27 Oct 2020

2020 IB Visual Art Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to the Tintern Grammar 2020 IB Visual Art Virtual Exhibition. This exhibition celebrates the folio works created by this year’s Year 12 IB Diploma students –

Alice, Jeremy, Hannah, Angel, and Margaret.

The visual arts are an integral part of everyday life, permeating all levels of human creativity, expression, communication and understanding.

The IB Diploma Programme Visual Arts course encourages students to challenge their own creative and cultural expectations and boundaries. It is a thought-provoking course in which students develop analytical skills in problem-solving and divergent thinking, while working towards technical proficiency and confidence as art-makers. In addition to exploring and comparing visual arts from different perspectives and in different contexts, students are expected to engage in, experiment with and critically reflect upon a wide range of contemporary practices and media. The course is designed for students who want to go on to study visual arts in higher education as well as for those who are seeking lifelong enrichment through visual arts.

This year’s exhibition is available for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own time, virtually. You are able to follow the guided tour, and explore each of the dedicated ‘rooms’ that feature each candidates work, or you can use the arrow key or click & drag function of the cursor and explore the pieces in any order you choose. You can zoom in closer to the works and view them individually, and read the artist statements regarding the works by simply clicking on the image. Each gallery room has the curatorial rationale by each artist that expresses their individual journey.

Please enjoy the show via this link – https://www.artsteps.com/view/5f85251e39160b375472830f 


Community Matters

Spring Garden Tour 2020

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 safety concerns and restrictions, we could not be run our Annual Spring Garden Tour this year. 2020 would have been our 22nd garden tour!

Please enjoy this commemorative booklet with a trip down memory lane, including virtual tour links to some magnificent local and international gardens.

TPG Mangoes 2020 – Last date to order Wednesday 28 October!

It’s mango time again! The Tintern Parent Group is once again offering fresh North Queensland mangoes straight from the farm to you!

Here are all the important details…

  • A tray is filled by weight and will contain somewhere between 12 large and 20 small mangoes.
  • Cost is $26 per tray.
  • Mangoes should be ready for collection in mid-November
  • All families will be emailed confirmation of the delivery date and collection point.
  • Please select here to place your order: https://www.trybooking.com/BLMLZ
  • Orders strictly close on Wednesday 28 October.

Ritchies Community Benefit Program

The Ritchies Community Benefit Program has contributed more than $50 million dollars back to the local community across Australia over the past 26 years.

The Community Benefit Program has now moved to a new Ritchies Card App, available from the App store or Google Play, and or you can get a new physical Ritchies Card in store.  You can to download the App, or apply on line at www.ritchies.com.au/loyalty, and then choose a charity, school or club they wish to direct their financial support.

Community Committee Dates 

Please note that due to Tintern moving to online teaching in response to the Covid19 virus, all Community Group Meetings will be held online.

Further information will be provided.

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Tuesday 10 November at 7.30pm President: Haidee Wallace Zoom: Click here to join meeting Password: TPG
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 28 October at 8pm President: Debra Fryer Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOM
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: 2020 President: Michael Biggs Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meetings: TBC Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books

We are thrilled to announce that Entertainment is going 100% digital. New Entertainment Memberships that we know and love, will only be available via our App from next season onward. Excitingly this means that you Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 5% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


Music Matters

Online Music Exams

As schools and music teachers around Victoria have mastered the art of running online music lessons and concerts, the Australian Music Examinations Board also has adapted their processes and have been offering video examinations for many instruments. Online Music Theory examinations also have been available for a few years now.

Whilst we all prefer to enjoy live performances, and examiners perhaps get a better sense of a student musician’s poise and presentation skills in a live assessment, we have all become used to adapting to our new ‘normal’ and the benefits of still being able to work towards a performance goal have included giving some students that much-needed motivation to keep working and practising their technique and repertoire.

