24 Apr 2018

From the Principal

Challenges for a Smartphone Generation

Already it is difficult to recall the BSP (Before Smart Phones) era. As someone who relies extensively on a smartphone to stay in touch with people, to check my calendar, to read my emails and so on, it is difficult to imagine how we got everything done when our phone was a Nokia 5110 and text messages were considered to be sophisticated!

As a digital immigrant, who has grown with technology through from the 1990’s to now, it would be nice to think that I can recall a time when I was free of devices (I’ll admit it does seem a rather dim memory!). For our digital native children, however, they have known nothing different. I am constantly impressed by the ease with which they can apply various technologies to problem solve, collaborate, innovate and create; the capabilities of the 21st century that are going to be demanded of them in their post-schooling world.

At the same time, I doubt I am the only parent battling with “no devices in bedrooms after X o’clock”, “no screen time in the hour before bedtime”, “get out and take the dog for a walk please” and so on. As informed as I feel I am about the potentially deleterious effects of technology, there are times when my conviction that these are things our family must do, is pressed, flexed and stressed by the energy and will to take up the argument yet again! Perhaps you have felt this way too?

Below is a link to a Harvard Business Review article that may help reinforce your conviction, as it did mine. It is something that particularly our senior students need to read, and for us as adults, it points clearly to aspects of our lives too. I found its research base very compelling, for me as much as for my children. It may hold some interest for you also.

Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking

On a more pragmatic note, I draw your attention to two other notices in Aspectus this week:

Factis non verbis


ANZAC Service

Our ANZAC Service has always been a special part of our school and this morning, our combined Junior Schools Service, was another special event. It afforded us the opportunity to reinforce the importance and significance of not only ANZAC Day, but remembering all Service men and Women, and communities affected by wars, in the past and present.

We spoke to the girls and boys about the amazing links between the tiny village of Villers Bretonneux in France, so badly destroyed in World War One, yet ‘reclaimed’ and saved by Australian Troops. The village school children tended to the graves of ANZACS killed during the fierce fighting that saw more than 1200 ANZACS killed on 24 April 1918.

In the early 1921, Sir John Monash oversaw the collection of funds in Victoria to assist with the rebuild of the village, and subsequently, what became known as The Victoria School. Still in its playground stands the sign “Do Not Forget Australia”.

Sir John Monash, and his planning and overseeing of the famous Battle of Hamel was also discussed.

We were delighted to be joined by Colonel David Jamison, from the Ringwood RSL, who read the ode and then Josh Apsey and Charli Victoria played the Last Post, a very moving moment. Mrs Lisa Robson (one of our parents) explained to the students and families about some important work she is doing in our local community with the Matilda Poppy organisation – they particularly remember Veterans who are still with us. Ava, Ashley, Chloe and Mietta also sang ‘The Last Anzac’ which was very touching.

At the completion of our Service, Colonel Jamison planted a Gallipoli Oak, descend from acorns originally brought back from the hills of the battlefield.

Maintaining an understanding of The ANZAC legend, hearing of the ‘good’ stories that have grown from the tragedy and ensuring that we will always remember those who sacrificed so much for us, is a right and privilege.


Boys’ Middle School News

The last two weeks have seen our Middle School Boys really busy. From House Singing, ICAS competitions, History competitions, Sport, Hip Hop, Academic Challenge days, da Vinci Decathlons, guest speakers, course work, plus much more. It’s amazing how many activities are running during any given fortnight and it’s great to see so many students getting involved, some voluntarily, some compulsory.

One of our major House events finished up last week with the annual House Singing competition occurring on Wednesday 30th May. This year it was Disney themed with the common song coming from the classic move The Lion King. It is always great to see all boys and girls from Yea 7 – 12 up on stage performing the songs and enjoying the competition. A highlight of the day is always the karaoke that Mr Kenny provides to finish the competition, resulting in many students with voices that were left a little hoarse. A big congratulations to Dann Watt House who were the 2018 House Singing Champions.

Our Year 8 boys and girls had a guest speaker by the name of Richard Colman OAM who presented to the students about his life in a wheelchair. He spoke of motivation, persistence, resilience and other attributes about making a success out of life. It was a powerful talk that really captured the attention of our boys and girls.

On Monday 4th June, our Year 7 and 9 boys listened to a similar talk from paraplegic Robbie Peime who was presenting to the Boys’ Junior School. It was a captivating talk providing the boys with insights into Robbie’s situation as well as about making the most of what life has to offer.

Our Year 7s have currently been participating in 4 weeks of Hip Hop during sport and it has been amazing to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement around the activity. It has challenged a number of boys (and girls) in terms of their co-ordination and their fitness levels, but provided them all with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end. It was great to see them successfully put together a number of dance routines and then perform these to the instructors and to the Grade 5 and 6 students from our Junior School. What was also a highlight was the dance routine put together by the instructors at the end. In Sport now, the focus turns to competition in preparation for their first season in EISM beginning in Term 3.

Our Year 9s are currently preparing for their House Showdown performance in the last week of this term. This is an event run by our Year 9 House Captains and Leaders, and will involve them putting on a performance to the parents on the evening of Tuesday 19th June. This activity challenges a lot of students in terms of having them work under pressure, collaborate together, communicate with each other and eventually work well as a team to put on their performance.



Chaplain’s Corner

The past few weeks have brought us the Commonwealth Games. With more than 5,000 athletes competing from 71 nations supported by 15,000 volunteers. It would have been hard to miss the daily stories and achievements of athletes from around the world, some with amazingly inspirational backstories. One such athlete, I found particularly inspiring was Kurt Fearnley, who concluded his more than 20-year marathon racing career with a win in the T54 Marathon.

An inspiration because of his determination. He won two medals at the Paralympics that followed the Sydney Olympics and won Gold in Athens and Beijing. And in between the Games and Olympics has competed in countless marathons.

If that were not enough, he is married with two children, has crawled the entire 96km of the Kokoda Trail and has taken part in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

“Some of the most memorable moments are the hardest moments — they’re the things that you eventually become most proud of.”

“The days you wake up and you win, they’re … they’re awesome! They’re the easy days.”

“Those days you wake up and you can barely drag yourself out of bed, where you’re in so much pain and discomfort and mentally just trying to grind yourself to just believe — they’re the tough days, and they’re the ones that I’m proud of.”

This quote certainly struck a chord with me and I am guessing with many people.

So all of this got me thinking – what was the essential element to all that Kurt Fearnley does, and the answer I came up with is courage. Courage and strength.

So now rewind back approximately 3,500 years and a man named Joshua is put in charge of leading God’s people home from Egypt to Israel, and Moses has just died. How is he to lead these hundreds of thousands of people?

In Joshua chapter 1 the Lord speaks and says:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go

And then in the text that follows the words ‘be strong and courageous’ are repeated twice in quick succession.

Be strong and courageous – ever wondered what decision to make – be strong and courageous – ever felt like you were overwhelmed? – be strong and courageous – ever wondered what direction to take – be strong and courageous: Why? Well, the ancient promise says, ‘because the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’


Music Matters

Our trumpeters contribute to ANZAC Day events both at school, and out and about

We recently have had the pleasure of hearing Charlie Victoria (Year 9) and Josh Apsey (Year 8) perform the Last Post and Rouse at both our Senior ANZAC Service and the Combined Junior Schools ANZAC Service this week.

Charlie also gave a flawless and much-admired performance at the Boronia RSL on Sunday afternoon. The RSL Committee was so impressed with Charlie’s playing that they have already booked her for Remembrance Day.   

