04 Sep 2018

From the Principal

This week we have a special guest introduction from Brett Trollope, Head of Boys’ Middle School.

The teenage brain is an amazing thing; however, it is a long way from its potential! Parts of it are even in shutdown during adolescence (some parents may say all of it), but it is developing, growing and wiring itself at an incredible rate.

The main changes that occur during adolescence is the brain deciding which parts it requires most and which parts it can do without – like a ‘use it or lose it’ type principle. This process begins from the back of the brain first, before moving to the front, leaving the prefrontal cortex to be one of the last parts to develop. This part of the brain is where our rational decision-making, thinking and planning is done. Because of this redevelopment, and therefore the inability to use this part of their brain effectively, teenagers often rely on their amygdala for their decision-making. The amygdala is the part of our brain responsible for emotions, impulses, aggression and instinctive behaviour. I think you can see where I am going.

Being a teenager is tough, but being a parent of a teenager is no walk in the park either. It is during this stage that the relationship between families and schools is crucial so that we can all work together to help raise our boys into fine young men for the future.

A big focus in the Boys’ Middle School is on ‘personal brand’: who you are as a person and what you wish people to associate with you when they think of your name. The common example I refer to with our boys is them applying for a job at a fast food outlet or the local supermarket. They have developed a desire to earn money and therefore the motivation to go and work. Upon completion of appropriate CVs they set off to apply at these relevant places of work often with the assumption that by the end of next week they will be earning some good money. The problem they face is that there are potentially 200 other boys and girls with the same idea, the same wish – they all want that part-time job collecting trolleys or stacking shelves. So how do our boys make sure they are the ones offered the opportunity to work?

Passion, enthusiasm and determination are all traits that aren’t regularly reflected in school assessments, however, they are traits that can help people achieve success in their chosen areas. Our boys are encouraged to demonstrate passion for things, to show a level of determination in their actions and exhibit enthusiasm for life and learning.

Projects throughout the Middle Years that are helping our boys to develop these attributes alongside our curriculum are things such as our Night of the Notables at Year 7, the Smoothie Bar (http://www.tripod.edu.au/program/the-smoothie-bar-senior/) at Year 8 and our Becoming a Man at Year 9 to name just three. Opportunities like these help our boys to develop the skills and traits mentioned above by allowing them to pursue areas of interest such as idols, food and money!

When our boys are able to follow their passion or areas of interest, parts of their brain that were potentially in ‘shutdown’ mode have the potential of finding some hidden connections and therefore the ability to produce some really amazing things. Watching the teenage brain develop and grow over time is really a fascinating thing.


Music Matters

Singers delight a packed hall

Last Tuesday night a collection of Tintern students came together for the annual Singing Soirée, in order to demonstrate their many talents in the vocal field. The night was a huge success, with a vast range of differing styles and performances which provided an evening full of entertainment and awe. There were several newcomers from Year 7 who revealed promising futures for their singing careers at Tintern, with Renee Yu and Ella Jones demonstrating high vocal ranges. Not to mention the student who opened the show, Audrey Middleton, who set the bar high with her beautiful rendition of ‘I have dreamed’ from ‘’The King and I’. Fintan McCrave also showed amazing falsetto range in one of the best performances of the night, a classical work on the Australian bush named “Dinah’s Song”. The two leads of this year’s school musical, Brayden and Nora, came out strong as well. Brayden performed the classic Baritone song “Stars” from Les Mis, whilst Nora displayed her fantastic acting abilities with a narrational song from “A Chorus Line”, ‘Nothing’. And yes, many jokes were made over the title of the song. Speaking of jokes, plenty of comedy was also had at this night. Jonah Fleming did a great job of portraying the arrogant and overconfident Gaston in the song “Me”, boasting about the perfectness of his thighs. And, being careful not to be sound arrogant and boastful, most would agree the highlight of the night was the duet between Brayden and Jared, performing the overtop and hilarious song ‘Agony’ from Into the Woods. The duet of two princes complaining about their inability to be with their princesses received thunderous applause, and were asked for an encore from Ms McKenzie, which became ever more over the top and extreme. Finally, to end the night the Intermediate Girls’ choir came up and performed a beautiful rendition ‘A Million Dreams’ from “The Greatest Showman”, followed by the choir’s age-old tradition “The rhythm of life”, played extra fast to the enjoyment of the audience and dismay of the singers.

