15 Jun 2020

From the Principal

This week we have a special guest introduction from Ashley Viney, Head of Sport. 

During the COVID-19 stage three restrictions there were only four reasons that people were allowed to leave their homes. One of those reasons was physical activity and exercise. The state and federal governments recognised the importance of physical activity and exercise for people’s physical and mental wellbeing during the time spent during isolation. The benefits of physical activity and exercise are well known on physical health, but it has become even more apparent that the benefits on mental wellbeing are vital. Exercise is an extremely effective anti-depressant when completed at moderate intensity for 45 minutes three times per week.

It was fantastic to see so many people being active during the isolation period. Families riding bikes together, people walking their dogs, walking and running were popular activities during this time. People were friendly when passing, quite often saying hello or other pleasantries. The isolation period shut down so many of our everyday activities that people now felt that they had the time to be physically active and exercise. A positive out of this situation is that I hope more people will prioritise their physical activity and exercise and remain physically active. As we begin to come out of restrictions as they will have felt the physical and mental benefits it has given them during this time. Physical activity and maintaining fitness were crucial during isolation as all community sport competitions and training had been shut down, so people had to be motivated to get active themselves. People who remained active will benefit when their competitions re commence as they will be fitter than their competitors.

Students are encouraged to remain physically active throughout their teens and into adulthood as there is a proven link between higher cardiovascular fitness levels and better academic results in the classroom, as well as the obvious health benefits. The discipline of committing to complete physical activity sessions each week helps students with their discipline when studying. There are many other qualities that physical activity promotes that can be used in a variety of situations in everyday life.   

It was tremendous to see the students and staff take part in the Strava challenge of running to Perth and back. The fact that we as a community were able to get there and back so quickly demonstrated that the community valued their physical activity and exercise during this time. Thank you to Stella Burke and Margaret Pywell for organising this activity and to Mr Kenny for the promotion of it.

We have House Cross Country scheduled for Friday July 31st and House Athletics is scheduled for Wednesday 16th September – health guidelines permitting. These events will allow the students to be physically active and join together with their houses to compete in a fun and friendly way.

I am looking forward to the sport program returning to EISM competition when appropriate so that the students can continue to compete, improve their skills and fitness and receive the benefits of regular physical activity.  



CSEF Funding

CSEF Funding

We have been advised that the date for finalising enrolments for CSEF funding has been extended due to COVID-19 with Schools now permitted to submit CSEF applications by midnight on Friday 24 July 2020.

Click here to learn more

CSEF Application Form 2020


Chaplain’s Corner

Chaplains Corner 24

Gratitude Wall

In Year 8, since our return to campus, we have made a ‘Gratitude Wall’ with the people, places, and experiences we are grateful for named. As part of our #Resilience Project work this is important, as being mindful of the things we are thankful for and naming them has a positive affect on our health and mental wellbeing.

And of all the things named, family was number 1 in the responses. Which is interesting coming out of lockdown, as last year when we did this with a different cohort, in a different set of circumstances, friends and things were the most common responses.

In the Bible in Luke17:11-19 Jesus heals 10 men born with leprosy, and only one stops on his way to celebrate and comes back and expresses thanks to Jesus.

Taking time to give thanks is important, and I’m reminded of a Christian song I know that speaks about how when things are going well, giving thanks, singing praise is easy, but when life is challenging, finding things to give thanks for is hard, but so very important.

It’s easy to sing
When there’s nothing to bring me down
But what will I say
When I’m held to the flame      

Even if, Mercy Me

I was touched recently to get an email from a member of our community who, in what many people would say is a terrible situation, was able to speak words of hope and gratitude.

Gratitude, maybe its time to name something you are grateful for every night before bed and see how that changes your view of your world and the people in it.

Every blessing as I head off on maternity leave and I look forward to being back in 2021.

