17 Sep 2019

From the Principal

“Let the Children Play” – breakfast with Pasi Sahlberg and sharing the journey of Finland’s educational success

Recently I was fortunate to be part of a dozen or so people who met and listened to Pasi Sahlberg, former Director General of the Finnish Ministry of Education and visiting Professor at Harvard University. Pasi now lives in Australia with his family and is Professor of Education Policy at the University of New South Wales – an impressive resume, and a very impressive man!

Whilst arrestingly intelligent and interesting, and with a breadth of view on education I have never previously experienced, what struck me about Pasi was his simplicity of view. His fundamental question on any query, proposal or initiative in education is always the same – “how will it benefit the children?” Pasi’s belief is that we must primarily develop and enable children and young people for an enjoyed and fulfilling life, perhaps with, but not just for, academic scores. This is certainly in line with Tintern’s philosophy, where we believe that if we do the former as well as we can, the ATARs, NAPLANs and other scores follow. It’s pleasing to see that, for our students at least, this seems to be the case, with our best in our region results opening up the doors of opportunity for our students that we would aim for.

As one of the architects of the extraordinary Finnish performance in OECD PISA testing, Pasi oversaw older commencement at school for Finnish children (7+ year old start), a shorter school day (9:00 am to 1:30 pm for primary students), less homework (3 hours per week for early secondary compared to 6 hours in Australia) and an overall shorter school experience for students (5 years less time at school over 12 years compared to Australia!). He ensured no standardised testing in Finland and mandated Master’s level tertiary qualification for primary teachers.

He makes many important points whenever he speaks, but I would offer a few I took out of that morning.

  • Employing great staff is certainly important, but the social capital invested in those staff is more important. Staff who are culturally aligned, happy, challenged, engaged and collaborative, both by inclination and support, are much more likely to be the very best teacher they can be and so influence young people even more positively.
  • The relationship between results in standardised testing (ATAR, NAPLAN, etc.) and fulfilment and ‘performance’ in life is certainly not simple cause and effect and is not even particularly linear. Given the chance in Australia (where Pasi’s children now go to school), he would happily remove all standardised testing and rankings!
  • Students learn how to live a life by living a life. Play, curiosity, communication, collaboration and experimentation are all key elements of young people learning about themselves and others in their understandings, emotional intelligence and empathy. In Australia, we do very little of these compared with a number of European countries, not just Finland.

Pasi has just released a book I am looking forward to reading in the September holiday; “Let the Children Play”. I would recommend it particularly to parents of Junior School students, but also to those wanting to be literate in the educational debate that now a succession of state and federal governments have sought to dictate to our families and children.

Factis non verbis


Curriculum Matters

Spring is in the air and our students (and staff!) are all looking forward to some well-deserved ‘time out’ during the upcoming holidays. Senior students, of course, will not be resting too much, as they knuckle down to the all-important pre-examination revision stage of their studies for 2019. We wish the Year 12s, in particular, all the best for this final phase of their life at Tintern. It was gratifying to see many parents taking advantage of the recent opportunity to participate in our all-important Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences. These conversations provide an excellent opportunity for teachers to celebrate success and growth with students and their families and, also, to discuss areas for improvement and future focus. We do encourage parents to bring their children with them to these meetings. We see our journey as a three-way partnership, with parents and students actively participating in conversations alongside our staff to achieve the best outcomes in the classroom and beyond.

Over the past two weeks, a number of students have been involved with the “re-imagined” ICAS testing administered by the University of NSW. The university revised (re-imagined) the program to become an extension opportunity to provide highly able students opportunities to achieve in an academic competition, rather than whole cohort general testing. This year, schools were asked to nominate students for the 2019 ICAS assessments. There is one more testing day this week and the results from these assessments will be forthcoming in Term 4. We look forward to receiving and distributing those results to students. We then will review the re-imagined ICAS program to assess the quality of the data provided and the relevance within our own Learning Enhancement offerings of what was a more compacted and tighter mandated testing window than in previous years.

We recently have received our NAPLAN results for our current Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 cohorts and individual results have been mailed out to all families of these students. We have seen some pleasing trends and more detailed analysis of our results will be forthcoming early in Term 4. The publication of results this year once again took the format of combined data for the online and paper student cohorts. I would remind all families that your child’s NAPLAN results are a snapshot of your child’s progress at a given point in time and all individual NAPLAN test results should be considered alongside broader school-based assessments, which provide a more detailed picture of the whole child and their progress across many streams. As mentioned in previous newsletters, the feedback from our students in May was that they found the online platform engaging and, unless informed otherwise by the government, we expect to undertake our NAPLAN testing in an online format again in 2020.

Above and beyond the national testing regimes and the testing which takes place in our classrooms, it is heartening to observe the myriad of excellent collaborative and interactive learning opportunities which are available to our students across their core and elective subjects. Our students generally embrace all that they do with confidence, enthusiasm and curiosity and this engagement almost invariably leads to deeper and broader understandings. Your children bring us great joy on a daily basis, as we guide them on their individual learning journeys. Your role in ensuring that your children understand the benefits of making the most of the opportunities they encounter at Tintern on a daily basis cannot be underestimated. Thank you for putting your trust in us as we work together to ensure that your children always are putting their best foot forward and truly enjoying their learning journey. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday break.


