24 Nov 2020

From the Principal

This week have a special guest introduction from Allison Prandolini, Head of Girls’ Junior School. 

As we near the end of another school year, the minds of parents and students alike start to move to what is next; transitions can be exciting for some, whilst others find the prospect to be quite unnerving. It doesn’t seem to matter what age you are, from our youngest ELC students moving up to Pre-Prep or our Year 12 Students finishing their final exams, transitions can provoke emotions in all of us. 

As a parent, my eldest son is just finishing his Year 12 exams in what we all know has not been a typical year. Whilst we have supported him through this rite of passage, I have been surprised by my own emotions, recalling many of his school day memories and feeling a little timid about what the future may present.  

I know many of our Junior School girls and their families are feeling the same way. The girls are asking lots of questions, some of which seem to make sense and some that don’t! They are craving routines and the predictability of what they have come to understand in their current classrooms. This is all very normal. 

But this year is different. This year our students have shown us that despite anything else going on in the world, our students are resilient and will in fact thrive, even through times of change. In the Girls’ Junior School, we have been looking at the benefits from this year, and without hesitation, we have all noted the independence and flexibility our girls have demonstrated. 

Now is the time to remind ourselves, and our children about this. Tell them you are proud, tell them they can do it, listen with empathy to their concerns, and don’t feel you need to jump in with a solution. Remind them of what they have achieved this year and the support that they have to help them manage this next stepping stone in their life. 

As parents, it is our job to offer support and stability even in times of transition, to understand what our child needs and to contact the Tintern staff if you need help. We have a wonderful team of pastoral mentors and teachers to support each and every student at our school to ensure that they can be their best self. 

As for my son…I think I need to take my own advice! To listen to his concerns, to celebrate his efforts this year, and to have a mindset of inquiry rather than trying to problem-solve. Wish me luck!



Music Matters

Charlie Victoria supports local RSL

At 11.00am on 11 November, Year 11 trumpeter, Charlie Victoria supported the returned servicemen at the Bayswater RSL by playing The Last Post and Rouse at their Remembrance Day service. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, children from the local schools who usually attend this event were unable to attend. However, there was a Facebook live stream of the event for those who could not physically be there. Well done, Charlie, on your contribution to this important community occasion.


Pictured (left to right): Alan Patton, Noel McLean (President – Bayswater RSL sub-branch), Charlie Victoria, Gerry Turner and Bobby Hammond.


Music lessons for 2021

A reminder to all families with students who currently learn Instrumental Music to return your enrolment forms for lessons in 2021 if you wish to continue lessons in the new year. Emails were sent today to parents of all existing instrumental/voice students at Tintern. New Music Lesson enrolments for 2021 also are welcome at this stage. Please call Elizabeth Feenane in the Music Office (Ph: 9845 7837) if you have any questions regarding these matters or if you would like to receive an enrolment form for Music lessons in 2021.



Community Matters

TPG Second-Hand Book Sales

In support of our sustainable school philosophy, the Tintern Parent Group have arranged a simple and convenient service for recycling your unwanted textbooks and purchasing new/used textbooks and supplies for 2021.

This has been coordinated with “I Love Books” (ILB), 12 Arcade Road, Mont Albert North, with whom you may already be familiar.

Select here to view the instructions on how to sell your child’s text books through I Love Books.

Please note drop off is strictly from Monday 23 November 2020 and Wednesday 2 December 2020, Canoe/Boat Trailer Shed on your left as you enter Gate 1. Ensure books are wrapped

NOTE:  Please DO NOT leave books at school after Wednesday 2 December 2020. Any items left after this date will be donated/disposed of.

TPG Mangoes 2020

The mangoes are on their way!

To abide by the current Government Operations Guide for Schools we have to ensure minimal contact for your collection. Everyone who has placed an order has been emailed with further information on the collection process.