The photos in the gallery below show Charlie with Carl Sorenson (Secretary, Boronia RSL), Rod Canobie (President, Boronia RSL) and the Honorable Heidi Victoria, Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture, Tourism and Major Events and Consumer Affairs, Charlie and Josh with Colonel David Jamison AM Retired, from the Ringwood RSL following the planting of the Gallipoli Oak Seedling at the conclusion of the Junior School ANZAC Service on Tuesday morning and Charlie with Michael MacMillan and Noel McLean (President of the Bayswater RSL) at the Bayswater RSL ANZAC Service.

Harry hits the high notes at Band Competition

I have been playing cornet with the Box Hill City Band for the past 3 years and we rehearse every Tuesday night. There are 12 cornets in the band and I play the Cornet 2 part. The members of the band range in age from 10 to 80. During the April Holiday break, our band competed at the Australian National Band Championships. There were nine bands in the section and we played at Xavier College and Methodist Ladies College. Our band came 3rd overall in our section.

by Harry Baugh, Year 7

Grease is the word!

During the holidays, I performed in Grease: The Arena Experience at Hisense Arena, which was a combination of dancing, singing and acting. We had two weeks of non-stop rehearsals during the holidays and then three shows; one on Friday 14 and two on Saturday 15 April. I absolutely loved this experience and was so glad I auditioned and I have to thank Harvest Rain Theatre Company for letting me be a part of the show.

by Jessica Van Bremen, Year 10

Steel Pans Incursion had us all bopping!

When the ‘Pans on Fire’ musical group from Marysville came to Tintern and performed on Wednesday 18 April, the Year 8s were soon standing and dancing. The infectious, happy vibe brought music to an otherwise ordinary school day. Some tunes that they played were from recognisable famous songs. Others were pieces from the Caribbean tradition and Jazz traditions.

In between performances, the leader of ‘Pans on Fire’ told the story of the community band. After the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, the band came together to perform happy music to help their town emotionally rebuild itself. The best thing is that almost none of the band members could play musical instruments, but they all became hooked on playing the steel pans and making music together.

After the performance, students from Year 8B and 8E were fortunate to play the steel pans themselves during two intensive workshops. It was enormous fun and the workshop had really great energy. We learned ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ on the steel pans.  The leader of the group taught us well and helped us until we learned the whole song in several parts. At the end of the session, we all played together and it sounded very well.

Overall, the ‘Pans on Fire’ experience and incursion was fantastic, and the Year 8s would love to invite the group to visit another time.

by Tilli Fry, Year 8

Jazz Night

It’s that time of year again. Get your dancing shoes on and join us at the Tintern Grammar Friends of Music 18th Annual Jazz Night! Book now.


Sport Matters

EISM Champions Swimming Carnival

On Monday 26 March Tintern Grammar competed in the EISM Division 1 Champions Swimming Carnival at MSAC. The students swam very well on a cold night to achieve some excellent results. To compete at this carnival the students had to finish in the top five positions at the previous carnival.

Congratulations to the following students:

– Girls (15yr) 200 Medley relay – 3rd Lily Donoghue, Harriet Rasmussen, Jade Hutchinson, Madison Edwards-Turner

– Girls (17-19yr) 200 Medley relay – 1st Rosie Addison, Ella Donoghue, Daniella Cosentino, Erin Doupe

– Jade Hutchinson (15yr girls) 50m free – 3rd, 50m breast – 3rd

– Kaidin Dalzotto (15yr boys) 50m free – 1st, 50m back – 2nd

– Sienna Dass (13yr girls) 50m back – 3rd

– Rosie Addison (17-19yr girls) 50m back – 1st

– Ella Donoghue (17-19yr girls) 50m breast – 3rd

– Daniella Cosentino (17-19yr girls) 50m fly – 2nd

– Boys 12-13yr 200m free relay – 3rd Daniel Hynson, Lachlan Smith, Daniel Fu, William Zhang

– Girls 15yr 200m free relay – 1st Lily Donoghue, Harriet Rasmussen, Jade Hutchinson, Madison Edwards-Turner

– Girls 17-19yr 200m free relay – 1st (EISM record time) Rosie Addison, Ella Donoghue, Daniella Cosentino, Erin Doupe

Thank you to Ms Upjohn and Graeme Stephenson for all of their hard work with the Swimming Team.

House Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday 17 April the annual House Athletics Carnival was held at Proclamation Park in Ringwood. The students participated with great enthusiasm and House spirit throughout the day. Somner were looking to continue their recent dominance of House Athletics whilst the other houses wanted to break through for a win. The score was very close throughout the entire day with just 14 points separating the first and second place.

There were a number of outstanding individual performances on the day. Congratulations to the following students who broke records:

Year 7 Girls 1500m: Natasha Gillam 6:00 min

Year 7 Girls Vortex: Mia Qian 41.1m

Year 8 Girls 1500m: Maddy Block 5:57 min

Year 8 Girls Vortex: Aleisha Paul 35.1m

Year 12 Girls 1500m: Ella Donoghue 6:21 min

Year 7 Boys Shotput: Daniel Hynson 10.35m

Year 8 Boys 1500m: Blake Chrisfield equalled the record

Year 8 Boys 100m: Krisshnaa Kannan: 13.17 sec

Year 9 Boys 1500m: Ripley Fryer equalled the record

Year 9 Boys 200m: Dylan Cleal 26.60 sec

Year 10 Boys 1500m: Corey Dickson 4:45 min

Year 10 Boys Long Jump: Paul Haasbroek 6.48m

Year 10 Boys 100m: Paul Haasbroek 11.89 sec

Year 10 Boys High Jump: Paul Haasbroek 1.8m

Year 10 Boys Triple Jump: Paul Haasbroek 12.21m

Year 11 Boys 1500m: Vishnu Pillay 4:37 min

Year 11 Boys 800m: Vishnu Pillay 2:17 min

Year 11 Boys 400m: Lachlan O’Reilly 58.76 sec

Year 11 Boys Shotput: William Smead 12.45m

Year 12 Boys 1500m: Joel Pearce-Schmidt 5:07 min

Year Level Champions

Congratulations to the following students who won Year Level champion:

Year 7 Girls: Ella Thompson

Year 7 Boys: Jedid She

Year 8 Girls: Maddy Block

Year 8 Boys: Krisshnaa Kannan

Year 9 Girls: Harriet Rasmussen

Year 9 Boys: Kaidin Dalzotto

Year 10 Girls: Tess Power

Year 10 Boys: Paul Haasbroek

Year 11 Girls: Erin Doupe

Year 11 Boys: Matt Evans

Year 12 Girls: Brooke Thompson

Year 12 Boys: Joel Williams

House Points were as follows:

Somner/Stewart              1st           2071 points

Butterss/Cross                  2nd          2057 points

Dann/Watt                         3rd           2005 points

Gordon/Grant                   4th           1970 points

Mansfield/McKie             5th           1881 points.

Congratulations to Somner/Stewart on another fantastic win in the House Athletics Carnival!

EISM Grand Finals

Congratulations to the following teams for making the Grand Finals in EISM competitions.

