27 Apr 2021

From the Principal

E-cigarettes and ‘vaping’ – a concerning trend amongst young people.

The School has received a small trickle of reports of Tintern students ‘vaping’ (the consumption of e-cigarettes), which is very concerning. There is also an anecdotal report of students selling ‘vaping’ paraphernalia to other students, possibly at school, and I want to express my very significant concern on both these issues, together with our zero-tolerance of them.

As an older person who has watched the declining use of tobacco in Australia with great satisfaction, the rise of ‘vaping’, is both mystifying and concerning. So much ground has been made in improving community health in this regard, both through legislation and laws, and through changes in community attitudes.  The rising numbers of (almost all young) e-cigarette users risks the future health or our young people, and as an older person, I’m aware that I was not sufficiently educated about this trend until recently. The information below is to assist other adults who may be in the same place as I was, to understand the incidence, risks, and legal factors around ‘vaping’.

Vaping is considered by many young people to be harmless and a good and healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. As you will read below, these are both fallacies. Almost as concerning is that ‘vaping’ is also re-normalising smoking as a habit with young people at a time when so much progress has been made in this area in our country.

From a school rules perspective, I want to make it clear that we will not tolerate either ‘vaping’ at, to or from school, or at any time in School uniform. The sale from student to student of ‘vaping’ or other smoking materials is absolutely unacceptable, and also illegal. Students may be liable for a range of sanctions, up to and including suspension from school, if they possess, smoke, consume, or deal in tobacco or e-cigarettes at school, during any school activities, or in school uniform outside school. In the case of the same for any prohibited and/or illegal drugs, sanctions may include up to expulsion.

The use of e-cigarettes is on the rise, particularly among high school students, and, given that the use of these devices is a relatively new phenomenon, we felt it important to provide students and parents with some relevant background information. As this is a new phenomenon, long-term health effects are not yet available, but early signs are not at all positive for users.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a liquid to produce a vapour that is inhaled. The fluid usually contains propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine and added flavouring(s). The devices are designed to deliver the aerosol directly to the lungs. Some resemble conventional cigarettes, while more recently developed devices look like everyday items such as pens or USB memory sticks. The appeal of these flavoured e-cigarettes to adolescents has led to their rapid uptake around the world.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia is concerned that e-cigarettes have ‘renormalised’ smoking. A worryingly recent study has also found that e-cigarette users were three times more likely than non-e-cigarette users to subsequently become tobacco smokers.

While the damaging impact of smoking tobacco is well known, the short and long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are still being researched.



Although the compositions of the e-cigarette liquids vary, they all contain a range of different solvents and flavouring agents which have the potential to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular, cancer and respiratory diseases. When overheated, the solvents propylene glycol and glycerine can produce dangerous levels of the carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

The vapour can also contain:

  • Heavy metals such as aluminium, arsenic, chromium, copper, lead, nickel and tin, all of which cause adverse health effects.
  • Particulates at levels that have the potential to cause adverse health effects for both the user and for bystanders. The World Health Organisation has warned that exposure to any level of particulate matter may be harmful and that levels of exposure should be minimised.
  • Flavourings normally approved for use in food production e.g., cherry, cinnamon, vanilla and popcorn flavours which, when inhaled directly into the lungs, can be toxic and have been demonstrated to have a range of different deleterious effects.

The NHMRC has found that users of e-cigarettes typically experience a low rate of adverse effects in the short-term, with mouth and throat irritation the most reported symptoms. The most common symptoms reported by those passively exposed to e-cigarettes included respiratory difficulties, eye irritation, headache, nausea and sore throat or throat irritation. However, more serious adverse events have also been reported, with over 200 incidents in the US and UK alone of e-cigarettes overheating, catching fire or exploding, leading to disfigurement and life-threatening injury. The rising popularity of e-cigarette use internationally has also corresponded with an increasing number of reported nicotine poisonings due to skin exposure to or ingestion of e-liquids. 

One of the newest and most popular vaping products is the JUUL, which resembles a USB memory stick.  This device now accounts for three quarters of the market share in the United States and every JUUL product contains a large dose of nicotine. Many lawmakers and public health officials in the US have criticised the company’s marketing practices, believing them to have targeted teens through social media influencers and their promotion of fruity pod flavours, which are now only sold online.



Detailed information about this can be found in the following link: https://www.quit.org.au/resources/policy-advocacy/policy/e-cigarettes/

However, the key elements of this for schools are as follows:

  • As of October 2016, the sale of e-cigarettes or e-cigarette accessories to a person under the age of 18 is illegal.
  • E-cigarettes that do not contain nicotine are legal for use by adults.
  • Note: E-cigarettes have also often been found to be labelled incorrectly. Despite claims to the contrary, many do contain nicotine. Tests conducted by NSW Health in 2013 showed that 70 percent of the samples contained high levels of nicotine, even though the label did not state nicotine as an ingredient.



This Special Report highlights the facts around vaping and e-cigarettes and what are the potential risks. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report https://tintern.vic.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/special-report-vaping-au

It is important that family conversations are had with students of appropriate age and stage. Your children will have seen, or will see ‘vaping’ in public places, and like most young people, will at least be curious. I hope this will assist in your family’s ability to have informed conversation around this concerning trend amongst young people.

factis non verbis



Curriculum Matters

April 2021

In a world where school students, for so many years, have worked to complete set tasks and comply to standards, there is a rallying cry and a more urgent need for young people to emerge from our education system as problem solvers and creative thinkers in order that they may embrace and contribute in a meaningful manner to their ever-changing environments. They should be kind and compassionate, brave risk-takers, with open minds, an awareness of global issues and a willingness to continue to learn and grow throughout their lives.

If this is the type of student Tintern aspires to send out into the world, then our Tintern staff, also, must model such attributes. Much of our staff professional development these past few months has been focussed on delving into the culture of learning at Tintern and pulling apart exactly how we, as lifelong learners, are conducting teaching and learning experiences in our classrooms with your children. Our focus has been on the cultural forces and routines espoused by the Cultures of Thinking research conducted by Project Zero out of Harvard University. In undertaking these explorations, staff have allowed themselves to be vulnerable and honest with each other about how we have taught in the past and how we need to adapt our teaching and learning, moving forward. These are exciting times and the intentional outcomes of deepening our own and our students’ thinking skills, alongside the ripple effect from these explorations can only be of benefit to the culture of learning at Tintern.


