tragic life, he was alone.

 Plenty of space on either side of the bench next to him. With his mother dying during child birth, the mans father leaving shortly after and his wife recently leaving him after an argument and his kids growing up and moving away to distant lands.

 The mans life has been full of darkness and loneliness. He sat on that bench and stared absentmindedly into the distance through his cracked sunglasses whilst staring back into his past.

 Thoughts flickered in his mind going back in time to his marriage, then back to the traumatising events of the war, his friends dying next to him. He wished now the bullet could have struck him.

   Then when his father left him. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a photo of his mother ad children. He held in front of him staring dejectedly for a few minutes, Tears forming in the corners of his eyes.


Andrew Wang – Year 6 


The old man was sitting alone on the bench.

He thought about himself.


He once was young and energetic.

Now he is old and weak, full of despair and misery.


His mother died fifty years ago.

His wife passed away twenty years ago.

His children left him ten years ago.


His old suit fluttering in the wind.

The hat his father passed down was on his head.

He thought on what his children would be doing.


His socks had holes in them, and his shoes were falling apart.

He sat on the bench where he first met his wife.

It had gone rusty over the years.

Many people passed, ignoring the man.


The leaves falling and regrowing with the passing of the years.

An orange leaf, fluttering in the wind.

It fell down.

More and more fell, to the floor.

The more they fell, the sadder the man became.


He then remembered that the leaves will regrow.

He remembered that the times will pass.

He remembered that some things can’t be changed.

He stood up, and continued walking.



Harry T – Year 6

He sat deep in thought, almost oblivious to everything that was going on around him. Even though his stiff body is sitting on the bench his mind is in his memories wondering where he went wrong. Even the strangers walking by, trying to ignore him, could feel his sadness thick and heavy in the air. All they see is an old man, with a faded grey suit, sitting along on the bench staring at nothing. As he puts his hat down beside him on the bench the attitude directed at him is significantly changed. From a elderly grandfather like man, possible slightly unstable in his age. To a beggar or someone wanting to scam money from them. Glares and scowls are everywhere, mistrust is usual in our world. Anyone could be a scammer or a terrorist or just a regular person. As simple of a thing as taking a hat off changes what people think instantaneously.


Our first Assembly in Term 4 

Our most recent Assembly gave us the opportunity to discuss the exciting return to onsite in the coming weeks.

The staggered return will be tantalising and almost teasing, as our boys get a taste of being back in the class…and then head back to remote learning.

Using the SLIDO program the boys posted questions/comments ‘live’ and we were then able to discuss them. Their openness and thought was greatly appreciated as I asked ‘do you have any questions about the return to school?’


What happens if you don’t bring a mask?

What will recess be like?

Is there going to be any more events/house competition?

Will camp go on?

How long are we going back?

What are we going to do are masks compulsory and will the canteen be open?

Are we going to keep the recess times?

What will happen to all the events we missed?

will we have to wear masks everywhere we go?


Do we wear masks outside?

Will we have SKITTLE BALL?

Are we still going to continue our house events and still do ones we missed?

What will happen for the Lion King?

Feeling happy and sad but both.

Is it just normal school or different?

It will be awesome.

Will we have more work?

How long will we be back for?

How will we do house events?

Are we doing sport when we go back?

Will doors and windows need to be kept open during classes?

Will every class have P.E?

Do we have to wear masks outside when we play?

Will house activities resume?


Will we do all classes?

Do we have to wear masks at break time?

Will it feel the same?




Middle School News

After speaking to many students upon their return this week, the consistent message was that the recent school holidays seemed to “just happen” for them. The common discussion was around the fact that they really enjoyed some time off their schoolwork, but before they knew it, they were back online beginning Term 4. I would say that it felt the same way for me at my house. As much as my kids and I were able to ride endless kilometres within our set (and increased) radii, the ongoing restrictions certainly prevented too much more from happening. 

On a positive note, another common thing I have been hearing is many students and staff actually using the restrictions to their favour in order to learn new skills or hobbies. I have heard of students picking up an instrument that they have either never learned or haven’t played for a long time. I have heard from students who have challenged themselves to learn a new language using an online tutorial platform. Personal fitness has certainly been something that many students have developed over this time, with stories of both boys and girls in the Middle School who have taken up either cycling, running or other forms of exercise and have improved their level of fitness over this time.  