Year 9 Boys A Tennis (Runners-Up)

Year 9 Boys B Tennis (Premiers)

Senior Girls Indoor Cricket (result TBC)

Victorian State Championships

More than 500 students from 172 schools competed on 640 horses in dressage, show jumping, combined training, show horse, handy mount and novelty classes at the Victorian State Championships down in Werribee during the holidays. Tintern had a very successful week down at the Victorian State Championships with Ella Trevorrow (Year 10) winning the Secondary 75cm Show Jumping Championships on her horse Bilbo Baggins and Keeley Thomas (Year 8) winning the Pas de deux (team freestyle dressage) with a friend from Edinburgh College, performing to the music from Grease. Keeley also took out Reserve Champion (second) in the Secondary Show Hunter section, riding her pony, Rose. Other notable mentions include Lilly Trevorrow 5th in the Secondary 95cm Combined Training and Bridie Wescombe 4th in the Secondary Intermediate Preliminary 1.3. Ruby Smiley, Odette McCallum and Darcee McCallum were also out competing in Tintern’s team colours. Overall, it was a very successful week with Tintern finishing in the top 15 of the 172 schools from across the state.

by Darcee McCallum, Equestrian Vice-Captain 2018

Tintern Equestrian Team Prepare for the Horse Trials

Over the Easter Break, the Tintern Equestrian Team have been privileged enough to have not one but three clinics to assist with our riding and bring us together as a team! It all started down at the Werribee Equestrian Park where myself, Amelia, Ella, Lilly, Ruby, Angel, Bridie and some others from outside of Tintern, took part in a Cross Country and Dressage clinic with Will Enzinger. Everyone had an amazing time and we all learnt so much. The following day, the Interschool Championship began at Werribee. Everyone from Tintern who competed tried their hardest and we walked away with some incredible results!! (See Darcee’s report above)

The same week, the team grew and we attended a cross country and showjumping clinic at Wandin Park with Will Enzinger once more. It was another amazing day and it was awesome to meet some newer team members and strengthen our friendships in the team! 

During the last week of the holidays we had our final clinic, a dressage clinic at Seville Pony Club with coach, Danielle Pooles, who worked with us all, focussing on our strengths and weaknesses until we all walked away more confident that we walked in! It was a very calm and informative lesson for every group of riders that took part.

Now that everyone is prepped, confident, and part of an amazing team, bring on the Tintern Grammar Horse Trials this weekend!!!

by Brooke Thompson, Equestrian Captain 2018


Community Matters

Community Group News

Welcome to the first edition of Community Matters for Term 2, 2018. It is through this section we keep you informed of the events and achievements of the various Community Groups as well as the many and varied activities in which they participate. It has been a very busy start to the Term the Friends of Equestrian Horse Trials this weekend and many more exciting events still to come.

If you would like to be involved with any of the Community Groups please contact the Community Relations team on 9845 7877 or email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Keep your eye on the Tintern Portal as Community news will be updated regularly so you will not miss any important information. If you would like to contribute to Community Matters, email your submissions to the Community Relations Office and we will incorporate your news wherever possible.

TPG Bush Dance

*** EVENT UPDATE *** Unfortunately due to low numbers we have decided to cancel the Bush Dance this Friday 4 May. But we are pleased to share that The Blackberry Jam Bush Band will visit the Junior Schools during term 2 to run a fun activity with the students. Parents will be welcome to join us for this occasion. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Jazz Night

It’s that time of year again. Get your dancing shoes on and join us at the Tintern Grammar Friends of Music 18th Annual Jazz Night! Book now.

Mother’s Day Stall and Gift Wrapping Day

Our ELC and Junior Schools’ Mother’s Day stall will be held on Wednesday 9 May from 8.30am to 1.30pm in the Southwood Centre Computer Room. Gifts range in price from $3 – $15. 

Gift Wrapping Day – Wednesday 2 May, 8.30am – onwards at Kennedy Cottage

We would love some help on the day of the Mother’s Day Stall, and also the gift wrapping day. If you are able to help in any way please complete the reply slip that was sent home last week (Junior Schools only) and return to the Junior School Reception.

It is a School requirement that all volunteers have a current WWCC:

  • If you have a WWCC, please send an image of the front and back of your card to Community Relations, or alternatively, bring your card to any Tintern Reception to be copied.
  • If you don’t have a WWCC, it is free and easy to obtain a voluntary check. You can apply online through this link: http:www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/.

If you have any further questions please contact Haidee Wallace on 0417 052 273 or email wallace.haidee@gmail.com.

Careers Night 2018

Save the date for the Tintern Grammar Careers Night! Back again for 2018 on Thursday 17 May at 6.30pm further details, including how to book, will be distributed shortly.

Students and families from Years 9 to 12 will be invited to sit and chat to past students who are working in careers they love, studying their favourite subjects at University or TAFE, or taking time out to explore different career options to gain work experience.

We have some incredible Alumni scheduled to attend, from a broad range of different careers and industries, including Brooke Williams, Physiotherapist and Practice Director, Anna Church, 4th Year Medical Student and Caroline Langan-Minca, Motor Mechanic and Business Owner.

Further information, including how to book and a full list of attending Alumni with biographies, will soon be distributed to students and their families from Years 9 to 12.

Friends of Equestrian – Demonstration Day 2018 

The Friends of Equestrian (FOE) were once again proud to host the Equestrian Demonstration Day at Tintern Grammar on Friday 23 February. It was a wonderful event with the students and their horses demonstrating incredible skill, whilst promoting Equestrian at Tintern.

If you are interested in learning more about FOE or the Equestrian program, please come along this weekend to the 18th Annual Victorian Inter-School Horse Trial Championship at Wandin Park, further details included below.

Or alternatively, the next FOE meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 23 May. If you are interested in joining, or just learning more, please contact Mrs Alison Bezaire (Equestrian Coordinator) abezaire@tintern.vic.edu.au or Community Relations on 9845 7877.



18th Annual Victorian Interschool Horse Trials 

The FOE group invite you to come along and support the Tintern Grammar Equestrian teams and enjoy a day out at one of the Yarra Valley’s finest estates: Wandin Park, 305 Victoria Rd, Wandin North.

This weekend, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April, the Friends of Equestrian are hosting the 18th Annual Victorian Inter-School Horse Trial Championship at Wandin Park.

With nearly 300 competitors and around 500 plus families and spectators from all over Victoria, this prestigious event will be an exciting day for all.



A small group of T.O.G.A golfers gathered at Woodlands Golf Club on Friday 13 October 2017 to enjoy a delightful morning of golf, followed by a lovely lunch. Regulars Lyn Coutie (Stevenson YG 1970), Joan Hoyle (Nairn YG 1952), Di Thompson (Landy YG 1956) Claire Vance (McDonald YG 1957), Deb Gilmartin (Bell YG 1991) and Melinda Thomas (YG 1983) had a lovely day with Lyn Coutie taking out the golfing chocolates with 35pts and Di Thompson scooping the pool with both the NTP and longest drive.

Kew Golf Club was the venue for the 89th annual Women’s Interschool Golf Challenge Cup, held on Monday 16 April 2018. The inclement weather of the weekend fortunately cleared with only a sprinkle of rain, as we were finishing, on what was to be a low scoring day. Lyn Coutie, Marg Carroll (Byrne YG 1969), Jacky Clark (YG 1968) and Melinda Thomas, endeavoured to bring the trophy home for Tintern, however, we had to settle for equal 7th with 106 pts. Genazzano won the day with 122 pts, Clyde 2nd with 119pts and St Leonards/Toorak College equal 3rd with 114pts. A nice win for Genazzano, whose last victory was in 1941.

If you’re interested in joining the TOGA golfers, please contact Melinda Thomas on 9778-3444 or 0417 508 725.

Class of 1959 Luncheon

A wonderful time was had by the Class of 1959 last Saturday, enjoying lunch at Young and Jackson in Melbourne. Hosted by Maureen Orchard (Wiltshire) and Marlene Bevan (McKee), the fifteen ladies enjoyed catching up and celebrating 59 years since graduation.

Community Committee dates

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 10 May 2018 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage Co-Presidents: Haidee Wallace and Leeza Crowe
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Monday 30 April 2018 7pm CM Wood Common Room President: Tim Oldmeadow
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 7 May 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage. President: Jonathan Cross
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meetings: Wednesday 23 May 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage. President: Sandra Garland

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Book is back – Early Bird Offers Available for a limited time!