Having reflected in the previous section on our historical predilection for testing and standardization, we come to one of those practices mandated by our government which provides data which is highly valued in some quarters but, perhaps, is now being surpassed in other quarters for a propensity for deeper and broader educational outcomes. In just over a week, students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will sit the annual ‘National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy’ (NAPLAN) tests. These tests provide practice for students at sitting formal tests and are one source of data for schools and parents to assess the progress of individual students, cohorts and programs.

This year, Tintern Grammar will be among thousands of schools nationally which will complete the NAPLAN tests utilizing the improved online system.

Whilst these test results are useful, and our students do perform well by national standards, it must be remembered that they are a single snapshot in time focussing on a few key skills and not the whole picture. Whilst the NAPLAN results can provide broader snapshots of learning trends within states and regions, individual and collaborative teacher assessment over time provides a richer and deeper picture of student learning. NAPLAN results should be considered in this wider context.

Our teaching teams at Tintern develop targets based on a range of assessments and explorations and these sit alongside the values of the Tintern Grammar Compass and Learner Profile. These targets address the whole-person and the types of 21st Century knowledge and skills which we strive to develop in all of our students.

End-of-semester reporting

Parents are reminded that Junior and Secondary School Semester Reports will be published to families online via our Tintern Grammar Portal. They will go live at 3pm on Tuesday 22 June. Instructions for accessing these reports will be emailed to families in the last week of term.

Secondary Program and Subject Selection for 2022

As part of Tintern Grammar’s commitment to ensuring students make informed choices, we are holding two information sessions relating to the options available for our Years 10 and 11 students of 2022.

The first of these sessions, our Guiding your Future event, is scheduled for Wednesday 9 June. This event, designed for current Years 9 and 10 students, will explore how senior subject selection is best informed by an understanding of the senior qualifications on offer at the school and the potential career pathways available to students. Further information will be forthcoming to Years 9 and 10 families regarding this event in the near future.

As a follow up to this evening, a Subject Showcase Evening will be held in Term 3 on Thursday 22 July 2021.  On this second evening, all individual VCE and VET subjects on offer next year will be outlined and subject teachers will be available to answer specific subject-related questions. At this evening Year 9 (2021) students and families are invited to attend a special information session on the possibility of taking a VCE subject in Year 10, prior to joining Year 10 (2021) students and families in the Anderson Centre (Senior College).

As in previous years, the subject selection process will occur online in late July. Students will be given instructions on how to follow this process in special assemblies at school and instructions will be sent to students’ Tintern email accounts on the evening of Friday 23 July.

The information sessions mentioned above will assist students to select the most suitable pathway and subject choices for 2022. Individual teachers and our careers counsellors also will be available to assist in this process throughout the timeline outlined.



Music Matters

Band-ana entertain the crowds at the Tintern Grammar Horse Trials

Mark Evans (keyboard), Natasha Gillam (vocals/rhythm guitar), Alex Higgins (bass guitar) and Liv Whitla (drumkit) did a fabulous job of drawing a crowd to the food court at lunchtime on Saturday at the 20th Annual Tintern Grammar Interschool Horse Trials Championships at Wandin Park. The band worked their way through a wide range of crowd-pleasing songs, receiving high praise from the riders and families who flocked in to enjoy their performance. The food traders in the immediate vicinity also enjoyed the live entertainment!  

The band members have rehearsed throughout Term 1 and also got together during the recent holiday break to put the finishing touches on their 30-minute set. Many thanks to the band’s tutor, Ryan Di Cecco, for rehearsing with the students during the holidays and supporting them with their set-up at the event on the day. We look forward to hearing the band play at our Small Ensembles Concert on Thursday 6 May (7.00pm) in the Theatre.


Friends of Music cook up a storm at the Horse Trials

One of the food stalls at the Horse Trials was none other than the fabulous parents on our Friends of Music committee. Whilst primarily aiming to raise funds to support our Tintern musicians, the FOM committee provides a great service to the Equestrian community also. The Music Department thanks these dedicated parents for starting their Saturday and Sunday mornings at 6am, cooking up egg and bacon rolls and sausages for the hungry riders, as they rose early to prepare their steeds for the competitions at Wandin.


Charlie Victoria in demand at school and local ANZAC gatherings

Year 12 Instrumental Captain, Charlie Victoria, was in great demand, both at school and in the local community during last week’s ANZAC Day gatherings.

Charlie played The Last Post at John Cain Arena before the South East Melbourne Phoenix game last Thursday (pictured). Then Charlie was on stage again at both the Junior and Senior Tintern ANZAC Assemblies on Friday, before supporting her local RSL in Boronia at their Dawn Service on Sunday morning.

Thanks Charlie for your service and commitment to the school and also to our local community.

Upcoming Performances at Tintern (all free entry)

Small Ensembles Concert, Lecture Theatre

Thursday 6 May, 7.00pm

This will be a delightful concert featuring Band-ana, a cello septet, a string quintet, a piano trio, the Intermediate Jazz Band and our flute, clarinet, and saxophone ensembles. All welcome.


Junior & Senior Piano Concerts, CM Wood Centre

Tuesday 18 May, 5.00pm & 7.00pm


IB Recital, CM Wood Centre

Thursday 17 June, 7.00pm



Sport Matters

House Athletics Carnival 

On Tuesday 20 April Tintern Grammar held the annual House Athletics Carnival at Bill Sewart Athletics Track in East Burwood. With the carnival not being held in 2020 due to COVID-19, both staff and students were excited for the carnival.
With the weather forecast being for a cold day with rain predicted in the afternoon, everyone was hoping that it would hold off until after the carnival. The atmosphere during the carnival was amazing as students competed with determination to ensure that they scored as many points for their house as possible.
Staff and students supported their houses throughout the day and the scoring was extremely close for most of the day, with only a small margin between first and fourth place. Around lunchtime, the rain set in for the afternoon and unfortunately due to the worsening track conditions, the carnival had to be abandoned after the 200m events.
Congratulations to Butterss/Cross who were declared the winners for 2021:
1st Butterss/Cross 2014.5
2nd Gordon/Grant 1981
3rd Dann/Watt 1942
4th Mansfield/McKie 1939
5th Somner/Stewart 1807
Congratulations to the students awarded year level champion on the day:
Year 7 Boys: Ryan Jayarathna
Year 7 Girls: Amelie Scherer
Year 8 Boys: Elijah Hanna
Year 8 Girls: Millie Blank
Year 9 Boys: James Feng
Year 9 Girls: Ella Carboon
Year 10 Boys: Daniel Fu
Year 10 Girls: Asha Pongho
Year 11 Boys: Ben McKee
Year 11 Girls: Sienna Dass
Year 12 Boys: Dylan Cleal
Year 12 Girls: Harriet Rasmussen
Congratulations to the following students who broke records on the day:
Yr 11 Girls 400m Sienna Dass 54.61 sec
Yr 11 Boys 400m Mees Van Vroonhoven 58.02 sec


Victorian Interschool State Equestrian Championships 2021.