If you ordered mangoes, and didn’t receive an email, please contact Di Lacey or Tegan Martin in Community Relations on 9845 7777 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Why not try this Mango and White Chocolate Cheesecake Tart from the free in store Coles Magazine:

An invitation to participate: “The development of social affiliation during adolescence”  

Kylie Spears – Past Parent and Current Volunteer

Congratulations to Kylie Spears on being re-elected in the recent Maroondah Council elections. Kylie is a past parent, past Assistant Fair Convenor and a current Presentation Ball Coordinator. Cr Kylie Spears will be representing the Wombolano Ward in which Tintern is located and has extensive experience in community boards, sporting boards and runs her own swim school business.

Ritchies Community Benefit Program

The Ritchies Community Benefit Program has contributed more than $50 million dollars back to the local community across Australia over the past 26 years.

The Community Benefit Program has now moved to a new Ritchies Card App, available from the App store or Google Play, and or you can get a new physical Ritchies Card in store.  You can to download the App, or apply on line at www.ritchies.com.au/loyalty, and then choose a charity, school or club they wish to direct their financial support.

Community Committee Dates 

Please note that due to Tintern moving to online teaching in response to the Covid19 virus, all Community Group Meetings will be held online.

Further information will be provided.

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books

We are thrilled to announce that Entertainment is going 100% digital. New Entertainment Memberships that we know and love, will only be available via our App from next season onward. Excitingly this means that you Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


Green Team News

Green Team News

Guest Speaker: Chris Van Der Merwe, Visy Board

On Friday 13 November, the Green Team welcomed a guest speaker from Visy Packaging. Chris Van Der Merwe, a Tintern Junior School parent and the State General Manager of Victoria and Tasmania for Visy Board. Chris is responsible for all manufacturing and sales for Visy and is proud of Visy’s history with regard to recycling. Visy is responsible for most company’s cardboard packaging, as well as printing paper and the common ‘Visy’ recycling bins. Visy has made a massive effort to become more sustainable; for example, their use of forest timber is only for 30% of their product and the timber they use is not old growth, but plantation and thus renewable. In Coolaroo, the company has a ‘waste into energy’ facility, which converts the waste from the paper making process into electricity, minimising the waste going into landfill. This reduction in waste and conversion into energy allows the company to reduce its carbon footprint, for which they were awarded the Energy/Carbon Reduction Award.

It was extremely interesting for those who came to see what one business is doing in the renewable closed loop space. Across Australia, most recycling is done by private companies. Councils are responsible for collecting household recyclables but, with very few exceptions, they pay businesses to do this. Visy’s statistics in energy saving and use of renewable timbers for kraft paper are very impressive. As a part of his talk, Chris invited the Green Team to visit the recycling facility. This is amazing opportunity will provide a great learning experience for every member who chooses to take part, when COVID-19 restrictions allow onsite visits again. The Green Team is looking forward to hearing more from Chris and keeping up with Visy and their accomplishments in the sustainable packaging industry, as well as doing whatever we can to implement even more sustainable practices within the school environment.

Article by Alana Lawson and Victoria McKenzie (Year 11)



FareShare Footsteps Challenge: $3,500 raised by staff and students

Due it COVID-19 restrictions, the a2Upstream Challenge fundraising walk was not able to be held in 2020; however, FareShare organised a footsteps challenge from 1-15 November, in which 10 staff and 7 students participated.

This fundraiser was an opportunity to walk in the FareShare chefs’ shoes to raise vital funds. The idea came about when FareShare calculated that their busy chefs were currently on their feet all day walking 15km or more on a single shift. Over the first two weeks in November, our Tintern team walked solo, in pairs, and in small groups (COVID restrictions permitting), in their own time and at their own pace. Each participant set their own footsteps and fundraising goal with the aim of reaching up to 25, 50 or 100 km over two weeks. For those looking for a stretch goal, several of us tried to match chef Polly by covering the 150 kms she walks over the same period in the FareShare kitchen! Annabelle Guscott (Year 10), Anne Bortolussi and Erin Doupe (YG 2019) all reached the 150 kms with Annabelle completing a staggering 172 kms over the two week period.