The Tintern Parent Group is once again offering the Entertainment books for purchase through the School.

The Entertainment™ Book, and the Entertainment™ Digital Membership, are your guide to the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more, all with valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers. The book is current from purchase until the end of May 2019.

Please click here to order your 2018/2019 Entertainment book. 

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG for 2018.

Tintern Grammar Photo Albums

The TPG is also continuing to offer beautiful quality made customised ‘buckram’ binders for only $72. The albums are Navy, featuring the school crest and name printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent sheet inserts.

The albums are great for storing:
– The official school photos
– Certificates
– Naplan and ICAS results
– Sports and performer ribbons
– Artwork
– Programs from concerts, sports days and special assemblies
– Photos
– Newsletter clippings
– Your own scrapbook creations (as the pages are 30cm x 30cm standard scrapbook size)

In fact, if you think of it like a filing cabinet of memories, over the years it builds up into quite a treasure! Samples can be viewed in the uniform shop and all orders are now taken at this link through trybooking

Once you have placed your order, please take your confirmation to the Uniform Shop to collect your Album and/or extra pages.


Celebration Evening 2018 – Change of Date

As all who have attended Celebration Evening will know, it is indeed a celebration of the activities, achievements, adventures, people and culture of our Tintern Grammar community. It is a very important evening for the whole school community and most particularly for our Year 12 students, for whom it is one of the final and most important rites of passage while they are still students. In recent years, this has taken place in the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University as part of a year by year agreement with Monash. However, for 2018 Monash have not been able to provide us with a suitable mid-week date and consequently, for 2018 we have had to move Celebration from its traditional mid-week slot to the evening of the second Saturday of Term 4 (Saturday 20 October). While this was not our preferred option, and we intend to return to a mid-week evening slot for 2019, we have exhausted all other feasible alternatives and this is clearly the best option available to us for this year.

To give a brief explanation, each year we nominate several dates to Monash that fit with; School’s holidays, Year 12 examinations, and various other significant School events and activities. When Monash have populated their calendar with their graduations and other internal bookings for RBH for the following year, they allocate us a booking from our list of nominated dates, from our most preferred to least preferred. For 8 years this has worked without difficulty. In 2017, for the first time, Monash was unable to provide us with a mid-week 2018 date that was possible for us. They have both apologised and explained that while it was not possible for this year, they believe it to be a single year issue and from 2019, they would expect to be able to accommodate us each year as they have for the nearly 10 years we have been at RBH.

Numerous alternatives were sought and considered by the Executive, and a sub-committee of Geoff Connor and Alison Bezaire were tasked with investigating those that appeared to fulfil our list of requirements, as well as being available. Numerous university and commercial venues were eliminated almost immediately because they were either unsuitable or unavailable. Of those available on our possible dates and feasible for us, Geoff Connor and Alison Bezaire visited two venues as realistic possibilities and briefly investigated one other.

In the end, each of these turned out to be one or more of impractical, unsuitable, or with travel time that was not feasible for our families east of the School. Consequently, the sub-committee could not in all conscience recommend an alternative venue. The only feasible mid-week option was then the CM Wood Performance Centre, which, while a known quality and operationally suitable, was not our preferred alternative. While we have kept this as a fallback option, we have been looking outside past practice for alternative possibilities. Of these, we feel strongly that RBH on a Saturday night is clearly the best option.

I appreciate that the movement to a Saturday night is a departure from past practice, but it ensures we will be able to maintain our memorable celebration of the year and our appropriately significant and dignified farewell to our Year 12 Leavers, as has been the tradition at our School over many years. 

Factis non verbis


Girls’ Junior School – Year 6 2019

I am writing to you to ensure that current and future families are aware of the impacts of the significant enrolment growth being experienced at Tintern Grammar for 2019. For some time now, our Girls’ and Boys’ Year 7 classes for next year have been essentially full and our Girls’ Year 6 class for next year is also full. We are already aware that we have some enquiring external families for Girls’ Year 6 in 2019, and at this point, we are concerned we may not be able to accommodate them at Tintern next year through lack of available places.

As current, past or future members of the Tintern community, there may also be further enquiry interest amongst you for Girls’ Year 6 next year or Girls’ Year 7 in 2020, and we would certainly want to be able to welcome siblings or children of alumni if you are contemplating entry in this group. If there is sufficient interest in Girls’ Year 6 in 2019, we would consider creating another class and would be very keen to hear from any families who are considering this. There is also the possibility that you may have friends or family who are contemplating entry for a girl in this year group, and given the pressure we are experiencing at Year 7, encouraging them to contact the School (admissions@tintern.vic.edu.au) may help us to avoid disappointment for them.

I offer my thanks for all the support you provide to our School in a myriad of ways, but with this in mind, the very positive and grateful word of mouth that has originated from our current or past families is what gets back to me most often. I am grateful to so many of you for this affirmation that encourages other families to come and watch their child grow through their Tintern Grammar education.

Factis non verbis




ELC Bring Your Own Dinner

On Thursday 22 March the ELC welcomed its families to share dinner together in our beautiful outside play space and what a delightful evening it was. It was terrific to see all the families enjoying our special community and beautiful ELC playground. The children were divine and played so happily. It was wonderful to see how proud they are of their rooms and play spaces. It was delightful to watch them show off their play area and ELC to their families.

We hope those that could attend enjoyed their evening. It is important to the staff in the ELC and to Tintern Grammar that we build and support strong community and family links between school and home.

We hope you enjoy the photos of the evening.


News for the Boys’ Junior School

I hope that you and your family have had a relaxing and enjoyable Easter and holiday. I was fortunate to be at a Conference in beautiful Hobart, where some rain and cooler weather made for a pleasant change. One of the guest speakers was Stephen Biddulph, who is always engaging and offers so much wisdom and reinforcement about teaching and caring for children.  A large focus of the Conference yesterday was Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Term 2 is always a very special one for us in the Junior School, with a number of unique and very enjoyable events such as the Mother’s Day Breakfast, Cross Country and the Year 3-6 Cabaret Evening, complementing classroom opportunities.

We continue with our This Is Me theme, again providing a wide cross-section of guest speakers who will share their unique journeys with us, reinforcing to the boys that individuality is special and to be applauded, that everyone confronts times of adversity, and that resilience is a much-needed value….or as one of the lyrics in This Is Me states;

“…I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be, this is me…”


As mentioned, our annual Mother’s Day Breakfast is always a special occasion. With choir performances, lovely food, slideshows and the warmth of sharing the morning with others ‘mums’ and Tintern Grammar children, the Breakfast is always memorable. Please note that seating is pre-arranged, and an early RSVP is essential…please book (free!) through the following link.



Our ANZAC Service has always been a special part of our Boys’ Junior School and this morning, our combined Junior Schools Service, was another special event. It afforded us the opportunity to reinforce the importance and significance of not only ANZAC Day, but remembering all Service men and Women, and communities affected by wars, in the past and present.

I spoke to the girls and boys about the amazing links between the tiny village of Villers Bretonneux in France, so badly destroyed in World War One, yet ‘reclaimed’ and saved by Australian Troops. The village school children tended to the graves of ANZACS killed during the fierce fighting that saw more than 1200 ANZACS killed on 24 April 1918.

In the early 1921, Sir John Monash oversaw the collection of funds in Victoria to assist with the rebuild of the village, and subsequently, what became known as The Victoria School. Still in it’s playground stands the sign “Do Not Forget Australia”.

Sir John Monash, and his planning and overseeing of the famous Battle of Hamel was also discussed.

We were delighted to be joined by Colonel David Jamison, from the Ringwood RSL, who read the ode and then Josh Apsey and Charli Victoria played the Last Post, a very moving moment.

