20 Jul 2021

From the Principal

Rinse and repeat

So, here we are again; for the third time this year we are confined, restricted, frustrated and feeling further ground down by this force that was not our fault to start with, over which we have no control, and consequences once again being forced upon us – it is so unfair! While this may reflect only my feelings about the most recent COVID-19 lockdown, others may possibly feel similarly!

How do we/should we manage these strong, complex, and emotion-charged feelings? How do we reconcile them with also being the ‘adults’, or the ‘leaders’, in our family, in our workplace, or in our classrooms? I have to admit that like no time I can recall, I have felt like stamping my foot, holding my breath until I turn blue, and finding someone to blame for this. I acknowledge this is intemperate and inappropriate (and very ‘unPrincipallike’), but tempting, nonetheless!

Mr Adam Kenny, Head of the Boys’ Junior School, spoke recently of lessons learned from Sport, and as he spoke, I reflected on the truth of his words. In our sporting endeavours and contests we cannot control the weather, the temperature of the pool, the size or skill of our opponents, or the Umpire’s state of mind. These are what we term the ‘uncontrollables’. It does not matter how fit we are, how well we have practised, how hard we try, how focussed we are, how well we execute (or how angry we get), these things will be what they will be, uncontrollable.

What we can control is our own decision-making and the actions that arise from it. We can control what we pay attention to, who we look for, where we direct our concentration and attention and what we think about as we execute our skills or strategy. These are the ‘controllables’.

Young people can find these ideas very frustrating. “They shouldn’t do that…”, or “That’s not fair …or “If they hadn’t done that, we would have …” are phrases I heard many times over my coaching career and are also ones we might hear in our own homes with children and adolescents. And we all know what comes next (in sport at least) from the Coach: “Control the ‘controllables and ignore the rest” has been uttered repeatedly by every good Sports Coach.

So how do we lead our families, our children, our work colleagues, or (in a school) our classrooms, during this lockdown and through this pandemic with no precedent? Dr Martin Seligman, the founder of the Positive Psychology movement, would advocate for focussing on that which is good, that which we can give gratitude for, or that which we can acknowledge the positive effect of. His psychological research over a 30+ year period proved that focussing on the positives (no matter how apparently small or trivial, particularly in very challenging situations) will have an uplifting effect on everyone present. Note that he does not advocate a Pollyanna approach of ignoring or trivialising the difficulties. He advocates for a “… I can see this is really hard for you now, but do you think you could …?”, or “I’m sure you are finding this tough right now, but perhaps together we could ….”.

This encompasses acknowledging the uncontrollables for what they are (with empathy, care and understanding) and looking both for the roses to smell (a focus on the positive) and attending to what we can do (control the controllables). The former fuels emotional buoyancy and optimism, the latter is an empowering and confidence-enabling active focus.

While there is no doubt that it is a very tough time for us all during this COVID-19 snap lockdown, and far more than tough for some, we all share both the risk of being ground down by it and also the option to raise our eyes and see the small pleasures in things like; drinking coffee, the food we eat together, the walking of our dog or petting of our cat or the discussions with those we love about the music we listen to, or the books we read. The ‘roses’ to smell may not be as obvious or even as substantial at the moment, but they are still there if we can urge ourselves, and those around us, to look up, to look out and to look for them.

Factis non verbis


Curriculum Matters

July Curriculum Matters

Welcome back to Semester Two after a bumpy ride across the finish line at the end of Semester One. The holiday break brought some much-needed respite, especially for our students and staff. On our staff day last week, all of our teachers across the school reflected on the manner in which our school promotes a Culture of Thinking within our classrooms and staffrooms. This was facilitated through the sharing of recent classroom experiences between colleagues, whereby many classroom practice goals set by our staff last semester were informed by and structured around the routines and cultural forces espoused by the Harvard Project Zero Cultures of Thinking Project. We are excited that this focus will be expanding in 2022 to encompass many more areas of our teaching and learning, and we know that it can only support the development of our students as independent and confident thinkers.


Update on Semester Reporting

Secondary Semester Reports were distributed at the end of the first week of the holidays through the school portal and these gave our students the opportunity to reflect on the feedback received from teachers and to gain insights to help them rise to the challenges of their upcoming coursework and end-of-year assessments. The unexpected lockdown in June affected our Year 10 and 11 examination schedule, which meant that a number of Year 10 and 11 reports had “Pending” results, due to staff not being able to correct and finalise examination results. There were also disruptions to many VCE Semester 1 SAC assessments, and some of these are still outstanding, due to the recent lockdown.

As this newsletter goes live, all Year 7-10 results have been updated on the portal and Comparative Reports will be sent out later this week to parents who have requested them. Any VCE subject “Pending” results are still being finalised and will be available by the end of July. If you wish to be sent a copy of the comparative report for your child’s year level (available for Years 1 to 10 only), please email reception@tintern.vic.edu.au. Your request should include your child’s name and year level.