Music Matters

Percussion Concert

On Tuesday 10 September, the CM Wood Centre saw a fantastic showcase of talent and commitment in the Annual Percussion Concert. The night started off with a great rendition of the “Mission Impossible Theme” by the Percussion Ensemble, who rehearse every Thursday morning to perfect their collaborative pieces. 15 percussion students from Year 3 to Year 11 then individually took to the stage, playing a huge range of instruments and styles. With the drum kit being the most popular choice, the xylophone and timpani made appearances too, and highlighted a broad range of Percussion instruments. There was rock, jazz, and even some disco, which really meant there was something for everyone. It wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible Percussion Teacher, Nalini Scarfe, who helped everyone prepare and master their pieces prior to the concert. Overall it was great experience for the performers and a very enjoyable evening!

by Alice Church, Year 11

Spring is in the air!

 Last Sunday 15 September, students from Tintern were delighted to perform at the Heathmont Uniting Church as part of the Heathmont History Group’s Spring Concert. The concert was themed around ‘the music of nature’, which served as a tribute to Heathmont’s orchard and heath heritage. The concert began with the combined Intermediate Choirs performing 4 songs, conducted by Ms Anne Bortolussi and accompanied at different times by our wonderful student pianists Ashleigh Dowling, Helen Yang and Olivia Dowling. The first piece ‘Heather on the Hill’, featured Alistair Touliatos, Alexander Guscott, Liam Rosewarne and Dou Dou Zuo as a feature group.

The Tintern Clarinet and Saxophone Ensembles performed a number of beautiful pieces, under the guidance of the ensembles’ director, Mrs Lisa Clarke. A number of talented students were featured throughout the concert as soloists, including Ashleigh Dowling (piano), Zoë Forbes (flute), Aaron Zhou (alto saxophone) and Joshua Tan (violin). The concert was brought to a close with a sing-a-long of some old time favourites including Edelweiss from the Sound of Music and The Road to Gundagai. It was lovely to be able to perform for such a joyful and appreciative audience. Many thanks to our Director of Music, Mrs Bezaire, Mrs Clarke, Ms Bortolussi and the Heathmont History Group for giving us the opportunity to perform for such a beautiful community.

by Natasha Gillam, Intermediate Choir Captain (Year 9)

Some Surprises for the Strings on their South Street adventure!

On the first day of Spring, a Saturday, members of the Tintern Grammar Chamber Orchestra gathered at the bus bay, eager to participate in the ongoing Royal South Street Festival, a month-long festival comprised of competitions which celebrate the performing arts. Every year, competitors and music ensembles from all around Australia flock to Ballarat to participate, and this year, once again, our string orchestra was to compete in the ‘Senior String Orchestra’ section. The time was 12.30, when the members of the orchestra had arrived in the bus bay, ready for the approximately 2-hour-long journey.

After some 30 minutes of waiting, we were growing restless. Students rummaged and found some equipment to keep themselves entertained. In the bus bay, there was a basketball game in the unshaded area, and under the giant roof, a badminton doubles game. Balls were bouncing, shuttlecocks were flying, badminton racquets were swinging – but, thankfully, no instruments were harmed during the sporting diversions.

At 1.45, our prayers were answered. Well, not quite – the bus hadn’t come yet, but a bus had come. It discharged some exchange students, and parents, who were visiting the school. Perhaps we were all feeling naturally spontaneous and, within a few minutes, we had all unpacked our instruments and were arranged in a loose semicircle. Our music was in the tub, but we didn’t have any stands. So, in our makeshift orchestra setup, under our makeshift concertmaster, Ron Chen (it is usually Clarisse Liew, our lead violinist – she was already in Ballarat), we attempted to perform the first movement of the suite, all of it by memory.

And it was amazing! Well, ‘amazing’ is a strong word, but it didn’t fall apart. Our audience were in absolute rapture, which is, again, also a strong word but, considering the circumstances, it went really well.

The bus finally arrived at around 2.15. Relative to our adventures in the bus bay, the 2-hour long bus trip was fairly uneventful. We were warned that the minute we reached Ballarat, we were required to immediately unpack offstage, and take to the stage. So, for our performance, we had no prior warm-up. But, at least, we had music!

The performance itself was quite successful, again considering the circumstances, and although it wasn’t the greatest rendition we had ever produced, we nevertheless came 6th place, on 86 out of 100 points. We received helpful feedback for our individual sections, and for our orchestra as a whole.

Although not everything went exactly to plan, we were privileged to have performed at such a prestigious festival, and we all had an interesting day, to say the least! We must thank ensemble leader, Mr Veldman for preparing us for this event and, particularly, Mrs Mackie and Ms Patton who were our supervising teachers for the bus trip – the day did not quite turn out the way they expected!

 by Joshua Choong, School Pianist 2019 (and viola player in the TGCO)

Ensemble Photos available online until end of term

This is a final reminder that SchoolPix Music Ensemble Photos are now available to order online at schoolpix.com.au, but you will need your unique order and ID number to be able to order. Each ensemble member has been given a card with a unique code which allows parents to go online and order photos of their child’s/children’s ensembles. Orders close this Sunday 22 September. Please contact Mrs Feenane in the Music Office if you have any queries about these arrangements.


Sport Matters

EISM Cross Country

Last Wednesday 11 September, the EISM Cross Country was held at Ruffey Lake Park, along with the Southern and Central Division competition. Students ran either 3000m or 4000m depending on age group and gender. In the Eastern Division, Tintern students competed against schools such as Luther, Aquinas and Mount Lilydale, placing 7th overall. Some of our best results included Maddy Block who finished 6th in the Under 15 Girls, Asha Pongho who finished 8th in the Under 14 Girls, Tess Power who finished 11th in the Open Girls and Oliver Huang who finished 12th in the Under 16 Boys.