At the completion of our Service, Colonel Jamison planted a Gallipoli Oak, descend from acorns originally brought back from the hills of the battlefield.

Maintaining an understanding of The ANZAC legend, hearing of the ‘good’ stories that have grown from the tragedy and ensuring that we will always remember those who sacrificed so much for us, is a right and privilege.


2017-2018 Year 7 – 11 Annual Visual Art & Design Show

Monday 16 April to Wednesday 23 May – Weekdays, 8.30am – 4.00pm

Open late – Tuesday 1 May, Tuesday 8 May and Tuesday 15 May – 8.30am – 6.00pm

The Visual Art & Design Department offers a warm invitation to the Visual Art Gallery space to enjoy the works from Year 7 to 11 students from classes in semester 2, 2017 and semester 1, 2018.

Each year, the students amaze us with their creative thinking and enthusiastic approaches to making and creating visual pieces, in a variety of forms, exploring a range of themes and concepts. From woodwork to 3D printing, textiles, computer generated design, painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and visual communication work just to name a few.

The exhibition is an opportunity for students to showcase their efforts and wonderful final pieces, sharing their insights and skills developed over the past 12 months.

Please join us to view this ‘visual feast for the eyes’.

Also, we have more exciting news!

In our Visual Art & Design Department, the staff have a wealth of skills and knowledge we share with the students on a daily basis which assists them in the creation of their work.

We then ask our students to be particularly brave and display their work in our exhibition space. It is now time for the staff to be brave.

So we would like to announce the inaugural Tintern Grammar Visual Art & Design Staff Exhibition 2018.

From Monday 5 June until Friday  24 June each member of the Visual Art & Design Department will have an allocated space in the display wall next to the Visual Art & Design Art office, featuring works they have created. Accompanying the works will be information explaining the process, inspiration and use of materials.

Please come and view the variety of pieces on display and feel free to discuss the works with the artists! 

We look forward to seeing you in the exhibition space soon.


New Parking Restrictions – Letter from Maroondah Council

A friendly reminder of the new Parking Restrictions Maroondah Council will enforce in the coming weeks. Please note this letter from Principal Bradley Fry was emailed to the School community during the holidays.

Dear Tintern Grammar families and staff

Ahead of the Term 2 return to school, please find attached a letter from Maroondah Council. This details important changes for families regarding parking, pick up and drop off arrangements.

As you will read, these changes apply to Alexandra Rd, Byways Drive and the surrounding area and are hoped to ease some of the significant congestion experienced by families, as well as alleviate safety concerns for our students and neighbours, particularly during morning drop off.

The signage will be changed in the next 3 to 4 weeks, and we do not anticipate getting any further notice beyond this letter.

If you drop off or park on the southern side of the School in the Alexandra Rd precinct, please ensure you are familiar with the forthcoming changes and look for the changes to signage in the area to avoid any risk of Council fines. While the school does not request or encourage council enforcement, they are in the best interests of student and community safety and we urge our families to adhere to them. To ensure the safety of our students, staff, families and neighbours, the best option for secondary student drop off is the PE Centre/Bus Bay car park.

If using the PE Centre/Bus Bay car park, please also be aware that right-hand turns from Loma Street into the School are clearly signposted as prohibited and drivers run the risk of being booked by Council Officers if they make such right-hand turns. This is also a particularly dangerous manoeuvre which is likely to result in collisions with cars or buses making the correct turn from Morinda Street into the School or continuing around the curve from Morinda Street into Loma Street.

Kind regards 

Brad Fry


Tintern Grammar

90 Alexandra Road, Ringwood East VIC 3135

PO Box 26, Ringwood East VIC 3135

Ph: 9845 7802

Email: principal@tintern.vic.edu.au


World Challenge Fundraiser

This year Tintern Grammar has students participating in the World Challenge. The cost of the trip to students and their families is quite substantial so we very much encourage students to raise some or all of the funds themselves. Not all students will take on this challenge, however, many of them will hold individual fundraisers in order to raise the required funds.

Three of our Year 11 students, Lizzie Whitbourn, Sophie Cookes and Jemma Thornton, would like to invite the School community to join them for a ‘Paella Night’ which will be held Friday 27 April from 6.30 – 10.00pm at the White Owl Café/Restaurant in Warrandyte to raise funds for their trip. Follow this link to learn more or book: https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=368910

It would be great if you and your family could support the students World Challenge fundraising efforts.

by Catrina Ord, Head of Physical Education


Tintern Junior School – Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program

Established in 1931, School Banking has been teaching money-management skills to generations of primary school children.

Children who participate are rewarded with Dollarmites tokens that they can redeem for exciting rewards when they deposit regularly into their savings account. The program is supported by a range of fun and engaging materials to help them learn about money – and encourage them to save.

Not only does it teach crucial money skills, it’s also a great way for schools to engage with parents and the broader school community.

Exciting promotions and adventures with the Dollarmites

To keep students motivated and encourage participation, every year we introduce a new savings adventure. In 2018, students will join the Dollarmites, stationed at their superhero headquarters, on a Super Savers adventure. 

School Banking competitions are also run at participating schools nationally, offering students the chance to win great prizes just by saving regularly.


School banking day is each WEDNESDAY during term time.

For more information, please visit the link below or ask at Junior School Reception.


by Deb Quirk, School Banking Coordinator


Year 2 String Program

The Year 2 girls have been making very positive progress in the String Program. The journey so far has encompassed many of the elemental skills of playing the instrument. The girls thoroughly enjoyed sharing a little of what they have been working on over the course of the first term during their final session. The families were treated to a mini-concert of two pieces the girls have been working on with Mr Veldman and Mrs Mackie.

by Mary Whitcher, Girls’ Year 2 Teacher


Mother’s Day Stall – Wednesday 9 May

Our Mother’s Day stall will be held on WEDNESDAY 9 MAY from 8.30am to 1.30pm in the Southwood Centre Computer Room.

Gifts range in price from $3 – $15. 

Please send a plastic shopping bag on the day for your child to put their goodies in!

Gift Wrapping Day – Wednesday 2 May, 8.30am – onwards at Kennedy Cottage

We would love some help on the day of the Mother’s Day Stall and also the gift wrapping day.

It is a School requirement that all volunteers obtain a WWCC. It is free to obtain a voluntary check. To apply follow this link: http:www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/

If you are able to help in any way please complete the reply slip that was sent home last week and return to the Junior School Reception

If you have any further questions please contact Haidee Wallace on 0417052273 or email wallace.haidee@gmail.com.


Boys’ Junior School – Term 2 Class Captains

Year 3D – Andrew Wang Year 4D – Noah Singh Year 5D – Alex Beaton


Congratulations to our Term 2 Class Captains!


Club Tinwood Jumpdeck – Thursday 3 May

Club Tinwood #2  – Thursday 3 May 2018


Join your friends for an hour session at JumpDeck – 123 Lewis Road, Knoxfield.             

100 Interconnected trampolines, Dodgeball courts, Free Jump, Slam Dunk, Super Jump,  Foam pits and Melbourne’s largest ball pit containing over 10’000 Balls!

  • Transport – Crown Bus departing Tintern Campus at 3.30 pm
  • Students can be collected from Lewis Road by 5pm or from Tintern Campus for 5.15pm

All this for JUST $20

This INCLUDES TRANSPORT, entry fee and a pair of JUMPDECK socks.

An enrolment form has been sent to each classroom or can be downloaded here: Club Tinwood Jumpdeck notice

What is Club Tinwood?