Subject Selection Showcase, 22 July (online)

Parents are reminded that the Subject Showcase Evening for Years 9 and 10 will take place this Thursday 22 July. This will be an online Teams event again this year. Initial details of the event will be sent to parents via email today, with further instructions regarding accessing meetings forthcoming in the next day or so.

Normally, Year 9 students and families are invited to attend a special information session at school regarding Electives and VCE Studies in Year 10. This presentation will be available behind the 2022 VCE VET Showcase tile. Families should view this prior to the start of the interactive sessions which start at 5.00pm on Thursday.

For Year 10s, there are four Maths and four English subjects available and the overview videos which will be available on the portal should be viewed prior to Thursday to provide guidance with subject selection in those areas. All individual senior subjects on offer next year will be outlined behind their respective tiles and subject teachers will be available to answer specific subject-related questions at the Showcase on Thursday evening. We invite you and your child to attend and hear specific details about the various VCE and VET subjects on offer in Senior College.

As in previous years, subject selection will be made on-line. This year, that process will commence on Saturday 24 July and will close at midnight on Monday 2 August. All Year 7-11 students attended Subject Selection Assemblies last week in the CM Wood Centre, where they were given instructions on how to follow this process.

Students will receive a personal message via their Tintern email account on Saturday 24 July with a link to the on-line subject selection portal.

Course Guides and Handbooks are available through the Senior College Handbooks link on the portal or though the school website. 

The Showcase Evening mentioned above will assist students to select the most suitable pathway and subject choices for 2022. Individual teachers and our Careers Consultants are available to assist with this process throughout the evening. Please read the instructions in your invitation email carefully, so you know how to access staff on the night.               

Parents are reminded that it is not possible to meet all student preferences during the subject allocation process, due to the constraints of timetabling and blocking based on an overview of all students’ choices.


Student Progress Meetings

At this stage, we plan to run a full day of Student Progress Meetings online on Monday 23 August from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Secondary students will not attend school on this day but will, instead, be expected to complete non-contact asynchronous work at home left for them by their subject teachers that day. Students are expected to take a break from their work and log in to these Teams meetings with their parents.

We then will run two afternoon Student Progress Meeting events onsite at school between 4.00 – 8.00pm on Wednesday 25 August and Wednesday 1 September. We have adopted this hybrid model in response to feedback from parents and staff and trust that families will find a mode which suits their circumstances. Further information regarding the booking arrangements for these events will be forthcoming in the near future. The teachers look forward to meeting with both students and parents to discuss your child’s progress.




Community Matters

Friends of Music (FOM) Jazz Night 2021 – Winter Wonderland

Book your ticket now for the 2021 Friends of Music Jazz Night. This year we have a Winter Wonderland theme, and it will held on Friday 27 August 2021 at 7pm (doors open at 6.30pm). It will be a fabulous night of jazz music and dancing featuring jazz musician Ross Irwin and his band, and performances from our amazing and talented student jazz ensembles.

Come dressed for jazz and dance the night away. Feel free to bring your favourite drinks & nibbles – tea and coffee is provided.

FOM will also be hosting a Silent Auction on the night. Are you able to donate goods or services to the Silent Auction? All contributors will be acknowledged on the night and in any advertising for the event. Please contact Heidi Victoria from FOM directly by email hvp@mail.com.

If Jazz Night is cancelled due to the Victorian lockdowns a refund will be processed for all paid tickets. Bookings Close midnight Wednesday 25 August 2021 – unless Sold Out Prior.

Friends of Young Farmer’s Spring Celebration 2021
Friday 3 September 2021 from 3.30pm – 7.00pm

Please Save the Date for the Tintern Grammar Spring Celebration on Friday 3 September 2021.

  • Date:         Friday 3 September 2021
  • Time:         3.30pm – 7.00pm
  • Location:   Tintern Grammar Farm, 90 Alexandra Road, Ringwood East VIC 3153

Interested in taking on the role of Parent Representative?

Parent Representative are a liaison between parents/guardians and the school. Informing parents about activities planned either by Tintern, our community groups or within the class or year level, such as fundraisers or events. We are still seeking Parent Reps for the following classes / year levels:

  • Year 3 Girls
  • Year 7 Girls
  • Year 8 Boys
  • Year 9 Boys
  • Year 9 Girls
  • Year 10

If you are interested, please get in touch with Di Lacey in Community Relations, 9845 7893 or communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au


Footy Tipping Competition – AFL

The Tintern Grammar community footy tipping competition is continuing, please remember to submit your tips.

For those interested in joining the 2021 competitions, details are below:

You will then have to log into your own account or create one. When setting up your account, you might like to check the reminder email box so you don’t forget!