Grace and Peace


Tintern Board Update

Movements within the Tintern Board 

It is with sincere thanks that we farewell one of our Board members, Simon Scherer, who is departing to take up further study towards a career change. Simon volunteered to join the Tintern Finance and Risk Sub Committee as an independent nominated member in May 2017 where he has worked hard to support the work of this vital group in managing these important aspects of the workings of our school. He was then invited to become a Tintern Grammar director in March 2018. Since then Simon has brought his expertise and capacity as a business development manager and energetic volunteer to our Board, whilst also participating in the wider school as a parent and local community member. We appreciate and thank Simon for the time, effort and energy he has brought to the role during 3 years of enthusiastic contribution and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Dr Wendy Smith was recently elected to the Tintern Grammar Board following her 12 month term as an independent nominated member of our Governance Sub Committee. You may know Wendy as a parent of twin girls Alex and May who successfully completed secondary education at Tintern in 2018, and a son who is currently attending Tintern senior school. She is a qualified engineer, with extensive experience in technical, analytical and research skills in her work as a Civil Engineer. Her education has included an Honours degree and Doctorate, and Wendy is a strong promoter of quality teaching and learning programs for all. Tintern has already benefitted from Wendy’s sharp risk management, strategic and critical thinking skills as she was employed as consultant to lead our recent Board Review process (January, 2020) towards the next stage of planning and development of the governing body of our school. Wendy has wide experience in the development and delivery of policy, strategy and management programs across both commercial and public sector agencies. She is a vocal supporter of women in leadership, and has accomplished stakeholder engagement skills enabling a strong level of communication and cooperation amongst different groups within an organisation. These and all her skills and talents will be well employed during this time of challenge and growth for our school, and we warmly welcome Dr Smith to the Tintern Grammar Board.


Rosemary Bennett

Chair Governance Sub Committee


Community Matters

Friends of Equestrian – If your child loves horses, then this is the group for you!

The Tintern Grammar Friends of Equestrian (FOE) is a Parent/Grandparent/Guardian group that supports our Tintern Grammar Equestrian Team. Throughout the school year, we organize many events such as our Annual Demonstration Day where the Equestrian Team bring their horses to school and showcase their talents to the school community.

We provide educational clinics throughout the year and we organize our major event, the Tintern Grammar Annual Interschool Horse Trials Championship. We also try and give back to the community in fundraising initiatives where we recently raised funds for Warriors 4 Wildlife Bushfire Relief.

This year, the Friends of Equestrian Group were six weeks out from the 20th Anniversary of the Tintern Grammar Interschool Horse Trials Championships when COVID-19 hit and we unfortunately had to cancel our wonderful event. The Horse Trials is a major part of the Equestrian Australia Interschool Eventing calendar and last year we had participants from nearly 100 schools and close to 400 riders participating. We had participants travel from far and wide, including Tasmania and International riders from New Zealand and Hong Kong.

As we start to slowly get back to ‘normal’ and we look forward to organizing some new events, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite anyone who has an interest in the equestrian world to get involved in our FOE Parents Group. You don’t even need to own a horse! We’d love to see any students and their families who’d like to get involved, to contact us and have a chat. We are in the process of organizing some fun and exciting clinics for our Equestrian Team and would love to see some new faces join in.

If you, your son or your daughter loves horses, then this is the group for you!

If you’d like to become involved, or chat to someone in the group, please feel free to contact us via the Community Relations office at communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au

We looking forward to hearing from you soon!

The FOE Parents Group Team

Select here to visit the FOE Portal Page.

Tintern Grammar Community Business Listing

To further support our strong community and fellowship, Tintern Grammar has established a Community Business Directory. You can view the current listings here,  we invite you to support these local businesses.

We understand that the constantly changing situation with COVID-19 has impacted businesses across our community, therefore if you are currently reshaping your business model to accommodate the changing landscape or simply wanting to share new business offers, you can now join our business register by filling out our online form here

we look forward to supporting your business. 


Working With Children Check

Tintern Grammar requires all volunteers to have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). Our volunteers are a vital part of our Community, whether a member of one of sour Community groups, or assisting at an event If you are intending to volunteer at Tintern in the future:

If you have a current WWCC

If you don’t have a current WWCC

  • Applying as a Volunteer is free and easy. You can register online here.
  • Please ensure you register as a volunteer of Tintern Grammar, and include any other organizations at which you volunteer.
  • When completed, send the confirmation through to us at communityrelations@tintern.vic.edu.au by Tuesday 26 May 2020.

Online Parent Group Catch Ups

With the current Social Distancing requirements it has been almost impossible for our parents to catch up. Some of our Parent Representatives have been organizing online meet ups via Zoom, House Party, Whats App or any number of other social apps. Look out for communications regarding any year level catch ups for your class.

Although this looks very different to the dinners, morning teas and mini golf sessions that many were planning at the beginning of the year, it is equally important that as parents and guardians you stay connected with each other, as well as your children stay connected with their school and friends.

Please remember if you hear of any distress, concerns or questions within your year level, please do not hesitate to let your immediate class room teacher/pastoral mentor know or feel welcome to reach out directly to your Head of School. If you are not sure, you are always welcome to call or email me as well (dlacey@tintern.vic.edu.au or 9845 7893). I am working both from home and in the office so any messages left on my phone will be received, so please feel free to leave me a message if you do prefer to phone in.