Congratulations to all competitors, and thank you to the teachers, coaches and student helpers who assisted leading up to and on the day.

by Sophie Glasson, Sport Captain

Equestrian News 

Amelia Qvist in Year 11 and her horse Springwood Junior have been representing Tintern in the Horseland Interschool Combined Training Series Competition and are currently in first position! Congratulations Amelia and best wishes for the final round of competition on 30 November.

Congratulations and best wishes to Charlie Johnson in Year 10 who has qualified for and will compete at the Australian Barrel Horse Association National Finals this month!

Congratulations are also in order for Ella Trevorrow, Lilly Trevorrow, Keeley Thomas and Aisha Heinrich who have been selected for Victorian Teams for the upcoming Interschool Nationals and Pony Club Nationals. Ella and Lilly were selected for the Pony Club Nationals State Team in Junior Tetrathlon to be held in Sydney later this year. Keeley and Aisha will also compete in Sydney this October as part of the Victorian Interschool’s State Team representing not only Tintern but also Victoria. Good luck Ella, Lily, Keeley and Aisha for the finals!

All of our equestrian riders should be congratulated on their hard work and dedication to their sport. These are wonderful achievements!

Tintern represented in Victorian Schools League Fencing Competition

Congratulations to Ella Trevorrow in Year 11 who recently competed in the Victorian Schools League Fencing Competition. The competition was held over four rounds and attracted students from all over Victoria where they competed in three age levels. Competing in the Secondary Senior Girls’ competition, Ella remained undefeated all day to progress to and win the gold medal bout. Well done, Ella!

 Congratulations to the other Tintern students who also competed at this competition.

Matthew and Lily Wilby progress to National Interschool Snow Sports Competition

Matthew and Lily Wilby competed at the National Interschool Snow Sports competition at Mt Buller from September 4-8. They had progressed from their results at the Victorian Interschools Snow Sports competition.

Matthew competed in Division 4 Boys’ Cross Country Classic, placing 24th. Lily competed in Division 5 Girls’ Cross Country Classic placing 19th, Snowboard GS placing 13th, Skier X placing 27th and Alpine GS placing 9th.

Congratulations to Matthew and Lily on these fantastic results!


Community Matters

Spring Garden Tour – Limited places available!

This year we will be visiting the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden for morning tea and a guided tour, followed by a two-course lunch at The Grand Mornington. In the afternoon we will head to Dromana for a tour with the Head Gardeners of Heronswood House and Gardens.

The Spring Garden Tour includes morning tea, entry to each of the gardens, lunch, our regular bus raffles and a gift bag.

There are limited seats available so please ensure you book quickly to avoid disappointment! Book now by selecting the image below or visiting: www.trybooking.com/BFMJT

Spring Celebration

An incredible afternoon was had by all those who braved the cold weather and intermittent rain to attend the 2019 Spring Celebration. A special thank you to the Friends of Young Farmers, who once again worked hard to create a welcoming and family-friendly event. 

A thank you also to the Young Farmers who helped in all aspects of the Spring Celebration.

Here’s hoping to better weather for the 2020 Spring Celebration!

Working With Children Check

Tintern Grammar requires all volunteers to have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). If you are intending to volunteer at Tintern, now or in the future, could you please send a copy of your WWCC to either the Junior school assistants or by email to communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au, alternatively pop in to the Main Administration where they will be happy to take a copy for you.

Celebrate Oaks Day with the School Community on Thursday 7 November in The Stables at Zonzo Estate, Yarra Glen.

Dress to impress and enjoy a delicious shared menu with a complimentary drink on arrival and further drinks available for purchase.

This event is open to friends and family of our current, past and future parent and alumni communities.

Date/time: Thursday 7 November 2019, 12:00 – 3.00pm

Venue: The Stables at Zonzo Estate, 957 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Yarra Glen, VIC

Cost: Early bird offer of $55 per person if booked before Thursday 26 September.
Price increases to $65 per person from Friday 27 September. This includes a drink on arrival and set sharing menu of antipasti platters, wood-fired pizzas and slow roasted lamb with vegetables and salads.

This event has limited availability. Book now to avoid missing out! RSVP by Thursday 10 October.

Book here: http://www.trybooking.com/BEYBG

Enquiries can be directed to the Tintern Community Relations Office via communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Class of 2018, 1 Year Reunion

It was wonderful seeing so many Alumni for the Class of 2018 gathered at Beer Deluxe in Hawthorn for their recent (almost) 1 Year Reunion.

Thank you to everyone who came along and helped them celebrate.

Equestrian Bake Sale

The Friends of Equestrian Committee, along with the Equestrian students, organized a bake sale to raise money to support the riders heading off to National competition later this month.


Community Committee Dates 

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Thursday 10 October 2019 at 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage President: Haidee Wallace
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 7.00pm CM Wood Common Room President: Debra Fryer
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 7 October 2019 at 7.30pm Kennedy Cottage President: Meaghan Cross
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meeting: TBC President: Vacant Vice President: Karen Trevorrow

Upcoming Community Dates:

  • Presentation Ball – Friday 20 September at Karralyka from 7.30pm
  • Spring Garden Tour – Friday 25 October 2019 from 8.30am to 3.30pm – Book Here
  • Volunteer Thank You Night – Thursday 28 November 2019 at 7pm – Booking link coming soon.

Upcoming Reunions:

  • Class of 2004, 15 Year Reunion – Saturday 26 October form 3.30pm – Book Here
  • High Tea Reunions – YG 1969, 1964, 1959 and 55 years + – Friday 15 November from 11am to 2pm 

Community Fundraising


North Queensland Mangos

The Tintern Parent Group are once again offering North Queensland Mangos straight from the farm to you!