by Jared Nottle, Year 11, VCE Contemporary Voice student

Brass and Wind Concert

Last Thursday evening an extensive audience had the privilege of listening to budding and seasoned wind players at the annual Brass and Woodwind Concert. With forty items, the richly varied program provided us with a myriad of instruments, pieces and timbres, from a clarinet waltz to a 20th Century Japanese flute solo to a trumpet duet rendition of ‘Oh When the Saints’. Overall, the atmosphere was supportive and lighthearted, but the daunting task of performing solo was still challenging for all, especially some beginners for whom this was their first ever live performance, so congratulations to all performers for adding to the amazing night. These concerts are incredibly important in nurturing instrumental students, from kick-starting the very beginning of their performance career to providing a sounding board for advanced players preparing for their final recital. Thank you to Ms McKenzie, Ms Patton and Mr Bathgate for performing alongside us as accompanists, and to all the music staff for supporting the brass and woodwind students this year.

by Holly Fryer, Instrumental Music Captain

Essentially Ellington

Last Saturday the Tintern Grammar Senior Jazz band performed at the annual Essentially Ellington Down Under program, a program where young jazz bands across Melbourne have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and participate in a private workshop led by experienced musicians. The program was held at the Australian Institute of Music in the city, a perfect facility for accommodating so many jazz bands. The Senior Jazz Band played well on stage, and benefited from the advice given by Jerome Jennings, a professional jazz musician from America. Jerome earned a Masters Degree from the prestigious Juilliard School in Manhattan NY and in the Fall of 2017, he accepted the position as Resident Director of The Juilliard Jazz Orchestra. All the members of the Jazz band enjoyed the experience and gained valuable insight into the world of jazz and enjoyed listening to other young jazz bands who also performed on the day.

by Bianca Settle, Jazz Band, Saxophone

Chamber Orchestra at South Street

The Chamber Orchestra performed in the Royal South Street Festival of Strings on Saturday 1 September. The long, rather raucous journey to Ballarat took around 2 hours, which was spent listening to music, playing card games and excitedly discussing the competition ahead of us. Our category for senior strings had 8 schools competing, all of which were extremely talented. When we entered the hall to listen to some of the other schools perform, we were shocked to hear not two, but three other schools play one of the pieces that we had prepared. We soon got over our amazement and figured out that it was not a crazy coincidence, but rather a popular piece that many schools knew.

It was finally our time to go backstage and start warming up, so Mr Veldman led us through the maze of passages to our dressing room, in which we lost a few along the way. We got to see a few other schools backstage when we were squeezing past each other in the narrow hallways which was not that enjoyable for those who played bigger instruments like the cellists, but all was figured out in the end. The other orchestras ranged in size, some so big that they had 3 double basses!!

Being an audience member was a really great part of the day. Listening to the other orchestras play the pieces that we have previously played, gave us a different perspective on them, which was really enlightening.

Overall it was an amazing experience that I’m lucky to have had, especially with such talented people around me. Even though we came 5th overall, receiving a Highly Commended ranking, the day was a well-spent opportunity to bond with everyone, and being the Year 12s last performance with the Chamber Orchestra, the competition was definitely a worthwhile way to end our time.

Thank you to Mr Veldman for organising the trip and a special thank you to Mrs Mackie (Tintern’s Cello Teacher) and Ms Infanti (the violin playing Geography teacher!) for assisting with student supervision on the day.

by Siobhan Muirhead, Chamber Orchestra Member, Viola

Harry Hits the high Notes!

Congratulations to Harry Baugh, who went to Ballarat recently to play with the Whitehorse Brass Band at the Royal South Street Competition. His Band came first in the D Grade section.


MYO Summer School 

Monday 7 – Saturday 12 January 2019


Held at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Southbank Campus, the MYO Summer School caters for all ensemble instruments, with symphony orchestras, bands, string and jazz ensembles.