The competition is free and open to our entire adult (18+ @ 28/1/2021) Tintern community – Tintern Grammar students will not be permitted to enter. Competition is until the end of the home and away  games (finals are not included). If you have any questions please email communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au and we’ll help you get started.

Cash Prizes, paid by direct deposit, awarded for the winners of each Tipping Competition:

AFL Footy Tipping Prizes:

  • 1st Prize $250
  • 2nd Prize $120
  • 3rd Prize $60
  • 4th Prize $40
  • 5th Prize $20

If the AFL season is shortened at a later date due to Covid, the tipping competition will continue, but the prizes will be adjusted accordingly. 

Good luck and start tipping!!


Community Committee Dates 

Community Group Meetings have returned to Zoom due to the current snap lockdown. Please check the information below carefully for details:

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) AGM –Next meeting: Tuesday 10 August 2021 at 7.30pm President: Haidee Wallace Location: Online due to the lockdown, click her to join.
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 18 August 2021 at 7pm  President: Debra Fryer Location: Venue TBC dependent on restrictions
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) AGM – Next Meeting: Monday 9 August 2021 at 7.30pm President: Ranald Young Location: Kennedy Cottage or Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Interested in joining FOE, contact them here to be included in meeting notifications 

Upcoming Reunions 2021

  • YG 2015, 5+1 Year Reunion – Friday 10 September 2021 (new date) at Beer DeLuxe in Hawthorn in the Hop Lounge (TBC dependent on Lockdown Restrictions) – Book Here 
  • YG 2016, 5 Year Reunion – Friday 8 October at 7.30pm (new date) at Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn – Book Here
  • 20, 25 & 30 Year Reunion YGs 2000 & 2001, 1995 & 1996, 1990 & 1991 – Postponed. Further details to follow.


Community Group Fundraising

Tintern Umbrellas

Thank you to everyone who ordered a Tintern Umbrella through the TPG Umbrella Fundraiser.

They have arrived and will be distributed when we return to onsite learning.

Entertainment Books

The Entertainment Book is now 100% digital! Excitingly this means that your Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 3% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!



Music Matters

No Music Camp this weekend

Sadly, due to the extension of the lockdown, the scheduled Music Camp will not take place this weekend. We encourage all students to keep practising their ensemble works and we hope to present many of these works at our Annual Concert on 6 August (many fingers crossed in the Music department at the moment!)


Outstanding results from our Year 12 string players

We are particularly proud to be celebrating the successful awarding of some prestigious music honors to Joshua Choong LMusA with Distinction (viola) and Sarah Chen AMusA (violin) and a bronze award for the IB Piano Trio at the National ‘Strike-a-Chord’ chamber music competition.

Many families will be familiar with AMEB music examinations, which cover a range of skill levels from beginner level through to academic degree-level diplomas. These diplomas include the Associate in Music (AMusA) and Licentiate in Music (LMusA), which are awarded via an examination with a panel of experts to outstanding candidates in the fields of music performance.

Associate level is significantly more involved than a grade-level exam, requiring a high degree of accomplishment, a professional attitude to preparation, communication, musicality, presentation and stagecraft. The diploma itself is a professional qualification, recognised around the world and allows the successful candidate to put extra letters after their name, dress up in academic dress and hang an impressive certificate on the wall!

A very big congratulations to Sarah on achieving this level. Many will know Sarah as an accomplished pianist. She also achieved her AMusA on that instrument at age 10! Sarah had her fair share of challenges in preparing for her examination, with many interruptions to the normal course of learning due to the pandemic:

“Working during COVID and lockdowns was a unique experience and a break from the normal routine of practice and music lessons. Since classes were online but Teams’ sound quality was not adequate for advanced level music classes, practice and classes were generally based around making and reviewing recordings of your own playing. Being forced to listen to and reflect on my playing so much was a refreshing experience and did wonders for improving the quality of my playing. After all, you are always your own harshest critic! I am grateful and blessed to have had experienced music educators mentor me through such a landmark moment in my musical journey on violin, despite the struggles and inconveniences of lockdown. My studies in violin have not only made me more appreciative of the beauty and wonder of music but also improved my ability to continue sharing and creating wonderful music with the community around me.” Sarah Chen

The Licentiate diploma has a national success rate of around 10% of candidates. Candidates must present a recital of 45 minutes comprising works from a list of some of the most demanding works written for the instrument. Fewer than 2% of candidates for Licentiate are awarded the diploma with distinction. It is a very rare honour for Josh Choong to have received this accolade. He can now be referred to as Joshua Choong AmusA, LMusA (distinction). That is more post-nominal titles than many achieve in a lifetime!

Josh’s 45-minute LMusA program was presented entirely from memory. A handful of our staff and students were able to witness parts of the program during the last week of Term 2 at our IB Music Recital.