Club Tinwood is an optional after-school activity group for girls and boys in Year 3 to 6 that meets throughout the school year. The club complements our Parallel Learning model by encouraging friendships across the Junior School and bringing our older Junior Schools’ children together outside of the classroom, providing an opportunity to mix and socialise whilst taking part in a range of fun activities, which are organised and supervised by our Junior Schools’ staff.


Boys’ Middle School News

Term 2 started with a bang; literally, the bang of our starter’s gun as our Athletics Day was held at Proclamation Park in Ringwood on the first day of term. It was a great day, helped by the cooler, but dry weather, and by the wonderful attitude and level of effort displayed throughout the day by all boys and girls. The competition was tight in the Boys’ Middle School with many wonderful individual efforts, as well as some excellent team relays. Special congratulations to our Year Level Champions: Year 7 – Jedid She, Year 8 – Blake Chrisfield, and Year 9 – Kaidin Dalzotto, who put in fantastic performances across the whole day. Also congratulations to Somner/Stewart House who finished the overall champions on the day.

Beginning a new term allows everyone a fresh start and an opportunity to plan and set goals for the coming term. Having received mid-semester reports and the end of Term 1, and also spoken with teachers at Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, it’s a great opportunity for our boys to put into place some goals they have set themselves to continue achieving as the semester progresses.

When boys are aiming towards particular goals, it’s important that feedback is provided to them about their progress. This feedback, both during and post a particular goal phase, needs to be primarily about their effort and not necessarily about their result. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanton University is a huge believer in a growth mindset and positive psychology. She writes that when a child or adult is praised for their results, such as “well done, you are really smart”, the child/adult hears: “oh, you think I’m brilliant and talented. That’s why you admire me – that’s why you value me. I better not do anything that will disprove this evaluation. As a result, they enter a fixed mindset, they play it safe in the future and they limit the growth of their talent.” Those praised for efforts are far more likely to see the next challenge as one worth taking on as another means of growth. Effort from our boys is what we are after and this ties in with the Personal Brand theme we have been talking to our boys about this year – being the best them they can be.

*** EVENT UPDATE *** Unfortunately due to low numbers we have decided to cancel the Bush Dance this Friday 4 May. But we are pleased to share that The Blackberry Jam Bush Band will visit the Junior Schools during term 2 to run a fun activity with the students. Parents will be welcome to join us for this occasion. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.


Girls’ Middle School News

Welcome back to Term 2! We have begun the term with an exciting House Athletics Carnival on the first day back. The students were rugged up in their best winter House colours as the day began with an icy 5°C. The day rapidly warmed up as did the level of competition across a wide range of athletic activities from discus to high jump to the ever-exciting relay races. Congratulations to our Year Level Champions: Year 7 – Ella Thompson, Year 8 – Maddy Block and Year 9 – Harriet Rasmussen.

I was running the House novelty events where the students participated in some very amusing games such as a waiter’s race where a few of our Year 9 students discovered they had hidden talents in balancing glasses on a tray whilst running! They also worked together well as a team during the inaugural tug-of-war challenge. Our Year 7 and 8 students took a trip down memory lane as they competed in relays using giant bouncing hoppers and then a rubber chicken race. During the more serious events, I was impressed to see a great sense of comradery as the Houses cheered each competitor on, resulting in a great atmosphere and opportunity for students to compete to a high standard for their House. A wonderful day with Somner/Stewart taking first place in a very close finish.

In the final weeks of last term, we had Year 7 camp at Merricks. This camp involved a wide range of activities such as horse riding along St Andrews beach, stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling around Rye pier, mountain bike riding, climbing a giant tree and of course the exiting hike and camp out! The students really embraced each opportunity to try new activities, build their skills and face some fears! The weather was testing at times with torrential rain coming in sideways on day one, but the kids saw this as adding to the excitement and were determined to have a great time whatever the weather. Our Year 11 Outdoor Ed leaders were a wonderful asset to the camp as they worked alongside their group encouraging and assisting the students to get the most out of our experiences. Some students were lucky enough to see seahorses at Rye pier, which is a very unusual sight. Friendships were created and cemented across the camp as the girls worked together and drew closer as a year level.

In reflecting on the end of Term 1, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding quality of our fantastic Musical Production “South Pacific.” After so many months of practice, hard work and commitment from all cast and support crew, the result was simply fabulous. I was so delighted to see so many Middle School students participating and delivering stellar performances both on stage, in the music pit and backstage crew. Well done to all involved!

*** EVENT UPDATE *** Unfortunately due to low numbers we have decided to cancel the Bush Dance this Friday 4 May. But we are pleased to share that The Blackberry Jam Bush Band will visit the Junior Schools during term 2 to run a fun activity with the students. Parents will be welcome to join us for this occasion. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.



From the Head of Senior College

Welcome back to Term 2. During the holidays I hope students and families had a chance to relax and reflect on their Term 1 and are ready for the term ahead. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling with eight students through the High Country on a Duke of Edinburgh ‘Adventurous Journey’. Over four days I enjoyed the company of the Year 10 -12 students and my colleagues, the challenges of hiking in the wilderness and living a simplistic life and I certainly felt re-charged and ready for the term ahead.

I think it is important for our students that we help them to maintain balance and perspective. We need to encourage them to take time to enjoy their experiences, connect with themselves, with nature and with others. I often tell students, particularly those in their final year, that we are running a marathon, not a sprint. In order to finish the marathon we need to pace ourselves, check-in with how we’re feeling, fuel ourselves well, rest when needed and take care of our minds and bodies. For many, Term 2 will provide challenges and stresses, particularly in the lead up to mid-year examinations and assessments. Our subject teachers and pastoral staff will be working with students to prepare and manage themselves throughout this time in order to achieve their full potential. I encourage parents to communicate with the school (Mentors, Teachers and Year Level Coordinators) if there are any issues or concerns regarding students so that we can become aware of these as early as possible and work with students to support them as best we can.

Students have been very active in the short few days since returning on last week. The enthusiasm shown by all students on our first day back at the House Athletics was fantastic! The energy has been high since as students have begun House Music rehearsals and have settled back into academic classes.

It was my great pleasure to attend the Maroondah Youth Awards last Thursday as Clarisse Liew (Year 10), Angus Bicknell, Molly Fleming, Jocelyn Ch’ng, Eliza Allen, Jameson Wong and Ella Watt (Year 11), Tiana McAsey and Louise Smith (Class of 2017), were presented with Awards for their contributions and achievements, personally and within our community. The Award categories were Creativity, Personal Journey, Creativity, Leadership and Group Achievement.

Congratulations to all recipients! If you would like to read more about the awards and our student recipients, please visit http://www.maroondahyouth.com.au/Programs-for-Young-People/Celebrating-young-people-Maroondah-Youth-Awards

I look forward to seeing families at our upcoming events throughout the term. Some significant events that I would like to remind parents of coming up in Term 2:

  • Tintern Grammar Horse Trials, Wandin Park, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April
  • IB Information Night, Monday 7 May
  • Careers Night, Thursday 17 May 
  • Our annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday 20 May. I look forward to seeing Senior College students and families at this event and remind students that it is an expectation that they attend the Cathedral Service.
  • Pathways Evening (Year 10), Wednesday 13 June


News from Year 10

All Year 10 families received an email listing the important events and dates for this term. The students have settled back into the school routine quickly and we have our first session with Elevate Education on Thursday 26 April from 1.45 – 2.45pm to assist them to develop effective revision and examination strategies. We are also holding our first SRC meeting this week with the Year 10 and 11 Mentor Leaders to discuss any issues or ideas to enhance their life in the Senior College. Julie Ennor has been helping students with their Work Experience placements so thank you to families for your support as this is an important but not easy part of the Year 10 program. The dates for Work Experience are Monday 18 to Friday 22 June. Below is a summary of the key dates for Year 10.