Further to the Grade 1 Theory results I announced in August’s newsletter, the following students have achieved great results in more recent exams:

Haochen Zhang (Year 7)

Grade 3 Piano for Leisure: B

Dou Dou Zuo (Year 9)

Grade 4 Flute: B

Danny Gong (Year 7)

Grade 2 Theory: 98 % (Hot on the heels of his outstanding Grade 1 Theory result in August!)

We have a larger batch of examinations occurring over the coming weeks for students of cello, double bass, speech and drama, wind and brass instruments and singing. Our pianists are in the fortunate position to be able to do their examinations ‘live’ at the AMEB studios, notwithstanding any changes to government regulations in the meantime.

We wish all of these students well with their exams and congratulate them for maintaining their practice and application to their learning over these past few months. We are so very much looking forward to hearing our bands, orchestras and choirs filling our corridors with music once more …. one of these fine days!


ELC News

Book Week Celebrations in the ELC

Books are an important part of any child’s life. Through books we get to go on adventures, explore concepts, learn about literacy and live in a world of imagination. Reading to children is a special time and favourite stories will be read over and over and hopefully as young people grow up, they then will be shared with their own children. I hope you take the opportunity to share your favourite childhood books with your own children to continue to develop that love of literacy.

This year Book Week 2020 was centred around the theme of “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds” and the ELC celebrated in style. Due to COVID we had to do things differently and unfortunately our families were unable to be part of our celebrations. We did put up all the photos and videos of our book week parades on the portal and we hope everyone has had lots of fun looking at them all.

The children and staff from all our classes were encouraged to dress up as a character from a favourite story book.  Each classroom was a buzz of excitement as the children arrived in their costumes! The children were very excited to see their friends dressed up and couldn’t wait to proudly show off their own costume.  This was a wonderful opportunity to share in conversations with others, take turns listening to others and talking in front of a group to share what book character they were.

Each class had their own Book Week parade and the children had fun parading around the room and in the foyer. Superheroes and Princesses were popular costumes!  But we also saw skeletons, Wallies from Where’s Wally books, witches and wizards, Paw Patrol characters, Pirates and even Anthony the Blue Wiggle. It certainly was great to see everyone dressed up.

During our sessions we made some fun Book Week craft. Keeping with the theme of curious creatures we set about making a monster bookmark and a plasticine monster. As the children rolled and manipulated the plasticine, they were developing their fine motor skills as well as using their creativity skills to make their own unique one. Some monsters had 1 big eye, whilst others had 2 or more, some had spiky hair, some were multi coloured and some had lots of arms and legs.

Many children brought in their favourite story from home and this was a great opportunity for them to share something from home. Reading to the children helps develop a love for reading. As we read the books we ask the children questions whilst looking at the pictures, we can ask them to predict what will happen next and to encourage the children to repeat words or rhymes and phrases that have been memorized.

The children had so much fun during our Book Week celebrations and are looking forward to another day where they get to dress up again.

Genevieve Brown

Early Learners Teacher


Girls’ Junior School News

Wonderland Performance

This week the girls were treated to a fantastic  performance from our own Queen of Hearts, Mrs Casey and her able helpers, the Year 6 Leaders. The girls’ were intrigued with the colour and spectacular nature of this amazing pantomime.

Book Week 

This week our Junior School students celebrated Book Week, dressing up as their favourite character. The theme this year was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. You can view some of their fantastic costumes in the video below. 


Learning numbers in French with mini-basketball

In French we have been revising higher numbers in Year 5/6 by playing mini-basketball. Students who felt very comfortable with knowing numbers already were the callers, and the class worked in teams to answer their number questions. They got to shoot a goal if they knew the answer.

Jude Mathers 

French teacher




Boys’ Junior School News

Boy’s Junior School News

One of the most positive aspects of our year has been the displaying and reinforcement of flexibility, resilience and creativity by our boys and staff. At every point, there has been such a strong sense of “I can do this” wrapped in care for one another.

Term 4 is normally a time of camps, special events and celebrations, culminating in family Christmas events and rite of passage, memorable occasions.

The Boys’ Junior School Staff have planned for these to continue, albeit in modified form.