The IB Music recital also featured a performance by the IB Trio. The trio is comprised of Year 12 students Lydia Tan (who was awarded her AMusA with Distinction (violin) last year), Sarah Chen (on piano this time) and Joshua Choong. They presented a work by German Classical composer Ignaz Lachner, which was recorded as their entry for the national ‘Strike-a-Chord’ competition. This is a prestigious chamber music competition for school-aged students. The judges were very complimentary of the beauty and attention to detail of their performance and awarded the group a bronze award.

Heartfelt congratulations go out to this very fine group of young musicians. As a teacher, it is wonderful to see the many years of hard work be recognised in this way during the final year of schooling. These students most certainly deserve these acknowedgements!

Tim Veldman

Head of Strings


IB Music Recital

The IB Music Recital showcases a diverse range of solo and ensemble performances, as well as portfolio pieces consisting of compositions, arrangements, or improvisatory works, prepared by students in the IB music class. 17 June was the calendarized date for Tintern’s 2021 IB Music Recital.

However, with Melbourne’s fourth lockdown, followed by a raging storm that forced school closure for a couple of days, what we hoped to be the recital to end all recitals was necessarily replaced with a shortened concert performed to a small audience of staff and friends. Not letting adversity bring us down, we pressed on with a revised concert program of our 20-minute solo recitals. Our compositions will be performed in various concerts throughout Term 3.

On the day of the recital, Josh performed his solo program on viola, myself on solo violin with an appearance from pianist, Sarah Chen, performing with us a classical violin, viola, and piano trio. Despite the event not turning out quite as we had imagined, Josh and I agreed that it still was an unforgettable experience, bringing an intimate audience through a musical journey from Baroque to the 20th century, and to the realms of Klezmer music and American bluegrass. For this, we have to thank our IB teacher, Ms Bortolussi, for her unwavering dedication, care, and long hours rescheduling rehearsals, revising programs, and scouring through the handbook of COVID-19 regulations, ensuring every chance for the IB Recital to go ahead.

Lydia Tan

Instrumental Music Leader 2021



Friends of Music Jazz Night

Tintern’s Jazz Night always is a much-anticipated event on the Tintern musical and social calendar. Our Friends of Music Committee dress up the CM Wood Centre and the students certainly dig out their finery for a great night of music-making and dancing! We are welcoming Ross Irwin’s Dance Band, ‘Creole Cookout’, who promise to have us up on the dance floor dancing the night away. Book your tickets here. 


Sport Matters

2021 Equestrian Victoria Awards

This is a yearly prestigious award. 3 finalists are nominated and then the winner of each category is presented at a gala ball. Aisha Hienrich is a finalist in “Young rider of the year – Show Horse”.  This is a top honour, especially for someone so young.

Equestrian Victoria young ambassador of the year. This award nominates 10 riders from each of the categories.  Keeley Thomas is one of the top ten finalists for Show horse young ambassador for 2021.

The VEIS (Victorian equestrian Inter School), ran their series grand final over the last weekend in the holidays. This competition has been ongoing over the year and riders and schools gaining points as the series went on. At the Show Jumping Grand Final, Lilly Trevorrow qualified and rode finishing 6th overall in the series.  In the Dressage grand Final Maddison Bailey rode finishing 2nd overall in the series.

Interschool Nationals.  We have 3 riders now confirming their places on team Victoria to represent Tintern and Victoria at the Interschool National Championships. This event will be held over a week during the September school holidays. The event rotates states each year and this year will be held in Melbourne, meaning the local competition was hot this year. So it is exciting that this year Tintern will have 3 riders, Lilly Trevorrow in Eventing, Maddison Bailey in Dressage and Aisha Heinrich in Show Horse.


Elmore Equestrian Club Interschool Qualifier

During the school holidays 3 of our Equestrian team members travelled to the country to compete at the Elmore Equestrian Club Interschool Qualifier. The 3 students Lilly Trevorrow (yr12), Mia Heinrich (yr8) Aisha Heinrich (yr6) made the 4 hour journey and camped with their parents and horses for the 2 day interschool competition.  The girls competed in Dressage, Showjumping and Showing. Leading the competition on Saturday all members of the team were extremely successful individually. With many ribbons, placings and championship’s won. The Elmore Interschool competition hosted 190 riders and 200 horses coming from all over Victoria and also NSW.

The Tintern team finished 2nd overall with just 2 points separating them from the winning school Horsham College.




Green Team News

Tintern Lights the Way

In the last week of Term 2, students from Year 3-11 had the opportunity to engage in making one or more solar lights, through the Solar Buddy Charity. Solar Buddy has been the recipient of all funds raised from Green Team and Social Justice Group events and fundraisers over 2020-21. Bake sales, market stalls and the trivia nights, along with many other events have all contributed to purchasing 425 solar powered lights. The lights were assembled by Tintern Students and were accompanied with a hand-written letter to be delivered to the recipient along with the light, in an energy-deprived area of the world. The lights are now undergoing quality control and will then soon be sent overseas. Thank you to everyone in the community for your support in our fundraising efforts over the past year. These solar powered lights will make a huge difference in over 2000 individuals’ lives, and this could not have been done without your support.