During the second week of the April school holidays, Tintern Grammar had 6 riders representing the school at the Victiorian interschool state championships. These 6 riders, Lillian Trevorrow (year 12), Keeley Thomas (year 11), Amelia Harvey (year 8), Mia Heinrich (Year 8), Aisha Heinrich (year 6) and Maddison Bailey (year 6), have been working hard for the last 12 months to obtain the qualifications needed to compete at an inter school state level. 

This event held at the Werribee park national equestrian centre is something aspired to by most competitive interschool equestrian riders across the state. The event hosts over 700 riders from more than 300 schools both secondary and primary. This fun event caters to many different equestrian disciplines, ensuring that Tintern Grammar was represented well in all phases. 

I was very proud to be a part of the 2021 team and enjoyed watching and cheering on my fellow teammates. We all worked hard during the week to achieve some amazing results whilst having fun during our downtime at the event. 

Lilly Trevorrow, Year 12 


Student Achievements 

Congratulations to Sebastian and Ryan in Year 7 who both recently made the quarter finals at the 2021 FIFS Hume Tennis and Community Centre Junior Tour Bronze Tournament 🎾


Congratulations to Mitch M (Year 12) who recently competed at the 2021 Elite and U19 Cycling Championships in Brisbane. Mitch rode consistently throughout the event competing in the Points Race, Scratch Race, Omnium, Madison and Individual Pursuit. Mitch represented the Victorian team, which was named the winner of the event, well done Mitch. 




Congratulations to Brady (Year 7) for a great performance at the Australian Track and Field Championships in Sydney.
Competing as an under 15 Para-athlete, Brady won the 400m, placed 3rd in the discus, shot put, 200m and long jump and 4th in the 100m, well done Brady!
Congratulations to Jemima (Year 7) for her stellar performance at the Age National Diving Championships in Brisbane recently.
Jemima won a Bronze medal for the 1m (12/13) Age National Championship.
Jemima competed in a range of events, placing 7th in the 3m, 8th in the Platform and 7th in the Synchro, she was also 1 of 4 selected to compete in the State Team Challenge for Victoria, the team secured 3rd place, well done Jemima!
Congratulations to Lexin (Year 5) who competed today in the State Swimming Championships in the 50 metre freestyle.
Girls and staff, including our Principal, Mr Fry, gathered to cheer Lexin on through the live stream, and all were incredibly proud to see Lexin finishing first in a hard fought out competition.
Well done to Tintern’s very own State Champion!

Community Matters

Mother’s Day Stall

Our Tintern Parent Group’s Mother’s Day stall will be held on

  • Tuesday 4 May 8.30am to 12.30pm
  • Southwood Centre
  • Gifts range in price from $3 – $15

Please send a bag on the day for your child to put their goodies in!

TPG Trivia Night – Tickets on sale now!

Tintern Parent Group would like to invite you to test your knowledge and have fun, at their Trivia Night!  Join us on Saturday 22 May 2021 at 7.30pm at Tintern Grammar.

Book your tickets here! Tickets are $15 each with $5 from each donated to a charity.

The Silent Auction has been arranged by the Green Team and Social Justice Group, with all proceeds from the Auction contributing to their projects.

Choose a theme for your table and ‘dress to your theme’, whether a colour, book, movie, song or television show, the opportunities are endless.

Senior College students are also welcome to attend.

The Social Justice Group and the Green Team are also seeking donations towards the evening, to be used as prizes or as part of the Silent Auction. If you or your business have something to donate; whether a gift, product or experience, please contact Anne Bortolussi to ABortolussi@tintern.vic.edu.au. Any donations will be acknowledged on the night, and in our newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you there!

TPG Movie Night

Thank you to everyone who attended the TPG Movie Night and the Green Team and Social Justice Group’s Sustainability Market. It was an incredible festive atmosphere and we greatly appreciated your support for our first event back in over a year, particularly with the late move indoors.

A special thank you to the members of the TPG whose hard work made this event possible. And to the  to the many students who assisted with the Movie Night and the Sustainability Market. 

Friends of Equestrian Annual Inter-School Horse Trials Championships

This past weekend saw the 21st Annual Inter-School Horse Trials Championships. Run by the dedicated volunteers of the Friends of Equestrian, this wonderful event saw over 220 riders from over 80 schools participate in Show-jumping, Dressage and Cross Country events. 

A very special thank you to:

  • Friends of Equestrian, who are an incredible volunteer parent committee who planned and managed this inter-school event with dedication and committment.
  • Friends of Music, who once again ran an Egg & Bacon stall over the weekend.
  • Ashley Viney – Equestrian Co-ordinator
  • Rev. Alison Andrew – conducted the dawn service on Sunday.
  • All students, family and staff who came along and supported the event.
  • Maintenance – who help set up and pack down the event
  • Admissions and Marketing team, Community Relations and Printroom who helped to support the group administratively.

You can view the Horse Trials Booklet online here.

Tintern Parent Group AGM 2021

The next meeting for the Tintern Parent Group is to be held on Tuesday 11 May 2021 in the CM Wood Common Room.

All parents are welcome to attend and be a part of the Tintern Parent Group. We look forward to seeing our old and many new faces at the meeting.

Please select here to view the TPG AGM Agenda and Nomination Form for 2021.

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Wanting to continue as Parent Rep for your 2021 Class or Year Level?

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or events.

Parent Reps also organise class or year level functions to provide parents with the opportunity of meeting and socialising in a relaxed atmosphere. It would be a great opportunity for class groups to connect, while supporting our local community cafes and restaurants still recovering from the lockdowns.

We greatly appreciate the time and commitment given by our Parent Reps. This role is suitable for Parents or Guardians who are in the workforce or who undertake home responsibilities. It can be shared between many people, or looked after by one person.

