06 Dec 2022

From the Principal

Holidays, celebrations, and the rediscovering of joy!

Approaching the end of the school year, with Christmas on the near horizon, and (hopefully) a summer holiday for all, I ask families, students, staff, and alumni to join with us in the active pursuit of joy and adventure over the break between the end of Term 4 2022, and the commencement of Term 1, 2023.

For all of us, the period of the pandemic has been a watershed time in our lives and for most of us it has been as hard as anything we have ever experienced. This has taken a significant toll on us, and interestingly, for many that toll has not been felt until the second half of this year as the pandemic has wound down. For our young people who do not have the lengthy experience of what ‘normal’ is to fall back on, there is the instinctive step to see this as something truly ‘normal’, an event that occurs with some regularity, as it has formed a substantial period of their ‘normal’ over the course of their lives (3 years being 20% of the life of a 15 year old!).

Like their parents, family and teachers, our young people have been so impressive over this period, but I wonder at what invisible, or visible, cost? One of the great experiences in living our youth is the boundless energy, optimism, carefree attitude and yes, joy, we feel over our adolescence and early adulthood. This is a consequence of a combination of absence of adult responsibility, with developing adult energy, the embracing of life and the availability of opportunity. This ‘joie de vivre’ as the French term it (the exuberant enjoyment of life), underpins the buoyancy and optimism of young people and the older, and fuels our resilience and confidence, as well as our risk-taking and our embracing of life with optimism and a positive disposition.

Sadly, over the course of 2022, even with the return to ‘business as usual’, we are not seeing this buoyancy at its pre-pandemic levels in young people, or older people for that matter, as we have in the past.

So, what to do about this? I believe strongly that we need to go out to seek this joy, this buoyancy, and this optimism, rather than waiting for it to come to us. I ask that individually, we keep our eyes open to ideas of interest and excitement, to opportunities to take us out of our comfort zone, and to look in areas we generally take little note of to see what your road less travelled may actually look like. I also ask that we do this collectively, in our groups of friends or colleagues, and that we lead the way in this for our children and our students.

Why would we do this? To thrive in our lives, we all need this, and as an adult we generally understand it, even if life, events and other activities can distract us from it sometimes. However, our children, our young adults, our VCE students have not had the life experience to form and hold strong to that view. They can be easily put off the pursuit of these things without support and encouragement, and this can affect their buoyancy, their optimism and ultimately, their ability to find and celebrate joy.

If they are to find success, make the best of themselves, become a fulfilled person, joy is something that will help them enormously. So, after our last three years, can we bind together as a community and actively steer our young people towards joyous opportunity? Can we role model the seeking of joy, and demonstrate the celebration of joys, successes and the odd failure or two? They will benefit enormously if we can do this as a community!

So, ahead of the start of 2023, let us be a joy-seeking community. Let us be a community that looks for and reaches out to positive opportunities, takes measured risks that bring reward and confidence, and know that in doing so, we are leading our young people towards this as well – which they sorely need after the last three years.

Best wishes for a happy and holy Christmas and holiday period, and a restful and enjoyable break!

factis non verbis





Bradley Fry | Principal


Chaplains Corner

With Christmas now firmly within our sights and festivities everywhere we look, I am particularly looking forward to our Christmas Services on our last day of term.

Our Year 6 students have been rehearsing their Nativity play and our secondary students are getting ready to hear again of the very first Christmas.

Good news is everywhere! Sometimes, like looking for a king in a manger, in the corner of a small town like Bethlehem, we have to look a little harder and really notice the good, the true, the peace and the joy that surrounds us.

One piece of Good News is that as of 2023, we will now have two Faith Captains as part of our Secondary Leaders. I do not believe Tintern has had Faith Captains before, certainly not in the past 20 years, and I am so pleased to announce they are Mimi Coghlan and Isaac Lin, Class of 2023 (pictured above).

What is even more good news is that the suggestion came from the students and I look forward to working with them across the year for our Worship Services and Assembly reflections.

So where is the Good News in your life? Where will you find it? Will it be somewhere you least expect?

Merry Christmas Tintern!



Music Matters

Munch with the Musos a mammoth musical feast!