Staggered return 

With the state set to begin a staggered return to school based on the vaccination rates, it is exciting to think that our staff and students will be back on the campus in the not-too-distant future. There is a real positive and optimistic feel among staff and students regarding the return to on-campus learning in the coming weeks.  

The staggered return to on-campus learning for our Middle School is as follows: 

  • Tuesday 26th October: Year 7s begin full-time. Year 8s and 9s return on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. 
  • Friday 5th November: All students return to full-time on-campus learning. 

These dates are provided to us by the state government, and they do have the potential to change. If they do change, we will communicate this as soon as we are aware. 


Science Talent Search 

Throughout Term 3 many of our Middle School students participated in the Science Talent Search Competition. This is a state competition that is open to all students across primary and secondary and is designed to stimulate scientific thinking and skills. As is always the case with our school, many students performed exceptionally well 

Chloe Pike, Year 7 – Minor bursary

Isabella Di Felice, Year 7 – Distinction

Leon Jiao, Year 7 – Minor bursary

Arya Yogesh Kumar, Year 8 – Distinction

Skye Sriritana, Year 9 – Major bursary

Congratulations to these 5 students for your wonderful achievements, especially Skye who received the major bursary, the highest possible award.  


TPG Mango Drive 2021 

We have Fresh North Queensland Mangoes delivered direct from the farm to Tintern Grammar, ready for collection. Mangoes should arrive at school late November. Once we have a confirmed date, we will be in touch to arrange a drive through collection time.  Cost is only $20 per tray, filled by weight of approximately 4.5kgs, which will contain a mix of the equivalent of either 8 large mangoes or 14 small ones. 

Please note that due to the unprecedented crop failure of Kensington Pride Mangoes this year, the trays are smaller than previous years and have been reduced in price accordingly. 

Place your order today, as quantities are strictly limited! Orders are open until the 29 October 2021, unless sold out prior. Please place your order here: https://events.humanitix.com/tpg-mango-drive-2021  

FOR ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT: parentgroup@tintern.vic.edu.au 



Senior College News

Term 4

As we enter the final period of time at school for our Year 12 students, I would like to express my gratitude to our staff, families and students as we have navigated the multitude of changes that have affected our lives. It is an emotional time and especially for families with their youngest child leaving Tintern Grammar. As a parent, such transition times often arrive and disappear without fully feeling prepared and being ready for that next step but I feel that our Year 12s are ready and excited for that next phase. I do keep reminding them that they will always be alumni of Tintern and the importance of remaining connected with the school.


Year 10 News

Year 10s are persevering with remote learning and we look forward to welcoming them back on campus as they return for 2 days per week from Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October. This year we have modified our Future Ready Program, with presentations from Ms Jasmine Mishra from the Outer Eastern Local Learning Employment Network relating to resume writing and also from Ms Sue-Anne Dias our Human Resource Manager sharing her experiences regarding job interviews. All Year 10 students have the opportunity to complete a mock job interview on Wednesday 13 October between 2.00pm and 3.15pm with some time to update their resume and participate in some physical activity. The students have also participated in a virtual seminar with Elevate Education called ‘Ace Your Exams’ in order to help their preparation for the end of semester examinations.


Year 11 Students

Year 11 students coming on campus for Unit 3 and 4 classes have been conducting themselves particularly well and managing accessing the on-campus classes and remote learning so I appreciate the support of families as I realise that this situation does involve some family transport logistics.

Further details will be provided about the end of semester examinations and transition program for Year 10 and 11 students.


Year 12 Student Achievements

Yesterday we acknowledged Year 12 subject and special awards during our filming for Celebration Evening. Winners of any Unit 3 and 4 subject awards by Year 11 students will be announced at a Senior College assembly once the students are back on campus. I would also like to acknowledge two significant achievements from our departing Year 12 students.


 Alec Chen

Alec received an Honourable Mention in the Lord Toulson Essay Prize in Law from Jesus College which is part of Cambridge University. I commend Alec’s initiative to submit this 1500-word essay in addition to his usual academic studies.


 Victoria McKenzie

Victoria has successfully been awarded her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. She has shown commitment as a Girl Guide Leader, developed her calligraphy skills and her adventurous journey included touring law courts in rural areas so considerable diversity. Victoria has also recently been awarded the DAV Debating ‘Swannie’ Award and the Science Talent Search Bursary Award.

I offer my congratulations to both students.


Upcoming Key Dates for the Senior College

Year 11 Formal – Monday 25 October but in the process of being rescheduled to a later date.