We still have a number of junior school year groups along with the Year 12 cohort, who do not have ‘official’ parent reps. If you have a son or daughter these years please let me know if you, or someone you know could help out, or you may know of someone already doing the role.











As they saying goes “We are all in this together” so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need.


Community Committee Dates 

Please note that due to Tintern moving to online teaching in response to the Covid19 virus, all Community Group Meetings will be held online.

Further information will be provided.

  • Tintern Parent Group (TPG) –Next meeting: Tuesday 11 August President: Haidee Wallace Zoom: Click here to join meeting Password: TPG
  • Friends of Music (FOM) – Next Meeting: Wednesday 15 July President: Debra Fryer Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOM
  • Friends of Young Farmers (FOYF) – Next Meeting: Monday 15 June 2020  President: Michael Biggs Zoom:  Click here to join Meeting   Password: FOYF
  • Friends of Equestrian (FOE) – Next Meetings: TBC 

Upcoming Reunions:

  • YG 2015 5 Year Reunion – Postponed to Friday 28 August, pending restrictions, offsite- Book Here
    • This event may be postponed depending on Government regulations.

Community Group Fundraising

Entertainment Books – 2 Months Extra Free!

We are thrilled to announce that Entertainment is going 100% digital. New Entertainment Memberships that we know and love, will only be available via our App from next season onward. Excitingly this means that you Membership is valid for 12 months from the date of activation

With many new offers and all the old favourites the value of this book is incredible!

You can purchase a membership now, for yourself, friend or family member, and activate at any time over the next 6 months (extended from 60 days). You then have 12 months to take full advantage of the many wonderful offers!

You can purchase Woolworths Wish e-vouchers for a 5% discount. Whether purchasing to do your weekly groceries, shopping at Big W, or stocking up on Essentials at BWS, Cellarmasters or Dan Murphy’s, or even getting petrol at Woolworths Caltex, the savings can add up:

Please click here to order your Entertainment book from Tintern Grammar. Instantly purchase and access a digital membership which can then be used on two separate devices.

Please contact Community Relations on 9845 7877 for further information.

All proceeds raised go towards the fundraising for the TPG!


Thank you from the Tintern Parent Group 



Music Matters

IB Music Recital

The 2020 IB Recital will be broadcast this Thursday evening, 18 June. This is a very special concert at which our Year 12 IB students will perform a solo 20-minute recital and showcase some of their original compositions. Remote learning at the beginning of this term created challenges for the ensemble items on the program; however, these were overcome by short, intense periods of rehearsal on Wednesday afternoons both during and post remote learning. Ashleigh Dowling, Zoë Forbes and Clarisse Liew will perform on piano, flute and violin respectively and they will present a varied program of music from all periods of western art music as well as offering folk, jazz and world examples. The original compositions include a string quartet arrangement, a flute trio, jazz ensemble and a clarinet and piano duet. This concert represents 50% of the students’ marks for the subject and it is a culmination of not only the last 18 months of study in senior music, but also of the many years of practice and instrumental study, which have preceded this concert.

Please contact the music department by emailing music@tintern.vic.edu.au if you would like to be sent a link to this event.

Speech and Drama Performance

A wonderful array of entertaining Speech and Drama performances was shared with family and friends at the online annual Speech and Drama Concert on Wednesday 3 June. Students from Years 2 to 7 recited poems and excerpts from play scripts, complete with backdrops and colourful props and costumery.

Vice Principal, Mr Jason McManus, was thrilled to be invited to this special online event and thanked the performers and our wonderful Speech and Drama teacher, Ms Cecily Clarke, at the conclusion for all of their hard work preparing the performances. Speech and Drama lessons are part of the co-curricular offering at Tintern and they allow students to explore and develop their public speaking and dramatic interpretation skills in both individual and group lessons each week. If you have a child who might benefit from such skill development, please contact Mrs Feenane in the Music Department on 9845 7837 for further information about Speech and Drama lessons.




Henry Leopold SPEAGLE OAM 28/2/1928 – 1/6/2020

Henry Leopold Speagle OAM 28/2/1928 – 1/6/2020

The Tintern Community mourns the passing of Henry Speagle OAM. Henry joined the Tintern Community in 1962 as an appointee of the Archbishop-In-Council. Member of the School Council for nearly 40 years Henry was Deputy Chair between 1990 and 2000 before retiring in 2000.

Henry was an instrumental member of the sub-committee charged with the writing and publishing of the Centenary School History celebrated in 1977. In 2001 Henry was inducted as a Life Governor of the School. Henry contributed enormously to the strength and development of Tintern Grammar and in his honour, in 1991, the Science block of classrooms was named after him and honoured again in 2019 when the building was refurbished.