The CM Wood Centre was filled to capacity on the morning of Sunday 27 November as the Friends of Music, after a two-year hiatus, remounted one of our favourites on the Tintern musical calendar, ‘Munch with the Musos’! This is the 13th time that the committee has mounted this wonderful event which brings together our Junior School and Secondary School performers, with a Christmas theme being the order of the day. Somewhere in the vicinity of 360 people, including students and their family members and staff enjoyed the musical items performed by choirs, orchestras and bands.

As well as festive music, the event provided time for socialising, munching on tasty morsels, reflecting on the past year, and a friendly atmosphere that wouldn’t be possible without the incredible organisational efforts of our Friends of Music committee. Thank you to the hard-working parents, who set up the hall on Friday afternoon and then arrived at 7.30am on Sunday to make sandwiches, cut fruit and get the sprinkles onto the fairy bread! Their efforts are greatly appreciated by the Music Department and the wider school community. Please email fom@tintern.vic.edu.au if you would like to join this merry band of parents of musical children in 2023!

Music lessons for 2023

 A reminder to all families with students who currently learn Instrumental Music or Speech and Drama to return your enrolment forms for lessons in 2023 if you wish to continue lessons in the new year. Emails were sent last week to parents of all existing instrumental/voice students at Tintern. New Music Lesson enrolments for 2023 also are welcome at this stage. Please call Elizabeth Feenane in the Music Office (Ph: 9845 7837) if you have any questions regarding these matters or if you would like to receive an enrolment form for Music lessons in 2023.


Merry Christmas to all Tintern families from the music staff and

all of the Merry Musos in the Tintern Music Department!




Arts Matters

ELC Art Show

This term children from our Early Learning Centre were  busy working on selected art pieces for their first-ever Art Show! Located in the Visual Arts Building it was a celebration of creativity, curiosity, colour and cuteness. The ELC art show Opened on Monday 28 November and ran until  Friday 2 December.



Sport Matters

Volleyball Junior Open

Over 30 students from Tintern participated in the Volleyball Victoria Junior open at MSAC, from Sunday 27 Wednesday to 30 November. This tournament was extremely challenging, it not only included the top Volleyball schools, but it was also open to club teams to participate, which meant that 128 teams were participating across the 4 days.

Tintern entered two Year 9 teams (straight after camp) and two Year 8 teams (which included a couple of Year 7 students). Our aim was volleyball experience at a high-level event, and for the students to continue to develop their confidence both on the court and as umpires over the four days.

Final placings:

Competing strongly throughout all their matches and coming very close to winning many more. The U15 Boys Div 2 and U16 Boys Div 2 both finished 6th. Many students became confident with scoring and being the lead Referee, which was initially out of their comfort zone.

The Year 9 girls came up against Northcote in the final, after losing the previous match to them. The U16 Girls Div 2 were determined to win this. They served accurately and played as a team. Winning the final and the Bronze medal, finishing 3rd.

The Years 7 and 8 Girls team had played their best volleyball throughout this tournament, learning a lot about the game and each other. They played against the undefeated Kew in the Gold medal match. It was a very close game, coming within 2 points in the first set, and then winning the second set. Forcing the game to go to the 3rd set. Although the team was disappointed with the final loss, they should be incredibly proud of how they played, they worked very hard for that medal and deserved it. Well done girls! U15 Girls Div 2 – 2nd place.

Jessie Petchell | Volleyball Co-ordinator



We congratulate Year 10 student Olivia Park and her horse Jinx, who competed in the final round of Interschool Dressage at Boneo on Sunday. Olivia has been training non-stop for this event which showed in the results, scoring a PB of 72.321% in the 2nd round and winning both tests.

Olivia and her horse Jinx were awarded the winner of the Boneo Interschool Dressage series. Olivia was thrilled with the results and hoping to qualify for Nationals to represent Tintern Grammar. 

Ash Viney | Head of Sport


We congratulate Ella Jones who competed in the Taekwondo National Championships in Bendigo recently, attaining a Silver medal in her division Blue Belt, 15-17 year old, 63-68kg category (and only missed out on Gold by 1 point!)

Ella is relatively new to the sport, having only picked it up 12 months ago, so this was a great achievement!


Ash Viney | Head of Sport





ELC News

This week as I welcomed the children into the centre for another day of fun and excitement a parent stopped me and thanked me for the wonderful year, the growth and development and the learning that her son had experienced in our ELC. She said that from his first experience at Tintern (his readiness interview) through to these, his final days with us, he has experienced nothing but love, care, and dedication.