A special thank you to our wonderful team of Parent Representatives from 2020. Though the year was not what we expected, with the cancellation of many events and restrictions preventing class catch ups, we greatly appreciated their efforts in unusual times.

Welcome to our 2021 Class Reps:


Lia Taylor


Ereney Francis

Pre-Prep A

Lakshika Kuruppu

Pre-Perp A

Marion George

Pre-Prep B

Emma Griffiths  

Prep A

Diana Atkins

Prep A

Claire Bernadou

Prep B

Sarah Western

Year 1 A

Claire Bernadou

Year 1 A

Fan Qin

Year 1 B

Emma Griffiths

Year 2 A

Kylie Hutchinson

Year 2 B

Katherine Gracey

Year 2 B

Jane Wilcock

Year 3 B

Danielle Kelberg

Year 4 A

Viviana Liou

Year 4 B

Sally Robinson

Year 4 B

Samantha Bray

Year 5 A

Katherine Gracey

Year 5 B

Carole Shen

Year 6 A

Danielle Kelberg

Year 6 B

Lisa Chivers

Year 6 B

Michelle Kuo

Year 7 Boys

Carolyn Wood

Year 7 Boys

Catherine Winduss

Year 8 Girls

Kerry Boromeo

Year 11

Annette Dark

Year 11

Wendy Zhang

Year 11

Dorothy Ou

Year 12

Amanda McKenzie

We are still seeking Reps for a number of year levels. If you would like to volunteer to be your Year Level’s Parent Representative, would like further information, or happy to continue in your current role, contact us by email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au or by phone 03 9845 7877.

As we begin a new year, and adapt to our new Covid normal, we look forward to sharing with you many of the exciting events that help tie our Tintern Community together.

Footy Tipping Competition – AFL and AFLW

The Tintern Grammar community footy tipping competition is here, and it is not to late to join!

For those interested in joining the 2021 competitions, details are below:

You will then have to log into your own account or create one. When setting up your account, you might like to check the reminder email box so you don’t forget!

The competition is free and open to our entire adult (18+ @ 28/1/2021) Tintern community – Tintern Grammar students will not be permitted to enter. If you have any questions please email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au and we’ll help you get started.

Cash Prizes awarded for the winners of each Tipping Competition:

AFLW Footy Tipping Prizes – Prize winners to be announced and notified soon!
The prizes have been adjusted to reflect the shorter AFLW season:

  • 1st Prize $100
  • 2nd Prize $50
  • 3rd Prize $25
  • 4th Prize $15

AFL Footy Tipping Prizes:

  • 1st Prize $250
  • 2nd Prize $120
  • 3rd Prize $60
  • 4th Prize $40
  • 5th Prize $20

If the AFL season is shortened at a later date due to Covid, the tipping competition will continue, but the prizes will be adjusted accordingly. 

Good luck and start tipping!!

Community Committee Dates 

We are pleased to welcome our Community Group volunteers back on site. To view a map with venue locations marked, please select here.  Please check the information below carefully for details:

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) AGM –Next meeting: Tuesday 11 May 2021 at 7.30pm President: Haidee Wallace Location: CM Wood Common Room 
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 12 May 2021 at 7pm  President: Debra Fryer Location:  CM Wood Common Room
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) AGM – Next Meeting: Monday 3 May 2021 at 7.30pm President: Ranald Young Location: Kennedy Cottage or Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Interested in joining FOE, contact them here to be included in meeting notifications 

Upcoming Reunions 2021

  • 35, 40 & 45 Year Reunion YGs 1985 & 1986, 1980 & 1981, 1975 & 1976 – Saturday 5 June at 3.30pm, followed by Offsite – Book here
  • YG 2015, 5+1 Year Reunion – Friday 11 June 2021 at Beer DeLuxe in Hawthorn in the Hop Lounge – Book Here
  • YG 2016, 5 Year Reunion – Friday 16 July at 7.30pm – Offsite
  • 20, 25 & 30 Year Reunion YGs 2000 & 2001, 1995 & 1996, 1990 & 1991 – Saturday 31 July at 3.30pm, followed by Offsite

Community Group Fundraising

Tintern Grammar Photo Albums – Protect your School Photos!

Protect your child’s school photos with a stunning Tintern Photo Album. The TPG is offering beautiful quality made customised ‘buckram’ binders for only $72. The albums are Navy, featuring the school crest and name printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent sheet inserts.

The albums are great for storing:
– The official school photos
– Certificates
– NAPLAN and ICAS results
– Sports and performer ribbons
– Artwork
– Programs from concerts, sports days and special assemblies
– Photos
– Newsletter clippings
– Your own scrapbook creations (as the pages are 30cm x 30cm standard scrapbook size)

In fact, if you think of it like a filing cabinet of memories, over the years it builds up into quite a treasure! Samples can be viewed in the uniform shop and all orders are now taken at this link through trybooking. 

Once you have placed your order, please take your confirmation to the Uniform Shop to collect your Album and/or extra pages.

Entertainment Books

The Entertainment Book is now 100% digital! Excitingly this means that your Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


SchoolTV Special Report: Raising Girls

This month on SchoolTV – Raising Girls

Raising girls in today’s modern world can be a difficult path for parents and carers to navigate. These days, girls are transitioning to puberty a lot earlier than they used to and the physical, psychological and emotional changes they experience are challenging. As a result, by mid-adolescence, girls are twice as likely to develop mood disorders more so than boys.

Some parents and carers may feel uncertain about how best to support their daughter through the ups and downs of adolescence and how to keep the lines of communication open. With the rise of social media and technology, mental health difficulties in girls are increasing as often they are faced with online images that make it difficult to see themselves as acceptable. Ensuring a daughter’s opinions are heard and her views listened to, will go a long way towards making her feel loved and supported as she tries to establish her own identity.

In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers will attain a clearer picture of what girls are wanting from their adult carers and how best to support them through adolescence. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to this month’s edition https://tintern.vic.schooltv.me/newsletter/raising-girls


Student Welfare News: Body Image and Self-Esteem

Body Image and Self-Esteem

Perceptions of our body image are formulated by thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs about our bodies and physical appearance.