By Victoria McKenzie (Year 12)

Green Team Co-Captain, 2021


Scholarships now open for 2023.

We are now accepting applications for Academic Achievement, Future Voices (General Excellence), Social Justice, Music and Performing Arts and Alumni (Sylvia Walton AO and Mike Blood) Scholarships for entry into 2023. Students are invited to apply.
To find out more and to apply, please visit our Scholarships page. 

The Resilience Project

Welcome to Semester 2!

After a very busy Semester 1, we hope you have made the most of the extended winter break, and found some time out enjoying the sunshine and the cool, fresh air outside! 

Over the coming semester, Tintern will continue to deliver The Resilience Project’s well-being curriculum in our Year 7 – 12 pastoral classes. The project provides a platform both at school and at home for discussions around how the challenges we face in our day to day lives are in fact, opportunities to build resilience. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to explore The Resilience Project Parent and Carer’s Hub, and try some of these strategies with your children.

This past term, Tintern staff have reflected on the results we received from our secondary students when they completed The Resilient Youth Survey early in 2021. Some significant patterns of behaviours and attitudes were found across our secondary cohort. Of particular interest, are Tintern’s data and comparative national data concerning the amount of sleep teenagers are getting each night. Thirty three percent of students nationally are losing sleep because of worry, and about fifty percent of Tintern students are not getting at least 8 hours sleep each night.

VicHealth recommends teens should have between 8-10 hours sleep each night to support attention and focus, mood stability and to gain the best possible opportunity to support mental and physical health. More information about the importance of sleep is available via the Tintern Portal Parent and Student Resilience Project Page and from this VicHealth Webpage

In response to this overwhelming evidence, Martin and The Resilience Project team have compiled this video with some ideas on how you can turn the tide of sleep deprivation. I encourage you to watch the three minute video, try the suggestions Martin makes, or if you would like more specific support, please contact me via the email below.

Have a great Term 3 and stay warm!

Rebecca Infanti
The Resilience Project Coordinator, Tintern Grammar



SPECIAL REPORT: COVID Fatigue & Youth Mental Health

SPECIAL REPORT: COVID Fatigue & Youth Mental Health

The physical impact of the pandemic has mostly spared our young people, however as the nation remains to be on alert and in various stages of lockdown, restrictions continue to be mandated. The pandemic has had a great affect on our young people with many paying a heavy emotional and developmental price. Psychological disorders are on the rise and emergency interventions have skyrocketed.

As hard as it is being a young person today, it’s also draining being the parent of one. It has been reported that many parents are struggling to keep their child’s mental health afloat, often proving it is difficult to juggle parenting responsibilities whilst at the same time providing much needed emotional support for their children.

Unlike the coronavirus itself, the emotional blowback of the pandemic cannot be vaccinated away. Psychologists are seeing more depression and anxiety across all age groups, but in adolescents it seems to be on steroids, with some choosing to self-medicate using alcohol or other drugs. When they look into the future now, they’re looking at one that wasn’t what they envisioned before.

This report explains the current state of youth mental health in a post-COVID era and offers guidance on how best to support young people today. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If this Special Report raises any concerns for you, a loved one or the wellbeing of your child, please seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report https://tintern.vic.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/special-report-covid-fatigue-youth-mental-health



Student Welfare Services: Dealing with conflict


Conflict can occur in any situation and is a part of life. Being knowledgeable on dealing with conflict can ensure that your friendships and relationships with people remain on track.

We all perceive the world in divergent ways – leading to a difference in opinion about the exact same thing. Conflict can instigate people to feel angry and upset or excited and energised. The mental and physical impact that conflict has from person to person is also different. It doesn’t always fade away and fix itself, sometimes it needs to be worked through and solved.

What leads to conflict?

  • Ideas, opinions or concerns not being understood
  • You or others feel as those you are not being treated justly
  • Bar of expectations are not being met
  • A difference in communication and personality types
  • Differences in strongly held values, beliefs and opinions

Dealing with conflict:

  • TALK IT OUT! Talking out conflict with the people involved is the best way to ensure that you are all working towards reaching a collective understanding and a resolution
  • Stay calm, try not to be judgmental, promote a blame game or get angry and defensive
  • Use “I” sentences and be specific
    • For example:
    • I was disappointed when …
    • I felt upset when you …
  • Talk about the solutions and what you would like to happen as an outcome of the conflict resolution
  • Pick a location (preferably private) and a time that is inclusive of everyone involved so everyone is able to have a say
  • Attempt to understand and accept your own thoughts and feelings about what has happened
  • Give yourself time and space to calm down if you are feeling angry or frustrated
  • Use mindfulness and take slow breaths if the conflict has arisen instantaneously and you’re attempting to calm yourself down
  • Represent you’re actively listening through eye contact, nodding and utilising open body language