  • A tray is filled by weight and will contain somewhere between 12 large mangoes and 20 small mangoes.
  • Cost is $26 per tray.
  • Mangoes should be ready for collection in late November. The date varies depending on the mangoes ripening.
  • All families will be emailed confirmation of the delivery date and collection point.
  • Please select here to place your order.
  • Orders strictly close on Friday 25 October.


Tea Towels 2019

Creating Lasting Memories!
Our limited edition tea towel design will be made up of self-portraits drawn by all our children and staff. There are 3 separate designs by our junior girls, boys and ELC.
The pictures and names are arranged as a commemorative design and screen printed onto premium 100% white cotton tea towels.

Don’t forget to order a few extras for family members and your keepsake box. Now only $10 each!

To order this treasured keepsake please visit:

There is a  tea towel on display in the Girls and Boys Junior School and the ELC.

Please note: limited quantities available.

Thank you for your continued support!

2017 Tea Towels Designs


Entertainment books are back for their 25th Year!

Entertainment Books are back for their 25th year! To celebrate they are offering a great range of pre-order bonus offers:

Filled with up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the most popular restaurants, attractions, shopping, travel and more. The book is current from purchase until the end of May 2020.

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

Please click here to order your 2019/2020 Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Books can be collected from Main Reception, or instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG for 2019.


Tintern Grammar Photo Albums – Protect your School Photos!

Protect your child’s school photos with a stunning Tintern Photo Album. The TPG is offering beautiful quality made customised ‘buckram’ binders for only $72. The albums are Navy, featuring the school crest and name printed in silver on the front cover and come complete with 10 transparent sheet inserts.

The albums are great for storing:
– The official school photos
– Certificates
– NAPLAN and ICAS results
– Sports and performer ribbons
– Artwork
– Programs from concerts, sports days and special assemblies
– Photos
– Newsletter clippings
– Your own scrapbook creations (as the pages are 30cm x 30cm standard scrapbook size)

In fact, if you think of it like a filing cabinet of memories, over the years it builds up into quite a treasure! Samples can be viewed in the uniform shop and all orders are now taken at this link through trybooking

Once you have placed your order, please take your confirmation to the Uniform Shop to collect your Album and/or extra pages.




ICT at Tintern

The Information and Communications Technology courses at Tintern introduce students to a diverse range of hardware and software. One example is the ‘Build your own Apps/Games’ semester elective available to students in Years 8 and 9. In this course, students learn some HTML programming to gain an understanding of how web pages function, use Adobe Dreamweaver to create a template-based web site using CSS code to control all layout and formatting, use App Inventor 2 to create a mobile application, and use GameMaker to build a Feed the Bear game. After being introduced to each of these different technologies, students are then free to choose one as the focus of their major project. Students have the majority of a whole term to work on their project whilst furthering their skills and knowledge. They become deeply immersed in their learning as they build unique and interesting products.

A recent innovation within this course is the use of the online development tool: App Inventor 2. This allows students to design the user interface for an application using a wide range of different components, and then code the behaviours that function behind each of these components to achieve the desired user interactions and responses. Students can then test their applications by wirelessly transmitting their app to one of the tablets which are available in the classroom. Students with Android phones can also natively install their applications on their own devices. The range of apps students have developed include a timed Mathematics quiz, Space Invaders and a Road Rampage game.


Class of 2019 – This is the Greatest School Video

Last week at the Expect the Unexpected assembly, our School Leaders premiered their Class of 2019 video. This fun music video is available to view on the portal here.


Hello from Bangkok

We are having such a great time! We’re on our way to a tiger zoo at the moment, then we are going on a boat trip through some mangroves to see some rare birds. Tomorrow we’re off to a turtle preservation island off the coast. Enjoy these photos from our trip so far!


Mental Heath and Wellbeing Panel for Years 9-12 students

At Tintern Grammar, as our students move through Middle School and into Senior College, through our pastoral programs such as The Resilience Project, and our relationships with one another, we endeavour to provide reflection and guidance about one’s wellbeing and life choices.

It is our vision to foster young women and men of strong character who seek excellence and strive with confidence to create a better world.

On October 10, World Mental Health Day, we are providing a unique opportunity for our Years 9-12 students to participate in a panel-style forum concentrating on mental health and wellbeing, with a specific emphasis on drug and alcohol use and its relationship to physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

Representatives from our community who have first-hand experience with the impacts of drug and alcohol use will be answering questions from our students, in a student-led forum.

The panel will consist of a Paramedic, a Psychologist, a member of the REACH Foundation, the founder of Drugedaustralia, a member of the Police force, and our Principal, Mr Brad Fry. Each of these people have different perspectives and information about Drugs and Alcohol in the context of mental health.

To ensure that the panel is able to reflect upon questions that are of specific interest and relevance to our Years 9-12 students, we will be seeking questions from them in the coming days. These questions are anonymous and will shape the content of the panel session.

We look forward to providing updates on this valuable experience for our students.


Junior School Sport 2019 – District Athletics

The Tintern Junior School students were exemplary in their performances, attitude and effort at the Warrandyte South District Athletics. Tintern Grammar finished 4th overall, narrowly missing 3rd place. Our best result was in the Track events, finishing 2nd for this section of the Carnival.

Congratulations to the following students who placed 1st or 2nd for their events and will now participate in Maroondah Division Athletics on Tuesday 8 October.