We can develop a range of feelings about our shape, size, weight and bodily functions ranging from positive and satisfied, to negative and dissatisfied. Feeling negative and dissatisfied about our body image and wanting to alter areas of our physical appearance can lead to damage to our self-esteem. Having a positive body image (liking your body the way it is right now) can lead to confidence and a more positive self-esteem.  

Start with Acceptance: there are MANY things to like about your body. Appreciating your body as it is results in taking good care of it.

Here are some ways to help you feel your best:

Accept Your Body

  • Perfect bodies do not exist, and everyone deserves to be welcomed and loved as they are – which is true for our bodies as well. Reflect on your body as it is and be less critical of it
  • Make effortful attempts to be your bodies friend
  • Do not be excessively critical and negative about your appearance. Self-esteem is harmed when you make negative statements about your own body. Thinking these remarks to yourself or saying them out loud makes them become a reality. Be consistent with avoiding this. This is a large task, respect yourself and the process of improvement.

Learn to love Your Body

  • Look for positive aspects surrounding your appearance. Tell yourself why you like it. If you’re finding this challenging, think about what your friends or family would find positive about your appearance. Know there are many things that are admirable about your appearance. Allow yourself to enjoy them.
  • Be aware of all the things your body supports you to do. It’s not just how you appear.
  • Enjoy the feelings your body creates when you move.

Take Care of Your Body

  • Eat healthy foods. Learn what foods are good for you and give you the energy you need. Eating well enhances your body image. When you treat your body right, you feel good about yourself.
  • Get good sleep. Adolescents need between 9 and 9½ hours of sleep per night. Go to bed on time and turn off screens at least an hour before bedtime so you can sleep well.
  • Be active every day. Moving keeps the body strong, fit and healthy. Find ways to be active like play a sport, run, walk, go to the gym, do yoga, pilates, swim, or dance, whatever you enjoy doing.

What If I Need Help with My Body Image and Self-Esteem?

Sometimes, body image or self-esteem problems are a lot to handle alone. Tell a parent, doctor, mental health or counselling service about what you’re going through and ask them for help. Body image and self-esteem can improve with help and care.

Feel free to access:

Student Welfare Services: Catie McNamara


Written by Andrew Dallafiore and Jess Soccio

Student Welfare Services







ELC News

Learning about ANZAC Day

The children in the ELC watched a special episode of Play School about ANZAC Day. This episode sparked a variety of questions by the children and this led to a meaningful discussion about the significance of ANZAC day and what it means to Australians and New Zealanders. We built on the children’s understanding about the traditions and facts of this important event and the children participated in a multitude of learning experiences across the week.

We used art-based techniques and media to extend on our knowledge about ANZAC Day. Each class created their own wreath and the students in Pre-Prep B discussed the symbolism of the red poppy and created a collage featuring our hands holding a painted poppy. We incorporated the tradition of baking ANZAC biscuits as a hands-on way to mark the day and all the children enjoyed eating an ANZAC biscuit. Across the week, we read a myriad of picture story books from “Lest We Forget” by Kerry Brown to “My Grandpa Marches on ANZAC Day” by Catriona Hoy and Benjamin Johnson. These were an excellent introduction to this poignant day.

Anita Mathews (PPB Teacher)

Lest We Forget


Girls’ Junior School News

News from Prep A


The wonderful prep girls have settled into their routines and learning beautifully in Term 2.  Re-connecting with one another through play situations was essential in the reformation of friendships and the development of communication, emotional strength, imagination and creativity. As we all know, children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying themselves. Setting up investigation stations and play environments for the girls to engage with one another in an imaginative setting, was essential to help reform bonds and initiate language.

Here is what the girls think of their play based learning community…….

Isla – I like playing schools with my friends. We write on the whiteboards.

Doris – I love drawing with my friends.

Millie – I like laughing with Mrs Thomas

Zoe – I love spending time with my friends because we get to play in the kitchen together.

Hannah – I like playing with the squishy, fiddle toys. We twist them.

Lili – I like reading stories to Mrs Thomas and my friends.

Abigail – I like pretending I am a cat with my friends.

Rianna – I love building towers to see how high I can build it.

Sarah – I love playing in the classroom shop because I get to cook.

Sana – I love reading books with my friends.

Daisy – I like playing with my friends. We play with the fiddle toys.

Aleayah – I like playing with the fiddle toys with my friends.

Stasia – I like laughing with my friends when I play.

Beatrice – I like playing with my friends and pretending I’m a puppy.

Lena – I like playing with the fiddle toys. It makes me feel calm.

Jessie – I like playing games with my friends because we get to make up games and talk funny.

Mila – I like playing with the fiddle toys because they make me feel happy.

Luna – I like playing with my friends. They make me feel happy

Anchor – I like imagining that I’m a viking.

Blaire – I like playing in the shop. I make cupcakes.

Olivia – I like listening to my friends and laughing with them.

Helen – I like making Mrs Thomas a cup of tea and a cup cake in the café.


Alongside learning through play, the girls have experienced many maths investigations during our maths rotation time each Thursday.



The girls have been very excited to start reading groups during Term Two.

They have learnt how to run a reading group independently –

  1. Talk about what they can see on the front cover.
  2. One at a time, the first student reads the title, cover page and first page.
  3. The next student reads the next page…etc.
  4. If someone has trouble with a word, help support your friend to sound out the word.
  5. Each student then has the chance to say one thing about the book….

“There was a cat in the book”, “The cat was friends with the tortoise”, “The cat felt sad at the beginning of the book”…. etc.











Nicky Thomas 

Prep Girls’ Junior School Teacher


Year 4 Girls

Last term, our Year 4 girls explored the unit, ‘Plant Your Feet’ where the girls developed a growing a sense of wonder and appreciation of plants as they investigated the processes of pollination and germination, the parts of a plant, a seeds life cycle, environmental conditions that plants need for growth, the food we eat and much more.


We had a number of hands on activities the students really enjoyed. We spent some time walking around the campus foraging for interesting plant parts and flowers – collecting and bringing them to the STEAM centre. After that, we examined them closely under the 3D microscopes. The girls identified the different parts of a plant or flower and took photos using the microscopes. These pictures turned out beautifully and will be printed onto reusable canvas bags in an effort to be more sustainable, this week.




We also had a particular focus on the food we eat and what part of a plant food items come from. We identified there was six parts of a plant we eat (stem, root, leaf, fruit, flower and seed) and made our own vegetable salad wraps with an item from each section. It was great fun guessing how certain vegetables grow and what they look like when they’re attached to a plant. We did some further research to broaden our knowledge of the perfect conditions each plant we grow for food needs.