The Tintern Grammar team is proud to announce that they raised $3,500, funds which will be used to increase the amount of meals that FareShare can prepare in the leadup to Christmas. FareShare is a wonderful charity that grows, rescues and cooks food and distributes nutritious meals to Victorians who are struggling to put food on the table.

Tintern FareShare Footsteps Team:

Students: Laura De la Pierre, Annabelle Guscott, Alana Lawson, Alei Paul, Lydia Tan, Holly Whitfield

Staff: Elizabeth Black, Alison Bezaire, Anne Bortolussi, Oriana Constable, Tisha Eggleston, Kelli Green, Di Lacey, Emma Lowing, Trine Ord, Min Quirillo

Past Student: Erin Doupe

Article by Anne Bortolussi (Co-ordinator, Green Team)



Tintern Grammar Community Litterati Challenge

Following on from the success of the 2020 Digital Earth Week, the Green Team has decided to hold another Litterati Challenge, which will run over the summer holidays until the end of the 2021 school year.

Litterati is an app that encourages people to clean up their neighbourhoods when they are out for a walk. It involves taking a photo of the rubbish you collect on your walk and uploading it to the app. The photo can either be submitted to a challenge or to your individual page but, either way, your contributions are added to the total tally of litter that has been collected through the app.

This challenge aims to get our school community (parents, students and teachers) involved and help clean up various suburbs around Melbourne. As at 7 November 2020, the total world-wide tally of litter collected through the Litterati app is 8,179,529; let’s add to this!

To join, you need to download the Litterati app onto your phone and create an account. When choosing your username, please make it your name (nice and simple).

After you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, go across to the ‘Challenges’ heading.

Next, you need to scroll down and press on the ‘Join a Challenge’ button, enter the code for the challenge, 336981, and then you’re officially signed up.

To upload a photo to the challenge, click on the blue camera icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of either the ‘Profile’, ‘Community’, ‘Challenges’ or ‘Activity’ pages.


  • Upload/Take a photo of the rubbish before you pick it up off street
  • Click on the photo(s) you want to upload
  • Press the blue upload button at the centre of the bottom of the screen

It’s really that simple!

One extra option you’ve got is you can add tags such as ‘plastic’ to specify what kind of rubbish you’ve picked up, but this is completely optional.

Please make sure you dispose of the rubbish you collect properly. 

If you have any questions, email Alei Paul at pau61754@tintern.vic.edu.au or Ms Anne Bortolussi at ABortolussi@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Thank you for your participation and hopefully we can clean up our streets!

Article by Alei Paul (Year 10)


ELC News

Celebrating Christmas in the ELC 

Christmas is always a wonderful time of year for the children in the ELC and there is definitely a Christmas cheer running through the centre. The children have begun discussions around what they want for Christmas, but this year we have noticed a more humbling tone to their Christmas wishes.

“I just wish the border will open so Nan and Pop can visit,” – Harriet

“Hopefully we can have all of my family come to my house,” – Ashton

As the children develop a sense of autonomy over the year, we notice they begin to actively contribute their ideas and suggestions to the curriculum. As a group, they researched the experiences they would like for Christmas and with support from the educators, resourced the materials needed.

“I’m going to use the red and white pipe cleaners and make a candy cane,” – Abigail

“We need to have green play dough so we can make Christmas trees,” – Jessie

When children feel valued and see their ideas come to life within the curriculum, they feel a sense of belonging. They will see themselves as valued citizens of the world and develop a love for learning. When children choose their own pathways of learning we see them engage deeply in the curriculum, constructing knowledge based on their experiences and interactions with others. That is when we see the ‘magic’ of learning in the Early Years curriculum.

Claire Trappitt

Pre-Prep A Teacher


Girls’ Junior School News

Girls’ Junior School News

I was so pleased this week to gather with the girls for our first Assemblies since March! Funny enough, our last live Assembly was the International Women’s Day celebration where we heard stories of inspiring Tintern alumnus and their journey…I have been reflecting this week on how many of our current girls will one day be these inspiring women in the future? Many of these women shared the ups and downs of their journeys, certainly something we can all relate to after this year!