Until recently Henry and his wife, Jean were regular special guests, supporting our community events whenever they could. Henry will be dearly missed. The Tintern Community extends its condolences to his wife Jean, their son, Donald, and their broader family. At the request of Henry’s family, in lieu of flowers donations may be made to the School’s Scholarship Endowment Fund providing financial support for students. May he rest in peace and rise with Christ in glory.


Green Team News

Green Team Still Active Despite Social Distancing and Isolation Restrictions

Although isolation and social distancing restrictions created challenges for the Green Team, it was great to see that members managed to stay connected through two successful online meetings during the remote learning period. The first meeting was a discussion about the ways students could still work for the good of the environment whilst at home. The second meeting was a forum for discussion about the impact of COVID-19 on the environment and how this impact could shape or change the future of environmental sustainability. Jodi Evans (lecturer at Monash University, climate change activist and past student/teacher at Tintern Grammar) presented her thoughts at this forum and then led the discussion. 53 students and teachers joined the online presentation and, whilst we may not have come away with many answers, we were definitely given many ideas and concepts to think about.

Several Green Team students organised their own projects at home and in their immediate community during the remote learning period. I have received reports of students setting up soft plastics recycling and composting for their families. One student audited the amount of waste his family produces and then looked at ways of reducing this. Another student conducted a thorough ‘spring clean’ and then thoughtfully disposed of unnecessary items, working out what could be donated or recycled. Many students explored plant based cooking.

Miya Urquhart (Year 9) installed a Subpod composting system in her garden, you can view her installation video and presentation below: 



Year 9 students, Meleah Byth, Zoe McKinlay, Mia Qian, Miya Urquhart and Natalie Young, organised their own Clean Up and you can view their project below: 


Finally, Laura Mitcham (Year 11) explored making her own sanitised wipes. As part of the new sanitisation procedures at school, students are required to bring their own disinfectant wipes. Most of these wipes contain plastic, are non-biodegradable, cause havoc with sewerage systems and, if they make their way into the ocean, they get ingested by sea creatures, such as turtles, who mistake them for jellyfish and eventually die.

Cognisant of the negative environmental impact of wipes, Laura and her mother decided to make their own reusable version, recycling pieces of an old linen table cloth dipped in a eucalyptus solution mixed with distilled water. After experimenting with the ratios, they developed an effective solution and Laura now brings one wipe a day to school in a container and then washes it out at home.

Please watch Laura’s DIY video on how to make these simple wipes below: 


It can be overwhelming for all of us to think about the massive environmental issues our planet is facing. The Green Team encourages us to focus on what we can do as individuals and a community. No action is too small! All successes and initiatives should be celebrated and promoted as they could very well have a ripple effect. I am very proud of the students mentioned in this report. Their actions can and will influence others. Even if only a handful of people who read this article start composting or making their own reusable handwipes, then our earth will be in a better place than before.



Senior College News

Senior College News

It’s hard to believe Term 2 is coming to an end. While in some ways it feels like the term has just started, with students being back on-site for 3 weeks now, the Term 2 “holidays” are a very distant memory. As we reflect on Term 2 I think we can look back on this term and celebrate the resilience and strength of our community. School has returned a bit differently to what we’re used to but the energy of our students and staff, their passion and enthusiasm, are stronger than ever! We have adapted and grown together and when we look back on Semester 1 of 2020 I think that, while it has presented difficulties and challenges, I hope it will be remembered for all the positives that have come out of this time; the growth in independence of our students, the resourcefulness of staff and students and the shared determination to overcome challenges together.

Last week we held our ‘Guiding Your Future: Subjects, Qualifications and Career Exploration’ evening as an online Microsoft Teams event. Attendees heard from our Director of Studies, Alison Bezaire, Careers Consultant and Year 12 Co-ordinator, Heather Ruckert and our VCE/VET Co-ordinator, Andrew Cho to prepare Year 9 and 10 students for the upcoming subject selection process. Parents and students unable to attend the evening can access their presentations on the my Tintern Portal via this LINK , our ‘Subject Showcase’ is the next information evening, designed to give parents and students an opportunity to hear from Head of Department and subject teachers about the VCE and VET subjects on offer and will be held on Thursday 23 July – further information will be sent out regarding the format of this evening in week 1 of Term 3.