Our Year 3 and 4 boys will be spending a special day at the farm, leaving the school and travelling by mini bus (a much shorter trip but a similar experience to leaving for camp!) and participating in camping activities such as orienteering, cooking and co-operative games.

Our traditional ‘Dads and Lads’ evening wont involve the normal ‘Ten Pin Bowling and laser tag’ but the evening is planned to be full of special surprises, while our annual Prep/1 Pyjama Party will  still prove to be very memorable and special for our youngest learners.

Even our traditional Year 6 celebration End of Year Dinner will be in a format that is still as warm, reflective and emotional.

As the road to the end of the year becomes even smoother, I am so appreciative of the manner in which our staff, boys and families have worked together with wonderful care and positivity.


Book Week 

This week our Junior School students celebrated Book Week, dressing up as their favourite character. The theme this year was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. You can view some of their fantastic costumes in the video below. 




Learning numbers in French with mini-basketball

In French we have been revising higher numbers in Year 5/6 by playing mini-basketball. Students who felt very comfortable with knowing numbers already were the callers, and the class worked in teams to answer their number questions. They got to shoot a goal if they knew the answer.

Jude Mathers 

French teacher




Middle School News

If my calculations are correct, it was 130 days from when our Year 8 and 9 students left for the Term 2 holidays until they returned to our campus for face-to-face learning this week. It has been such an incredible year and I know that everyone at school is excited to have all students back on campus and to finish the year in this fashion.

With all students back, it is important that we highlight the ongoing need to follow the many protocols in place around personal hygiene and safety. Regular hand washing and sanitizing, keeping socially distanced, and wearing masks are all very important steps to help ensure the ongoing safety of all of our community members.

Our Year 7s have had the Middle School to themselves for the first two weeks and have enjoyed the space and relative quietness that this provides. It has been great to see many of the girls and boys outside on the ovals and basketball courts, playing chasey around the school and also back into their very competitive games of “down ball.” They have been guided back into their day-to-day school life by their pastoral mentors and year level co-ordinators to ensure their workload and homework is scaffolded appropriately. They are also putting their finishing touches to their Night of the Notables presentations, which like many events this year, will be conducted in a virtual manner. Having seen some work from a couple of students already, I highly encourage all Middle School families to visit this online presentation when it’s available.

The theme last week in our Middle School assembly was leadership which ties in really well with our current Year 8s who are in process of applying for 2021 leadership positions in the Middle School. They are currently completing written applications for positions of interest and this will be followed up soon with interviews and speeches for certain applications. This process in itself is a great experience for our girls and boys as it mirrors what many of them will experience in the coming years when they applying for part-time employment. Working part-time, if possible for individuals, is a fantastic opportunity for them to not just earn some of their own money, but to really learn some valuable life skills around independence, organisation, communication and relationships. It is something that I would highly recommend to all students if they are able to do so.

Our Year 9s are verging on the end of their Middle School journey and is great to have them back on site to finish this part of their schooling. There are a number of activities that would be considered part of their “rites of passage” that we plan to still conduct, albeit some activities may run in different formats than usual. Our Summer Expeditions is one such event where normally our Year 9s would be currently preparing for a week of white water rafting, rock climbing, sea kayaking, hiking or even mountain biking in some of the most amazing and picturesque parts of our country. We would love very much to be able to send our Year 9s out on such adventures and with the easing of restrictions across our state, we do keep our fingers crossed for the ability to provide this opportunity. However, we also have a variety of alternative options available, ranging from day trip excursions to onsite life skills activities, that may be implemented instead. Ms Emma Lowing, our Year 9 Co-ordinator, has put many hours into ensuring that no matter what the situation, our girls and boys will still have a fantastic week as part of their transition into the Senior College.

On Thursday last week we farewelled our Year 12s in what was another modified event. Our Year 12s enjoyed a morning to celebrate and remember with a dress up breakfast, disco on the oval, presentation of gifts and then a farewell parade through a guard of honour of students from the ELC to Year 7, as well as our current Year 11s. I spoke to our Year 7s about the significance of the day and all that they can look forward to when it’s their turn to celebrate the end of their own school journey in 2025.