At Assembly we talked about being our best self and looking after our peers. Using the Tintern Compass to guide us, along with the GEM principles of Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness to help support us in times where we might be feel a bit tired or anxious. The last few weeks of school are always busy, and this year we have noted that many girls are even more tired than usual. Our class teachers are doing a fabulous job of supporting and encouraging the girls to identify how they are feeling, and what strategies could help them to feel better.

One such way we will be exploring this is through the support we can give to others across our broader community who may be doing it tough. Research tells us that by doing something kind for others, we can indeed grow in our own self-esteem and experience joy. This year, as in previous years, we will be encouraging families to not bring in gifts for other students but to instead to bring in a donation to the Smith Family to support their Christmas Appeal. 

All donations, big or small, are asked to come to school in an envelope (due to COVID safety) and are to be given to the class teacher by Friday November 27. After this date, we will tally up our donations and make a gift to The Smith Family to assist in making Christmas a happier time for some families. We thank you for your support in this fundraiser.

Year 1 Learning

This week our Year 1 girls shared their learning at Assembly showing us the amazing diversity that has been occuring this term. The girls shared their passion for science through their environmental education, a farm visit and classroom problem solving. I was incredibly impressed by the confidence these girls showed as learners, and the manner in which they were able to reflect on what and how they have learnt. They demonstrated for us that learning takes places in many different ways and varied settings, all of which assist in making important academic and social gains. Well done Year 1 girls!



Boys’ Junior School News

Year 5 Surf Camp

Our Year 5 boys had an enjoyable and exciting day at Phillip Island today, in lieu of their cancelled annual Year 5 Surf camp.

An early morning surf lesson was followed by the traditional post surf lesson potato cakes on the foreshore, beach activities and a tour of the Island.


Year 3-6 House Poetry Competition

Our annual Years 3 to 6 House Poetry Competition was completed yesterday, in what was a spirited and enjoyable Competition. After six practices designed and led by our Year 6 House captains, each House recited a poem of choice, and did so with the highest level of engagement, clarity and intonation. In what was a close decision, Dann watt House were crowned the 2020 House Poetry Champions.

Congratulations to all Years 3 to 6 boys for their involvement in this valuable activity.


Junior School Christmas Card Competition

Christmas Card Competition

Thank you to all our wonderful Christmas Card Competition entrants below! We will be notifying the winners at our next online assembly on 30 November.


Cameron (Year 6)

Coby A (Year 3)

Declan (Year 3)

Don (Year 4)

Harry G (Year 6)

Ish (Year 5)

Jacob (Year 6)

Lathaniel (Year 5)

Michael (Year 3)

Oliver (Prep)

Richard (Year 2)

Rijk (Year 6)

Seth (Year 5)

Thomas F (Prep)

Toby (Year 5)

Zac (Year 5)

Alexander (Year 3)

Yucheng (Year 1)

Thomas B (Prep)

Nathan (Year 3)

Kai (Year 3)

Cayden (Year 6)

Alex W (Grade 2)

Sienna H (Grade 6)

Sarah W (Grade 3)

Sanaya (Grade 5)

Ritisha (Grade 2)

Mia L (Grade 6)

Maddie J (Grade 6)

Loulou (Grade 6)

Lexin (Grade 4)

Kara (Prep)

Jessie Chang (Grade 5)

Jasreen (Grade 6)

Jacelyn L (Grade 2)

Isabelle H(Grade 3)

Grace B (Grade 2)

Ayuni (Grade 2)

Ananya C (Grade 2)

Isabella D (Grade 6)


ICAS Medal Winner – Chunting (Year 6)

Congratulation to Chunting (Year 6) for winning an ICAS Medal in English.

ICAS Assessments recognise academic excellence, students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. Students with the top score in each subject, in each year level are awarded a medal, an amazing achievement, well done Chunting.