Dealing with conflict is worth it:

  • Unresolved conflict can become worse and lead to resentment and discontent

How experiencing conflict will keep friendships and relationships on track now and into the future:

  • Increase confidence to deal with problematic situations
  • Regain a sense of happiness and achievement
  • Develop skills for conflict resolution that are efficient and effective in light of communication
  • Become more sensitive to others wants, needs and perspectives
  • Able to put yourself in another person’s shoes

Although conflict is a part of life, it can still have a taxing impact on us.

It isn’t always easy to deal with a situation that involves conflict, you can always access resources such as:

  • Headspace
  • Reach out
  • It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Youth Mental Health – batyr.com.au
  • Beyond Blue
  • Kids Helpline

You can always access student welfare services here at Tintern as well:

  • Catie McNamara
  • Kylie Cummins
  • Andrew Dallafiore
  • Jessica Soccio


Andrew Dallafiore and Jessica Soccio

Student Welfare Service










ELC News

Welcome back to Term 3

The first week back has been filled with children warmly greeting their friends and re-establishing friendships. We have welcomed some new friends in our classes and as they settle in to life at Tintern new friendships are quickly being formed.

Dramatic play and role play are a big part of our play-based curriculum. Pretending is important in child development as it helps children learn about themselves and their world.

 At the end of Term 2 the staff and children collaboratively chose dramatic play areas of interest. The Early Learners decided on a hairdressers and coffee shop as well as a small world play with dinosaurs.  Pre Prep A were keen to have a variety of shops just like Eastland as well as a little home with babies and dolls and a space area. Pre Prep B have extended on their holiday interest and set up a camping area. Outside, children are enjoying the fairy area and role play with wings and capes.

It is wonderful to see the children co -operate, negotiate turns, exchange ideas and work together to solve problems as well as use their imaginations in these areas.

 We hope you enjoy the photos of the children having fun as they take on the different roles.

Genevieve Brown

ELC Teacher


Girls’ Junior School News

The Joyful Noises in the Junior School

Last term saw some wonderful music-making take place in our Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Schools.

Ranging from the Junior School Piano Concert, through to assembly performances, Friday morning ensemble rehearsals, Year 5 band tutorials, Choir rehearsals, the Year 3 String program, the Year 2 Recorder program, rehearsals and recording of the Lion King, choir performances at the Mothers’ Day breakfast,  extra-curricular ensemble rehearsals, and of course the regular music-making of students in their Music classes, it has been a very musical term!!

Whilst we couldn’t conclude the term with the Cabaret night and the Lion King performance as hoped, the benefit of these music programs for each and every student involved, was not diminished.

The learning, the discipline, the appreciation, the socialisation, the team work, the critical listening, the ability to manage time, the enjoyment, the pursuit of a goal, and so much more……. These are all such an important part of what we learn through studying Music.

Whilst we are all hopeful that Term 3 will bring a return to gathering together onsite for rehearsals, performances, concerts and even just instrumental lessons, I know that as a Music team, we relish every opportunity to share Music with our students, in all its many forms.


The Junior School Piano Concert

Working together in Percussion Troupe.


Paganini Strings perform at a GJS assembly


Year 5s and 6s rehearsing together in Training Band.


Year 1 Boys listening to ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ in Music class.


Shari Bhatt

Junior School Music Co-ordinator


Boys’ Junior School News

Business Expo

Meet our entrepreneurial Year 5 boys! Last term they have developed their very own businesses and just like real-world businesses there was lots to do before they launched. In groups of two or three, the boys conducted market research, product development and testing, secured finances, created marketing strategies, developed sales pitches and more! Their businesses were launched at a Business Expo held in the first week of Term 3, which was attended by Junior School students, teachers and families. It was a great success with product sales raising much needed funds for their chosen charities. Well done boys, what a fantastic achievement and learning experience!

Jenny Steffens
Boys’ Year 5 Classroom Teacher


Fairy Tale Ball

After being postponed from Term 2, on Thursday 15th July the Prep Boys enjoyed coming together with the Prep Girls to enjoy a Fairy Tale Ball. The boys had been learning about fairy tales as part of their literacy lessons, sequencing and retelling stories as well as understanding the elements of narratives. The Ball was a culmination of this learning and a fun way to celebrate the conclusion of this unit of work. There were knights a plenty, handsome princes, a troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff, Goldilocks’s Baby Bear, wizards and an array of Marvel superheroes.