As we see restrictions continue to ease we must all continue to play our part in supporting measures that are still in place. I have been impressed by the response of our students to changed processes at school and am particularly grateful to our Year 10 students who happily relocated their lockers to the Visual Arts building for the last 4 weeks of term to lower the population density of Senior College. I am hopeful that Term 3 will allow us to re-instate a number of activities and events that students enjoy and gain fulfilment from that have not been possible in their full capacity this term. I would love to see our students back together for interschool sport, music rehearsals and performances, assemblies and House events when the time comes. We have a number of events Senior College students in particular are looking forward to in Term 3 including the Year 11 and 12 Formals and the Presentation Ball. We are watching closely to consider the implications of government restrictions on the format and timing of these events and will communicate any adjustments to these events as soon as possible.

Over the coming 3-week break I hope you get an opportunity as a family to relax, recharge and spend some time together. While our most senior students will likely spend some time consolidating their knowledge and preparing their notes and summaries, it is important to take some time away from study – it has been a long and exhausting term and students are deserving (and need) a break. I look forward to welcoming students back to school on Monday 13 July.




Middle School News

Middle School Update

The Head of Girls’ Middle School, Liz Cutter will be stepping down from her role at the end of this term. Liz has done wonderful work in her role as Head of Girls’ Middle School, leading, managing and caring for our adolescent girls. She has been particularly active in navigating the swings, roundabouts and complexities of middle years girls’ relationships. 

Head of Boys’ Middle School Mr Brett Trollope has graciously agreed to take up the role of overall Acting Head of Middle School across both girls and boys. Brett has taught, mentored or led many of the girls in Middle School and we have no doubt that Brett will be welcomed warmly by our Girls’ Middle school students and their families. 

Across the year levels in Middle School:

  • Year 7 – There will be no change at Year 7
  • Year 8 – With Rev. Alison temporarily relinquishing the Girls’ Year 8 Coordinator role to go one leave, Mrs Naomi Baulch (Boys’ Year 8 Coordinator) has agreed to take up the Coordinator role for our Year 8 girls for Semester 2 2020 in addition to the boys’ role she currently holds. Naomi will re-locate to the Girls’ Middle School YLC’s office for Semester 2, to be available to the girls’ cohort that has spent less time with her. She will still be easily available to the boys through the staff office and Mr Matt O’Brien (the Year 8 boys’ YLC last year) will remain easily accessible to the Year 8 boys in his current office. Naomi has taught many of the current Year 8 girls, either last year or in Semester 1, 2020 and I know the girls appreciate her kindness, care and good-humour! Naomi will make herself known to Girl’s Year 8 parents this week in a preliminary letter and I know looks forward to meeting with the girls (and parents when possible in early Semester 2).
  • Year 9 – As Head of Outdoor Education and the Camps program, Ms Emma Lowing is well known to our Year 9 boys and girls and I am very grateful that she has agreed to take on the combined Year 9 Coordinator role for Semester 2 2020, directly supported and mentored by Brett Trollope (as previous Boys’ Year 9 Coordinator). Emma is known to and highly regarded by Year 9 students and, due to the substantial camp involvement on Year 9, Year 9 parents also. Emma has the empathy and care for students that will ensure she is a success in this role, together with the impressive organisational and planning skills founded in her Outdoor Education background. Emma is currently the Pastoral Mentor for the Girls’ Year 9A group and I am very pleased to announce that Liz Cutter will be talking on this role for Semester 2, enabling her to support Emma with the Year 9 girls. So the Year 9A girls will still have the same Mentor and Year Level Coordinator, just their roles will be swapped.

Boys’ Middle School News

Term 2 of 2020 will have to go down as one of the most interesting terms of teaching that I have certainly ever been a part of. In late Term 1, we made the move to remote (online) learning after beginning the term face-to-face, and then continued this for the first 5 – 6 weeks of Term 2. This shift required a huge change in the approach to learning in our students and the approach to teaching in our staff – needless to say the approach to family life on the home front as well. For this shift to go so well, and for the period of remote learning be so successful, I have absolute praise and admiration in our staff and especially in our boys. It will only be in the future that they actually recognise the benefits of the skills and behaviours they developed in this time and how it is being applied to their current situation.

Having the boys back on campus was the best part of the term. Listening to them tell their stories of remote learning in terms of their successes, their failures, their lack of interaction, and then to hear all them mention how good it was to be back at school with their friends was such a great thing to hear. It highlights the importance for boys especially, to have that sense of belonging outside of their family. For many boys, and especially our boys at Tintern, this is school. They do feel as though they belong to something and it is somewhere they can be confident that they are around friends and staff who are here to support and look after them.

Just this week we had our boys in Year 8 & 9 practice gratitude by reflecting on the term that has just gone. It was fantastic to see the number of boys who wrote how appreciative they were for two main things (sleeping in not included): their support at home from their parents and the support from school by their teachers. This is a great indication of the developing sense of maturity our boys are showing as they move through these middle years at school.