It is my pleasure to work alongside and lead this wonderful group of Educators. I am eternally grateful for all the work they do to support and guide the ELC students.

I am also amazed at the growth and development that happens with these wonderful little people in our care. From arriving in tears and being uncertain about leaving Mum or Dad at the start of the year to walking in with such confidence and comfort at the end.

This year has been filled with farm trips, family events, new sandpit, two ambulance visits (one planned and one not), cooking, Letterland, footy days, art show, music lessons, reading, library, PE sessions, learning and fun, just to name a few. Each activity, experience and event has been thought out, considered, and planned with best practice in mind and aimed at total enjoyment for those participating.

Now as we put the finishing touches on our End of Year Concert we sit back and reflect on the year, on the children and on the program. We hope that your children will take with them the love of learning and life that we have tried to promote in the ELC.

For those who are returning to us in 2023 we are looking forward to watching your continual growth. To those of us leaving at the end of the year we wish you all the success in the world and we hope that wherever you go, you will remember us fondly as we will remember you.

I thought it was best to leave the final words for 2022 to our students.

‘I love the painting, home corner and everything. I love it all!’ – Charlotte

‘I love playing and making Letterland Jelly’ Noa

‘I will always remember Steven the dinosaur and playing with him outside’ – Charlie

‘Playing with my friends cos they make me laugh’ – Aubrey

‘I like building with the blocks. I make buildings with them, Oh and playing with my big buddy and super hard puzzles and outside and drawing and all my friends and every day and I think that’s all!’ – Ned


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Kristin De Vos | Director of Early Learning Centre


Girls’ Junior School

Speech Night

Last Thursday evening we held our annual Years 3-6 Speech Night which was a time of great celebration! The girls were amazing, and it was heartening to see the confident manner in which they took to the stage to share their talents with us. Our girls approached the evening with confidence and an attitude of fun and enjoyment…demonstrating that Tintern girls definitely can!

During this evening we acknowledged particularly our Year 6 girls and celebrated their journey as Tinternites. There were some special awards given out for deserving students; I have included the citations for these awards in the link below for the greater community to share in the celebration of these students. Next week this will continue as we celebrate the Year 6 Dinner and our whole Girls’ Junior School send off at our final Assembly at 2:30pm in Colebrook Hall on Thursday afternoon. Families are most welcome to join us for this event.

Year 6 awards outline


Student Leaders 2022

This week it gave me great pleasure to announce our Student Leadership Team to the Year 5 girls. The girls chosen below have presented themselves with confidence and commitment and I know they will make a fantastic leadership team.

Congratulations to these girls, we look forward to celebrating their leadership at our Leadership Induction Assembly on Tuesday 14 February 2023.









Dann Watt

Somner Stewart

Mansfield Mckie

Gordon Grant

Butterss Cross



Sarah W










Sarah I









Kaily Y


Allison Prandolini | Head of Girls’ Junior School

The Year 2 girls have had a lovely term exploring, investigating, learning, and preparing for their journey into Year 3 next year.

The girls journeyed inwards as they reflected on their learning over this past year, their first full year on campus whilst in Junior School. We focused on the things that were challenging at the start of the year, the things that seemed ‘just too hard’. Sometimes it was difficult to remember to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a full stop at the end, and we barely knew how to count by 3’s, do multiplication or division.

As a class the girls realised how far they’ve come; self-editing their work, adding interesting adjectives to their sentences, learning the 3 times tables, attempting vertical addition and subtraction, and understanding how multiplication and division works. They even researched and prepared their own PowerPoint on a topic of their choice to share with the class, something they were not confident to attempt at the beginning of the year.

The girls have begun to pack their suitcase to take from Year 2 into Year 3 and through their reflections, they were able to discern the things most important to take with them. As a class they realised that they had indeed travelled a journey this year, with both highs and lows, and much of their success was due to their ‘This Girl Can’ attitude, their resilience and persistence. Without a doubt, the girls realised that these qualities and attitudes needed to be the first things packed into their suitcases.