They showed off their costumes at the Ball, parading them for all to see. The boys brought their best dance moves, enjoying the musical stylings of DJ Kenny at the Ball. Their competitive natures were on display during an online trivia competition undertaken in small groups with questions from the stories we had been studying. The fairy tale characters all were happy to “kiss a few frogs” as they gobbled up a chocolate or lolly frog treat.

The boys and the girls were thrilled to spend time together in a fun, relaxed social event and catch up after the holiday break. We look forward to many more shared events and continuing friendships formed by many of the students in the ELC and building relationships with new friends.

Mallory Peters
Boys’ Junior School Prep Teacher


Middle School News

Once again this dreaded virus comes back to interrupt our school term, with Melbourne forced into Lockdown 5.0! Not that it came by surprise following what we saw happening in New South Wales and then got wind of the removalists who travelled throughout Victoria after having come from Melbourne. What is quite obvious is that this reported Delta version of the virus is a fast moving and highly contagious strain that is proving hard to contain. As a community we will continue to support each other, look after ourselves and make our way through to what hopefully is a relatively short lockdown period.  

There is a saying that “life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.” This has never been so true as it currently is with the impact of the Coronavirus on our daily lives, especially that of teenagers. The ongoing impact of being taken in and out of lockdowns, in and out of remote learning and face-to-face learning, local sport not running, and many other aspects of their lives drastically changing in an instant all represent huge challenges to everyone. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial that we, as adults (parents, teachers, carers) provide ongoing support, guidance and modelling as to how best respond and react to these changes.  

This adaption to change is what will continue to build resilience in our teenagers, however, it is something that they do need the guidance and support in despite their belief that they are capable of coping and adapting by themselves. Parents are encouraged to regularly ask them how they are feeling and that their thoughts are on the current situation. Where possible, provide positive feedback and support to them, highlighting the opportunities they still do have despite being in lockdown. Our Resilience Project at school is a wonderful tool to help build a level of resilience. I highly encourage our parents to visit (revisit) the parents page on our school Portal using the link below. Another wonderful resource that is available through the Portal is our access to SchoolTv where you will find a large number of valuable resources including videos to articles talking about aspects of resilience and many other issues relevant to families and teenagers. 

Resilience Project for Parents 




As has been communicated to both families and students a number of times already, it is important that when working from home that an appropriate environment is created for each student. This includes the right light, desk set up and routines, as well as many opportunities to have a break from screens and engage in some physical activity outside. Below is a link from a great website that helps to provide some tips for parents about supporting online learning. 



Year 7 Showcase Evening 

Before lockdown came, we were fortunate enough to run our Year 7 Showcase Evening. This event is aimed at introducing our Middle School (particularly Year 7) to current and potential families as they begin making choices around schools for their children. With more than 300 guests attending, it is evident that interest and desire to come to Tintern is continuing to grow, as our 2022 Year 7 boys’ classes are at capacity and our Year 7 girls’ cohort will increase from two to three classes next year. I would especially like to thank all of the students who assisted on the evening to help make the event such a success. This includes our musicians who played at the beginning, including Helen Yang, our Girls’ Music and Drama Captain, who played the prelude music beautifully, through to our Year 9 leaders and students who assisted with welcoming and answering questions from guests. A special thank you to our two school captains, Laura Mitcham and Oliver Huang, who gave up their time to be part of the Q&A session on stage, sharing experiences and insights into their Middle School journeys and senior years at Tintern. A highlight to me, however, was the performance of Ella Rosewarne and Hayden Glenk of Year 7, who are new to the school this year, but showed confidence and character to join Laura and Oliver on stage to share their experience at Tintern so far. They spoke incredibly well and provided our visitors with some wonderful insights into what it has been like to start at a new school. 


French Success 

Late in Term 1 our Year 7 & 8 French classes entered students into the Berthe Mouchette Competition. This is a French poetry competition where students recite a selected poem to a judging panel. To be a finalist in this competition, students needed a perfect score of 20/20. The following students achieved this result and will compete in the final on August the 8th: 

Year 7: 

Jacob Beard 
Adrian Bisignano 
Tess Flanagan 
Matilda Henderson 
Yi-Jen Hsu 
Emma Huang 
Leon Jiao 
Bohan Liang 
Ella Rosewarne 
Megan Sansom 
Amelie Yeoman 

Year 8: 

Brooke Fennessy 
Emily Ji 
Kyle Pickering 

In addition, a further sixteen students in Year 7 and six in Year 8 missed out on this level by only 1 point or less! An amazing effort by all involved. 


Sporting Success 

A huge congratulations to Skye Sriratana in Year 9 who recently competed in a weight lifting competition where she broke three U15 Victorian records. This was for Snatch (57Kg, 12kg above previous record), Clean & Jerk (70kg, 15kg above previous record) and total weight (127kg, 27kg above previous record). This is an incredible effort by Skye and a wonderful reward for the commitment and hard work she puts into her training. Well done.  