Our sporting competition, EISM, has obviously been interrupted by COVID-19 and it is something that we are still unsure how Term 3 will play out, however, our sports training at school has continued with classes rotating through a variety of activities. We have seen our boys cross-country training, completing body-weight sessions, playing volleyball and table tennis, and even completing an hour long Pilates session. Having undertaken this session with the boys in 8E, I can tell you that it was one of the most entertaining hours I have been a part of for a long time. The groaning, the moaning, their pain of trying to stretch their hamstrings or quadriceps whilst holding their core in a particular way was incredibly funny. It did highlight how important core strength and stretching is for everybody, especially after coming off 6 weeks of sitting at desks at home – hopefully they can continue to find time in their daily lives to stretch and improve their core strength.

One EISM competition that is running this year and we are getting the opportunity to be part of it for the first time is the EISM chess competition. This year three-member teams made up of boys and girls from Years 7 – 9 will compete online against other EISM teams. We are currently running trials in our library to see which three students will represent us in this new competition.

As we look forward to Term 3, and hopefully the continued easing of restrictions by our government, it is timely to remind everyone of some slight structural changes in our pastoral system. As has been communicated previously, I will be taking on the role of Acting Head of Middle School covering both boys and girls, and in doing so will be handing on my position of Year 9 Boys’ Year Level Co-ordinator to Ms Emma Lowing. Emma has been involved with the Middle School for a long time now in her role as Head of Camps across 7 – 9, as well as being a mentor this year for the girls 9A class, as well as a mentor for the Year 9 boys in previous years. She will fulfil the role fantastically and I look forward to working with her for the remainder of this year, alongside Jess Fulton and Alex Pitcher who will remain constants for our boys and their families in their roles as Pastoral Mentors. At Year 8, Naomi Baulch will be adding the co-ordination of Year 8 Girls along side the boys. Naomi will also do a fantastic job in this role as she has taught many of the girls before, as well as being a big part of the girls’ pastoral program in her earlier years at Tintern. At Year 7, Matt O’Brien remains unchanged for our boys as their co-ordinator, and Anthea Watkins also remains as the Year 7 Girls’ Co-ordinator.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable mid-year break. Please use the time to continue to build on the family connections that were made during the time of remote learning and I look forward to seeing all boys back on campus on Monday 13th July.



Girls’ Middle School News

One of the most delightful aspects of teaching in the Middle Years is seeing the rapid progression from nervous Year 7 to confident Year 9. It is not surprising that these years can often be fairly tumultuous for our young women, when you consider the rapid pace of growth physically, emotionally and mentally. This journey continues into senior school, and it warms my heart each year to see our senior girls return to take part in our big sister/big brother program. It is wonderful to hear the little snippets of advice that they hand out to the new Year 7s on a variety of topics such as how to get ahead academically, how to reduce procrastination, how to manage friendships and how to continue to have good relationships with your parents.  I can hardly believe how quickly time passes when I look up at our Senior School Captains and Leaders and remember them for the nervous Year 7s we welcomed only a few short years ago. At the end of Year 12 there is a great tradition where they are given time capsules that they created in Year 7.  Placed into these time capsules are examples of their projects, photos of camps, and activities and even their celebrity crushes and favourite bands. These last two always get a good laugh in Year 12. One of the most treasured items is a letter to their future self. They write about the things that they hope for in the future, dream of the adventures that they will have, and offer advice to their future selves. This cathartic process is good for our Year 7s but also good for our Year 12s as they look back through the lens of the Year 7 that they were, and see the adult they are now. Our Year 7s this year have made sure to include some relevant snippets from our current world, such as newspaper articles about COVID-19, and a personal reflection on what they gained from their time in isolation, focusing on the positives.

In Year 8 our girls have created a gratitude wall in rainbow colours focusing in particular on their time at home. The result is a mammoth set of positive reflections on remote learning and a recognition of what is important to them in life.  They have also been working on a mandala wall, taking the time to seek joy in the simple things in life. We are always seeking out ways to cultivate character in our young women and the Resilience Project is an essential part of helping us to build robust and proactive young women.

In Year 9 our girls have been learning about growth mindset through teaching themselves how to juggle. This practical activity helps girls to realise how limiting our own self doubt and hesitation can be, and how powerful things like knowledge, experience, and practice can help change our understanding of what we can do.

We have also been working to build Financial Literacy in our young women. This is such an important area in achieving equity between men and women which remains a significant issue today. We work through the basics of salaries, tax, savings, debit versus credit, and basic investments. Working through a scenario based, practical handbook, students get a real-life opportunity to consider in detail why financial literacy is so important and the opportunities that this can provide a woman entering the workforce. If you are a parent of Year 9, can I encourage you to ask your daughter questions about this program and share your knowledge and advice about managing finances, negotiating salaries, handling taxes and making wise investments/saving plans.