Michelle Gluskie |Year 2 Girl’s Classroom Teacher


Spotlight – Prep to Year 2 Library 

This term Prep to Year 2 classes have been learning about seasonal celebrations and religious festivals at this time of year. Focus learning has included events such as: Diwali, Hannukah, Christmas, Halloween, All Saints Day, Spring and Remembrance Day. Activities were developed to explore key concepts and ideas.

Here are some photos highlighting these events and promotion of reading.

At the end of the term Year 2 students wrote about their learning in Library. Here are some of the girls’ reflections.

‘I really enjoyed when you read to us’ – Holly

‘Thank you for teaching me in Library this year…. thank you for everything you do to make me read better’ -Olivia K

‘I really enjoyed the activities. At the start I could not read chapter books, but I read and read and read until I could read chapter books. Thank you!’  – Olive

‘I really enjoyed borrowing. In the beginning it was difficult for me to find the books I wanted but the more I practised, the easier it became’ – Kara

‘I enjoyed reading different books’ – Amani










































Emily Mars | Library Teacher ELC to Year 6






Boys’ Junior School News

Year 6 Dinner

Our Year 6 boys and their families and friends shared a very special evening last night, at their annual Year 6 Dinner.

Each boy presented his ‘Junior School Journey’ via a PowerPoint presentation, with each family sending a special message to their boy.

The night was full of special memories and concluded with a video featuring memories from Prep to Year 6.

It was another opportunity to thank and acknowledge our Year 6 boys and their families as they come to the end of their Junior School journey.

Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School, Leadership and House Co-ordinator









Secondary News

Final week of 2022

It’s hard to believe we have reached the final week of 2022. Coming off the last couple of years, it was certainly our hope to have an uninterrupted year at school, for which we are very grateful.

It is amazing how busy schools are, for all involved, when we are back on campus full time. The co-curricular program, academic opportunities, sporting events, camps and other school activities have all added to filling the calendar of our community and provided lots of fun and also many fantastic learning opportunities for all. Part of this learning is of course referring to the classroom curriculum where our students have demonstrated growth in their capabilities, as well as a positive attitude toward doing the best they can. This has been demonstrated in their regular classroom subjects such as English, Science or Drama, and in opportunities outside their regular timetable such as Maths Talent Quest, Davinci Decathlon, or any number of other academic challenge activity.

The learning also applies to their social and emotional development which was challenged during the years of Covid-19 due to being forced to spend significant periods of time away from their peers. Being back in the classroom and the school yard with their peers, helps to provide the interactions and connections needed (and missed for the previous years) to develop the social and emotional understanding of themselves and others. This has included the opportunity provided by our school camps and sporting programs, and our co-curricular program. Students can follow areas of interest or passion, to connect with other students with similar interests and more importantly, to have fun.

We have moved into transition for 2023 with all students now in their classes and timetable for next year. This gives the  opportunity to get a head start in their course work for 2023 and to look forward to what next year will bring.


Year 10 into 11 Transition Camp

From Monday 28 – Wednesday 30 November our current Year 10s spent three days living in-residence at Deakin University in Geelong. They had the opportunity to experience university life which included tours of both the Waterfront Campus and the Waurn Ponds Campus where they were able to explore many of the different faculties available to them when at university. Throughout the three days they attended practical sessions in areas of their choice such as Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Architecture, Exercise Science and Law. They also enjoyed sessions of beach games, surfing near Torquay and a fun session at Bounce in Geelong before coming home. The idea of the transition camp was to open their eyes to what life can be like post-secondary, and to inspire them to work hard over the coming two years so as to pursue their areas of interest in 2025 and beyond.


Year 11 into 12 Transition Conference

Like our Year 10s, our current Year 11s have just completed their Transition into Year 12 Conference. This program involves them preparing for their final year of VCE and included sessions on campus such as Fit To Drive, as well as sessions at the Sage Hotel in Eastland such as Party Safe. They heard from our Principal Mr Fry around what Year 12 will be like for them, the importance of recognising their final ATAR score alone won’t define them for the future; however, working to the best of their ability at all times, working closely with staff and supporting each other will be really important as they make their way through 2023. The final day of the Conference was in the city participating in an amazing race for the morning, before moving to a restaurant for lunch. Following this they were involved in an activity of choice such as go karting, an escape room, laser tag and bowling, etc. It was a great way to finish their conference and to begin their transition timetable back at school this week.


Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary


Year 9 Camps and Alternative Program

From the 19 to 25 November,  Year 9 students participated in their final outdoor education journey as Middle Years students. There was much excitement in the lead up to this journey, however spirits were a little dampened when we were thrust back into wintry conditions on departure day.  This resulted in most groups modifying and adapting to the unexpected Antarctic weather conditions to ensure that students were still able to safely engage in their outdoor experience (so much for Summer expeditions!).  All groups fared remarkably well with both the changes in program and weather conditions.  The one blessing of wet weather is that it provided students with the understanding of why it is important to be prepared with clothing/equipment for all seasons. 

From all reports, every group demonstrated solid campcraft skills, and the ability to be self-sufficient in the outdoors, with some great catering across all groups.  It was great to witness that the lure of warmer weather from the Wednesday through to the end of the week, helped buoy spirits.

The chance to experience new activities with classmates was a fantastic way in which to culminate their time as Middle School students. We had students participate in a 6-day hike, departing school on the Saturday and heading for the Great South West (Portland).  Students hiked a section of the Great South West Walk between Portland and the Glenelg river building up to achieve 20+Km days carrying a full pack.  This was a tremendous achievement for the students who chose this journey for the challenge, and the ability to utilise this hike as their Silver Adventurous Journey.  The students passed through some waterlogged (boggy) forestlands, through to the beauty of the Glenelg River along limestone clifftops. 

We had two groups rafting along the Mitchell River where students packed into drybags, loaded their rafts, and let the river take them quite quickly due to the higher water levels, to their evening campsite on the riverbank.  Students camped under tarps and self-catered.  The higher river levels ensured many screams of delight (perhaps fear) as rafts enjoyed the wave trains of rapids, but also enabled some down time to relax and enjoy the beauty of this river gorge and admire the true wilderness-like feel.  Jumping off the old dam wall was a highlight for many students.

Another two groups ventured towards Gippsland for some sailing and sea-kayaking.  This program was heavily impacted with weather conditions, however students experienced life on a sailing boat; having the opportunity to sleep on board, experience group catering and have the chance to take the wheel at the helm of the boat.  The sea-kayaking was a little hampered by strong winds so a boat trip to find calmer waters provided the opportunity to try Stand Up Paddle boarding and enjoy beach walks.  Despite the changes to this program the students adapted extremely well and returned from the bus with great smiles.

Our final two groups participated in a canoe journey at Lake Eildon.  This was probably the most affected group by program changes as it had already moved venue due to flooding of the Glenelg River.  Through the worst of the weather on the Monday and Tuesday when conditions were not suitable for canoeing, students stayed in a shearer’s quarters at Mansfield and learnt about the region’s history of sheep farming, enjoying a tour through one of the oldest and biggest woolsheds in Mansfield Shire.  On the Tuesday, the students headed over to Eildon to view the true scope of Lake Eildon and the Dam wall. They then enjoyed a leisurely walk around the pondage and stopped at the local op-shop to find an outfit for dinner.  By Wednesday canoe groups were able to get out onto the lake and enjoy a 3-day canoe journey along the Delatite Arm.  The students really enjoyed the pace of this program, the chance to fish, sleep under a tarp if you needed/wanted to and navigate their way by boat to each campsite.  The views impressed and the weather improved enabling the opportunity for a swim in the afternoon and nights by a campfire.  A great way to just be and enjoy what nature has to offer.

I am really proud of the way the students managed themselves on this journey – it was a tough one to begin with, and so great to see the excitement and positive chatter amongst the various groups as they all rolled back into school on the Friday. Great job Year 9, and farewell as you continue your journey into Senior College.


Ms Lowing | Head of Outdoor Education/Year 9 Co-ordinator

Amazing Christmas Race

Last Wednesday our 2022 Year 9 students enjoyed an ‘Amazing Christmas Race’ around the School. Working in teams they had to determine the best route to take to earn maximum points. Activities required them to use their skills to solve challenges. Students tested their rafting, bike riding, rock-climbing and teamwork skills whilst also having to work out challenges such as how to release a Santa hat from a frozen block of ice. This was one of the final activities for Year 9 before transition into Senior College began, it was great fun and their festive spirit was evident.