Thank you to everyone who helped transfer so successfully from face-to-face learning to remote. This includes students, families and staff. Hopefully this won’t be a lockdown that lasts too long and we get to see our students back on-site very soon. 



Senior College News

Senior College News

We enjoyed welcoming back students to school and they seemed re-energised after the holidays. However, as we progress through this latest lockdown, I am acutely aware about the impacts that the current situation has on our students as uncertainties are difficult. Our approach in the school aims to discuss and provide information updates to students as quickly as possible and the need to postpone the Year 11 and 12 Formals was so disappointing. I am pleased to inform families about the new proposed date of Thursday 19 August which is the evening before our mid semester break. Year 11 and 12 students will be dismissed at 1.00pm from school as per the usual arrangements.

Your patience has again been appreciated as the staff are working hard to enter results from delayed Semester 1 assessment items and Mrs Alison Bezaire will inform families when reports are re-released following the removal of any pending grades.

At the time of writing, I anticipate that the Subject Showcase Evening scheduled for Thursday 22 July will be an online event but we are waiting for confirmation from the Victorian Government regarding COVID-19 restrictions. This was a most successful event last year and we have the information technology infrastructure all in place so families will be notified about the details once arrangements can be finalised.

In this edition of Aspectus, I have integrated some Careers information for Senior College families as we are approaching an important time with subject selection and the commencement of the Victorian tertiary admissions cycle in early August. I spoke with Year 10 students on Monday 19 July and provided them with a resource to encourage Career exploration and the file is  named ‘Year 10 Working Towards Subject Selection’. Please find a copy at: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/30219/

The following files are also stored on the Careers Portal page and will be useful references for Senior College families:

Tertiary Open Days https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/cms/file/new/26583

Pre-requisites for tertiary entry for 2022, 2023 and 2024 can be found at: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/30218/

Indices of the latest editions of Career News are listed on the Careers page of the Portal (please make sure that you are logged in) and also on  this edition of Aspectus.

A notice in advance is the Online Post Secondary information Evening for Year 12 families on Wednesday 4 August from 7.00 – 8.00pm that will include key details about results, applying to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), scholarships, interstate and overseas applications. Students are not required to attend this evening as they will be receiving this information at school.

Please continue to make contact with the school if you have any concerns or questions about upcoming events and please take care.



Career News

News from the Careers Department

I am continuing to meet with students over Teams for individual Careers meetings and families are welcome to attend as meeting together has been a positive outcome of using an online platform during and even after the present lockdown.

Monash university has produced a new resource Destination Monash 2022 to assist students as they explore opportunities for next year.

The latest editions of Career News have been uploaded to the Careers Portal page and each file can be accessed using the link at: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/ (Please make sure that you are logged into the Tintern Portal.)

Number 16 Career News 4 June 2021

  • News from ACU
    • Undergraduate Psychology – What You Need to Know
    • Sports Courses at ACU
  • Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production at AFTRS
  • Diploma of Paramedical Science at VU
  • News from Monash University
    • Six ways to study Primary Education at Monash
    • Engineering Makerspace
    • Stories from Creative Arts and Architecture Graduates
    • Bachelor of Criminology
  • Civil Engineering Degrees in Victoria in 2021
  • Mechanical Engineering Degrees in Victoria in 2021   
  • Snapshot of La Trobe University in 2021 

Number 17 Career News 11 June 2021

  • News from Federation University
    • New Courses on Offer in 2022
    • Bachelor of Education Studies
  • Bond University Year 12 Entry for 2022 – Early Offers
  • Army Support Gap Year 2022
  • STEM Hub
  • News from Australian Catholic University
    • ACU Guarantee Program
    • Studying Nutrition at ACU
  • Business Degrees in Victoria in 2021
  • Commerce Degrees in Victoria in 2022
  • Snapshot of ACU in 2021

Number 18 Career News 18 June 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 3
  • News from the University of Melbourne
    • Meet Melbourne Online Recordings
    • Careers in Science
  • Arts Degrees on offer in Victoria in 2021
  • Science Degrees in Victoria in 2021  
  • Snapshot of Box Hill Institute (BHI) in 2021
  • Snapshot of the University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 2021

Number 19 Career News 16 July 2021

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 3
  • New Courses offered at Flinders University
  • News from Monash University
    • 22 Careers in Pharmacy helping Change the World
    • Digital Open Days 2021
  • Studying the Diploma of Public Relations at RMIT
  • New Bachelor of Medical Science – Pathway to Graduate Medicine at CQU
  • Studying Neuroscience at Swinburne
  • ‘Earn as you Learn’ Professional Practice Program at Federation University
  • Graphic, Interior & Visual Design Degrees on offer in Victoria in 2021
  • Snapshot of The University of Melbourne (UoM) in 2021