Morrisby Online Careers Testing


Date:               Thursday 3 May
Time:               The series of tests will be undertaken between 8.30 and 10.30am at school.


Date:               Thursday 3 May
Time:               7.30 – 9.00pm
Location:        Area C

This session is designed for students and their parents/guardians to receive the report together and to assist with the interpretation of the results. Attendance at this evening is vital to gain maximum benefit from the testing. An email will be sent from the school to confirm your attendance. For further information, refer to the company website at www.morrisbyonline.com.au/


Date for the Diary…. Thursday 17 May – 6.30 to 8.30pm in the CM Wood Centre

Find Your Future Self Careers Night (Alumni and Tertiary Institutions)

I encourage all Year 10 students to attend this evening with their families or guardians to explore a variety of career options and have an informal conversation with members of our alumni. The tertiary sector has been supportive and we are expecting representatives from the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University, RMIT, Swinburne University, ACU, La Trobe University and Box Hill Institute.


Other Important Dates for Term 2 

Friday 1 June: Year 10 and 11 Study Day  
Monday 4 to Friday 8 June: Year 10 and 11 Exams 
Wednesday 13 June: Senior College Pathways Evening 
Friday 22 June: End of Term 2 


News from Year 11

Welcome back and I hope the holiday provided a welcome break and recharge for a busy Term 2. Throughout this term we will be preparing VCE students for the GAT, which will be happening for those students taking a VCE Unit 3/4 subject on Wednesday 13 June. VCE students currently taking a Unit 1/2 subject will be able to practise as well, giving them an introduction as to the structure and scope of the GAT. Students in the IB will be working on their class assignments during this time.  

Year 11 examinations for all VCE and IB students will commence on Monday 4 June and finish on Friday 8 June. Friday 1 June is a study day and students are not required to be in school and are encouraged to work independently at home or in the school library. 

We will begin the planning and preparations for the Year 11 Formal this term as well, with the permission notifications to be distributed electronically later this term. The date for the formal is Friday 20 July. 

Finally, the Year 11 students will be running their initiative activities with students in the Junior School and will undoubtedly provide some memorable experiences for the young and old alike. 

All these dates are in the “2018 Information and Dates” pdf file on the Year 11 Level Portal page for your reference as well.


News from Year 12

Year 12 students are settling back into the routine of classes and study after a well-earned rest over the holidays. No doubt, many Year 12 students were still working hard during this time, but also got to spend some downtime with family and friends and importantly managed to catch up on some sleep.

Last week was a busy one for House Captains! On Tuesday, they lead their respective Houses with confidence and enthusiasm as they participated in their final House Athletics carnival. It was great to see all the students who participated did so with great spirit and an excellent attitude. This week also marked the commencement of the House Music rehearsals. Leading and engaging the younger students can be a difficult task at times but, as a group, the Year 12 students showed great maturity and patience and we even witnessed some great singing from the very first rehearsal. We wish them luck as they continue their rehearsals and encourage them all to make the most of their final House Music experience.

Next week we are looking forward to working on the traditional Year 12 banner which is designed and signed by all the Year 12 students and then hung in the Year 12 social space. The banner is often a ‘work of art’ in itself but the banner also serves as a reminder that we are all one in the Tintern Community and that students should continue to encourage and support each other as much as possible throughout this challenging yet rewarding year.

by Jen Tsai Bove, Year 12 Co-ordinator


News from the Careers Department

Year 12 Excursion to the VCE and Careers Expo

All of our Year 12 students will be attending the VCE and Careers Expo on Friday 4 May. This event provides information relating to tertiary courses, career discussions, revision lectures, gap year programs, study tips plus a wide range of exhibitors from the private, TAFE and University sectors. Information has been sent to both the students and their families relating to the logistics for the day.

Find Your Future Self Careers Night (Alumni and Tertiary Institutions) on Thursday 17 May from 6.30 to 8.30pm in the CM Wood Centre

We are finalising all the details including the booking portal for this event to enable students with their families to begin or continue their career exploration. This year representatives from the tertiary sector will be joining our alumni at Tintern Grammar and we are most grateful for their support including the University of Melbourne, Monash University, Deakin University, RMIT, Swinburne University, ACU, La Trobe University and Box Hill Institute.






The latest editions of Career News including Number 8 and Number 9 are now available on the Portal at: http://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/ and includes the following items that are of interest to the entire school community:

Number 8

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
  • News from ACU
    • ACU at the ACN Nursing & Health Expo
    • Community Achiever Program (CAP)
  • News from Bond University
    • Update from the Bond Business School
    • Build your own Brochure
    • Scholarships at Bond for 2019
  • What can I do with an Arts Degree?
  • Arts Degrees on offer in Victoria 
  • Snapshot of RMIT University in 2018

 Number 9

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 2
  • ACN Nursing and Health Expo
  • VCE and Careers Expo 2018
  • REMINDER: Inside Monash Seminar Series 2018
  • REMINDER: ‘My Melbourne Future’ Series
  • Swinburne University Industry Partners 
  • Snapshot of the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2018
  • Engineering Degrees in Victoria 


Gold Duke of Edinburgh students receive awards at Government House from  Royalty!

On Friday 6 April, I was privileged to attend the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Ceremony at Government House. It was with great pride that I watched 2017 graduates Erin Hynson and Eliza Mignot and past student Piper Blake each receive their Gold Award certificate and medal from His Royal Highness, The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. The ceremony was hosted by the Honourable Linda Dessau, AC, Governor of Victoria.

Prince Edward is the Duke of Edinburgh’s representative world-wide and he was visiting Australia to promote and recognise the Duke of Edinburgh’s International award. Nearly 70 young Victorians received their awards at this special ceremony held in the magnificent ballroom of Government house. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, all awardees and their families were treated to morning tea and a stroll through the gardens and staterooms of Government house.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award. It has helped inspire, empower, connect and recognise the achievements of more than 8 million young people in more than 140 countries.

The Award presents a balanced, non-competitive program of voluntary activities that encourage personal discovery, growth, resilience, perseverance, responsibility and community service. It is about individual challenge and encouraging young people to become mature and active citizens who positively contribute to society, through activities that inspire them.

The Duke of Ed has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Young people can enter at any level, providing they meet the age requirements. To achieve each level, Participants create their own program of activities over a set length of time and across four Sections:

  • Service – To develop and encourage a sense of community spirit and responsibility to others
  • Skill – To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills
  • Physical Recreation – To encourage participation in Physical Recreation and improvement in physical fitness and performance
  • Adventurous Journey – To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery Gold-level Award Participants also undertake a fifth Section:
  • Residential Project– To broaden experience through involvement with others in a residential setting

Participants choose activities that spark their interest in each Section, then set their own goals. Through participation in The Duke of Ed, young people are empowered with the skills and opportunities to make meaningful decisions, enhance life and work skills, live active and healthy lifestyles, contribute to their communities, and build their sense of adventure in the face of the unknown and unfamiliar.

For Erin, Eliza and Piper, the Gold award meant an 18-month commitment to their activities, two strenuous hikes and residential projects in China, France and rural Victoria respectively. Their awards represent great dedication, self-motivation, independence and high levels of personal organisation. I congratulate these wonderful young people on receiving their awards.

by Anne Bortolussi, Award Leader Duke of Edinburgh Award


Duke of Edinburgh Students Take to the High Plains in the April School Holidays

In the second week of the April holidays, a group of eight Duke of Edinburgh students from Years 10, 11 and 12, Ms Bortolussi, Ms Constable and Outdoor Education contractor, Jannik Koop, visited the Alpine National Park and completed a four-day hike across Mount Speculation, Crosscut Saw and Mount Howitt. A phenomenal yet challenging experience, this hike really gave everyone a new appreciation for the outdoors. 