Over 650 students come together with some of Australia’s best conductors and tutors for a stimulating range of musical and social activities in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. There are daily opportunities for students to extend themselves through workshops and group activities and advance their performance skills at informal lunchtime concerts. Summer School culminates with showcase concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre, highlighting the week’s achievements for participants’ families and friends, as well as the wider community.

If you want to know more about this Summer Music program, just ask previous participants such as Holly Fryer, Siobhan Muirhead, Charlotte Menagh, Josh Choong and Zoë Forbes.

Applications are now open online at www.myo.org.au and close this Friday 7 September 2018.


Sport Matters

Christabelle and Rose to compete at Australian Interschools

Congratulations to Christabelle Sriratana in Year 9 and Rose Rostron in Year 6 who have qualified to compete at the Australian Interschools at Perisher this week after fantastic performances at the Victorian Interschools! The Victorian Interschools, held at Mt Buller in August, saw Christabelle place 3rd in Snowboard Slopestyle and Rose place 3rd in Boarder X and 5th in GS.  

Well done, Christabelle and Rose, and good luck for this week!!

Kaidin qualifies for State Open Short Course Championships

Congratulations to Kaidin Dalzotto in Year 9 who competed at the State Age Short Course Championships last weekend. 

Kaidin swam extremely well, achieving four personal bests out of the five events he competed in.

Kaidin has now qualified for the State Open Short Course Championships in two weeks time for the 50m freestyle. 

Good luck Kaidin!

Boys’ Middle School EISM Sport Results

It was a very exciting Thursday afternoon at Tintern Grammar last week with two of our Boys’ Middle School Sports teams winning their EISM Interschool finals!

Congratulations to the Boys’ badminton team: Charlie Carboon, Charles Chang, Jack Dong, Jason Gao, Oliver Huang, Austen Humphreys, Mitchell McGovern, Mike Miao, Yuvraj Pandher and Stephen Tan.

Congratulations to the Boys’ table tennis team: Ben McKee, Brinthan Mahadeva, Ethan Cooke, Josh Apsey and Angus Middlet.

Progressive EISM Middle Schools’ Sport Results

Many of our Middle Schools’ EISM teams are having great success!

Our Year 7 Boys’ Soccer team are doing well, with three wins and just one loss for their season so far! And our Year 8 Girls’ Badminton team are equal top of the ladder, with our Year 8 Girls’ Football team top of their ladder. Congratulations to everyone involved in these teams!


Community Matters

TPG Trivia Night – an incredible success!


Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the 2018 Trivia Night. It was an incredible night, put together by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Through ticket sales the TPG raised just over $400 for the Anglicare Missions, providing educational resources to under-resourced schools in the Northern Territory. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

We are proud to acknowledge these generous sponsors who are supporting the annual TPG Trivia Night:

Vision Personal Training 
Sanguine Estate Wines
Tilnak Fine Art Lifestyle Portraits in Abbotsford
Cafe Emjay in Ringwood East
Move Beyond in Blackburn
Instinctive Chiropractic in Wantirna
Abacus. at Eastland 
Velissaris Photography
Dooley’s Men’s Hairstylist in Ringwood East
9 Star Thai Massage in Ringwood East
Paul’s IGA
Whispering Hills Winery 
Sally Robinson Independent Tupperware consultant

Father’s Day Stall and Wrapping Day

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who supported the Father’s Day wrapping day and stall. There was an incredible array of gifts on offer, with the students all keen to purchase something wonderful for their fathers, grandfathers or other significant people in their lives.

FOYF Spring Celebration 2018

The weather was very kind to us and our almost 400 visitors, with only a light shower of rain at the end of the night. We were also very lucky with a number of lambs being born on the afternoon which made for a spectacular sight for many of the families who came along.

Thank you to everyone who assisted with this special event; volunteers, students and staff. Those who cooked the barbie, sold drinks, raffle tickets, cakes, stood at the registration desk or took farms tours, the afternoon was truly a wonderful success and your efforts were greatly appreciated.

Our Young Farmers also made a tremendous effort on Friday, taking registrations, selling drinks and cakes, taking families on farm tours and showing what makes the Tintern Farm so special.