1500m  Noah Singh (11 years – 1st place)
  Ethan Hoole (11 years – 2nd place)
  Amelie Scherer (11 years – 1st place)
  Harley Cantor (9/10 years – 1st place)
  Naomi De La Pierre (9/10 years – 1st place)
800m    Harley Cantor (9/10 years -1st place)
Triple Jump Elisha Sze (12/13 years – 1st place)
  Felix Kilworth (12/13 years – 1st place)
Long Jump Alex Forbes (12/13 years – 1st place)
80m Hurdles Aisha Heinrich (9/10 years – 1st place)
100m Elijah Hanna (12/13 years – 2nd place)
  Ethan Hoole (11 years – 2nd place)
  Lenny Kilworth (9/10 years – 1st place)
200m       Felix Kilworth (12/13 years – 1st place)
  Noah Singh (11 years – 1st place)
4x100m Relay Ethan Hoole, Alex Beaton, Noah Singh, Cayden Wood (11 years – 1st place)
4x100m Relay Ryan Hoole, Alex Jabbour, Harley Cantor, Lenny Kilworth (9/10 years – 1st place)


Junior School Sport 2019 – House Basketball and Bulla Hooptime

The Years 3-6 Junior School students recently participated in our annual House Basketball competition. The competition was held at The Rings Stadium, Ringwood on Monday 5 August for the girls and Wednesday 7 August for the boys.

The competition consisted of a round-robin of matches against the other Houses and a grand final play-off. With the support of qualified referees, the focus of the day was on learning and consolidating basketball skills, teamwork and House competition.


Girls’ Trophy

Overall winner Mansfield

Boys’ Trophy



Team 1

Year 5 & 6

Team 2

Year 3 & 4

Team A

Team B

Butterss Cross





Gordon Grant





Mansfield McKie





Somner Stewart





Dann Watt






A Years 5 & 6 girls and Years 5 & 6 boys teams were selected from the House competition day to represent Tintern Grammar in the Bulla Hoop Time Regional Basketball competition on Wednesday 21 August. Bulla Hoop Time is a competition run by Basketball Victoria. The competition is part of a series of one-day basketball round robins held at local basketball stadiums around Victoria. The program culminates at the end of the year in a Regional Finals Series and a State Grand Final Series.

All Stars Boys played off for 3rd v 4th place in the final, winning 21 – 18 against Emerald. The All Star Girls finished in 2nd place 0 – 25 after their Grand Final Game against Emerald. Well done to all students in being selected to represent Tintern Grammar and for your teamwork, energy and performance during the rounds and finals.

Student reflections:

“The first half was intense. Whitehorse were doing well inside due to their big size advantage. Our guards did well, making a number of steals and driving hard to the hoop. They were a very good team and they went onto win the tournament.”

Hooptime was a fun and exciting experience, and as we played, our teamwork got stronger. At the end of the day, we were exhausted, but it is certain that we would all want to go again.”

“We finished with a play off for third against Emerald. We focussed on sharing the ball and involving as many of us as possible in the offence. As a result, we quickly got out to a strong lead and managed to win by 3 points.”


RoboCup State Final

Designing, building, programming and just the right amount of tweaking of the robots were some of the skills practised at the RoboCup State Final on Friday 30 August.

Vital skills such as keeping calm under pressure, trust in our coding and flexible thinking when something unexpected went wrong were some of the many skills that were gained from our participation in the 2019 Rescue Challenge. This year Tintern participated in three divisions – Riley Rovers, Primary and Secondary Rescue. Congratulations to Ella in Year 7 who came 4th in the Secondary division competing against 61 students across the state. In the Primary division Team QWERTY (Brayden, Oliver and Arya) achieved the highest score from our Junior School cohort while in Riley Rovers our Year 4 Girls’ Team (Eylul and Grace) achieved a personal best, finishing in the top third of the rankings in the state competition.

A huge thank you to Dan Sriratana and Simon Ch’ng who mentored our teams throughout the competition and to our amazing parents who supported their sons and daughters throughout the Regional and State competitions. Most importantly congratulations to all our competitors who gave their best. Your energy and enthusiasm were awesome.

by Sue Healey and Karen Dang, Tintern Grammar Learning Technology Mentors


Year 2 girls support National Bilby Awareness Day

Learning about endangered animals earlier this year, inspired the Year 2 girls to draw attention to National Bilby Awareness Day on September 12. The girls gave a special presentation at the Years 3-6 Assembly and spent a busy and productive lunchtime teaching the Prep and Year 1 girls to make a bilby headband, a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership and commitment to a cause close to their hearts. The Prep-Year 2 girls were asked to make a donation, and due to the generosity of the families, an impressive $101.25 was raised. The girls will donate the money to the captive breeding program for bilbies at the Healesville Sanctuary. It was most inspiring to see the Year 2 girls passion and dedication to this worthwhile cause.


Australiana and the 3D Printer in Year 3D

This term, the Year 3 boys have been studying Australiana and in particular, focussing on Australian animals. As a part of this unit, the boys have selected, researched and presented information about their particular animal. Next term, dioramas will be displayed outside the 3D classroom and we would love you to pop over and have a look.

Below is a sneak peek. Can you see all of the work we have done? You might even notice some animals that we have designed on Tinkercad and then printed with the 3D printer!