We visited the Royal Botanical Gardens and completed a ‘Bush Foods’ program. It was a journey through the Australian Garden, filled with native plants. We discovered a variety of indigenous bush foods. Students learnt about Aboriginal knowledge of agricultural systems and food-related tools. We became familiar with native Australian flora and the purpose each plant has in Aboriginal culture.

It has been so much fun exploring plants and examining how they reproduce in a very similar way to humans and the girls’ have shown fabulous depth with their understanding throughout the unit. For Term 2 our topic explores The First Fleet and we are excited to learn more!


Will Fogarty

Year 4 Girls’ Junior School Teacher


Lexin in Year 5 wins the State Swimming Championships 

Congratulations to Lexin from Year 5 who competed today in the State Swimming Championships in the 10 Year old girls 50 metre freestyle.

Girls and staff, including our Principal, Mr Fry, gathered to cheer Lexin on through the live stream, and all were incredibly proud to see Lexin finishing first in a hard fought out competition.

Well done to Tintern’s own State Champion!



Boys’ Junior School News


Our annual Junior School ANZAC Assembly afforded us another opportunity to gather together as a community to recognise and acknowledge the legend of the ANZAC’s and the sacrifices made by all who have represented our country in times of conflict.

Our Junior School leaders presented an Assembly that contained the traditional aspects of all ANZAC Day ceremonies, including the Last Post and Rouse, beautifully played by Year 12 student Sam Victoria, the Ode read by our Principal Mr Brad Fry, and the Requiem, as below.

We also heard stories of some of the individual ANZAC’s in the iconic photo of the 11th Battalion of the AIF taken on the 10 January 1915,  as they sat on the Pyramid of Giza, and we were delighted to have Mike Taylor, parent of Gerry (Year 1) and Charlotte (ELC) tell us about the role of bagpipers in war, and then play the haunting Battle of the Somme on his 100 year old bagpipes. Our students as always were so respectful and understanding, as they listened maturely throughout the Assembly.


The Lion King Production

Preparations for our Boys’ Junior School Production of The Lion King are well underway, with the Matinee to be held at 1.00pm and the Evening performance 7.00pm, on Thursday 27 May.



Mont De Lancey

On Thursday 22 of April, the Year 1s had an excursion to Mont De Lancey Historic Homestead in the Yarra Valley. The boys got a glimpse at what life was like in the 1880s and were able to experience an authentic classroom from that time. They learned how to say ‘Good afternoon Ma’am’ and to bow to the teacher. The boys saw some amazing old machines and watched a man make a spinning top out of a piece of wood. They visited a blacksmith and learned what he does and visited an old church where they all had a turn at ringing the church bell. The boys learned how to make rope and then used the rope to skip with. The afternoon was spent playing olden-day games; driving billy carts, playing quoits, playing tug-of-war, skipping, having sack races and rolling down the grassy hill. It was a fabulous day of learning and activity that complimented our Now and Then Integrated Studies unit from Term 1.

Jennifer Sloane

Year 1 Classroom Teacher Boys Junior School


Junior School Mother’s Day Breakfast

Junior School Mothers (or female mentors) are invited to join us for our annual Mothers’ Day Breakfast on Friday 7 May 2021, 7.30am in the CM Wood Centre.

This event is a fully catered event, with allocated seating. It is important that we have every family RSVP with each name of those attending, including all children. Please note, that due to current COVID-19 restrictions we can only permit one Adult guest per family. Donations for Breast Cancer network gladly accepted.

When: On Friday 7 May 2021 at 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM

Where: Tintern Grammar CM Wood
90 Alexandra Road , Ringwood East , VIC 3136

RSVP via the link below: 



Middle School News

It’s always exciting to see the return of our students after a term break, and despite their tired eyes (most likely due to an earlier than normal wake up time), their sense of excitement and happiness to be back around their peers and teachers is always evident.  

Our annual House Athletics Day was a different, but very exciting way to start a school term. It was great to see all students involved and participating enthusiastically and I express my gratitude to all involved for their high level of commitment toward their own events and to their respective House. The day itself provides many our students who enjoy athletics the opportunity to challenge themselves and their peers both on the track and in the field, whilst also providing the opportunities for those less inclined to still be involved with the inclusion of some fun novelty events that also contribute to overall House points.

The weather threatened from the beginning, however, refrained enough for most of the day so as to allow us enough time to complete approximately 85% of the events. By approximately 1:30pm the skies then opened and forced a safety-based decision to call a premature end to the carnival. Once all students were transported back to our CM Wood Centre it was then announced that the overall winning House for 2021 was Butterss-Cross, slightly in front of Gordon-Grant. I would like to give a huge congratulations to all members of the Butterss-Cross House for their win, whilst also praising members of all Houses for their efforts.  

From an individual perspective there were so many wonderful achievements, times, distances, etc. throughout the day. I would like to congratulate the following students who through their participation and results were judged year level champions for 2021: 

  • Year 7: Amelie Scherer and Ryan Jayarathna
  • Year 8: Millie Blank and Elijah Hanna
  • Year 9: Ella Carboon and James Feng

At the time of publication of this article, our EISM athletics team was competing in the Division 3 Championships with the aim of winning overall and therefore returning us back to Division 2 for next year.  

Athletics is just one of so many different co-curricular type opportunities available to our students whilst at school. From opportunities on the farm to the stage, in the STEAM Centre to courts, there will no doubt be something for every student to get involved in and connect with other students who have similar interests and likes. It is through these opportunities that students also develop a strong sense of belonging to school and enjoyment of school, helping to make these years so much more enjoyable and memorable for them.  

Coming up this term we have our annual Cathedral Service on Friday 30th April at St Paul’ Cathedral in the city. This event will be during the school day with our Year 7s and 8s catching trains into the city (therefore needing a valid MYKI card), whilst our 9s – 12s will be bused in a little bit later. All Middle School students will be bused back to school in time for the completion of the school day.

We have our next Middle School GEM Day on Monday May 10th where our 7s and 9s will be involved in a variety of pastoral based sessions on topics relevant and appropriate for them, whilst our Year 8s will be involved in the wonderful 2-day program titled “The Smoothie Bar.” This event includes a parent evening on Tuesday 11 May in the Colebrook Hall at 7pm where our students will showcase their amazing work from the two days.  