We would like to thank the following people/organisations who donated to the Spring Celebration, your contribution helped us make over $800 to support our Aussie farmers in need  through the ‘Rural Aid – Buy a Bale‘:

  • Abacus All Day 
  • Joy Ashfield – FOYF Committee Member and former President
  • Sarah & Ranald Young
  • The Cross Family

Community Event – Oaks Day at Yarra Glen Races!

Celebrate Oaks Day with our community at the Yarra Glen Races. This event is open to friends and family from our parent, past parent and past student communities. 

Dress to impress and watch the races from the Tintern Grammar Marquee whilst enjoying a complimentary drink and canapés on arrival. Oaks Day is more than just the races with Eastland Fashions and live music all day.

WHEN: Thursday 8 November 2018 at 12:00pm

LOCATION: Yarra Glen Racecourse, Armstrong Grove, Yarra Glen, Victoria

COST: $35 per person
This includes race day admission, drink and canapés on arrival.

RSVP: Monday 8 October 2018
Book via Trybooking: www.trybooking.com/XPYI

ENQUIRIES: All enquiries can be directed to Di Lacey and Tegan Martin 03 9845 7877 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Volunteers Needed – 2019 Giant Fair


Would you like to get involved in the Tintern Grammar 2019 Giant Fair? Come along to our meeting tonight, Tuesday 4 September 7.30pm at Kennedy Cottage.

The Tintern Giant Fair is an incredible, fun-filled day out for families and our wider community to enjoy great food, entertainment, second-hand sales and exciting rides. It raises funds that contribute to many different programs in the school, including sustainability, which enriches every student’s educational experience.

The Fair is also an opportunity for you to become part of the dynamic team of individuals who plan the Fair and create the fun for our community. 

Do you have any new ideas that could make our next Fair an even bigger success than before? Do you want to meet other parents and families? Then please get in touch to assist with any of the following:

  • Fair Planning Committee
  • Event Planning
  • Food Handling
  • Managing the Stage and Entertainment
  • Fundraising & Prize Donations

If you are keen to be involved in any way, please email your expression of interest by Friday 21 September to fair@tintern.vic.edu.au. Or contact Community Relations on 9845 7877.

Community Committee Dates 

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 13 September 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage Co-Presidents: Haidee Wallace and Leeza Crowe
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 5 September 7pm CM Wood Common Room President: Tim Oldmeadow
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 8 October 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage President: Jonathan Cross
  • Fair Committee – Next Meeting: Tuesday 4 September 2018 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage Fair Convenor: Amanda McKenzie
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meeting: TBA President: Sandra Garland

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Book – perfect for the School Holidays!

Remember it isn’t too late to purchase your Entertainment Book Membership! For a limited time they are offering free postage of the books.

Filled with up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more. The book is current from purchase until the end of May 2019.

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

Please click here to order your 2018/2019 Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Books can be collected from Main Reception, or instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG for 2018.

Tintern Grammar Photo Albums – Protect your School Photos!

Protect your child’s school photos with a stunning Tintern Photo Album. The TPG is offering beautiful quality made customised ‘buckram’ binders for only $72. The albums are Navy, featuring the school crest and name printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent sheet inserts.

The albums are great for storing:
– The official school photos
– Certificates
– NAPLAN and ICAS results
– Sports and performer ribbons
– Artwork
– Programs from concerts, sports days and special assemblies
– Photos
– Newsletter clippings
– Your own scrapbook creations (as the pages are 30cm x 30cm standard scrapbook size)

In fact, if you think of it like a filing cabinet of memories, over the years it builds up into quite a treasure! Samples can be viewed in the uniform shop and all orders are now taken at this link through trybooking

Once you have placed your order, please take your confirmation to the Uniform Shop to collect your Album and/or extra pages.


Bake Sale – A Sweet Success

Across the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 6 this Term, the Year 6 girls decided they wanted to help the farmers affected by the drought, so they organised a bake sale! We hoped to be able to contribute to the ‘Buy a Bale’ charity. Beforehand we had a guestimate of how much we thought we would raise and our guesses were from $150 to $850.