Year 10 and 11 Study Day – Monday 22 November

Year 10 and 11 Examinations Tuesday 23 to Friday 26 November

Year 12 Celebration Evening Screening at the Coburg Drive-In – Thursday 9 December

IB Lunch – Thursday 11 November

Year 12 Celebration Day – Thursday 18 November

Year 12 Formal – Monday 13 December

Valedictory Dinner – Wednesday 9 February 2022



Career News

News from the Careers Department

The focus for Careers at this time is still managing tertiary applications and the modified Year 10 Year 10 Future Ready Program which concludes with each student undertaking a mock job interview on Wednesday 13 October.

The latest editions of Career News have been uploaded to the Careers Portal page and each file can be accessed using the link at: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/

Number 29 Career News 8 October 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 4
  • 20 Most-Needed Jobs
  • Pathway to Federation University: FAST
  • Holmesglen Institute: Upcoming Virtual Open Days 
  • Deakin Accelerate Webinar
  • RMIT University: New Program: Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering
  • News from Monash University
    • Bachelor of Radiation Sciences VCE Prerequisites
    • More Places available to undertake a Monash Double Degree
    • Elite Student Athlete and Performer Entry Scheme
    • Students with Disabilities
    • Double career options in Education
  • News from La Trobe University
    • Where can a Business Degree take you?
    • New Health Course in 2022
  • Tourism Enterprise Scholarship Program
  • Youth Work and/or Social Work Courses in Victoria in 2021
  • Snapshot of Deakin – Waurn Ponds Campus in 2021

Number 30 Career News 11 October 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 4
  • Reminder: VTAC 2022 Upcoming Key Dates  
  • The University of Melbourne’s Elite Athlete Program
  • Studying a Business Course at Torrens University
  • Scholarships to Study Abroad
  • University Study Abroad & Exchange Programs
  • What Do I Need to Remember to be Successful in my First Year of Uni?
  • Paramedic Degree Courses in Victoria in 2021
  • Public Health Courses in Victoria in 2021 

A reminder that families need to be logged in to the Portal to access the links or select the Careers tab to view all the relevant folders containing the files.

Tertiary Open Days

A reminder that tertiary open days are continuing throughout August and please visit the following link for remaining dates: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/cms/file/new/26583 


Congratulations Rose Russell (YG 2019)

Congratulations alumna Rose Russell (YG 2019) for being selected as a member of Tango Energy’s Youth Advisory Board, the Y-Suite!
Tango Energy is the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Australia, one of Australia’s leading developers of wind, solar and pumped hydro renewable energy generation assets. Rose will be working with the Y-Suite team, contributing to Tango Energy’s strategy, vision and future business decisions.

Congratulations Matt Jane (YG 2009)

Congratulations to alumnus Matt Jane (YG 2009) for being awarded with the EOS/ESD Association Inc. President’s Award for recognition of his significant contributions, leadership, and management that has enhanced EOS/ESD Association, Inc. operations and effectiveness in serving industries and the organisation.
Matt is a Global Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control Program Manager at Tesla and Director at EOS/ESD Association, Inc. Matt has developed Tesla’s ESD Control Program from the ground up resulting in improved yields, customer satisfaction, and factory safety.

In Memoriam – Gerard Stevenson – Past Staff

The Tintern Community is saddened to hear of the passing of Gerard Stevenson following a brief illness.

Gerard was the co-ordinator of Rural Studies and Enterprise Agriculture between 1987 – 1991. During these years he devoted tireless energy and care to the Tinternwood Farm, the Young Farmers and his teaching program. Gerard guided the Year 9’s in their introduction to Agricultural Science and then into the elective class at Year 10, and he was instrumental in developing the Rural Studies in Year 11. Gerard will be well remembered with gratitude and of his outgoing, friendly manner.

Our sincere condolences to the Stevenson family.



In Memoriam – Graeme Moor OAM – Past Staff

The Tintern Community was saddened to hear of the sudden passing of Graeme Moor OAM, a former long-serving Property Manager at Tintern and husband of former Head of Junior School, Alana Moor.
Graeme gave 24 years of loyal and committed service to Tintern as a Property Manager. During his time at Tintern, Graeme’s expertise and knowledge proved invaluable, making significant contributions to areas such as the House and Grounds Committee, the routine maintenance and the schools physical infrastructure.
The Tintern Community extends its condolences to his wife Alana, daughter Lauren (YG 1996) and their broader family.