Oriana Constable | Assistant Principal


While Year 9 students were on Summer Expedition, Year 7 and 8 students participated in their final GEM Day for 2022.  Each GEM Day has a particular focus, and for this day the focus was largely on the ‘E’ of GEM – Empathy. In the first session, students heard from The Smith Family representatives, who spoke of the challenges faced by many young Australians who live in poverty, and are unable to afford education. The Smith Family believe education is the most powerful change agent, and therefore focus on helping young Australians overcome educational inequality caused by poverty. The intention is for Middle School students to sponsor a child through The Smith Family beginning in 2023, requiring each class to come up with a fund-raising idea. Following the presentation, students spent time brainstorming ways to raise funds in 2023. Sponsoring a child is a very practical, creative, collaborative way for our students to develop and demonstrate values and to show empathy to others, while helping our society. Deeds not words.

During the second session, students attended a presentation organised by Mrs Shereen D’Souza and the 2023 Green Team Captains, who spoke of challenges in the environment, and ways Tintern is helping support sustainability. All students then participated in a poster-design competition; each class was designated a particular theme, and small groups of students worked collaboratively to plan a poster which is then judged. The winning team from each class will have their poster printed to be used around the school to advance our understanding of recycling and minimising waste.

Our third session was a mindfulness activity Ms Rebecca Infanti constructed using The Resilience Project and her own Ideas. A variety of activities were able to be selected from, including relaxation, yoga poses and meditations. The highlight was perhaps the Bubble Photography Mindfulness Activity, where students spent time in pairs blowing bubbles, photographing them on their devices then printing the photos in colour. Some amazing shots were taken.

GEM Day ended with ten pin bowling for each year level – a busy afternoon after what has been another busy term, and indeed a busy year, in the Middle School.

On behalf of the Middle School Year Level Coordinators and all Pastoral Mentors, I would like to say we have had a wonderful year with your students, and we wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and restful break.

Anthea Watkins | Middle School Co-ordinator


Ethics Olympiad

Tintern Grammar entered two teams of Eth-letes in the Online Ethics Olympiad on 23 November 2022. Each team consisted of six students, who were able to develop and hone important skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The Olympiad is unlike a debate, as students use their own considered position in relation to an ethical question and are welcome to share the opinion of the opposing team. Rebuttal is not part of an Ethics Olympiad.

The Olympiad covered several domains including Social Science, Philosophy, Religious Education and Gifted Education. Students gained a deeper knowledge of the world of ethics and thinking skills that they can transfer into many areas of their academic studies. Students were required to be familiar with eight different ethical scenarios, which they needed to prepare for both individually and in a group prior to the day.

On the day, students received instruction about the art of an Ethics Olympiad. They participated in unscored events against their opposing school, where feedback was giving in relation to their presentation. Students also participated in scored events against the other school. Tintern purple team were informed they were very close to receiving the bronze medal – congratulations to all students who participated across both teams.

Brett Trollope | Head of Secondary



Please note the following policy has been recently updated and approved as part of our ongoing policy review cycle. It  can be accessed via myTintern Portal under School Policies – Parents

Or click here to view:   Privacy Policy – Community


2023 Welcome Events

Year 7 parents and parents new to Tintern, are warmly invited to join us for a coffee morning.

8:30am to 10:00am, Wednesday 1st February 2023

Location: Community BBQ Area at Tintern Grammar

Register now   




All Families – Start the school year off by joining the Tintern Community for a coffee.

8:30am to 10:00am, Thursday 2 February 

Location: Community BBQ Area – Tintern Grammar

We look forward to you joining us – All Welcome!

Register now 



We warmly invite ELC, Boys’ and Girls’ Junior School parents and guardians to join the Principal Bradley Fry for Welcome Back drinks and canapes on Wednesday 8 February in the Community BBQ Area from 8.00pm, directly following the information evening.

Please note this is a separate event to the Information evening, and you do not need to register to attend the information evening that commences at 7:00pm.

Welcome Drinks – ELC, Girls’ and Boys’ Junior School Parents and Guardians 
Wednesday 8 February 8:00pm to 9:30pm 

Location: Community BBQ Area – Tintern Grammar

Alcohol will be available, this is a child free event.