Girls’ Middle School News

Big Day In

On Friday 6 September we held our Girls’ Middle School ‘Big Day In’. This unique wellbeing day is designed to give our students a break from academic study as they focus on points of connection with their peers, and build a sense of tribal belonging to their Middle School. Throughout the day various physical, creative and engaging activities continued to build on this. Our Middle School leaders set the tone of the day of positivity and finding joy in the simple things in life, each year level then headed off to a session run by our senior girls. Our Year 7s played a variety of team building games, with our Year 8s and 9s being part of discussion groups on empathy and gratitude. Following on from this, students in Year 7 had a sensational time learning basic circus skills, our Year 8s had a blast learning how to skateboard and our Year 9s had an ace time learning Baila Street dance skills. This was followed by creative tasks of meditation glass jar painting in Year 7, mandala peace stone painting in Year 8 and our Year 9’s worked on a group pastel still life project which will be hung in the Year 9 area as a memento to the day. As they participated in each of these activities, the real highlight was seeing their positive interactions towards each other and our senior girls throughout the day. It was a very busy day as students moved between workshops and also enjoyed a pizza lunch and visit from the very popular ‘Mr Whippy’. In the afternoon we had a guest presenter from SALT (Sport and Life Training) who use positive psychology to speak to our young women on the powerful topic of “Strong is the new pretty”.  Students were encouraged to find their own character strengths as well as identify them in others, in areas such as open mindedness, loyalty, enthusiasm, encouragement, bravery and trustworthiness.  At the conclusion of the session, they were reminded of the S.T.R.O.N.G. perspective as a way of building up to be the person you want to be.

  1. Strengths – use them
  2. Time – this time is like no other
  3. Remember what is important to you, don’t compromise on your values
  4. Ownership – Take ownership of your life
  5. No – to the negative pressures in life
  6. Good friends – find them, be one

Year 7 Orientation

On Monday 9 September we had our first Year 7 Orientation day for the 2020 cohort. Our girls did a wonderful job of making sure our new Year 7’s felt welcome as they greeted them around the school, and made sure that they didn’t get lost on their first day. 

Dads’ and Daughters’ Bowling

On Monday night we held our inaugural Dads’ and Daughter’s Bowling night at Forest Hill. This was an evening that was great fun and a wonderful opportunity to build community as well as provide some precious father and daughter quality time. There was a lot of laughter, a healthy dose of competition and a lot of encouragement over the evening which was terrific to see. A huge congratulations to our winner daughter/dad combos; Zoe McKinlay and her dad Wayne, Sarah Fisher and her dad Rohan and overall 1st place went to  Emily Stokes and her dad Phillip. 

Year 9 Senior College Braiding

A reminder that all Year 9 students need to organise to have braiding on their blazer before heading into Senior College next year. There are two options: a new senior college blazer with braiding can be purchased, or their current blazer can have braiding added to it. Adding the braiding takes approx. 2 weeks (as it is also dry-cleaned), and is being offered over these holidays (September). Any student wishing to have braiding added need to bring their current blazer (clearly labelled) to the uniform shop this week before Friday 12pm.

Community Celebration Day

Celebrate Oaks Day with the school community at Tintern Grammar’s Community Celebration Day on Thursday 7 November 2019 in The Stables at Zonzo Estate, Yarra Glen.

Our 2018 event was a great success and with limited tickets available this year, book now to avoid missing out! Book here: http://www.trybooking.com/BEYBG

We are offering an early bird discount of $55 per person if booked before Thursday 26 September. Price increases to $65 per person from Friday 27 September. Ticket includes a drink on arrival and set sharing menu of antipasti platters, wood-fired pizzas and slow roasted lamb with vegetables and salads. This event is open to friends and family of our current, past and future parent and alumni communities. Please feel free to bring your friends and family along!


Boys’ Middle School News

It’s hard to believe that Term 3 is almost finished! For me it spells out footy finals, and for those who have football teams left in the finals this year, I wish you well. Fingers crossed it’s not Collingwood or Richmond – although there is a very good chance that one of them may very well salute on the last Saturday in September and then we won’t hear the end of it!

Term 3 has been a fantastic term with our boys demonstrating their strengths in many areas. We had many students finish at the top, or very near, of Australian Mathematics Competition 2019:

100th Percentile:

  • Jayden Lee (Year 7)
  • Felix Chen (Year 8) Felix was also the winner of the School Award with the highest mark in the school.
  • Austen Humphreys (Year 9)

99th Percentile:

  • James Feng (Year 7)
  • Tony Mo (Year 7)
  • Max Lalor (Year 8)

98th Percentile:

  • Zachary Ho (Year 8)

An amazing effort by these boys with many others in the top 5% of what is a really tough competition.

We have had a number of sporting successes with our Year 8/9 badminton and table tennis teams winning their EISM Grand Finals, going through the season undefeated. Our Year 7 soccer boys finished the year undefeated although missed out one pennant by only a couple of points – another fantastic effort by our boys. We trialled football training during Term 3 after school with very good numbers in attendance. This is something that we will be continuing with over the coming years with different sports offered to help improve the skills of our boys (and girls).

In Term 4 we have basketball tryouts after school aimed at becoming part of a team that enters into three major tournaments next year. We will be training one afternoon a week this year with it moving to a couple of sessions a week in Term 1 next year. To be eligible for this, players must be playing regular basketball outside of school.

The auditions for Beauty and the Beast have been completed and positions will be announced in the last week of Term 3. It has been great to hear many of the boys putting their hands up for different parts within the musical and I look forward to watching them all rehearse over the remainder of this year, then perform during Term 1 next year.

Last week we had our annual Father and Son Bowling night at Zone Bowling in Forest Hill Chase. Firstly, apologies to the families who missed out on attending due to the event filling up very quickly. Hopefully, next year Zone provides us with even more lanes. A big congratulations to Andy and Harry Baugh who ran out comfortable winners on the night – at least this puts a smile on Andy’s face after Australia retained the Ashes in the cricket!

On Friday, we had our annual Battle of the Bands in the CM Wood Centre with many of our boys involved in different bands. This was an incredible event with so many talented musicians and singers – special mention to Bandana who won one of the divisions. Bandana is made up of Natasha Gillam (Year 8), Mark Evans (Year 9), Angus Middleton (Year 9) and Aaron Shen (Year 8).