On the weekend, after chatting about it in class, we each prepared some delicious sweet treats to sell the following week. The Thai students were involved with their host families in the cooking too. The Early Learning Centre got behind us too and the parents there donated some fantastic goods.

Finally, when Monday came, students, teachers and parents eagerly brought to school slices, brownies, cupcakes, biscuits, meringues, custard buns, coconut ice, large cakes and so much more!

We were supported by the boys and girls across the school and the ELC who came to buy up big!

It was an exciting few days with the Thai students joining in on the selling at recess and lunch, and each year six girl left the sale with a smile, knowing that they made a difference, (and in most cases, samples a treat or two of their own).

They were all really satisfied with a sense of sweet success when they discovered they had raised over $1130, way over our highest estimate! Many thanks to those who also donated money as well.

by Chloe Hong and Scarlett O’Connor, Year 6


Team Holiday Program

The school holidays are almost here and we are looking forward to another fantastic Spring program!

Book a day or the whole week… how many days is up to you!

Find your nearest venue: https://teamkids.com.au/venues/


Team Holiday Program

The school holidays are almost here and we are looking forward to another fantastic Spring program!

Book a day or the whole week… how many days is up to you!

Find your nearest venue: https://teamkids.com.au/venues/


Team Holiday Program

The school holidays are almost here and we are looking forward to another fantastic Spring program!

Book a day or the whole week… how many days is up to you!

Find your nearest venue: https://teamkids.com.au/venues/


Boys’ Junior School News

Our Prep-Year 6 boys are fully immersed in rehearsals for our production of Shrek, to be held on Thursday 20 September, at 7.00pm, in our CM Wood Centre.

Every second year, we hold a Junior School Production, and this provides another opportunity for boys to shine in an area in which they have strengths and a passion, and/or to accept the challenge of performing on stage in a larger scale production. While there are so many social and emotional benefits from being involved in the Production, (think Compass points of Confidence, Fulfilment, Responsibility, Commitment…) rehearsals occur in a manner that still allows for the boys’ curriculum to continue in a relatively normal manner.

A Dress Rehearsal/Matinee will be held on the Thursday afternoon, at 1.00pm and we are hoping for a large and rousing crowd in the evening.

We are all looking forward to seeing our boys again working together as Prep-Year 6s to provide another memorable and enjoyable event.


We were delighted to have our very own Farmer Wall as our “This Is Me’ guest speaker in Assembly last Monday. With his dry wit and passion for farming and the environment, Farmer Wall engaged us all with stories of his childhood, including riding a buggy to school. He spoke about the importance of farms, how animals contribute so much to our lives, the challenges that farmers endure, and the resilience he has had to show, from buying and running on his farm at the age of 11, through to the tragic death of his daughter. It was another inspiring presentation from a guest at Assembly.


Cosmic Kids Star Wars Yoga

On Friday 31 August  Fathers’ Day was celebrated in the Junior Schools. Dads and their children arrived at school early to a selection of breakfast foods and activities. After coming together for Mr Kenny’s traditional assembly and photo presentation, the students and their dads moved onto Year Level Activities.

For Prep, Years 1 and  2 this was yoga. Not just any yoga though… this was Cosmic Kids Stars Wars (The Force Awakens) yoga. The quick (and sometimes tricky) transitions from one pose to the next, kept all those participating, engaged and challenged throughout the session. Claire, Kylie and I were very impressed with the skills demonstrated by the dads. Who would have thought a room full of Preps, 1s and 2s and their dads could all be so calm and quiet! Truly impressive!


Mike Larkan joins the Young Farmers

Tintern Grammar was excited to host the Channel 10 Eyewitness News Weather Report with Mike Larkan last night at the Tintern Farm starring our Young Farmers and Romney sheep. In case you missed it, enjoy these clips below from the broadcast.

Find out more about the Spring Celebration on Friday 31 August.