Register now 



We warmly invite Secondary parents and guardians (Years 7-12) to join the Principal Bradley Fry for Welcome Back drinks and canapes on Thursday 9 February in the Community BBQ Area from 8.00pm, directly following the information evening.

Please note this is a separate event to the Information evening, and you do not need to register to attend the information evening that commences at 7:00pm.


Welcome Drinks – Secondary Parents and Guardians 
Thursday 9 February   8:00pm to 9:30pm 

Community BBQ Area – Tintern Grammar

Alcohol will be available, this is a child free event.

Register now


Community Matters

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Community Relations team and all the Community Groups would like to take this opportunity to wish all Tintern Grammar families a happy and safe Christmas. It has been a pleasure to work with all Community Volunteers; whether you help in the classroom, belong to a community group or contribute to a Community event, your time is genuinely valued.

All the Community Groups have experienced a successful year, with 2022 welcoming back many events after a 2 year hiatus. We look forward to your ongoing support in 2023.

Principal’s Thank You Night

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the Principal’s Thank You evening on the 24 November.

It was wonderful to be able to thank so many of the incredible people who have volunteered their time and expertise throughout the year! 

We are lucky to have a rich and diverse group of skilled Volunteers and helpers at Tintern. Our current families who volunteer their time to support our Community Group events, assist across the school with student activities an events, and school governance. And our Alumni, who form TOGA and TGA, and attend the school to share their knowledge and experiences with our current students. We also have past parents, who continue to assist on our Community Groups and Board, even after their own children have graduated, and past staff, who give their time and expertise to Reunions and productions, long after they have retired.

A special thank you to Stephanie Deveson (YG 2008), who made the delicious cookies on the night through her Cafe Willow and Jackson in Healesville, and to Alison Quaggin (YG 1999)  for preparing the thank you hampers, through her providore in Healesville, Kitchen and Butcher.

We would love your feedback about this event and any thoughts you may have for future Thank You Evenings. The survey is relevant if you did, or did not, attend. Please complete our survey here (it should only take a couple of minutes).

We look forward to another exciting year in 2023.

Munch with the Musos

Munch with the Musos returned with a bang this year, after a 2 year pause. With over 360 people in attendance, the student’s presented wonderful and engaging performances.

A special thank you to Friends of Music for supporting the day, providing delicious food and the amazing decorations. We greatly appreciate the time and expertise you all gave to make this such an amazing event.

Thank you also to Bakers Delight, Burwood One, for sponsoring this event.

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Wanting to continue as Parent Rep for your 2023 Class or Year Level?

A special thank you to our wonderful team of Parent Representatives from 2022. We greatly appreciated your support of our events and fundraisers throughout 2022 and the opportunities you provided to connect the parents and guardians in your year levels.

If you would like to volunteer to be your Year Level’s Parent Representative in 2023, would like further information, or happy to continue in your current role, contact us by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone 03 9845 7877.

Parent Representatives are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or social events.

Parent Reps also organise class or year level functions to provide parents with the opportunity of meeting and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. It would be a great opportunity for class groups to connect, while supporting our local community cafes and restaurants still recovering from the lockdowns.

We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given by our Parent Reps. This role is suitable for Parents or Guardians who are in the workforce or who undertake home responsibilities. It can be shared between many people, or looked after by one person.

Alumni Panel at the Year 12 Conference

On Tuesday 29 November Emily Mignot, President of the TGA facilitated an alumni discussion panel for our Year 11’s heading into Year 12 for 2023.

The alumni were invited to share their experience and knowledge of how they transitioned away from school and into their chosen study or work field.

Following the discussion, the alumni participated in a group activity where the students had one-on-one experience on networking.

We are grateful to our alumni who made themselves available for this valuable learning experience.

Below, from left: Lachlan O’Reilly (Class of 2019), Angus Maynard (Class of 2017), Ashleigh Dowling (Class of 2020), Alexandra Wakeley (Class of 2012), Emily Mignot (Class of 2012)

Footy Tipping Competition – AFLW Competition

Congratulations to the winners of our 2022 ALFW Footy Tipping Competition:

  • Equal 1st: 1st and 2nd price to be shared amongst 1st place winners
    • Ron Shill
    • Princesskhill
  • 3rd Prize
    • Murdoch H

We look forward to running both our AFL and AFLW competition again in 2023!