Great results in the Science Talent Search

Great results in the Science Talent Search again this year!

The Science Talent Search is a Victoria-wide competition which encourages students to explore their interest in Science in a variety of different ways. We have once again gained some terrific results for the projects submitted by Year 7 and Year 12 students. Minor bursaries are accompanied by a cash prize. All of these students have worked independently outside of the classroom to reach these high standards. The Science department is very proud of all of their work.

Our results are as follows:



Project name



Ashleigh Dowling


The effect of temperature on the germination of Phaseolus lunatus seeds.

Experimental research

Minor bursary

Dylan Wild


Measuring the extent to which a change in concentration of gelatine solutions can be detected by a light dependent resistor.

Experimental research

Minor bursary

Mandy Yu


The thermal stability of osteospermum ecklonis anthocyanins at three different stages of deprotonation.

Experimental research


Millie Blank


Uncovering the secrets of the ocean

Creative writing

Minor bursary

Grace Boromeo


Oceanic Aquaculture


Minor bursary

Kyrah Cossens


Ocean Clean up


Minor bursary

Brooke Fennessy


Oceanic Aquaculture


Minor Bursary

Aridhi De Silva


Uncovering the secrets of the ocean

Creative writing


Leila Foster


Water Pollution



Lily Kennett


Around the world in 60 days



Dharma  Harris


SOS: Save our oceans

Creative writing


Molly McFarlane


What’s clogging our drain is a real pain!



Holly Ming


SOS: Save our oceans

Creative writing


Holly Richardson


Oceans of the future

Creative writing



Lanna Derry

Head of Science


Middle School News

From the moment we started back on campus this term the time seems to have disappeared extremely quickly. The busyness of school life certainly didn’t take long to resume with students back involved in co-curricular activities such as sports, music, The Green Team and other social groups. As much as their opportunities were limited compared to other years, there has still been plenty of things to keep our students active and engaged at school.

The academic rigour also increased for the students as they drew closer to the end of the year with a number of subjects having end of semester assessments or even examinations, as was the case with Year 9s. Part of their learning through the Middle Years is about developing an understanding of strategies for preparation and revision for assessments. Subject specific teachers, along with their YLC and Pastoral Mentors, have spent time in class discussing different revision strategies in order to help students discover particular methods that are more effective for them. Different strategies could include the formation of summary pages, flash cards, or group revision, with the aim that by the end of their Middle Years’ journey they are equipped with a variety of techniques that suit their learning styles. Our Year 9s have just experienced their first set of examinations for English, Mathematics and Science, and although this year they have been modified due to the abnormal year, it was still pleasing to see the approach taken by the students to prepare as best as they could leading into each examination. I wish them well for their results.

In last week’s Middle School assembly our larger leadership group consisting of our School Leaders, Co-curricular Captains and House Captains combined to piece together our final regular Wednesday assembly for the 2020 year. It was wonderful to see the teamwork and energy they displayed in putting together a fantastic assembly and actually highlighted how unlucky we have been this year in not having more opportunities for these leaders to impact on our Middle School. I’m sure they will continue with their energy and passion when they move into the Senior College as Year 10s this Friday during transition.

The EISM cross-country timeline ends on Wednesday 25th November and it has been impressive to see the number of students recording and registering their best 3km times with Mr Viney our Head of Sport. The importance of fitness and health is something that has definitely come from 2020 and I wish all our competitors the very best for the event.

As has been mentioned, our students finish their current academic year on Wednesday 25th November and transition into their 2021 classes and timetable on Friday 27th November (Thursday is a student free day in the Secondary years). They will receive a copy of their new timetable and begin their lessons for next year. For these classes they are to bring their device, spare folders and paper, and their pencil cases. This period provides them with an insight into the step up required for their next academic year.

Our Year 9s will only have three actual days of transition over this period as they will be away on the Year 9 Summer Expeditions. With the easing of restrictions in recent weeks it was exciting for all involved to be given the green light to run our end of year camp. There have been a few opportunities like these that they missed this year, so to be able to have them out experiencing the great outdoors safely is fantastic. I wish them all the best as they either rock climb, hike, white water raft or sea kayak throughout the exciting week.