During remote learning, in Year 8 Science our girls have been embodying our motto of “courageous not perfect” through their creating of Rube Goldberg machines. What is a Rube Goldberg machine, I hear you ask? If you think back to your childhood you may remember the game mouse trap. That was a simple version of a Rube Goldberg machine. Basically, it is a collection of random items that are all connected together through the laws of physics to enable a particular task to be done. Such as turning on a switch of the kettle, or making a page of a book turn. The girls showed incredible creativity and ingenuity in their creations and I have a couple of samples below which are well worth a watch. It is truly amazing what can be achieved with thought, time, creativity and confidence to give things a go.




Also during remote learning, in Year 9 Chinese class, our students were provided with the chance to make their own delicious dumplings and tasty fried rice at home to experience one of the many  wonderful cultural aspects of China.  

Students have shown great adaptability in their approach to learning since returning. Whilst some aspects of schooling are back to normal there are many that are still different.  Our Year 9 Outdoor Education class were able to learn how to ride their mountain bikes on tricky terrain through our bushland corridor, with thanks to our recent rain, provided some excellent slippery slopes to build their skills on.

Our music department has adapted to online concerts so that our students are still able to have an opportunity to perform their instrument. These delightful examples of the broad range of talents of our young musicians are showcased in the Senior School Piano Concert on May 19th and the Speech and Drama Concert on June 3rd.  If you missed these events they are on the parent portal page under “Event recordings” https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/25398

Our Middle School Leaders have done a sterling job in putting together our MS assemblies each fortnight online. This involves a lot of pre-recording and creative thinking in how to deliver the key parts of an assembly, such as giving out awards without breaking the current restrictions. In particular, the end of Term 2 video was a powerful reflection of the positivity that has been evident throughout our Middle School in an unprecedented time of change and challenge. If you would like to view the last MS assembly, it has been posted on your child’s level page: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/14173/. You can also view our Principal’s Assembly on the portal: https://portal.tintern.vic.edu.au/homepage/25583

It’s hard to believe that this term is just about over, and with that comes the end of my time as Head of Girls’ Middle School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every family for your support and faith in my leadership and guidance of your daughters. I look forward to continuing to work with you all in a slightly different capacity. I am delighted to know that Mr Brett Trollope will be stepping across and taking on the role of Acting Head of Middle School.  He is a man of outstanding character and care, whose passion for middle school education is clear in all that he does. You are absolutely in the very best of hands, and I am very confident that our Middle School will continue to thrive under his leadership. Wishing you all a very happy winter break, please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Looking forward to seeing you all in Term 3



Junior School News

The Junior School Kilometre Club 

Junior School Kilometre Club was established to promote the importance of regular exercise and fitness for a healthy lifestyle. This Term our Years 5  and 6 Junior School girls met several times a week to complete laps of a circuit, a great initiative to promote  self-confidence and fitness within our Junior School, well done to all of the students that took part. 

Please see the list of achievements below: 

25Km achievement certificate:

  • Enya Ouyang, Zara Maitland, Taylor Grant, Mayah Dass, Ruby Chen, Danielle Cain, Grace Boam, Maddison Bailey.

50 Km achievement certificate:

  • Jessie Chang, Ruby Collopy, Charlotte Koutsiafaras, Jasmine Ravenscroft, Amy Zhao, Zoe Zhu.

75 Km achievement Certificate:

  • Tildy Jackson Smith, Avie Lee, Divya Mujoo, Lily Wilby

100 Km achievement Certificate:

  • Jaymie Ashman, Aisha Heinrich, Naomi De La Pierre



ELC News

ELC’s Space Journey

This term, interest was shown in the topic Space, so we set up a space area. The children were very excited to see the rockets, aliens, space ships, astronauts and dress ups. The dress ups were very popular as children role played being astronauts flying to the moon. Some put the suits on, “just like real astronauts” as Xavier told us. Role playing and imaginative play are great ways for young children to expand their world. It reinforces their social connections and helps them make sense of their wider environment.

 This space play lead to discussions about going to the moon. When I asked the question “How would we get to the moon?”. All the children knew the only way to travel to the moon was in a rocket. The next question was how long it would take to get to the moon? To find out the answer we googled and found it took about 3 days to reach the moon.  Following on from this we watched videos of real astronauts reading stories from their space station. These stories gave us all a real insight in to what it would look like to be a real astronaut. Sometimes the astronauts would float around as they read. The children laughed as one astronaut was upside down and still reading the story. We discussed why this was happening and talked about how there is no gravity and that’s why you float. We all stood up and tried to float like the astronaut but we couldn’t. We all agreed that it couldn’t happen because the gravity on earth pulls us down.