Girls’ Middle School News

The Big Day In was a wonderful example of a well-rounded set of activities, which students experienced as part of the well-rounded education they receive at Tintern Grammar. It was an opportunity to develop social skills, work with students from across year levels, promote overall well-being, and be creative. The theme for the day was the 2018 Middle School theme: Courageous not Perfect. Students heard life experiences from an inspirational woman, participated in discussions centred around this theme, and participated in activity and creativity in a fun and vibrant way. Although this is a day for girls in Middle School, the leadership shown by the senior girls who volunteered to be part of the day was exemplary. The ideas they generated and initiative they displayed was outstanding, and an excellent example to the Middle School girls. Overall, Big Day In was a big day of success, and we look forward to next year with anticipation.

The annual House Cross Country took place on our lovely campus on Friday afternoon, with conditions slightly more challenging (it was a bit wet underfoot) than usual. It is always a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon, whether walking or running, and those who participated enjoyed the event. Other events over the last fortnight have included the Brass and Woodwind concert, Year 9 Romeo and Juliet and Year 8 Hanging Rock excursions, and the Melbourne Writers Festival and Math Craft excursion for selected students. As always, there are many opportunities on offer.

Recently you will have received the Term 3 interim report. The information these reports contain is valuable for monitoring your child’s progress, as were the subsequent Parent/Teacher/Student conferences. This last quarter of the year is as important as any part of the year, if not more so, as the work covered in class prepares the students for next year’s curriculum.

Year 9 students have their first school examinations at the end of the year. In order to help prepare them for this, Elevate Education will be running two presentations covering time-management (Tuesday 18 September) and exam preparation (Term 4). These are very timely sessions, which should benefit all students greatly, and will continue in Pastoral lessons as we focus on preparation for Senior College. Year 8 students will soon be sent information regarding our Smoothie Bar incursion which culminates in a parent evening on Wednesday 19 September. Year 7 students have chosen their Notable and are currently working toward planning their presentation space ready for their Night of the Notable evening in October. Finally, the whole school is looking forward to our Battle of the Bands event on the last day of Term 3; a wonderful way to finish what has been a fulfilling and rewarding term. 


Year 5A TOSCARS Film Award


Multiculturalism, Geography, Research, Technology, Literacy and Public Speaking were all aligned in Year 5 this term as we held our second TOSCARS  (Tintern Oscars) Film Premiere.

Beginning with a random selection of a country and a list of criteria, students starting researching the national dress and created individually named characters, resplendent in costumes.

Their research brief included world location as defined by latitude and longitude, references such as the equator, international dateline, time zones, tropics, hemispheres and continents.

Geographical features, language, currency, climate, traditions, foods, occupations dependent on agriculture and exports etc. were also included and turned into a creative, fictional character script, with a family life, personality, and a background story connected to their country.  On the way, there were some eye-openers, such as the rights and conditions of women in cultures very different to our own.

Of course, all the literacy demands at this level were challenged, good sentence construction, punctuation and paragraphing. Most students completed at least 3 drafts, with even the recorded copy undergoing further editing before publication.

Filming was our next challenge and completing 24 films in 3 sessions was a testament to the respect and maturity of each student. We filmed in the classroom, using the green screen, the Do Ink app for IPad and a collection of images sourced to complement the script. The students then edited their films, uploaded them to the school One Drive, where, with help from the IT department they were converted and linked to the PowerPoint format used at our Film Premiere event.

Topped off with popcorn and ice-creams for real cinematic authenticity, the students ran the evening, presenting TOSCAR awards for script writing, editing, cinematography and of course, costume design, all to a totally enraptured audience.

Kelli Green – Year 5A Teacher


News from the Careers Department

Year 12 VTAC Applications

At a level assembly on Monday 3 September, the Year 12 students were provided with information relating to the results and offers processes. The closing dates for timely VTAC applications is the 27 September at 5pm and this includes paying the fee of $36.00.

SEAS and VCTAC Scholarship applications including the submission of all supporting documents closes on 12 October at 5pm.