On the first day we arrived at Tintern at 6.00am to finalise packing our food, water, tents and clothing and group gear for the four days. We then drove to our starting point at the intersection of Bindaree Road and Bluff Link Road (near Mt Stirling) arranged a bus shuttle for the final day and hiked 8km to our campsite at King Hut. This was a fairly relaxed walk as it was on a gentle downhill gradient and the scenery was beautiful. Once reaching our destination at the campsite, we spent a few hours settling in, exploring the area, setting up our tents and preparing the delicious meals we had brought with us in our small groups.

The second day was harder and was spent hiking to the Camp Creek Campsite, next to Mount Speculation. We began the day by hiking up a spur and a section called “The Staircase”. This was particularly strenuous as when we were close the top of the spur’s peak, the terrain gradually became steeper. The views at the top were astonishing and the group’s undying spirit made the walk even more enjoyable. In addition, lunch had never tasted better!

In the afternoon, we hiked along an undulating four-wheel drive track which was in stark contrast to the morning’s path as it was significantly easier. The mountainous landscapes were beautiful to look at while hiking to the campsite and made all the hard work from the morning worthwhile.

The Camp Creek Campsite was fairly remote, with no toilet and was a great place to hide from the wind as we were protected by Mount Speculation. It was dark when we cooked dinner but it was one of the highlights of the day because we all sat in a circle, talking, and absorbing the heat from the trangias. Whilst tiring, Day 2 was again a positive experience.

The next day was my favourite day out of the four. After waking up and setting off, we climbed Mount Speculation and had a 360 degree view of the Alpine National Park. The views were the best I had seen and we took many photos. Little did I know what views we would encounter over the duration of the day. 

We climbed over many peaks and saddles and the scenery just kept getting better and better. Once we reached the Crosscut Saw, I was amazed at how breathtaking it was and just how many mountains I could see across to the horizon. The highest elevation we reached was 1700 metres and we spent most of the day up around this elevation.

My favourite part of Day 3’s hike was walking along a spur when the sun was coming down because the surroundings were just incredible, the temperature was perfect and the hike was entertaining due to the optimistic and amusing people in the group. I was surprised at their constant positivity and encouragement and this is one of the reasons I will always remember this hike. This hike was different from others I have done because everyone wanted to be there and liked the outdoors. We were all keen to give this hike a go and achieve our own personal goals. We eventually reached the Macalister Springs Campsite and settled down for the night.  

After a very early start due to a long drive back home, the group set off to Mount Howitt and Howitt Spur so that we could reach the bus at a reasonable time. We decided the night before that we would begin hiking early (6.00 am) and eat breakfast on Mount Howitt Peak to save time. It was incredibly windy on Mount Howitt and several of us hid under the emergency shelter for protection. Hiking was also very difficult as we had one side facing the wind, but I found the weather exciting and refreshing. 

After breakfast, we made our way down the mountain and the very steep spur. We walked 14kms to reach the bus. It felt strange sitting down after hiking for so long but it also felt good to do nothing for a few hours. We had lunch at the park in Mirimbah at the base of Mount Buller and snacks at Yea, but we spent most of the afternoon driving back to Tintern. Once reaching school, we packed up and organised the group equipment, returned any borrowed items to the outdoor education centre and left to go home. 

I am very glad I decided to do the Mount Speculation, Crosscut Saw and Mount Howitt hike. It was a great experience and gave me the opportunity to meet new people outside of my year level. I also challenged myself physically as I had to walk on more difficult terrain for longer distances. I will use this experience for my Practice Adventurous Journey for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and I encourage others who are thinking of doing their Silver Award to do the similar hike that will take place in the September school holidays. 

by Natalie Owen, Year 10


Natasha Paige (YG 2010) awarded The Phillip Barclay Memorial Prize


Congratulations to alumna Natasha Paige (YG 2010) who was awarded The Phillip Barclay Memorial Prize for Principles of Trusts in recognition of achieving the highest mark of all Monash JD Trust students in 2017 at the Postgraduate Law Prize ceremony in March. This is an outstanding achievement. Well done, Natasha!

We are also pleased to share that Natasha will be attending our upcoming Careers Night on Thursday 18 May. If your son or daughter is interested in studying law, make sure you join us on the night. Booking details for the Careers Night will be available soon. Follow the Facebook event to stay updated.



Dr Charlotte Ganderton (YG 2007) completes her PhD

Congratulations to alumna Dr Charlotte Ganderton (YG 2007) who completed her PhD in lateral hip pain at La Trobe University last year.

An exceptional physiotherapist, researcher and student, Charlotte was awarded many accolades during her time at university, including the Alan Hamer Research Prize, Bernard Rechter Graduate Research Prize for Honours, La Trobe University Patricia Cosh Leadership Award, the Australian Physiotherapy Association Board of Directors Student Prize and the prestigious DM Myers University Medal.

Throughout her career, Charlotte has worked in many different industries – performing arts, sports, private practice and the public health system, as well as tertiary education. This has enabled her to treat individuals from the acute setting through to return to work and sport. She is currently travelling the world working as a Physiotherapist for Cirque du Soleil – Toruk, The First Flight.


Gary Haasbroek (YG 2016) selected to represent Australia

Congratulations to alumnus Gary Haasbroek (YG 2016) who has been selected to represent Australia at the Under 20 World Athletics Championships in Finland.

This is a fantastic opportunity that Gary has worked very hard to achieve. For the past two years, Gary has committed himself to training full time for the Decathlon, which involves countless gym, physio, recovery and training sessions each week for the ten Decathlon events, all while studying a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bio-science at Latrobe University.

To compete at the championships Gary needs to pay a $4,000 team levy to cover his Australian uniform, food, accommodation, flights, transfers and competition entry. Gary would love your support to represent Australia in Finland in July. Follow this link to donate: https://asf.org.au/athletes/gary-haasbroek/ Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


Eliza Mignot (YG 2017) and Erin Hynson (YG 2017) achieve their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award

Congratulations to alumnae Eliza Mignot (YG 2017) and Erin Hynson (YG 2017) who received their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Gold Award from His Royal Highness The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex KG GCVO at a ceremony at Government House on Friday 6 April. 

To achieve this award Eliza and Erin have dedicated many hours to voluntary activities across the areas of service, skill, physical recreation, an adventurous journey and a residential project. 

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award presents a balanced, non-competitive program of voluntary activities that encourage personal discovery, growth, resilience, perseverance, responsibility and community service. The Award challenges and encourages young people to become mature and active citizens who positively contribute to society, through activities that inspire them.

Well done, Erin and Eliza!


Elizabeth Davie (YG 2005) performs at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

We are excited to share that alumna Elizabeth Davie (YG 2005) performed her award-winning comedy show, Super Woman Money Program, as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Super Woman Money Program is a show about money, feminism and power ballads, and is inspired by Elizabeth’s super company. The show won the Best Comedy Award at the 2018 Perth Fringe World Festival and sold out at Melbourne Fringe and Fringe World.

Congratulations Elizabeth!



The 18th Mullum Mullum Festival

Saturday 28 April, Sunday 29 April (Opening Day) and Saturday 5 May & Sunday 6 May 2018

Celebrate the ecological and cultural significance of the local Mullum Mullum Creek Valley at the 18th Mullum Mullum Festival.

Over the two weekends of the Festival, there is an exciting selection of over twenty expert-led walks and presentations on various aspects of the environment.

Our Opening Day on Saturday 29 April is centred around Aboriginal culture and is full of entertainment, food and traditional craft workshops suitable for both adults and children.

For further details visit mullummullumfestival.org.au or find us on Facebook at Mullum Mullum Festival.