Some other key events this term include our Mother’s Day bowling on the Monday 3rd May (girls at 6pm and boys at 7pm), limited spots remain so bookings are essential. On Tuesday 4th May there is a parent presentation at school for The Resilience Project and how this can be encouraged and implemented at home to support both parents and students.  

We are excited for what will be a great Term 2 across the Middle School. 



Senior College News

Despite the torrential rain during the House Athletics, the students enjoyed the opportunity to participate and for the Year 12s, the day represented an opportunity to dress up and celebrate. I acknowledge the commitment of students representing the school in the Division 3 EISM Athletics competition to be held on Wednesday 27 April. A number of senior students are also involved in upcoming basketball and volleyball competitions. A new initiative from our senior students has been the introduction of the chess club and this has been particularly popular with students across the school on a Friday lunch time.

Thank you to families for your support of the Student Progress Meetings at the end of last term and from the school’s perspective it was so valuable to have the majority of students in attendance at either the online or face-to-face discussions.

Thank you to Laura Mitcham, Oliver Huang, Charlie Carboon and Mitchell Snowball along with their parents and Mr Kenny for joining me as we represented Tintern Grammar at the Ringwood ANZAC Day service on Sunday 25 April. Laura and Oliver laid our wreath under the Ringwood Clocktower and all present paid our respects to members of the Defence Forces. The combination of hearing the Last Post and the flurry of early morning bird song left me feeling reflective for the past but hopeful for the future.

Body Safety Australia Parent/Guardian Seminar

The parent/guardian seminar was well attended on Tuesday 20 April as part of our ongoing Respectful Relationships pastoral focus across the school. A summary of the evening will be sent to parents across the school. The content related to:

  • Informed Consent
  • Setting and Respecting Boundaries
  • Empowering Bystanders
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Pastoral News from Year 10

The Wilsons Promontory camp went well and I enjoyed my time with the students. It was wonderful to see them embrace the activities and help each other even when they may be feeling initially hesitant. My thanks to Emma Lowing, Adam Klan, Marlee Batterham and the Year 10 pastoral team for being so willing to explore this option for our students.

Year 10 students participated in the Body Safety Australia workshops on Wednesday 21 April and informal feedback from the students indicated that it was well received from each group. A review and reflection session will be held on Thursday 29 April during pastoral time. Students studying Geography this semester completed their fieldwork camp to Phillip Island on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 April so when combined with the Athletics Sports it certainly has been a busy first week.

On Thursday 29 April, the students will be undertaking the Morrisby careers testing from 8.30am to 11.00am. A report will be released to students following the testing with an online feedback session hosted by a representative from Careers Analysts. This evening assists families and their child to interpret the results and it is a particularly important part of the process. Morrisby online is a tool that we shall be using during pastoral sessions to explore different career options and it is the interactive and exploratory aspect of the product that is most useful for students. Year 10 subject choice interviews will also commence this term in preparation for subject selection early in Term 3. Each student will have a time to discuss both the Morrisby report and their program for their final years. Further details will be provided about the Subject Showcase Evening later in the term.


Pastoral News from Year 11

During Semester 1, Year 11 students could volunteer to be part of the ‘Big Brother – Big Sister’ program.  The students received introductory training from Mr Kenny and mentor a group of Year 7 students.  The aim of this program is to create a bond between the Year 11s and Year 7s with a different focus each session.

The Year 11 Conference will take place on Tuesday 4 to Thursday 6 May at The Island Accommodation on Phillip Island.  During the conference, the students will be participating in surfing, indoor rock climbing and pastoral sessions including a guest speaker.  A visit to Phillip Island would not be complete without a visit to the Penguin Parade.


Pastoral News from Year 12

By nature, the Year 12 pastoral program combines VCE and IB administrative requirements, final year rites of passage, preparation for key events, a career development focus and personal development activities. The students have reflected upon their expectations and goals for the year while enjoying the traditional pastoral room decoration competition with the winning House to be announced shortly. The students also completed the Resilience Project Survey that will be used by Ms Tsai Bove to guide the focus for future pastoral sessions. Given the need to cancel the Conference, the key activities have been divided between the Year 12 Activities Day on Wednesday 5 May and Hump Day on Friday 28 May. From a Careers perspective, the students have been given an overview of the year in terms of individual interviews, the tertiary application process and key reminders including the need to organise a tax file number if intending to study next year. The weblink is https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/tax-file-number/apply-for-a-tfn/

While it is wonderful for students to return to the full range of school activities including excursions and other co-curricular opportunities, they do benefit and need family support in terms of scheduling and managing their various commitments. Students have my admiration for their general willingness to be involved within and beyond school. Finally, it is occasions such as the upcoming Cathedral Service on Friday 30 April that are so important to maintain cohesion and feelings of belonging as a student community as we come together in this compulsory school event. Thank you to families who have responded to the EdSmart form and a reminder was sent last Friday for the remaining permission replies.



Career News

News from the Careers Department

Year 10 subject choice interviews commence this term with a Careers staff member to discuss initial plans for the final years of school. Results from the online Morrisby Careers testing will also inform these discussions and a reminder about the online feedback session on Thursday 29 April commencing at 7.00pm. A link to this Teams meeting will be sent to both families and the students. We are fortunate to have the support of Barry Darnell from Career Analysts and his expertise in terms of unpacking the testing process, interpreting the report and providing guidance to maximise benefits from the web-based platform on the evening. Year 12 Careers interviews are continuing this term and I will be highlighting key seminars and conditional early entry programs in our next assembly.

Career News continues to be an important means of conveying information to students and the indexes are listed below with access to each edition via the Portal link at: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/ (Please make sure that you are logged into the Tintern Portal.)