Career News

Career News Numbers 24 and 25 are now available on the Portal at http://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/ and includes the following items:

 Career News Number 24

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 3
  • CASPer Webinar
  • Monash Extension Information Evening
  • Studying Medicine at Bond University
  • The Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health at the University of Wollongong
  • Career as a Firefighter
  • Vantage Automotive Automotive Apprenticeship Program
  • Medical Radiations Career Open Day 2018
  • Medical Imaging Courses in Victoria

Career News Number 25

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 3
  • Course Updates at Deakin University
  • Guaranteed Entry Scheme at ANU
  • News from the University of Melbourne
    • Extension Program Information Evening
    • The Melbourne Juris Doctor (JD) Showcase
    • New Bachelor of Commerce Achievement Scholarship
    • Mission Discovery Program – September School Holidays
  • Angliss Experiences – September School Holidays
  • A Career in Policing: Quick Facts about Applying
  • Career in Project Management
  • Jobs Fair at The Glen Shopping Centre   



News from Year 10

This week the Year 10s will hear presentations from Year 11 students applying for leadership positions in 2019 and they will be part of the electronic voting process on Friday 7 September. The students who attended the Royal Melbourne Hospital program called P.A.R.T.Y (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) will be presenting at a level assembly next week. The day had an enormous impact on the Medical Science class and the feedback to the entire cohort is an important part of the educative process.

The students heard from a Doctor, Nurse, Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist during the day and toured the emergency department, intensive care unit including observing people on life support that were all most confronting for our students but also had a great impact on them. They met the faces behind the statistics and the news reports. The students also learnt about the type of trauma treated at the hospital including falls from balconies, drug and alcohol related driving or pedestrian accidents, the dangers of “one hit punches” and were shown the dramatic consequences on texting while driving.

The reality of a poor choice that may only last mere seconds was emphasised in terms of possible criminal charges or years in rehabilitation that not only affects the individual but the impact on families and friends that may be required to provide a lifetime of care. The importance of knowing basic first aid and calling for an ambulance early were also emphasised and the group were encouraged to download the Emergency Plus App to provide emergency services with a latitude and longitude reading from their mobile phone.

Some key messages from the day included:

  • “Assess the risks, make good choices and know the consequences” 
  • “Only good choices are free but bad ones generally come with a cost” 
  • “Live Once – Think Twice”
  • “Assess the risks, make good choices and know the consequences” 
  • “Only good choices are free but bad ones generally come with a cost” 
  • “Live Once – Think Twice”


News from Year 11

On Monday the Year 11 boys who nominated for leadership positions gave their speeches to the current Year 10 and Year 11 cohort. We had an impressive group of young men who prepared and presented a range of different ideas and approaches to the roles, yet each was earnest and sincere in their own right. Tuesday the girls presented and again, the maturity and sophistication of their presentations was impressive.

It is clear that regardless of the final outcome of the votes and interviews, next year the school will be well represented by a leadership team with diverse approaches and impressive skills, confidently leading with intelligence and dedication. 

Voting by students and staff will occur this Friday with interviews to follow the following Wednesday and Thursday.  All nominees are wished the best of luck.




News from Year 12

As Term 3 comes to an end for Year 12 students so have the majority of SACs and other internal assessment. This will come as a great relief and perhaps some sadness for many students as it means their Year 12 journey is nearly finished. Although most examinable content has been covered, in the first few weeks of Term 4 teachers will be providing students with valuable revision work, examination tips and techniques. Although this revision period will be important for their academic success, it is also an important time for students to spend with their friends and peers. They should make the most of this final opportunity to see their friends on a daily basis and to reflect on their time at Tintern Grammar.

Last week the Year 12 students took part in their final House event; the House Cross Country. It was a great afternoon and fantastic to see so many eager participants. Congratulations to Butterss Cross who were victorious on the day, but also to all of the Year 12 House Captains who have done a fine job this year leading their respective Houses. This important role is one that can be challenging but also very rewarding.

All Year 12 families should have recently received information regarding ticketing for the Valedictory Dinner on Wednesday 21 November at Leonda by the Yarra. For families wishing to charge the tickets to their school account you will need to ensure this is done by Friday 14 September. After this date payment can still be made by cash, a cheque made payable to Tintern Grammar or by credit card deduction.