We have been invited to play in an invitational Year 8/9 Boys 20-20 cricket match against Mount Scopus (a fellow EISM school) in 2021 (restrictions permitting) and training for this began on Tuesday last week for our current Year 7s. It was wonderful to see 14 boys from Year 7 who were keen on trialling for the 12–13 member squad, with our current Year 8s joining them this week as part of their regular Tuesday afternoon training.


Global Youth Advocacy

Over the past 3 weeks, eleven Year 9 students have been preparing to take part in the Global Youth Goals Advocacy Forums run through the University of Melbourne and the Asia Foundation. The students are divided into two groups: Wellbeing and Equity, and Equality. Both groups have had to complete a range of pre-forum tasks, which focus on empathetic listening and exploring the stories of others who have experienced a different journey through life to themselves.

The Wellbeing group interviewed Charan and Sairan Sukumar, also Year 9 students and discovered the boys fascinating story about fleeing the civil war in Sri Lanka to escape firstly to New Zealand, then onto Brisbane and finally to Melbourne. The Equality and Equity Group interviewed Hope Duthie, (aunt of Lauren Spurr, Year 9) and were moved by her recount of leaving Vietnam as a four year old child on a people smuggler’s boat with 84 people in total, two of whom died during the passage.

Both groups were given the opportunity of engaging in one on one conversation with Year 11 students from Ritsumeikan Senior High School (Kyoto, Japan). The Japanese students were eager to share their personal views on lockdown in Japan, amongst a range of issues.

Upon completion of both international and local interviews, the students are writing up the stories as vignettes and they have been tasked with writing the stories from the interviewee’s perspective without judgement, comment or bias. These stories will be used as source material during the forum days on Wednesday 28 October (Wellbeing) and Thursday 5 November (Equality and Equity).

The experiences our students are gaining from this program are invaluable. They are developing their ability to connect and relate to others, and to show empathy to what others are going through, or have been through. I wish Mimi Coghlan, Natalie Young, Lauren Spurr, Ellena Glenk, Mia Qian, Alyssa Carter, Kiara Bakken, Meleah Byth, Ella Thompson, Raphael Taylor and Sean Harris all the best for the remainder of the program.



Senior College News

It has been a wonderful commencement to Term 4 as we now have all students of our Senior College students back on site. With the increasingly warmer and sunnier weather and with some life back in the school it has certainly lifted everyone’s spirits after so much time apart. With the GAT completed and final Year 12 internal assessments done, our Year 12s are focused on their period of Swot Vac and the commencement of their final exams. Our Year 10 and 11 students continue adjust to being back at school and it is important that they continue to actively engage with their learning as the learning which occurs now will be key to finishing the year off in a good place and will enable a smooth start of the year in 2021.

As we come to the end of the schooling journey for our Year 12 IB and VCE students we have had a number of occasions this past week to acknowledge their achievements, reflect on their secondary schooling journey and celebrate together as the Class of 2020. Whilst we have been unable to conduct these activities as we might have in previous years, we have maintained a commitment to ensuring students can participate in alternative celebrations and that we recognise and create meaningful, alternative significant events. Such events have included our online Boys’ Prep-12 Assemblies and Girls’ Prep-12 Assemblies that can now be viewed via these links (Boys Assembly, Girls Assembly) and the Year 12 Valedictory Service that has become an annual tradition as the final farewell to our Year 12 cohort. The Celebration Day was a wonderful occasion for students to come together and have fun as they dressed up, enjoyed a picnic breakfast and participated in a silent disco – there was lots of positive energy and emotion throughout the morning.




Celebration Evening 2020

In preparation for our Year 12 Celebration Evening screening on 5 December, we have now recorded the various components of the evening, including the presentation of each member of our graduating class and announcement and presentation of subject and major prize awards. It was a memorable occasion to acknowledge our Class of 2020 as they dressed formally for the occasion in their gowns and graduation hats. Towards the end of Term 4 we will acknowledge the achievements of our Year 7-11 students at a school assembly.