Number 8 Career News 26 March 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
  • Career as an Intelligence & Policy Analyst
  • News from Monash University
    • Monash Information Evenings
  • William Angliss Experience Day – Online Bake Off
  • News from the Australian National University
    • Applications for 2022 Entry
    • Changes to Engineering and Computing Programs from 2021
    • Student Webinars
  • JMC Academy
  • Fashion, Textiles, & Visual Merchandising Courses in Victoria in 2021
  • Snapshot of RMIT University in 2021

Number 9 Career News 1 April 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
  • ‘Talk with’ Webinars at ACU
  • Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership Information Session
  • RMIT University – Discover What’s Next Webinar Series
  • Careers in Agriculture
  • Changes to Student Contributions towards University Degrees
  • Animation & Gaming Courses in Victoria in 2021
  • Photography Courses on offer in Victoria 2021
  • Snapshot of The University of Otago (NZ) in 2021

Number 10 Career News 23 April 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
    VCE and Careers Expo 2021
  • Bachelor of Health Science at ANU – potential pathway to Medicine
  • University of Melbourne: Meet Melbourne Webinar Series 2021 
  • News from ACU
    • ‘Talk with’ Webinars
    • Virtual Tours
  • Aspire – Early Admissions Program to La Trobe University
  • New Bachelor of Cyber Security at Victoria University
  • World Education Program (WEP) Yea! Domestic Exchange Program
  • Accounting Degrees in Victoria in 2021  
  • Psychology Degree Courses in Victoria in 2021
  • Snapshot of Holmesglen Institute in 2021





Green Team News

Tintern Grammar Movie Night

On the 27 March 2021, the Tintern Grammar Movie Night was run by the Tintern Parent’s Group, Green Team and Social Justice Group. This event was planned to occur last year, however was rescheduled to March 2021 due to the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions. “Jumanji” was the chosen film for this year’s Movie Night, and was a great hit for all the families that attended.

Although the movie was shown in the Tintern Grammar CM Wood centre (due to weather conditions), rather than on the oval as planned, there was a great spirit amongst all who attended this highly anticipated event.

The Green Team and Social Justice Group combined forces to run a Sustainability and Food Market alongside the movie itself. This market held various stalls such as organic soaps, deodorants, Net-Bags and handmade beeswax wraps from a group of students as a part of a social justice project.

The Tintern Parents Group had kindly offered for all funds raised at the Food and Drink Stall from the Movie Night to be donated to the Green Team and Social Justice Group Solar Buddy fundraising effort. Solar Buddy is a charity that provides children in disadvantaged countries solar powered lights, to reduce both energy poverty, and the environmental and health risk of kerosene lamps. The Green Team and Social Justice Group have been fundraising for over a year to reach our goal of raising enough money to supply 500 lamps @ $32.50 each ($16,250). The funds raised from the Movie Night and Sustainability/Food Market totalled $1380.50, funds which will be put towards the Solar Buddy fundraising effort.

The night as a whole was an incredible evening, and was a very successful event, enjoyed by all who attended.

The Green Team and Social Justice Group are extremely appreciative of the assistance this event, and the Tintern Parents Group, have provided to our fundraising efforts. Our next event is the Tintern Parents Group Trivia Night in late May – we look forward to seeing you all there for another night of fun.



Green Team Guest Speaker: Tiernan Humphrys

On Monday 26 April, the Green Team hosted Tiernan Humphrys as guest speaker.

Tiernan studied environmental management and town planning in Ireland, Scotland, Canada and England and has over 20 years of experience in sustainability. He started his professional life in Dublin and London working for Arup, a multi-disciplinary consultancy, on the environmental impact assessment of large- scale infrastructure projects including the Millennium Bridge, Fulham Football Club, London Eye and Millennium Dome.

Since his arrival in Australia in 2004, Tiernan has focused his career on the public sector, through working at the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment, VicRoads and the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability.

In 2008 Tiernan was appointed Manager Environmental Sustainability at the Victorian Health Building Authority to provide leadership on sustainability across the Victorian health care system. His role includes providing sustainability advice on the $7 billion health capital works program, managing a $70 million energy efficiency and solar program, increasing recycling in public hospitals and making hospitals resilient to climate change.

Tiernan’s presentation covered several initiatives by the Victorian Health Building Authorities, one of which has been to place solar infrastructure on 79 regional health facilities, producing 8,800 kilowatts of peak solar energy and thus saving $2.7 million per year. He also talked about career paths in sustainability and ways in which Tintern could become more ‘green’.

Tiernan is a current parent of Sebastian in Year 7 and the Green Team thanks him sincerely for giving up his time to speak the students. It was great to hear about the significant achievements being made in the health sector in the sustainability space.



Written by Victoria McKenzie

Green Team Captain


2021 Maroondah Youth Awards

Congratulations to Victoria McKenzie (Year 12), Bella Rossignoli (Year 12) and Ashleigh Dowling (YG 2020) for being recognised for their excellent leadership and perseverance at the recent 2021 Maroondah Youth Awards. Victoria and Ashleigh both received the Leadership Award for their significant leadership qualities, positive direction, and their ability to empower others. Bella received the Perseverance Award for her ongoing determination and persistence whilst overcoming challenges.


TPG Trivia Night – Tickets on Sale now

TPG Trivia Night – Tickets on sale now!

Tintern Parent Group would like to invite you to test your knowledge and have fun, at their Trivia Night!  Join us on Saturday 22 May 2021 at 7.30pm at Tintern Grammar.

Book your tickets here! Tickets are $15 each with $5 from each donated to a charity.

The Silent Auction has been arranged by the Green Team and Social Justice Group, with all proceeds from the Auction contributing to their projects.

Choose a theme for your table and ‘dress to your theme’, whether a colour, book, movie, song or television show, the opportunities are endless.

Senior College students are also welcome to attend.

The Social Justice Group and the Green Team are also seeking donations towards the evening, to be used as prizes or as part of the Silent Auction. If you or your business have something to donate; whether a gift, product or experience, please contact Anne Bortolussi to ABortolussi@tintern.vic.edu.au. Any donations will be acknowledged on the night, and in our newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Caitlin Spears (YG 2011)

Congratulations to alumna Caitlin Spears (YG 2011) and her team, who produced their second show ‘The Music of the Night’ under Spears Entertainment.
‘The Music of the Night’ will be showing at the Chapel Off Chapel from the 12 May. Tickets can be purchased here.
Wishing you the best of luck with the show Caitlin! 🌟
To learn more about Spears Entertainment visit their website: https://www.spearsentertainment.com.au

Meghan McDonald (YG 2009)

Congratulations to Alumna Meghan McDonald (YG 2009) for making the 2021 AFLW All-Australian Squad. 👏🏉
Meghan is also the 2021 Captain of Geelong’s AFLW team!

Transport Update


Policy Updates

Please note the updated policies, these can be accessed via the portal: 

Anaphylaxis Management Policy

Parent & Community Code of Conduct

Overseas Students Homestay Accommodation Policy