Alumni Speakers back for Special Assemblies

On the 21 August we welcomed alumni Ain Beruldsen (YG 2006) and Alfred Kouris (YG 2015) to our Boys’ Prep to Year 12 Assembly to share reflections from their time at the School. Ain and Alfred had valuable advice for our students suggesting they truly embrace their time at Tintern, give every opportunity a go and take everything in, as well as offering that everyone is here to help our students discover who they are and what they would like to be.

For our Girls’ Prep to Year 12 Assembly on the 24 August we welcomed back alumna Louise Nance (YG 2008) who shared with the girls the value of friendship, discussing how the experiences and skills learned at Tintern have contributed towards her future path.


IB Visual Art Preview Show 2018 – Friday 7 September, 4.00 – 6.00pm

Join us on Friday 7 September, 4.00 – 6.00pm in the Visual Art & Design Gallery for the IB Visual Art Preview Show 2018.

Preview works from Tintern Grammar IB students Ashleigh Harrison, Alex Eadie and Brianna Oldmeadow.


World Challenge Team Fundraiser – Donut Day – Friday 14 September

The World Challenge Team will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate to raise money for the community work they will be doing in Nepal! 

When: Friday 14 September at lunchtime 

Where: Patio outside the kitchens


  – Original glazed donuts are $2.50

  – Iced donuts are $3.00

  – Hot chocolates are $3.00

  – Hot chocolate and any doughnut is $5.00

If you would like to pre-order donuts, contact Elissa Wright at wri42206@tintern.vic.edu.au. However, on the day you can also order as many donuts (singles, dozens, etc.) as you would like! 

by The World Challenge Team


Caitlin Spears (YG 2011) back with new comedy show for 2018 Melbourne Fringe!

We are pleased to share that alumna Caitlin Spears (YG 2011) is back with a new comedy show at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe!

Purgastory shares the story of four distinctive duos chase their dreams in a time-warped anthology of passion and patience! English maidens, Aussie tradies, a teen-aged songstress and a desperate senior will all challenge destiny and the curious presence of a doll, a reptile and an android from the future… From the artists behind last year’s award-winning dramedy CACTUS AND THE MIME comes the period drama / bogan comedy / pop musical / science fiction hybrid play you never thought was possible!

You can catch the show from Saturday 22 to Sunday 29 September, 7:45pm. (6:45pm Sunday, NO show Monday) at the Fringe Hub: Lithuanian Club – Son of Loft.

To purchase tickets or learn more visit https://melbournefringe.com.au/event/purgastory/
Please note this show contains adult themes.


Thank you for your support of the 2018 TPG Trivia Night!

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the 2018 Trivia Night. It was an incredible night, put together by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Through ticket sales the TPG raised just over $400 for the Anglicare Missions, providing educational resources to under-resourced schools in the Northern Territory. 

Thank you to our sponsors!

We are proud to acknowledge these generous sponsors who are supporting the annual TPG Trivia Night:

Vision Personal Training 
Sanguine Estate Wines
Tilnak Fine Art Lifestyle Portraits in Abbotsford
Cafe Emjay in Ringwood East
Move Beyond in Blackburn
Instinctive Chiropractic in Wantirna
Abacus. at Eastland 
Velissaris Photography
Dooley’s Men’s Hairstylist in Ringwood East
9 Star Thai Massage in Ringwood East
Paul’s IGA
Whispering Hills Winery 
Sally Robinson Independent Tupperware consultant


The countdown to Summer is on!

The countdown to Summer is on! At Just Swimming we believe that aquatic education can contribute to saving your child’s life. The ability to swim well is not only potentially life-saving but is also a core life skill that will provide lasting benefits and enjoyment to all Australians. Our highly qualified instructors are passionate about providing essential water safety and life-skills, by ensuring positive experiences for all ages, from babies to adults. Every week we help 5500+ children become safer and more confident in and around the water.

With warmer nights, longer days and plenty of fresh fruit in stock, it’s time to dust off your bathers, grab a towel and head to the beach. It is also a great time to check in with your friendly swimming teachers at Just Swimming Tintern.

Contact Just Swimming Tintern today on 9878 7055 and join us in making our children safer around water.

by Just Swimming Team


Community South Community Day – Saturday 8 September