We wish our Year 12s every success in their upcoming exams and acknowledge the hard work, dedication and commitment they have put in this year. It has been a year like no other and they have endured some significant challenges in an already challenging situation. I am enormously proud of their continued positive attitude and leadership of our school community through this time. I would also like to thank families Through the challenging times for our students parents, guardians and siblings have provided so much support to Year 12 students as they have completed their final stage of learning. You have been there to provide food, unconditional support, and emotional energy and helped them to focus on the positives when it might’ve seemed like there really weren’t any. You have also needed to step at times and trust your increasingly independent children to enable them to make their own decisions and their own study plans. On behalf of our Class of 2020, thank you.

We wish all our Year 12 students all the best for the written VCE and IB examination period that commenced this week and we will look forward to seeing many of our Year 12 students and their families on Saturday 5 December at our Celebration Evening screening at the Coburg Drive-In.

Year 10 and 11 Class Photos

This coming Thursday 29 October we are scheduled to take our class group photos for 2020. Students will be required to wear their summer uniform, including their blazer, for this occasion.


Now that hairdressers have opened back up I wanted to remind families of our expectations regarding hair and hair styles. I ask for your support to ensure your daughter/son adheres to these expectations.

  • Any student whose hair falls below the bottom edge of their collar will wear their hair tied back with a hair tie in one or more of the School colours (navy blue, maroon, green or white).
  • Extreme hairstyles and unevenly or unnaturally coloured hair are not permitted.


IB Farewell Lunch

On Friday 16th October we held the IB Farewell Lunch. This is a Tintern tradition which allows us to celebrate the achievements of the students as their 2 year International Baccalaureate Diploma studies are ending. Although students had to bring their own lunches instead of having it catered, we still had a sense of occasion with everyone entering into the spirit of the event. After a couple of speeches which noted the challenges of this year, in particular, and the resilience of the students, the Sticker Awards were given to the students. Then it was their turn to recall memorable moments in their different classes, with some gentle roasting of their teachers. It was a lovely way to finish the formal part of their studies, with a real sense of community, connectedness and kindness alongside recognition of the grit and determination shown by all the year 12 IB students.

Nola Brotchie
IB Coordinator


Earth Week

EARTH WEEK Year 7-12 

Last week (19-23 October), the Green Team held their Secondary School Earth Week! Firstly, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the enthusiastic participation by both staff and students, and we really hope that everyone gained a new understanding of sustainability and how our actions affect our environment. 

Earth Week was a five-day program, which took several months to organise. We had a committee of Year 11 students who helped to organise and run the week, as well as our Year 10 technology guruAlei Paul, who helped us with organising the online activities. Each day had its own theme and activities, a Kahoot with fun facts, and daily calls to action for people to make positive change. 

Monday focused on reducing waste and it was run by Alec Chen. The day concentrated on trying to change the emphasis from reusing and recycling, to reducing and avoiding. A key message from this day was to invest in some reusable silicone or beeswax wraps as a replacement for glad wrap. 

Tuesday centred around eco-friendly eating and was organised by Maija Darzins. We provided information on how to reduce one’s carbon emissions through dietary choices. We focused specifically on the impacts that farming has on the environment, and how changing to a more plant based diet can have substantial positive impacts. Our favourite activity from Tuesday was definitely cooking Maija’s double choc raspberry muffins. 

On Wednesday, we moved the focus towards reusing, specifically in terms of our clothing, and this program was organised by Alana Lawson. With the recent increase in fast fashion we thought that this was a super fitting theme for the day, simply because it’s something that almost all of us are culprits of. Wednesday’s best point was the information about the awesome new apps, such as Depop and Good On You to help people make ethical decisions with clothing. 

Thursday was centred around Environmental Awareness During COVID-19, and prepared by Laura Mitcham. As a team, we noticed that the pandemic shifted a bit of the focus away from sustainability, as people became more complacent after seeing that global carbon emissions had reduced as a result of the lockdowns. The aim of Thursday was to show people the truth and try and remind them of our reality and the best ways to be sustainable, whilst also being COVID safe! Our much-loved activity of Thursday was Laura’s reusable disinfectant wipes, and the reusable masks! 