Our Green Team at school is an incredibly active and enthusiastic group. They have brought about fantastic change in our understanding of waste management, environmental understanding, plus lots more. On Wednesday last week, we had Hannah from Maroondah Council at our assembly to talk to the boys about recycling and waste management, and how we can all do our bit to help ease the waste issues we are currently facing. In the second week of Term 4, we have Green Week where there will be many activities running throughout the week such as “lights out” day, clean up our local area, clothing sales, plus more. We are asking students to bring in quality second-hand clothing to be sold on the Friday (at cheap prices) with all proceeds going towards sustainability. More details of this will be provided in Week 1 of next term.

Another co-curricular event beginning in Term 4 is Robo Soccer. This will be running on a Wednesday afternoon after school in our STEAM Centre where our boys will be learning to program robots to play soccer with the aim of entering a team into the Robocup Competition in 2020. This is limited to only 14 spots, so if your son is interested he will need to sign up with Mrs Healey in the library as soon as possible. It begins in Week 3 of Term 4 and runs for four consecutive Wednesday afternoons.

A reminder that the last day of school this term is Thursday 19 September with Friday being a staff only day. The first day back for students is Monday 7th October. I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Term 3 holiday period and I look forward to seeing all boys refreshed and ready to go on the 7th.


Green Team Winds Up A Busy Term

The Green Team has had a very busy term and it now seems like a century ago that we held our wonderfully successful 2040 Movie Night. Here is an update on what else we have been up too…

Recycling initiatives 

Our new recycling initiatives are slowly gaining momentum and we remind all parents, students and staff that we are collecting the following at school:

The school composting program continues to rescue huge amounts of food scraps from landfill and is so successful that we have had to engage an external company to take away some of our food waste to make into compost off-site as the farm cannot cope with the volume we are producing. All scraps from the canteen and outside compost bins will still go to the farm for internal use.

NetBags Fundraiser

The NetBags fundraiser closes this week and goods will be delivered early next term during Green Earth Week. Thank you to all members of the community who have purchased the range of products which offer an alternative to single-use plastic items. You can place your order here.

Green Team T-Shirts

The long-awaited Green Team t-shirts have finally arrived and they look fantastic. The logo, designed by Year 6 student Holly White, is eye-catching against the bottle green colour of the shirts. Please see the accompanying photos of some of our GT members sporting their new t-shirts at Monday’s regular GT lunchtime meeting.

These t-shirts will be worn during our Green Earth Week (Term 4, Week 2) and on the FareShare Schools in the Kitchen excursion on Tuesday 17 September. As we are supporting FareShare through the a2Upstream Milk Challenge walk on 9 November, FareShare kindly created an opportunity for some of our senior students to spend 3.5 hours working in their kitchen. Today, 21 students and teachers were busy preparing delicious food for those in need.

FareShare Speaker

On 6 September, Marisa Angelico (a volunteer with FareShare), came to speak to both the Green Team and Social Justice Group at a lunch time meeting about the FareShare organisation. She then addressed the rest of the Secondary School at Assembly and we learned the following facts about food waste and what FareShare does to counteract this:

  • Food waste costs the Australian economy an estimated $20 billion every year
  • Approximately 40% of all food grown in Australia is wasted
  • Australians waste an average of 298 kg of food each year
  • More than 92% of household food waste ends up in landfill
  • An estimated four million Australians experienced food insecurity during the past year, a quarter of them were children (Foodbank Hunger Report 2018)
  • Australians living in regional areas are most likely to experience hunger
  • Unemployed, working poor, single parent households, migrants, students, pensioners and Indigenous Australians are most vulnerable

In 2018-19, FareShare rescued 1,027,233 tonnes of food from supermarkets, farms and food businesses.  With the help of thousands of regular volunteers, school students and corporate groups, FareShare cooks 30,000 tasty, nutritious meals each week for people doing it tough – 1.5 million meals a year and they achieve this without any ongoing government funding.

A2 Upstream Challenge Walk raising funds for FareShare

The Green Team and Social Justice Group are very proud to announce that they have 30 teachers and students participating in the FareShare Walk on 9 November and this dedicated group hope to raise in excess of $5000 to help keep the FareShare kitchens open.

Each teacher has to raise a minimum of $200 and each student a minimum of $100. If you would like to support the following students and teachers please click on the following link and search for Team Tinternhttps://upstreamfoundation.org/donate/?step=2&type=friend

20km Walk:

Students: Jasmine Boss, Emma du Blêt, Jonah Fleming, Angie Fu, Natasha Gillam, Ellena Glenk, Mia Jones, Skye May, Victoria McKenzie, Laura Mitcham, Aleisha Paul, Dylan Wild and Mandy Yu.

Teachers: Tracey Austin, Oriana Constable, Liz Cutter, Kalli Fern, Elizabeth Fox, Nicole Morphett and Megan Scholz.

 50 km Walk:

Students: Erin Doupe, Zoe Forbes, Natalie Owen, Hannah Taylor and Jeremy Yuen-Love.

Teachers: Marlee Batterham, Anne Bortolussi, Emma Lowing, Adriana Mantella and Trine Ord.

 Global School Strike 4 Climate

As no doubt many of you are aware, there is a Global Schools Strike for Climate this Friday at the Treasury Gardens from 2.00 – 4.00 pm. Many Green Team members are planning to attend and Monday’s meeting this week was devoted to making banners to take to the strike. This strike is not only for students but for families and all members of the community. If you would like to participate with your child and meet up with the Tintern Green Team, please email the Green Team Captains Erin Doupe at dou41726@tintern.vic.edu.au or Julia Rosenbrock at ros51257@tintern.vic.edu.au.