In the last couple of weeks of school, we will be having a number of final assemblies to celebrate the year of 2020. These all need to be pre-recorded and therefore have certainly altered the usual means of sharing these experiences with family and friends; however, recordings of assemblies such as our Year 9 Graduation and our Middle School End of Year Assembly will be made available to our community for parents and family to enjoy as well.

Good luck to all of our students as they transition into their 2021 classes this week and I would like to personally congratulate them all on their efforts throughout 2020.



Senior College News

Senior College News

There has been a strong sense of purpose amongst the students leading up to and during the VCE, IB and Year 10 examinations this week. I’ve been impressed by the way students have prepared for these assessments that demonstrate the learning and growth that they have each experienced this year.

With examinations almost complete we look forward to our Transition Program commencing on Friday 27 November, following a student free day on Thursday 26 November. We look forward to welcoming our Class of 2023 to the Senior College for 3 days of transition whilst our Class of 2021 and 2022 will undertake transition classes for 8 days. Staff are looking forward to making the most of the advantage our students gain by participating in the Transition Program. These classes are considered to be formative in the development of skills and knowledge for their studies.

With some easing of restrictions, it is wonderful that we can run some social activities for our Senior College students before we finish for the year. Year 11s are looking forward to enjoying dinner together on Thursday 3 December at local restaurants while our Year 10s will enjoy a picnic onsite on Friday 4 December.

Our screening of the Year 12 Celebration Evening is coming up on Saturday 5 December at the Coburg Drive-in. Year 12 families and staff can book through the following link

Our Year 7-11 Award recipients (Academic, Compass and Overall Excellence) for 2020 will be presented at our final Principal’s Assembly on 8 December.



Welcome to the 2020 Year 12 VCE Visual Arts and Design Exhibition

Welcome to the 2020 Year 12 VCE Visual Arts and Design Exhibition

No matter whether the art and design piece takes the form of a photograph, a textile piece, a sculpture, drawing, piece of furniture or painting it still allows people to express themselves and communicate with others.

Art is a great leveller, it can draw outsiders into our world and give them the tools to understand how we live or how we think in a much deeper way than if we just tried to describe something to them. Through their work the students have been able to show people many things, not just about artistic technique or design decisions, but also about themselves.

This process of communication is also valuable as a shared experience. When you participate in something artistic and creative with other people it can be far more valuable than many other group activities, because it always has at its heart an element of personal expression.

Creativity and Art ties people together and refuses to let them go.

Because of the experiential nature of art & design we know that the wonderful works you are about to explore all tell a story. It might not be a conscious story, and it might not be a true story – but there will be something in each work which reveals to us a snippet of information about the artists.

This years exhibition is available for you to enjoy at your own pace, in your own time, virtually. You are able to follow the guided tour, and explore each of the dedicated spaces that feature each students work, or you can use the arrow key or click & drag function of the cursor and explore the pieces in any order you choose. You can zoom in closer to the works, as well as selected folio pages to view them individually, and read the artist/design statements regarding the works by simply clicking on the image.   

Click here to view the exhibition. 

Rachel Waud

Head of Visual Arts & Design


Jenny Brown (YG 1981)

Congratulations to alumna Jenny Brown (YG 1981) for being nominated in the 2020 Financial Standard Power 50. The list is comprised of the 50 most influential financial advisers in Australia according to the readers of Financial Standard and FS Advice. This is Jenny’s seventh consecutive year being named in this list along with her peers, a terrific achievement.


Stephanie Hains (YG 2009)

The Tintern Community congratulate alumna Stephanie Hains (YG 2009) who married Christian Nilsson on 10 October at the Green Building, an events space in Brooklyn, New York. There was nothing normal about their courtship and as the saying goes, distance does make the heart grow fonder. Read all about their journey for love here in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/…/from-melbourne-to-new-york…