Our final day was organised by Victoria McKenzie, and it was about Wellbeing and The Environment. We recognised that news and information about the climate and, specifically, climate change can often be quite gloomy and sad, so we wanted to help provide the best ways to be both sustainable, reconnect with nature, and boost our wellbeing. Our newfound love for tree hugging, as well as simple things like having a picnic in the sun, going for a walk, and practising mindfulness were all perfect ways to engage in Friday’s theme! 

Overall, the Green Team is super pleased with the outcome of Earth Week 2020. With some year levels still engaged in remote learning, it was difficult to organise activities that involved the whole school but, given the circumstanceswe are really proud of the whole school community for getting involved and making the week such a success. Thank you all for your contributions and support. Stay safe and healthy! 

Laura Mitcham, Year 11 on behalf of the Earth Week Committee 

(Alec Chen, Maija Darzins, Alana Lawson, Victoria McKenzie, Laura Mitcham and Alei Paul). 


Beauty and the Beast Souvenir Book

Dear Beauty and the Beast Cast, Crew, Orchestra & Staff.

This is your opportunity to have a truly collectible memento of our beautiful 2020 production: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Order your very own:

Tintern Grammar – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

2020 Souvenir Hard Cover Book – Cost $65.00

Please see the attached PDF for more sample images

  • 100 glossy pages of high-quality professional images, taken during the production performance and rehearsals.
  • ALL cast and crew are included.

Please complete the attached order form & return by Friday 30 October to: ReceptionSenior@tintern.vic.edu.au


Melinda Quirillo

Head of Performing Arts



Academic Honesty Policy

As part of our ongoing review of policies please find the following updated policy in the Parent Services section of the MyTintern Portal or via the following link: 

Academic Honesty – Plagiarism Policy


Congratulations to Sarah Chen on being selected for the 53rd NMSS

Congratulations to Sarah Chen on being selected for the 53rd NMSS

Congratulations to Sarah Chen (Year 11) on being selected for the 53rd National Maths Summer School (NMSS) that is taking place in January 2021. The NMSS is the oldest and most prestigious program of its type in Australia and the selection process involves sitting a 90 minute technology-free test. The NMSS aims to develop the mathematical talent of high-achieving school students from all over the country and participation is limited to 75 students who have completed their Year 11 studies. During NMSS, students partake in a number of courses on different branches of Mathematics not typically studied as part of the school curriculum. Each course is delivered in a series of lectures and small-group tutorials.
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, NMSS 2021 will be a virtual school, with students participating online from their homes, rather than at Australian National University in Canberra. Best of luck to Sarah – we are all so very proud of you.

Years 7 to 11 School Photos

Years 7 – 11 School Photos

Due to the upcoming easing of restrictions, we are pleased to advise that we will be proceeding with our scheduled school photos for Years 7 to 11 photos this Thursday 29 October. Please see the schedule below: 

Schedule for Pastoral and Mentor Group Photographs

Thursday 29 October 2020


Form/Tutor Group

Scheduled Classes

Pastoral Staff or particular students in photo



7A & 7B


Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



7D & 7E

7D Geography


Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



9A & 9B

9A English

9B History

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



9D & 9E

9D Physical Education

9E Religion Studies

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



8A & 8B

8A and 8B Languages

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors




8C Languages

Mentor Group & Pastoral Mentor



8D & 8E

8D Drama

8E English

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



10A & 10B

10A Various

10B Various

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



10C & 10D

10C Various

10D Various

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors




10E Various

Mentor Group & Pastoral Mentor



11A & 11B

11A Various

11B Various

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors



11C & 11D

11C Various

11D Various

Mentor Groups & Pastoral Mentors




11E Various

Mentor Group & Pastoral Mentor



MS Captains, MS House Leaders


Middle School (Year 9) Captains, Leaders & House Leaders