Green Earth Week

In week 2 next term, Tintern is holding a Green Earth Week to draw attention to issues of sustainability. Four Green Team Year 11 students, Natalie Owen, Dylan Wild, Josh Winter and Jeremy Yuen-Love, have taken on the organisation of this week as a CAS project for IB.

This week will see all sections of the school involved in a range of activities including a Free Dress Day (gold coin donation for sponsoring our participants in FareShare walk) and Bake Sale (Bake the World a Better Place) both on Friday 18 October:

Junior Schools: Waste Free Wednesday, Vegetable Seedling planting with Preps and their buddies, collection of food staples for FareShare (pasta, tinned tomatoes, plain flour)

Middle Schools: Year 9 Clean up East Ringwood shops and station, Clothing Swap, ‘Take Your Rubbish home Tuesday’, Year 7/8 Green Team members excursion to the Replas Environmental Centre, ‘No lights Friday’

Senior College: Environmental documentaries every lunchtime in the Hawthorn Room, ‘No lights Friday’, Clean-up activities in Utility sessions for Years 10 and 11.

Thank You!

As the term draws to a close, I would like to thank all members of the Green Team for their enthusiasm and passion for all things sustainable. We now have 73 active Green Team members from Years 5-12 and the number grows weekly.

by Anne Bortolussi, Green Team Co-ordinator


News from the Careers Department

Year 12 VTAC Applications

Year 12 families are reminded that the timely VTAC applications closing date for Year 12 students is the 30 September at 5pm and this includes paying the fee of $39.00. SEAS and VCTAC Scholarship applications including the submission of all supporting documents closes on 11 October at 5pm, however, VTAC staff will verify any uploaded documents as “approved” or “rejected” in advance of the SEAS closing date if they are submitted by the 30 September. After this date, documents cannot be resubmitted if, for example, they are illegible.

Year 12 Students Intending to Apply Overseas

It is imperative that students make an appointment urgently if they are intending to apply overseas and have not had a discussion with a Careers staff member as a ‘buzzword’ must be given to UCAS applicants (applying to study in the United Kingdom) and transcripts prepared in the Careers Office. I would anticipate that students have planned their personal statements and had a discussion with staff who will be writing references for them.

Scholarship Resource

The school has access to a scholarship resource that provides an overview of scholarships other than via VTAC. The document can be found at https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/22321/


Career News Number 28 and 29 are available on the Portal at http://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14962/ and includes the following items:

Number 28 Career News 10 September

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 3
  • Nutrition Studies at Deakin University
    • Food Innovation Major
    • CASS Academy
    • Why Study Dietetics at Deakin?
  • The Future Leaders Scheme at the University of Sydney
  • Upcoming Open Days 2019
  • Career as a Paediatric Nurse
  • ACAP College of Applied Psychology – Bachelor of Criminology and Justice
  • The Associate Degree in Engineering Technology at RMIT University
  • Courses with Real World Experience at Swinburne University
  • Medical Imaging Courses in Victoria

Number 29 Career News 13 September

  • Dates for the Diary in Term 4
  • Reminder: VTAC 2020 Upcoming Key Dates
  • ACAP: Psychology and Criminology Experience Sessions
  • University of Sydney: Academic Excellence Scheme
  • Career in Carpentry & Cabinet Making
  • Career as an Architect
  • Career as an Illustrator
  • Public Health Degrees in Victoria



Scholarship Applications Open

Click here to learn more


Camp Code Spark at Tintern Grammar

Fun, engaging and challenging… Code Camp Spark is where every student in Years 2-6 should start their Code Camp journey!

Tintern Grammar is hosting Code Camp in the holidays from 30 September – 2 October. 

News students are welcome. Find out more below. Register here


Celebrate Oaks Day 2019 at the Community Celebration Day – Thursday 7 November

Celebrate Oaks Day with the school community on Thursday 7 November in The Stables at Zonzo Estate, Yarra Glen.

Dress to impress and enjoy a delicious shared menu with a complimentary drink on arrival and further drinks available for purchase.

This event is open to friends and family of our current, past and future parent and alumni communities.

Date/time: Thursday 7 November 2019, 12:00 – 3.00pm

Venue: The Stables at Zonzo Estate, 957 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Yarra Glen, VIC

Cost: Early bird offer of $55 per person if booked before Thursday 26 September.
Price increases to $65 per person from Friday 27 September. This includes a drink on arrival and set sharing menu of antipasti platters, wood-fired pizzas and slow roasted lamb with vegetables and salads.

This event has limited availability. Book now to avoid missing out! RSVP by Thursday 10 October.

Book here: http://www.trybooking.com/BEYBG

Enquiries can be directed to the Tintern Community Relations Office via communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au.


Crystal Kimber (YG 2007)

Congratulations to alumna Crystal Kimber (YG 2007) who has been announced as the Myer Fashions on the Field Ambassador for 2019!

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, having entered the event since she was 16 years old and taking home the National title on Oaks Day in 2017, Crystal is a wonderful appointment!


Image Credit: See Kimber


Jenny Brown (YG 1981)

Congratulations to alumna Jenny Brown (YG 1981) who has again made the Financial Standard’s Power50 list. This list is made up of the 50 most influential financial advisers in the country according to the readers of Financial Standard and FS Advice – The Australian Journal of Financial Planning.

Support Jenny and help her reach the top spot by voting here: https://www.financialstandard.com.au/voting/?id=20204 Voting closes Friday 27 September 2019.