As our space interest continued we set up a variety of experiences to allow the children opportunities to express their ideas about space. We made some black galaxy play dough with glitter stars, aliens, planets and space cutters. The dough was quickly transformed into space cookies by several of our children. We made rockets, spaceships and aliens with collage materials. The children were eager to put photos of themselves and their friends in the rockets and space ships and even turn themselves into aliens!  After looking at the planets we decided to make some spinning paint pictures. The children were excited to squirt some paint onto the paper as it spun around and around. They were fascinated to watch as the paints made different colours and patterns as it mixed together through the spinning motion. The children have been busy making scratch pictures. As the children drew with their special pen they scratched off the black surface to reveal a hidden rainbow of colours. As well as extending their fine motor skills this also develops their creativity.

Music and movement was another way we explored Space.  Moving to music helps children move as a group and make sense of their world. A popular song was “Zoom, Zoom to the Moon” where the children moved their bodies and demonstrated different actions as they ‘flew’ to the moon.  “Five little men in a flying saucer” was a story the children acted out. As it is a counting story the children are developing their counting skills as well as developing language and social skills.

This term has indeed been very busy with our exploration of space. A topic enjoyed by all.



School photos

Due to the situation surrounding Covid and the Governments decision of the early closure of schools in Term 1 and distance learning in Term 2, SchoolPix were unable to photograph any Victorian School.

SchoolPix staff have been busy rescheduling all these schools into alternate dates later in the year.

Tintern Grammar was unfortunately one of these schools affected and has been rescheduled later in the year. We do apologise for this inconvenience and hope everyone understands that 2020 has been a very different year for all of us.



Jo Newton (YG 2006)

Congratulations to Dr Jo Newton (YG 2006) on being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. She received this for her contribution to agriculture through her advocacy and support of young people, volunteering and contribution to dairy science.

Jo Newton works as a research scientist for Agriculture Victoria. As a Geneticist, her research explores how new DNA tools can support dairy farmers to produce safe, affordable, nutritious milk in a sustainable way. Jo also mentors and advocates for young people through her volunteer work with not-for-profit organisations like Picture You in Agriculture.

You can read more about her achievement here.


Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011)

Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011)

We have been reaching out to those in the community who are working at the forefront of COVID-19. Alumna Nicola Hogan (YG 2011) shares her day-to-day experiences in her role in at Eastern Health.

“Since leaving school, I have completed 5 years of undergraduate medicine at Monash University. Currently I am working at Eastern Health as a Medical Registrar, and am preparing for my last exam in Basic Physician Training before specialising.

The hospital has transformed rapidly since March as we test and treat patients with COVID-19. The most dramatic change has been creating new wards and teams responsible for patients who are positive or have been tested for COVID-19. Presently I am working in ICU at Box Hill Hospital where we have looked after several confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients. It has been a learning experience for all involved, including keeping up to date with the latest medical guidelines and making sure we don and doff protective equipment correctly.

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our work and has seen an increase in our use of zoom meetings! The hardest part has been the restriction on visitors in ICU (and COVID wards). While patients have a great team of staff looking after them, they do not replace the physical presence of family and friends at their bedside. Whilst we have all seen changes in education across the board, COVID-19 has also changed education in the hospital system. Medical students are now learning remotely rather than being on the wards.

We are fortunate in Australia that our politicians and leaders acted so swiftly to prevent the rapid case load we have seen overseas. Everyone has been incredibly supportive of the front line workers and I’ve been really touched by the outpouring of gratitude and generosity from the community and numerous individuals. I would encourage people to continue their great work in social distancing as restrictions ease. It is a team effort and we are all in this together!”


Nick Smith (YG 2015) and Daniel Smith (YG 2017)

If you are looking for a business Videographer or Photographer, Tintern Alumni and brothers Nick (YG 2015) and Daniel (YG 2017) Smith are the founders of Fluid Imagery.

Fluid Imagery is an amalgamation of years of creative exploration and passion. Daniel & Nick are born creatives that each having been involved in different industries.

Both with origins in photography, Daniel found his way into the music world – producing and performing music around Melbourne.

Nick has spent most of his working career in customer support, managing clients of differing industries and sizes. After years of doing photos and video on the side, Nick finally made the step from side hustle to career, joining a video production company in Richmond.

The Smith brothers finally put their heads together and decided to take it to the next level in 2019. Combining their ranging skill set into one dedicated team.